tagCelebrities & Fan FictionChanging Channels Ch. 03

Changing Channels Ch. 03

byMaguppy Puppy©

Last Time...

Peter continued to flip through the channels as he talked to Phoebe. "But it's weird. I remember seeing all these shows with you and your sisters and I know so much about you... I just don't know what the hell happened to me. I mean, it's just like if you ran into these people," he said as he pointed to the television screen, "not the actors, but the actual characters were real people! If you were in their world..."

As he said this, Peter touched the screen. A bright light suddenly flashed into the room and when Phoebe opened her eyes, Peter was gone.

* * * * *

Once again, Peter felt the extremely odd sensation of standing still and moving at an extreme speed at the exact same time. The moment that the sensation stopped, a bright light flared in front of him.

It took a moment for Peter's eyes to adjust to the bright light. When he could make out his surroundings, he found himself on the sidewalk of a residential street on a warm summer day. "Okay! Now what the hell was that?! Phoebe? Hello...? Anybody?" When he saw that there was no one around to answer him, he tried to figure out what had happened. "Touching the television screen must have transported me... but to where?" He looked down at his hand and saw that he was still holding the drink that Phoebe had given him before he disappeared. "Hmmm, didn't spill a drop..." He took a swig of the drink as he took in his surroundings. "Well, at least I know that my visit to the charmed ones wasn't a dream. Now I just have to figure out where I am..."

Looking up and down the street, it looked quite ordinary, but there was something odd. Whatever it was, it was on the tip of his tongue, just out of reach. He started walking down the sidewalk, hoping that he would see something or someone familiar. He kept glancing back and forth across the road as he walked, trying to get some sort of clue as to where or what show he had been transported to.

Peter was looking across the street when the car backed out of it's driveway behind him and ran into him. He hit the ground with a thud as he felt a sharp pain in his ankle. The drink fell from his hand and the glass shattered as it hit the sidewalk. "Sonuvabitch," he hissed through his clenched teeth. He reached down to his ankle as he lay on the ground when the car door opened. Watching the driver's feet, Peter saw them get out and walk around to the back of the car. "Oh my god," the man's voice said, "I'm so sorry, buddy." As soon as the man came around to the back of the car, Peter knew where he was and he knew why the block looked a little off to him.

All the cars on the block had been shiny new cars but they were also all seventies models of cars. He was on 'That 70's Show'.

"Hey, are you ok, guy?"

Peter looked up at the polyester clad man. It was Bob Pinciotti, Donna's dad and the Forman's neighbor. Peter straightened out his leg and felt a sharp pain. "I don't think I broke anything but I wrenched my ankle pretty good."

"Aw geez," Bob said in worried voice. "Do you want me to give you a ride to your house? I mean, you just need to get some ice on that ankle and should be okay, right?" He held out his hand and helped Peter to his feet, while Peter made sure to keep from putting any pressure on his injured ankle.

"Actually, I'm not from around here," Peter explained as he leaned back against the car. "I'm... just kind of passing through. So, you can't give me a ride home... maybe you could take me to the hospital, though?"

"Yeah, well, you see, I was kinda hoping you wouldn't go to the hospital. I've kind of been having a problem with my insurance company lately, so I'd really appreciate it if we didn't have to go to the hospital. If my insurance agent hears I had another accident, my rates are gonna go through the roof."

"Well, where would you like me to go then," Peter asked. "I can't exactly keep walking with a sprained ankle. I'm going to need to rest it."

Bob looked like he was thinking hard for a moment and then spoke. "Hey, I know! You can stay here for a day or two, until your ankle's feeling better. My daughter moved in with her boyfriend a couple months ago, so I got an extra room. You can stay in there. How's that sound, guy? What's your name?"

"I'm Peter, and that sounds like a plan. If I can stay here for a couple days, I suppose that I can skip the hospital visit."

A wide smile appeared on Bob's face and he took Peter's hand. "That's great," he said as he shook Peter's hand enthusiastically. "I'm Bob. Bob Pinciotti. Let's get you inside and put some ice on that ankle."

Bob helped Peter inside the house and took him upstairs to the spare bedroom. Peter laid down on the bed as Bob went to get a bag of ice. When he returned, he gave Peter the ice and asked, "Is there anything I can get you? Something to drink? Something to eat?"

At the offer of food, Peter suddenly remembered that he hadn't eaten anything (besides Phoebe and Piper, he thought with a grin) since the lightning bolt had hit him. "Something to eat sounds great, Bob. I'm kind of hungry, you know, from all the walking..."

"Sure, anything you want," Bob said. "What's it gonna be?"

"Oh any thing is fine with me. You wouldn't happen to have any pizza, would you?"

"Well, I don't have any here, but I can run out and get some," Bob said. "What do you like on it?"

"Pepperoni and extra cheese."

"Okay. You just lay back and relax here. I'll be back in half an hour with your pizza." Bob walked towards the door and then turned around. "Anything else you need there, Peter? I wanna make sure your comfortable now."

"I'm fine, Bob. Just perfect."

"Okay. Good. I'll be back in a bit." Bob left the room and shut the door behind him.

Peter listened to him leave the house and then heard the car leave the driveway. He moved his leg a little and winced at the pain in his ankle. He'd felt worse before but it was still sore. It was a good excuse to get a good night's sleep and a belly full of food any ways. As long as he was stuck here, he was going to milk the situation for all it was worth. He laid his head back on the pillow and closed his eyes, ready for a nap. Not long after he closed his eyes, however, he began remembering his time with the Charmed sisters only a couple hours ago.

Thinking of the three sexy witches and everything he had done with them was turning him on and soon he felt an erection straining at his pants. He decided that he had some time before Bob would be returning, so he could take care of that erection. He unzipped his pants and let his cock spring out.

'Still huge,' he thought to himself as he looked at his cock. Whatever spell Phoebe had cast on him, the effect seemed to be sticking, even on a different show. He closed his eyes and began picturing the Halliwell sisters, Phoebe sucking his cock, eating Piper's pussy, fucking the hell out of Prue... He started pounding his cock, wishing that he could have stuck around for a second round with the sisters. He was so into his masturbation that he didn't even hear when the bedroom door opened. He did hear the gasp though and opened his eyes to see Donna Pinciotti standing in the doorway, holding a duffle bag, her mouth agape.

The tall redhead was wearing a pair of tight jeans and a dark green button up shirt that was tight enough to hug the curves of her large breasts. Peter felt his cock jump a little at the sight of the hot redhead.

He didn't know what to say and apparently, neither did Donna. She was staring at Peter's foot long erection in disbelief. "I... um..." she began to say softly. Finally, she regained her senses. She turned her head to look away and began yelling. "Ugh! Who are you?! and What are you doing on my bed?!"

"I was, I mean, your Dad said I could--"

Donna didn't wait to hear his explanation. "Whatever my dad said, I'm pretty sure he didn't tell you that you could jack off on my bed!" She looked like she was about to hit Peter when they both heard a voice from downstairs.

"Hey! What the heck's going on up there," Bob shouted from downstairs.

Donna turned to the sound of her dad's voice and Peter to took the opportunity to quickly tuck his cock back into his pants, though not without some difficulty. A moment later, Bob came into the room.

"Donna," Bob exclaimed as he saw his daughter. "What're you doing home? Did Eric kick you out?"

"No, Dad," Donna said. "We're just having a little fight. I was going to stay here for a couple days. At least, until I found this guy in my bedroom."

"Yeah, Donna, you see, I was gonna let him stay here until his ankle was better. He had a little accident in the front yard."

"But, Dad," Donna said, "When I came in here, he was..." Donna was suddenly at a loss for words as she tried to explain what she had seen to her dad. "He was... you know..."

Bob took he daughter by the arm and turned her away from Peter. He whispered to her but Peter could still make out what he was saying. "Honey, I don't know what he was doing and I don't really care. Daddy needs to make sure that we keep this guy happy so Daddy's insurance company won't cancel his policy with them. Okay, Honey?"

Donna looked at Peter and then back to her father's pleading face. "All right," she said, not wanting to cause any trouble for her father, "but where am I going to sleep tonight? I can't stay here with him."

"Well, there's the couch downstairs," Bob suggested.

"That's okay," Peter interrupted. "I can sleep on the couch. I wouldn't want to kick Donna out of her own room."

"Are you sure," Bob said. "It can be kind of lumpy to sleep on..."

"No problem," Peter said. "If one of you could help me downstairs to the couch, then maybe we could have some of that pizza?"

"Yeah," Bob said after thinking about it for a moment, "That'll work. Let me give you a hand, and we'll get you downstairs. Donna, there's pizza downstairs if you want some dinner." Bob lifted up Peter by his arm and helped him hobble out of the room.

"Okay, I'll be down in a minute," Donna said to her father as he went to the hallway. "Right after I burn these sheets," she said quietly after he had left the room.

* * * * *

Peter and the Pinciottis all sat downstairs in the living room and ate the pizzas. Peter couldn't help but notice the annoyed glances that Donna kept throwing him. When they had finished, Donna went up to her room for the evening while, Peter and Bob watched some t.v.. Bob sat in the living room until the ten o'clock news was over.

He stood up and stretched. "Well," Bob said as he tried to stifle a yawn, "I'm gonna head up to bed. Do you need anything before I go upstairs? There's a blanket under the couch if you get cold, but I doubt it with this warm weather."

"No, I'm fine. If you just want to turn off the lights and t.v., I probably go right to sleep too."

"All right, I'll see you in the morning then." Bob flipped off the light and headed upstairs, leaving Peter on the couch in the dark.

Peter laid there for a while trying to sleep but he was just too warm to get comfortable. He decided to take his shirt off to get cooler but found he was still warm. He stripped down to his boxers and laid down, finally feeling good enough to relax. He noticed that his ankle was not quite as tender as it had been earlier. At that rate, it should be feeling all right by morning. He laid his head back and quickly fell to sleep, dreaming of the busty redhead upstairs.

He was woken up later by the sound of someone moving around upstairs. He didn't know what time it was, but it was still very dark outside. He rolled onto his back to get a better view of the upstairs hallway just in time to see the hall light come on. Peter feigned sleeping, keeping his eyes almost shut, but still open enough to see Donna coming down the stairs.

The leggy redhead came down the stairs slowly into the dark living room wearing just a size-too-small t-shirt and a pair of rainbow stripped panties. The material encasing her large young breasts looked like it was stretched as far as it could go without splitting a seam. The light from the hall spilt down onto the couch, casting a beam on the nearly nude Peter.

He saw that Donna stopped for a moment, lingering to look at his exposed body and the bulge in his boxers, before she continued on her way to the kitchen for a late night snack. As he heard her moving around in the kitchen, Peter decided to see how much interest Donna really had in him. He began stroking his cock to hardness until the head of his cock pushed out past the waistband of his boxers. Then Peter adjusted himself on the couch so that the light was on his crotch and his half exposed cock. He mostly closed his eyes again before Donna came back in the room and began breathing softly.

Donna walked past the couch and stopped again, this time letting out a gasp as she saw the monster cock again. She was like a deer in headlights, her eyes transfixed on the foot long shaft. She glanced upstairs to make sure that her father's bedroom door was closed, then to Peter's face to see that he was asleep and then back to the cock.

Donna slowly dropped to her knees to get a better view of Peter's cock. As she leaned in closely, Peter could see that her large nipples were pushing out against her t-shirt in arousal. Her face was only six inches away from his cock when Peter decided to have little fun with her. He flexed the muscle in his cock, making it jump an inch towards Donna's full lips. She jerked her head back and quickly looked up to Peter's face, sure that he was awake. When she saw his eyes were still closed she relaxed a little and moved back towards the cock. She moved her hand towards the cock and made an 'O' with her fingers, trying to guess at how wide it was. She put her hand next to the cock and saw that it was too wide for her fingers to wrap around. "Holy shit," she whispered to herself.

"You can touch it if you want."

Donna jumped as she heard Peter speak. She looked up to see that he was now awake and smiling down at her. "Oh! I was just, uh..."

"I can see what you were doing, Donna," Peter said. "You were looking at my cock. Have you ever seen one that big?"

"No," Donna said, ashamed of being caught. "I never thought they got that big... huge..." As she said this her eyes wandered back to the cock sticking out of Peter's boxers. As she stared at it, Peter hooked his fingers in the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down, showing her the rest of his erection. "Damn," Donna said as she took it all in.

"You can touch it," Peter repeated, "if you're wondering what it feels like."

"I..." Donna looked back and forth between Peter and his cock and then slowly reached out her fingers. She pushed on the soft skin of the cock. "So hard," she whispered, "and so hot..."

"Why don't you hold it, Donna," Peter suggested.

Her fingers moved around the cock and she gave it a squeeze, trying to close the gap between her fingers. Her other hand did the same and picked the huge cock up. "It's so thick..." She pulled the cock back and forth examining every inch of it.

"Mmmmmmm," Peter moaned softly. "Your soft hands feel so good on my cock, Donna. Could you stroke it?"

Donna complied and began slowly sliding her hands over Peter's cock. She felt like she was holding a baseball bat as the cock swayed back and forth as she stroked it. It was as though she were being hypnotized by the movement of the cock.

Peter leaned his head back on the couch as he enjoyed Donna's handjob. Her hands were slowly jerking him and he could feel her hot breath on his cock. He looked down to see her stroking him, her beautiful face only inches away from the his erection. "Kiss it, Donna."

She looked up at him. "I can't. I mean, I don't think I should. I'm with Eric." As she said this her hands continued to grip his cock tightly as she stroked it. "We're engaged..."

Peter put his hand on Donna's shoulder. "Look at what you've done to me, Donna," he said as he nodded towards his cock. "You did that. You and your hot body made my cock so hard it hurts. You can't just leave me like this..."

"But... Eric..." she weakly protested.

"Didn't your father say that you were supposed to keep me happy, Donna? You were doing a good job, but if you leave me now... I don't know what I'd do."

Donna was torn. She wanted to be loyal to Eric, but she wanted to make Peter happy too. She looked back to the cock again and then down to the large ball sack hanging beneath them. 'I wonder how much this thing would cum' she thought to herself. She made up her mind. "I'll jack you off," Donna said, "that way you can get off and I won't have to cheat on Eric."

"All right," Peter agreed, "But you're going to have to go faster if you're going to get me to cum."

Donna nodded her head and began jerking the huge cock harder and faster, making her ripe tits bounce under her t-shirt. She stopped stroking for a moment and spit on the cock to give it some lubrication. Her hands worked the slick shaft and she became very focused on getting the huge cock off. She paused for a moment when she felt Peter's hand begin to grope her large breasts through her t-shirt but started jerking again when he explained.

"I'm just trying to cum faster," Peter said, but in reality that was the last thing he wanted. He was purposefully trying to stall off cumming as long as possible, but he couldn't resist copping a feel of her tits.

Donna had already been jacking his cock for ten minutes and her arms were starting to get tired. If her breasts were going to help Peter get off faster, then she was going to use them. Donna let go off the cock for a moment and peeled off her shirt, exposing her perfect round breasts to Peter. "You like these," Donna asked as she pressed her breasts against Peter's cock. She nested the cock in her cleavage and began jacking the length of cock still sticking out again.

"I love them," Peter said. "They're fucking gorgeous." He reached down and pushed her breasts together, so they were hugging his cock.

Donna smiled widely at his compliment and spit on his cock again to make it wetter. The spit moved onto her breasts making her cleavage wet and slippery. She began sliding her breasts up and down his pole, titfucking him as she jacked him. He was moaning more loudly now and she hoped he was close to cumming. She wanted to see him shot his load and her arms were getting pretty sore from jacking him off. "Are you going to cum soon," she asked him.

"Uh... Not yet."

"I was wondering because my arms are getting sort of tired," she explained as she continued to titfuck him.

"Then suck me off," Peter said.

"I can't," Donna protested.

"You're already ready touching my cock with your hands and tits," Peter said. "How is it any different if you're touching it with your mouth?"

Donna thought about it as she kept stroking him. "Well, when you put it that way, I suppose that it's not any worse than what I'm doing now. You're sure it'll get you to cum sooner?"

"Definitely," Peter said with a sly grin. He watched as Donna let go of the cock and wrapped her full lips around it's head, while she kept the cock nested in her cleavage.

She leaned forwards taking more of the cock in her mouth, beginning to moan softly around the cock as she did so. She bobbed her head and swirled her tongue around the rod, tasting the salty flavor of his precum. Her drool slid down the cock as she sucked on it and her tits slid even faster around it.

Peter could tell that Donna was really getting into it, her red hair becoming a blur as she bobbed her head. His hand slid down the soft smooth skin of her back and over he round ass. He slipped his fingers into the side of her panties and found her wet pussy lips. He slid a finger into her pussy and Donna jumped in suprise. She didn't stop blowing him however, so Peter slipped another finger in and began finger fucking her as she sucked him off. Soon she was moaning louder around his cock and her hips were pushing down on his fingers. He moved his other hand to her thigh and pulled up on it, guiding her up onto the couch.

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