tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCharlie's Angels: Sisterly Love

Charlie's Angels: Sisterly Love


Kris pulled up in front of her beach house. Sabrina's orange car was parked outside already, not an unusual sight. Kris parked next to Sabrina's car, got out and went around to the back door to get out the groceries. If she really loaded up she could get it all inside with one trip.

Balancing four heavy paper bags and a milk jug, she bumped the car door closed with her butt and teetered up the steps to her beach house. She shifted the bags up on one hip to try to get the key into the door without putting anything down. Finally it turned and she pushed the door open with one foot. Just a few steps inside, the bags started to tear and she staggered forward quickly, plunking her heavy load onto the kitchen counter an instant before it all fell apart. I win, she thought.

She expected Sabrina and probably Jill to be watching TV on the couch as they often did, but the set was off and things were quiet. With a mental shrug Kris started taking things out of the bags. As she was putting oranges into the fruit bowl, she heard a noise from the other room, and when she went to investigate she was hardly surprised to see Jill and Sabrina in bed together. The sheets were covering them mostly but she could see that Jill was on top and humping away. Kris didn't even make her presence known and went back to put the rest of the groceries away. But, the seed had been planted and now Kris was only thinking about one thing. By the time she had put the milk into the refrigerator she felt that little twinge that meant she was getting wet.

Normally when she ran into this situation she could just go join in the fun, but it would be weird with her sister in there. She'd only been back from Europe for a day. Hearing an especially loud moan from the other room, she snuck back down the hallway and peeked into Jill's bedroom.

Now Jill was on all fours on the bed and Sabrina was behind her, drilling away. They were angled in the other direction so Kris could stay well into the doorway without being seen. Jill's head hung down between her arms, and was gasping periodically. Her back was arched and she was gripping the sheets with both hands, pushing backwards. It looked like Sabrina's eyes were closed, and she was just holding onto Jill's hips and pumping steadily. With no other sound in the house, the squishing, slapping noise coming from between them was loud, obscene and delicious. Kris felt herself getting wetter as she watched the black dildo plunge deep into her sister's drooling cunt.

This reminded her of when they lived at home with their parents. Jill must have been about 22 when she moved out to the beach, if Kris remembered correctly, and before that were the good old days when the whole family lived together under one roof. It was a small roof so the girls shared a room. As a little girl Kris slightly resented that she was stuck with the boring bottom bunk and Jill got the top one just because she was older. Once a few years had passed the childhood squabbles died down and they were the best of friends.

When Jill started dating she quickly found out that she never had to look too far to find a boy who wanted to be with her. Kris remembered how much of a shock it was the first time she saw her older sister having sex. It was a weekend when their parents were out of town, and Jill had her boyfriend over. Kris had gone down the hall late at night to their room and saw her on her back, with a boy thrusting between her legs. On Kris's bottom bunk too! The young man's back blocked Kris from seeing anything too graphic, but she got the picture enough. She was afraid Jill would open her eyes and see her standing there, so she scurried away. Kris had been a little shocked. She knew about sex, of course, but it was still strange to see. On top of that, she felt like she should be disgusted to see her big sister having sex, yet instead of that she had found it exciting in an odd way. Knowing Jill was having sex down the hall at that very moment, Kris had locked herself in the bathroom and gotten off quickly before going back to watch TV. That night when she went to sleep, she had a strange electricity from knowing her sister had sex in her bed.

After that, whenever she heard the telltale rustling sounds from their room, Kris would peek around the corner and look inside. Sometimes, when she was sure they couldn't see her, she would watch and finger herself, like she could feel what Jill was feeling. She would string it out until Jill started to moan loudly, and then plunge her fingers hard, making her orgasm crash at the same time as her sister's. That feeling was the greatest sexual high she could get. After a while though, Kris got a little older and realized that this might not be a very normal thing to do. It wasn't nice to spy on her sister like that, and she felt a little guilty. They had discussed it before, so Jill knew that Kris knew, but did not know that she watched. So she stopped the spying.

But whenever their parents were out, there was a boy over at the house, and not much time was wasted. The more Kris tried to ignore the moans and grunts, the hornier she got in spite of herself. Almost every time she would be nearly insane with arousal, and would have to masturbate furiously in order to get it out of her system. Then there were the nights when mom and dad were home, and Jill was still horny. She would whisper, "Kris?" If Kris answered, she would ask her some meaningless question and then say good night. Once Kris figured out that this was just a check to see if she was asleep, she heard her name whispered but didn't reply. Then she would hear her sister masturbating right overhead. Kris had no choice but to listen the first time, since she happened to wake up in the middle of it and didn't want to embarass Jill by letting her know. Again, she was stunned and excited, and had soaked through her panties by the time Jill had finished. It took all her strength not to get off, but Jill was probably still awake.

After that though, Kris would deliberately keep quiet and listen to her sister finger herself. Jill did a pretty good job of keeping quiet; Kris only heard the tiniest of moans a couple of times. The heavy breathing and squishy noises could not be helped. She wished she could see it happening. Knowing there would be no other opportunity for hours, Kris would almost always rub herself quickly, racing to orgasm before Jill did so that she wouldn't hear. Often while Kris was pleasuring herself she would shut her eyes tight and see her sister getting fucked by boys. Then, the boys disappeared from her fantasies and it was just Jill. Then she fantasized about what it would be like if she was the one making her fister feel so good. Even when she tried not to think about it her mind would often drift back to Jill. She knew it wasn't quite right, but the instant her mind grazed the topic she was on fire. Now that she had so casually been thinking of her sister in a sexual context, it was harder and harder to keep the sex fantasy Jill seperate from good old, normal Jill.

Thus by her late teens Kris was in the outer edges of a strange phase of admiration for her sister. She and Jill had seen each other naked before, it was not a big deal, but Kris always looked. In the earlier days it was just out of innocent curiosity, to see what her own body might look like in a couple years, but later on she looked just out of enjoyment. She knew her sister had grown into a beautiful woman, and of course you recognize beauty when you see it, whether it's related to you or not. Kris had gotten old enough that it was clear that her body was not going to turn out exactly like her sister's. Mainly what she was a little jealous of was Jill's nipples. Not all nipples are alike, and Jill had somehow managed to develop a very exceptional pair, while Kris found her own very small and boring by comparison.

Since then though, Kris had more or less forced herself out of this phase. She had a couple of boyfriends over the years too, and really liked them; with Kris there was no sex yet but a lot of quality time, with Jill all the sex left little room for quality time. Kris was concerned that her thoughts about her sister were abnormal and since Jill didn't seem to feel the same way, she never mentioned it. Once Jill moved out it was easier for the mental pictures to get less frequent. She was pretty much over it.

Until she went to work for Charlie. Then a lot of things got turned upside down. She found out she was bisexual, and even lost her virginity to her best friend. Freely liking girls was a big leap back towards her old secret. She kept telling herself that she wasn't sexually attracted to her own sister, that would be weird and wrong. She had just been naturally curious about growing up, that's all. But it was harder to accept once the sight of her sister having sex with other girls became commonplace. And harder still, when they occasionally had group sex. Kris and Jill never had direct sexual contact, but they were comfortable being very close in that situation. Seeing her sister only inches away, moaning or tonguing somebody's pussy, she couldn't help but have obscene thoughts about her. She wondered if Jill ever had similar thoughts about her, now that they were both adults. Still she kept it a guarded secret, and hoped Sabrina and Kelly didn't notice that some of her most explosive orgasms came during kisses with lips fresh from Jill's pussy.

Now she tried to avoid sex where her sister was involved because these feelings bothered her. On the surface she shrugged it off, telling herself it was just a phase that she was long done with. Part of her knew that deep down it was a dark secret that she was not done with at all. Fantasies of her sister, though rare, provided her most powerful orgasms - and the most quiet guilt afterwards.

Kris snapped out of her flashback and re-focused on Sabrina's hands firmly guiding her sister's hips back and forth. I am not watching my sister. I am watching Sabrina.

As if controlled by someone else, her eyes kept darting back between Jill's tantalizingly spread legs, watching her get filled over and over. Kris's pussy was throbbing and, with a nod to the old days, went into the bathroom to appease it. She put a leg up on the counter and fingered herself roughly, already wet and not taking long to climax. Before her orgasm had even finished, she felt dirty and ashamed. I can't believe I just did that. That's years behind me now. I can't start that sick stuff again. Just forget about it. All she had done was trade her heavy feeling of arousal for a much heavier feeling of guilt. For the rest of the day, Kris avoided Jill and tried to busy herself with little things but never quite shook the feeling.

Later on, they came out in bathing suits. Sabrina was wearing one of Jill's, and it was slightly ill-fitting. She tugged at it and adjusted it unconsciously.

"Bri, I don't understand why you can't just leave a bathing suit over here all the time."

"Because, then when I need it somewhere else, I won't have it."

"Oh right, you go swimming SO often. Couldn't you just buy another suit then?"

"What for, when I have a perfectly good one."

Jill sighed, rolling her eyes, and spotted Kris.

"Oh hi, I didn't know you were home."

"Yeah," Kris said, hardly looking at her. You don't know I've been home all day.You don't know a lot of things.

"Jill, you sure we should go swimming now? It's almost dark," Sabrina observed.

"Dark is good. Who says we're going swimming?" Jill flashed her a naughty grin.

"Ooh. Want to join us, Kris?"

"No thanks," she mumbled into her book, avoiding their eyes.

Jill felt briefly that something may have been wrong, but the allure of the beach was not to be ignored. She took Sabrina's wrist and they were out the door.

Kris glanced out the window in a few minutes and saw their two smallish figures pressed together in the distance, making out in the water. That could be me. That should be me with my arms around- She mentally slapped herself, and turned, frowning back to her book. It took her nearly ten minutes to finish page 72, and when she got to the end, she knew her eyes had been sweeping the words but nothing had sunk in. Instead of admitting to herself that she was upset, she turned the page and kept looking at the little meaningless letter shapes.

The next morning, Kelly came over for breakfast. Jill was taking a shower, which took about a hundred hours according to Kris, and Kelly was frying some eggs. Sabrina, who had just slept over, didn't need to dress for her friends and sat on the couch wearing only a bedsheet, peeling an orange without looking down from the TV screen.

"What are you watching?" Kelly asked.

"The news."

"Turn it up a little, huh?"

The volume increased, informing all that today would be 80 degrees and sunny.

"Oo, nice. Want to go out on the beach after we eat, Kris?"

Kris stared at the butter.


"Oh what? Sorry."

"I said I wanted to go out on the beach later, it looks nice out. Oh.. do you have a bathing suit I could borrow? Or does Jill?"

"Yeah," Kris sighed. "Probably." She finished buttering her toast, dropped it onto her plate and went to plop down on the couch next to Sabrina. The shift in the cushions caused all the orange peels to fall off of her sheet and she made a face at Kris, but getting no response she cleaned them up herself.

"I smell food." Jill had emerged from the hall in a bathrobe, her hair still dark and wet.

"Wow Jill, you should think about becoming a detective," Kelly smirked.

"Har," she rolled her eyes.

Kelly held out a piece of toast for her.

"Um, have we met?" Jill looked from the toast to Kelly, and shook her head sullenly.

"Right, sorry." Kelly spread a generous amount of butter on it and offered it again.

"That's the way." She took a big crunchy bite and smiled. "Thanks."

She walked behind the couch, briefly mussing up her little sister's hair with her free hand as she passed. "Hey Kris."


Jill sat on the last available cushion. Once her eyes were focused on the TV, Sabrina tried to steal her toast. In retaliation, Jill halfheartedly tried to pull off Sabrina's sheet.

"Toast is not that scarce a resource," Kelly said, coming over and setting breakfast plates down on the coffee table. "Looks like sofa seats are though."

"Oh, you can just lay across our laps." Jill teased.

"Rotten egg, Kel." Sabrina said, still looking at the TV.

"Rotten egg, come on, I cooked you eggs!"

Kris rose, picked up a plate of food, and sat down on the side chair without a word. She stared down at her plate, poking the egg with her fork as if it was important business.

"Thanks Kris," Kelly said uncertainly, and filled the empty sofa seat next to Sabrina. Jill looked over at Kelly, who met her gaze with a shrug.

After several minutes of eventless eating, Sabrina and Jill had a battle over the last wedge of an orange which gave way to a series of wrestling, laughing kisses.

Do they ever stop? Irritated, Kris set her plate on the table and silently left the room. Jill looked up, allowing Sabrina to gobble up the orange slice in triumph.

"What's with her?"

"I don't know, she's been quiet all morning," Kelly said.

Jill frowned slightly and got up. "I'm gonna go see what's the matter."

The instant she was up, Sabrina spread out on the couch, using Kelly's lap as a pillow.

"You are an exceptional slob, Sabrina."


Jill went down the hall to the master bedroom. Peering inside she saw her sister sitting on her bed, holding a book open in front of her, but looking past it out the window.


Oh no. "Hey."

"Hey hon. Why so glum?"

"I'm fine." Kris looked at her book but was not reading it.

"Are you mad at me?"

"No," she sighed, "I'm just in a bad mood. PMS or something." Please just go away.

"Oh, ok."

Kris offered nothing else so Jill ended the slightly awkard silence and left.

No, she was not mad, she was more like sad, but PMS was long past. She was torn between a strange sexual desire for someone who might exist only in her mind, and missing her big sister who used to dress up in silly clothes just to make her laugh, and give her a hug when she skinned her knee. It's my own stupid fault that I miss Jill. She hasn't done anything wrong. I've been pushing her away. I'm the one making it weird. Her eyes teared up and she concentrated hard on reading her book, blinking it away.

"PMS," Jill announced quietly.


"Scoot," she nudged Sabrina, who reluctantly drew her knees so that Jill could sit down.

Kris did not come out of her bedroom for the rest of the day, and was rather quiet at work for the rest of the week. She almost flat out refused to talk to Jill. Nobody made much of it, until Kelly called her one night to chat. Kris was full out crying when the phone rang. Just don't answer, she thought, then reconsidered. No, if it's Kelly or Bri, they'll get worried and come over to check on me. She sniffed herself as dry as she could, and picked up.

"Hello?" She said, trying to speak in a bright, strong voice.

"Hey, it's Kelly."

"Oh hi Kelly, how are you."

"I'm fine, what about you?"

"Also fine."

"You sure? You sound a little strange. Have you been crying?" How does she always know?

"Well.. yeah, a little, I uh, there was this sad movie on tv," she invented.

"No, there was not. Kris, you've been acting strange all week. What's the matter?"

"Nothing's the matter," she insisted, her voice quavering.

"You're not in some kind of trouble, are you?"

"No, nothing like that." I have to hang up before I do something stupid. Just say goodbye.

"Well, something's wrong with you. I'm going to come over there, ok?"

Kris thought about trying to stall but choked out "Ok", because regardless of the situation she needed a hug.

"Alright, I'll be there in a couple of minutes."

Kris wanted to try to stop crying and dry up before Kelly got there, so she couldn't make such a fuss. But the instant she hung up the phone, the tears came spilling back. In what seemed like 10 seconds, the doorbell rang. She cried a little harder knowing she had failed to stop crying in time, and shuffled out defeatedly to the front door. Kelly immediately looked alarmed when she stepped inside.

"Oh, what is it?"

"I'm ok," she said in an unsteady voice.

Kelly sat down on the couch and beckoned Kris to follow. "Kris, come here and sit down."

Kris gave up on trying to conceal her crying, and let her hot tears roll down each cheek on the way to the couch.

"Kris you're upsetting me, what's going on? Are you sad? Are you scared of something?"

"Sort of both," she sniffed.

"Look, honey, no matter what it is, I want to help, ok? Oh, come here." She opened her arms. Kris melted into a hug, sniffling into her shoulder. Kelly just held her for several minutes, rocking her gently.

"Can you tell me now?"

"I want to hug you while you'll still hug me back."

"What does that mean?"

"It means I don't want to tell you because if I do, you'll think I'm weird," she sobbed.

"No, no. Kris, I love you, and nothing you're about to say is going to make me stop." She gave her a kiss on the cheek and a reassuring smile. "I promise. I'm going to stay right here until you feel like telling me what's bothering you."

Gratefully, Kris laid her head back on Kelly's shoulder and enjoyed her hands rubbing soothingly across her back. That had been a reassuring thing to say, but who knew if this was beyond the scope of weirdness that Kelly had even considered. She still wanted to savor this loving acceptance for a while, in case it dissolved the instant she was stupid enough to spill her secret. Why should I even tell Kelly, anyway? It has nothing to do with her. I'll just make up something else that she'll believe. No, I can't lie to Kelly, I love her too much.

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