Changing Rooms


I know that as a bloke, I'm not supposed to like going round the shops with my other half but to be honest, how else is she going to know what I like her to wear? Admittedly, there does come a point after you've looked at the same outfit for the eleventh time and confirmed that "Yes, you look great in it and so much better than in the other fifteen you've tried on today," that it can lose some of its novelty value so this story is about how to keep the interest levels going

You've just picked up a handful of clothes and you're heading for the changing room. You call over your shoulder for me to follow you and as I know what's good for me, I do. The assistant has the required bored expression and pushes the curtain back on a small cubicle for you to step inside.

There's a battered armchair near the entrance to the changing rooms and no-one else is using it, so I slump into it to wait for the next catwalk show.

My eyes roam around the store and I make a note of a couple of tops that I think would suit you and tell myself to mention them to you when you come out. As I turn my attention back to the changing room entrance, I catch sight of you through the gap in the curtain.

You have your back to me and your top is off. And so is your bra! I don't remember that from earlier and continue to look at you without trying to stare. You pull a top over your head and straighten it around your hips. You look at yourself in the mirror facing you and as you turn I can see your reflection also.

Not wearing a bra for that top was definitely a good idea as it clings to like a second skin without creasing and bunching up. You're obviously pleased with it as well as you keep smoothing the material over your chest and stomach.

You're apparently VERY pleased, or else getting changed has left you a little chilly as your nipples have stiffened and become very obvious. I realise that my pleasure may becoming obvious also and so adjust my position to conceal the stiffness in my trousers.

You unfasten your trousers and bend to push them to the floor and I marvel at your fantastic backside within a brief pair of panties that expose plenty of bum cheeks without being a thong. It's just as well I had the rearrange as the sight of those cheeks parting as you bend and reveal your silk clad sweet spot, has me tenting like Billy Smarts Big Top!!

Stepping out of your trousers you pick the skirt you have selected and hold it against you and look in the mirror, allowing me more time to gaze at our semi-naked rear. Satisfied that it matches the top, you step into it and fasten the zip. Again, smoothing the material over your thighs and bum. You twist from side to side to get a good look at yourself. Then pull the curtain to one side,

"What do you think? Do these go together?" And you step towards me.

I become a little flushed, feeling I have been caught doing something I shouldn't and try to ensure that you can't see the discomfort in my trousers.

"Yeah." I stammer, "you looked fantastic. Really great." I remain seated and hope you don't ask me to stand.

"What do you mean LOOKED fantastic? Don't you like these on me? Did you prefer one the other outfits?" But then you look along my line of vision into the changing area and stop the interrogation as you consider what I may have seen. "You liked, I mean like what you see then? Let me try on a couple more, then you can tell me what you liked best." And with that, you turn and go back into the cubicle. You catch a sly look in my direction as you pull the curtain across.

I congratulate myself on my narrow escape and settle back in the chair, hoping that you've not done a very good job of closing the curtain. I needn't have worried. Unknown to me, you realised the view that I had and have decided to have a bit of fun. You have made sure that there is a gap in the curtain and that you stand where I can see you and the mirror.

You pull the top off and hang it again. Then you stand at a slight diagonal so that I can see your right breast and your reflection. You put your hand to your face, as if you were trying to decide which top to try next and your hand on your hip. You pick up a variety of tops to hold against your naked torso and rub your breasts and stomach as though you were trying to see the shape they would form on you. But you seem to be more concerned with getting the shape right around your breast and nipple as you continue to smooth and rub yourself through a variety of fabrics.

Eventually, you appear to settle on a short spaghetti strapped top, which stops just short of the trousers you're wearing to expose a tantalising strip of flesh below your belly button. As you struggle into it, you give the impression of not being able to get it over your shoulders but in truth you are trying to linger with your arms raised, shaking your breasts in the mirror as you glance in it to see if you have my attention.

Once the top is in place, you look at yourself and rub your palms over your body, as if straightening the outfit but you seem to be lingering longer than necessary over your breasts and thighs. I don't realise this is deliberate and just enjoy the show. As there is no one around, I reach under my shirt to loosen my belt. Then under cover of one of our shopping bags, push my hand under the waistband of my trousers to rearrange things properly. Enjoying the touch of my hand against my stiffening shaft.

You go back to giving your breast some attention and I watch your reflection as your nipples harden and press against the flimsy fabric. You pretend to look around and then run your right hand across the strip of exposed flesh around your midriff and under the top. Again, I can see in the reflection that now you're tugging at your nipples with your fingers. Your left hand skims the same flesh but heads south and under the skirt's waistband.

I sit up and try not to stare but it's not easy. I can see the outline of your hand as it presses between your thighs and the look on your face. Your eyes appear closed but you're squinting into the mirror, which unbeknownst to me means that you can see what I'm doing in the mirror.

You smile to yourself as you see the shape of my hand under my trousers. Then a really wicked thought lands and your right hand slides down your body and under the skirt, hooking your thumb in the waistband on the way as your left hand does the same. You push the skirt to the floor and step out of it. With your legs parted, you run your hands up the inside of your thighs and over your panties, pressing slightly against your mound. I try not to gasp out loud as I watch. My hand is still inside my boxers and I wrap it round my penis. I'm not sure what I can do in the middle of a shop but it feels good, so what the hell.

Your palms run back and forth along your upper thighs as your thumbs press along your swelling lips. I can see them as they puff up and mould against your ever-dampening panties. You press your thumbs together, pushing your lips against your clitoris and stifle a moan. You quickly pull the top off and stand in front of the mirror, rubbing yourself and watching yours and my reflection.

I watch your gorgeous bum as it wriggles against your hand and see your reflected ecstasy as you bring yourself closer to climax. You drive a finger deep against the sopping wet crotch of your panties and grip your breast roughly with your left hand and pull on the nipple. You bite your lip and close your eyes tight now. You know I'm watching but you're so carried away that you don't care who else is. As your knees start to buckle under the weight of your onslaught against your sex, your thumb presses against your clit and your eyes pop out of your head and you groan as quietly as you can.

I still can't believe what happened next. Your eyes opened and you turned to face me. For the first time I realise that you knew I was watching. Then you slide two fingers inside your panties and into your dripping pussy. Next you take them out and put them in your mouth!! You look directly at me at suck your juices off of your fingers. Pretending each finger is a little cock, you lick and suck your cum off.

Well, I nearly shot my load there and then. When you had finished sucking them, you pointed at me and beckoned me to join you. Without looking around, I stood straight up and walked in, pulling the curtain tightly shut behind me.

My jacket and shirt are quickly heaped on the floor and you undo my belt and push my trousers down as you get on your knees in front of me. You pull my throbbing manhood from my boxers and repeat the same licking and sucking motion you performed on your fingers. I run my hands through your hair and wrap my fingers within it as I hold your head and pump gently back and forth into your mouth.

I have been so excited by watching you and your mouth works so hard on me that in no time at all I can feel my own climax build. My legs feel weak and I lose focus on my surroundings. All I know is this wonderful woman who has just brought herself to orgasm and made sure I watched before sucking my cock like there's no tomorrow.

As I start to feel myself lose it, I stop pumping and push your head away but your hands grasp my buttocks and pull me back. You increase the tempo, determined to bring me off as quick as you can. My balls boil and my cockhead swells as I spurt into your waiting mouth. You take the first stream and then pull away, directing my cock at your chest and pumping my cum over your naked breasts. Some still hits your face and dribbles off your chin.

I lean against the wall of the cubicle, spent and watch you rub my semen into your body and lick it off your fingers. I sit on the stool in the corner, with my penis sagging between my legs. You move towards me and pull my boxers and trousers off before clamping your lips around my cock again. You massage my balls and suck hard on my penis to get it stiff. Running a hand between your own legs then mine to smear your juices between my legs and over my buttocks and balls.

Satisfied that it is hard enough, you shove your panties down, turn and plant yourself in my lap. Impaling your gloriously wet pussy on my stiffening shaft. I bite your shoulder to keep from moaning too load as I feel you envelope me in pulsating, gripping muscle.

I lean back against the wall as you stretch your legs and starting grinding up and down on me. I reach into your lap and stroke the flesh either side of your clitoris, rubbing my thumb against it but never directly touching it, driving you wild as you pump up and down on me. Feeling my penis touch you deep inside, rubbing against the walls of your cunt. Feeling every ripple of flesh as it pushes between your lips, every vein and pulse as it throbs and the foreskin slides back and forth, dragging your pussy lips with it.

We're facing the mirror so I can see our reflection as my penis disappears in and out of glistening hole. I look at your face and your eyes are tightly closed and you're biting your bottom lip to keep from screaming. Sweat is beading on your forehead and between your breasts and you keep writhing up and down driving us both on to climax.

Your hand moves between your legs to cup my balls and stroke them, one finger tracing their outline from back to front, teasing the edges of my asshole as your juices flow over my penis and between our legs.

Although we have tried to keep the noises down, our moans have attracted the attention of the assistant and once she has peeked through the curtain, she steps inside and unbuttons her blouse, letting it fall to the floor as she unfastens her bra. Your eyes are still closed so you haven't seen her until she steps between our legs and holds your head to her breast. Too far gone now to ask questions, your hands snake round her back and pull her close as you nuzzle her nipple, taking it into your mouth and rubbing the tip with your tongue, while at the same time sucking it.

She moans too and cradles your head in her arms as if you were a nursing babe. Your hands run down her back and unbutton her skirt, pulling the zip down. As it joins the other clothes on the floor, your hands run over her naked backside. Yes, she is wearing a thong and her ass cheeks are revealed to me in the mirror as your hands run over them, pulling them apart so that your fingers can press between them, searching for her most intimate places.

As she presses tighter against you, my hands leave your pussy and roam around her backside. I pull her thong to one side and cheeks apart so that your probing fingers can find their goal and you press a finger against her moistening slit, testing how excited she is. Satisfied that she is wet enough, you press harder and slip one finger inside her to rub gently against her pussy walls. As she grinds against you, you slip another finger in and press your thumb between her ass cheeks, resting it against her asshole.

You swap breasts and take the other nipple into your mouth and I watch the fantastic sight of you finger fucking and tit sucking a complete stranger as my cock fills your hot pussy. The sight, sounds and feelings are too much for me and I swell inside you and start to pump more seed. Our mystery companion guesses what is going on and drops to her knees, your fingers make a sucking squelching sound as they come out of her snatch.

Kneeling between your legs she licks your pussy lips and my shaft as it pumps back and forth inside you. Neither of us have ever felt anything like this before and it sends you over the edge, you hold her head tight against you as your own orgasm hits and her mouth stays clamped over your sex as our juices mingle and flow out. You can feel her mouth, nose and tongue all over your highly sensitive places and it drives you wild.

I finish cumming inside you and relax as you continue to thrash around on my lap, biting your lip and throwing your head from one side to the other. The view is truly remarkable and deeply erotic. If I hadn't just cum, the sight alone would have made me.

As my penis softens you slide to the floor, keeping your new friends face buried in your groin. Now lying on your back, you pull her legs above your head and pull her thong off to reveal her (shaven) pussy, swollen and puffy and aching for your tongue to return the pleasure she is giving you.

Needless to say, you dive straight in. The two of you sixty-nining, pulling each other's cheeks apart to get closer and deeper. You hadn't recovered yet from your last climax so this new attention pushes you quickly towards another. She must have got off on the previous action as well as she is starting to pant and gasp her excitement. This new display has my slightly tender cock desperate to become erect again and I start to stroke it to hardness.

You look up to see what I am doing and your eyes smile at me as your hands pull your buddy's cheeks apart and your fingers press against her asshole. Then a finger beckons me and I stand to walk towards you. By this time, my cock is standing to full attention and wavering before me.

I stand behind the assistant with my penis dangling above her ass. You finger still beckons as the others rub against her asshole. Pre cum or previous cum drips off my cock and onto her buttocks as I carry on stroking. She mumbles something into your pussy. I can't hear, so she moves her head away,

"Stick it up my ass, pl-ease, quickly before I change my mind!" I rub some more of mine and her juices around her puckered hole and press the tip of my cock against it. She moans a little and presses back as far as she can without losing contact with your rampaging tongue and lips. I press a little harder and the tip slips though her ring. She bucks away from me and I follow. Now I let her move back over me at her own pace as she takes my length inside her until my balls rest above your mouth and you tongue them before going back inside her.

I grip her hips and slowly move in and out. You can see my side view in the mirror as I fuck her ass and she eats your pussy. Having cum twice already so soon before, my next one doesn't take long and is almost dry but it matches yours and hers and you both thrash around under me as we climax together.

Once again, I withdraw my deflated member and collapse on the stool. The assistant stands, picks up her clothes and puts them back on again before walking back out. We look at each other and laugh before getting dressed also and leaving.

We laugh and stand intimately close to each other at the cash register, the assistant whose ass contains my seed is serving us. She wraps our purchases, tenders my charge card and passes the bags across the counter.

"I think you two deserve the staff discount for having such excellent taste. So I took 20% off, the details are in the bag."

We say our thank yous and carry on laughing and fondling each other as we walk to the car. As I pull out the parking lot, you look through your purchases.

"Hey, look at this. There's a note on the back of the till slip."

"Read it to me, I'm trying to drive here"

"It reads, 'Hi, my name's Kelly and I can't believe what just happened. I've never done anything like that before but I want more of it. If you two want to do that or anything like that again. Either in the store or anywhere, give me a call.' And she left her cell phone number."

"Well then hun, looks like we found ourselves a playmate!"

"Yeah, I can't wait."

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