Changes of Opinion


Once again her body jerked and her pussy clamped around his cock. That was enough – knowing that he was going to cum he tried to pull out.

"No! Keep it in, make me yours! Stain your baby sister." She screamed.

Lust and passion overtook is rationality – what if she got pregnant? He never even thought of stopping. Urged to carry on he slammed himself hard inside her digging deep and unleashing the torrent of semen inside his baby sister's pussy....

His sister was laying on the settee sprawled out with her right leg dangling over the backrest and her head laying on the arm rest. He had the urge to just walk forward grab her beautiful, pedicured feet and cum all over her painted blue toes.

He didn't.

"Well don't just stand their goofy looking; you're letting in a draft, close the door." She said without taking her attention off the TV.

He went and sat down, she sat up more and they resumed laying there just as they were before he left.

Their parents came back around 1:15 a.m., by that time his sister had already said goodnight and much to his own pleasure had given him a goodnight kiss on the cheek – how he wished that it had been on the lips (with tongue). He himself had also retreated to bed, but was not quite into a slumber just yet, he simply lay in his bed in the darkness trying to creep into sleep.

He was awake enough to hear his parents come in through the front door – he hoped it was his parents otherwise someone had broken into his house and was being rather noisy about it. He even heard his parents come up the stairs – two sets of footsteps.

His room was separated by theirs by a single wall of drywall. He knew this because frequently he heard 'certain' sounds coming from their room. Like now.

"Come on big boy. Fuck me with that huge cock." He heard his mother shout – the sound and slur of her voice the tell-tale sign that she was indeed drunk.

This was followed by a grunt that he knew was his father. Soon the sounds of springs being used began to ring through the wall; his mother was fucking his father.

He sighed and rolled onto his side and wrapped the duvet around his head trying to block out the sounds. Blackness crept into his vision, and muffled sounds stalked his ears.

He felt a pressure on his duvet. Someone was in the room. Pressing on his bed. He felt the duvet being pulled down. And light rushing to his eyes. He blinked twice trying to adjust to the light and see who was there – he knew who it was. His sister was standing over the bed, dressed in a loose fitting nightgown. She smiled at him. She grabbed his hand and entwined her fingers through his just enjoying the sensation of being together. Her nipples poked through the wispy material of the gown. She wasn't wearing a bra. She moved his hand to her bare thigh and up in between her legs. She wasn't wearing any panties. He felt the familiar smooth folds of her sex and the small patch of neatly trimmed hair just above. He rubbed where he knew her clit was, she gave a small moan of appreciation – quiet not to be heard. She sat on the edge of the bed and leaned down to kiss him. It was passionate – nothing that a brother and a sister should share but what two lovers would. His hand stayed in between her legs, not on her pussy but on her thigh just below her pussy.

She lay down facing her brother in his bed. Her leg wrapped over his leg. The bulge in his boxer briefs rubbing against the material which in turn was rubbing against her pussy. She moaned when he kissed her on the collarbone. Her hand moved to his cock and pulled his boxers down.

She then proceeded to climb on top of him rubbing her private against him, just on the outside. He thrust upwards and entered her. She had to lie flat and cover her mouth with his to stifle a moan. She lifted up and then collapsed back down on his cock.

He reached upwards and cupped her breasts over the top of her nightgown. She pulled it over her head showing her breasts and body. He cupped her bare breasts. They were perfect – they fitted in his hands like they were made of clay built only for him. Time and time again he had to take his mind off the task at hand and try to regain some stamina. Her pussy felt incredible – it always did – it was delightfully tight and yet warm, soft and always wet for him.

She managed to have two orgasms before he knew that he was going to have to finish soon. She knew too and began to bounce with more vigour. Sliding up and down his meaty shaft she started to pump him of all he could give. She felt his shaft grow and his balls tighten and in only a few more strokes he was spraying his cum inside his baby sister.

She slowed down before getting off. Standing over his bed she leaned over and kissed him, again, tongue slipping in his mouth. Cum ran down her thigh. She wiped it with her hand before lifting it to her mouth and sucking off the cum.

"Good night big brother."

6:00 a.m.
Time Rachel has school – 7:00am

Ah, the beauty of no school – being able to lay in bed and sleep the morning away.

Ah, the ugliness of school – it sticks you into a routine. Like now.

Jon woke up at 6:00 a.m. despite not wanting to; his internal body clock would not allow him the luxury of staying asleep. Instead he woke up and went downstairs to find his mother and his sister sitting in the living room watching the morning news before setting out to work and school.

The screen was showing news footage about a crash on the motorway – two people injured and one person dead. The headline read: "Crash claims life".

"Just goes to show you need to grab life while you can." His mother said to no-one in particular. His sister looked towards him and smiled, then winked. Cheeky.

They both left at 6:45 a.m. – as his mother was the one who drove she gave a lift on the way to work if she was on an early. Once they were gone he had until 4:30 p.m. before his sister would come home followed by his father at 6:00 p.m. and then his mother at 7:00 p.m.

There was not much on TV in the mornings and even less on the movies or music channel, given the time there would be nothing on the adult channels. Instead he loaded the laptop and began to search the internet for whatever. Porn, jobs, images, videos.

A strange thought popped in his head. He browsed for a safe, virus-free porn site and clicked in the 'search'. He typed a single word: Sister.

14,000 hits from one porn website. Most of the links were not actually incest websites but more of someone having sex with a best friend sister. He did manage to find the occasional link of someone having intercourse with their sister (supposedly).

It may not have been accurate but at the least it would do enough to 'jet his rocks off'. Once the videos were done he went onto Google and began doing research onto others that may fancy their own sisters. Many of the comments he found were the typical outlandish comments saying how despicable it is and how it is disgusting and wrong. Other more thoughtful comments actually began to analyse the question and did neither justify nor reject that it should happen. Others showed that there were other people in the world who either 'likes' their sisters in such a way or has / had a 'relationship' with their sibling.

When the computer battery dropped below 20% he cleared the HD and history before purging the memory and closed down the computer. Time: 7:30 a.m.

Even with all the time away from studying or working there was not much to do around the house, play a few games, watch TV, masturbate over the thought of his sister and porn. Day complete. In the end Jon ran a warm and relaxing bath and let the water wash away all his thoughts. When he was finished in the bath and the water became cold, he drained the tub and went back downstairs. He was never one for cleaning but even with time to spare he considered the option.

Suffice to say he cleaned the entire house top to bottom until there was not a single hair on the floor and the rooms were clean enough to put an army medical room to shame. It was a good way to waste a few hours and when he looked back at the clock it was now 2:30 p.m.

His sister would be home in 2 hours, he didn't know particularly why but he found he was actually counting down the time till she came home and he could see her once again.

He sat on the settee and flicked on the TV settling on a movie: Armageddon.

The sound of the lock tumbler turning made his ears perk up. She was home – or he was being robbed by a man with the key to the house. The front door opened and standing in the entrance of the threshold was his sister. Her long brunette hair was ringing wet as was the rest of her voluptuous body. Her school uniform clung to her tight curves like a second skin and judging by the hard and erect nipples poking out through her shirt she was cold – and braless. She did not enter the house but stood on the porch way shivering, teeth chattering together.

"Well come on in, don't just stand there freezing to death." Jon said staring more at her chest than paying proper attention.

She slowly walked inside setting down behind the settee. She did not move but stood glued to the spot like a perfect statue freezing and shivering.

"Well don't just stand there, I bet your freezing. Tell you what, you go and get changed and I'll run you a nice warm bath. Maybe later we can settle down and watch some TV together." He spoke now actually concerned that she was cold.

He got up and grabbed the wet, heavy bag she had dumped on the floor. He walked with her upstairs and gave her the bag back as she walked into her room. He began running her bath, adding a little relaxing bubbles for her.

2 minutes later.

"Baths ready!" Jon called out from inside the bathroom.

The door to her room opened and she came out slightly drier and completely naked. 'God' he thought. She was like the angel Gabriel walking towards him. Her voluptuous body coming closer, her narrow waist and swinging hips, her perky and yet at the same time ample breasts, her beautifully trimmed pussy with the slightest of hair above her navel and her fair skin. He was in love.

'Fuck! That's my sister and yet I'm in love with her. This is not right, this shouldn't be happening. And yet it is. I shouldn't be looking at her this way but all I can think about is running over to her and kissing her, feel her skin against mine, love her like no one else in the world could ever love another human. Oh, god this is so wrong.' A thousand words raced through his head as he watched his goddess walk towards him. The whole ordeal took less than 30 seconds, to him – a lifetime.

She never even got to the bath. As soon as she reached her brother she wrapped her arms around him and melted into his embrace. They shared a kiss. It was passionate, sensual and above all forbidden. Their lips parted as they once again slipped a tongue into the others mouth. His hand wrapped around her waist and settled above her hips. His head empty and cleared of all thought; just grabbing life by the handles.

He pushed her up against the wall, placing once hand on the wall besides her head and balancing himself forward leaning in for the kiss. Her hand trailed through his hair and over his shirt. She could feel his abs – by no means was he buff but had at the least he had some definition – her hands remained for more than a second before trailing down again. She reached his trousers and pulled them down along with his boxers, freeing his semi-erect penis. Her hands toyed with him; running over his shaft and balls just taking the time to feel about.

He kissed down her body, first her mouth, then her neck, finally her breast. He took her breast into her mouth and sucked on the nipple as if he was a baby once again. He heard a moan. After sucking once more he returned to her mouth. Aware all the time her hand was playing or more accurately stroking his hardening member. She dropped to her knees and a panic rushed through his mind. It was only when he looked down he saw her back against the wall staring at his member he knew she was fine. She kissed his penis right on the purple head. Just a quick peck before she engulfed the shaft in her mouth. She wasn't a master at this and probably had never given a blowjob before in her life but she gave it a go. To Jon it didn't matter whether she was shit or could make him cum in seconds – to him it was more the fact that she loved him enough to do so and he loved her.

She went after his cock as you would expect a new person to be, no 'technique' – no hitting he right areas – just bobbing her head up and down his meaty tool. Her mouth was warm, wet and tight – tighter than her pussy was and she applied enough suction that he was surprised that she didn't just drink his cum out from him. But not having many blowjobs to compare to (his old girlfriend had done it once before but said that it was unhygienic) he didn't care if she was rubbish.

She gave him a good go for about two minutes before she stopped and looked up into his eyes.

"That was wonderful, Rachel." He said.

She said no reply but smiled and stood up, they resumed their kissing, she was pushed against the wall and him leaning forward hungrily sucking on her tongue in his mouth. Her hand moved back to his cock and held it firm. The then pulled him forward till he was pressed against her pussy. Her leg wrapped around his leg and he pushed into her, once again, penetrating his sister. She squealed; eyes closed focusing on her brother; her breath came out in rapid and small grunts.

He thrust in slowly stimulating her clitoris as much as possible with the friction of their combined genitals. He hoped he was up to par after having a (wouldn't call it good but nice) blowjob from his younger sister. She came first after repeating the words "fuck me." over and over again. Her pussy became a vice and tried to force out the intruder, her leg struggled to keep her weight from dropping to the floor and her eyes squeezed shut threatening to rip her eyelids off her face. Her body went limp. He pulled out before she became fully aware.

"What's the matter?" She asked pouting now feeling empty without him inside her.

"Nothing; I just thought you were too tired to continue, you look well spent." He replied.

She smiled lovingly at him before they shared a brief kiss.

"Go on, your bath is getting cold." He said.

He watched as she stepped into the now warm bath and soaked. Her face showed all her emotions: Love, Lust, Relaxation. He marvelled at her beauty before turning around and walking out, he would 'take care' of himself later.

Jon stared at the blank screen of the TV. 'Funny, I don't remember turning off the TV'. He looked at the skybox below the TV on the stand and that too was off – not the red light for being turned off but there was no light at all. He looked at the electric meter hanging off the wall above the TV in the top corner of the wall.

£0.00 E. He sighed. – After flicking the emergency power button the house once again started up. The TV flickered to life and the Sky came back on with the usual 'Loading please wait...' message. When the sky returned to normal and loaded he switched the channel from the Sky Intro page to Channel One. "Zoo". The program showed a typical zoo with in the background a small enclosure of lions. One lion was singled out against the rest in a small chain linked fence. Directly in front of the enclosure was a reporter and a typical zoo keeper looking man – wearing a grey polo shirt and grey shorts showing his hairy legs.

"... and so we have to keep Lulu in a separate cage for a few weeks because it is her time of the month when she is at her most fertile and in heat." The zoo keeper spoke facing the reporter.

"Why can't she be with the others in the enclosure?" The reporter asked.

"Well, in that particular enclosure is a family of lions, her two brothers. If the sister is in heat then one of the brothers may notice this and they would try to... erm... mate with her." The zoo keeper replied indicating to the two other larger lions in the background. "As well as try to mate with their own sister the two lions would typically fight for the female attention and for ownership – some of these... disputes... can be lethal, there is the chance they would kill each other and so we keep her behind in this smaller enclosure so she can still have contact and not feel alone but the two males can't try anything. At the moment we're trying to prevent inbreeding and violence."

"And does this kind of thing happen in the wild?"

"There have been known examples of this in the wild. In rare instances in the wild the brother will mate with both mother and sister and there are reports of whole inbred packs fathered by a single male." The zookeeper replied clearly distressed by the nature of the conversation. The reporter, however, looked more intrigued than distressed.

"And if a cub was to be conceived via inbreeding, what would you estimate that the survival rate would be and would it be... challenged." The reporter asked.

"Well strictly speaking, if a cub was conceived in captivity there would be a roughly..." The keeper stopped and paused thinking about how he could answer the question. "... eighty to ninety percent that the cub would survive the birth, in the wild I could say that number would be decreased. As for whether there would be any problems with the cub it is hard to say. Physically there might be nothing wrong with the cub, or there might be even a small chance of there being a problem – like a bad paw or deafness. Socially however, if a cub is born via inbreeding other males in the same pack would usually shun the cub and mother. Sometimes to the extreme action of expelling them both from the pack, mother and cub. It has been known for other males to challenge the cub and attack them; again, sometimes they would attack the mother of the cub. Rarely do they attack the father. I would also point out that in some cases the mother would completely abandon the cub at birth and not nurture them, ultimately the cub dies. "

'For Fuck's sake! Try to clear my head and here I go watching that it is natural to fuck your own sister!' he thought to himself turning off the TV completely and changing the channel. Unconsciously he looked at the clock. 4:25 p.m. five more minutes before she comes home. He quickly made a cup of tea – using one of those tea dispensers in the kitchen – and placed it on the mantle above the fireplace. He sulked back to his room.

Laying on his bed, eyes closed and raging erection in his trousers he tried desperately not to think of his beautiful sister walking through the door. He tried in vain.

The same images tormented him in the darkness of his mind: his sister smiling at him, her going to school wearing her uniform, them playing together as children in the garden, her arms wrapped around his neck crying into his shoulder when she was younger - after being rejected by a guy from high school – her smile in Art class when he gave her the card.

Finally he heard the front door open and bang close – the wind must have taken it from her grasp – he heard the familiar footsteps banging up the stairs in hard, heavy blows. What shocked him the most was the silence as she walked across the landing and then he almost jumped from his bed when he heard the deafening slam of her door being slammed shut. He listened for a second more – having quite good hearing he focused his mind from his own room to all sounds he could filter. The ticking of the alarm clock on his desk, the sound of a car driving down the road and in the faintest part of his brain was the sounds of sobbing. He focused all he could on that sound, it was close, within the house, it was a girl, his sister!

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