tagNonHumanCharlotte's Night Out

Charlotte's Night Out


She awoke with a start. Jerking upright in bed Charlotte looked around the darkened bedroom for the sound that had jarred her from her sleep. As usual, she saw nothing but the familiar furniture of her bedroom. She reached out a hand and flicked on the lamp on the bedside table. Just to make sure the shadows were just that and nothing more. After a few moments of reassuring herself, she turned the lamp off and lay back down. Hoping she could go back to the dream that had been interrupted, she fell asleep soon after her head hit the pillow.

The dream had been a recurring one over the last few weeks but she could remember little about it. All that was clear in her mind was the feel of large, strong hands roaming her body, pausing to tweak a nipple or thrust inside her moist folds. That and the mouth that teased at her lips, the tongue probing inside her mouth, the teeth that grazed her nipples. Each morning she woke from having this dream her pussy was soaking wet and she had to slip her own fingers into those folds to relieve the pressure. But after the third week of having this dream she needed more than her own fingers could provide.

When she awoke the next morning, she decided what she would do. She went to work as usual. On her lunch break she went out to a small shop, and purchased new lingerie. A tiny black lace bra and panty set with red ribbon trim, and stockings and garters to match. At home that afternoon, Charlotte ran a hot bath for herself. As she slid into the water she contemplated her plan. Could she really just go out and find some random man to ease the sexual tension? It had been several months since she and her boyfriend had broken up, and she hadn't had a real cock inside her since they split. As she was soaking in the tub and thinking about the feel of real, live cock inside her pussy again, her hands wandered over her body. She pinched and twisted her nipples with one hand as the other slid slowly down her stomach to the lips of her pussy. She played with her clit a moment or two before plunging two fingers deep inside. She threw her head back and closed her eyes as she began to thrust her fingers in and out. The heat of the water only added to the sensations she was giving herself and soon she was crying out her pleasure to the empty bathroom. As she slowly came back down from her orgasm she suddenly felt eyes on her. She quickly stood, grabbed a towel and wrapped it around herself. She looked around the room and then out the window. She saw nothing and so quickly she finished her bath and went to her room to get dressed.

Although Charlotte had just come in the tub, she still felt like she needed a real cock. So she decided to continue with her plan. In her room she put on the new underthings and then studied herself in the full length mirror. She was shortish, 5'3" and had a few extra pounds here and there, but in the mirror she thought she looked pretty good. Her full breasts, were slightly straining at the fabric of the bra, and her ass, which she had been told was her best attribute, looked great in the thong. After putting on the stockings and garter she slipped her feet into a pair of very high heeled black pumps. She pulled a small black miniskirt from the closet. The silky material felt wonderful against her skin as she slid it up her legs and over her ass. Then she completed the outfit with a red spaghetti strap top that reminded her of the color of fresh blood. After applying a small amount of makeup, only some eyeliner and lipstick, she felt she looked her best and headed for the front door.

Charlotte drove slowly trying to decide the best place to go. It was Friday night and she didn't know exactly the best place to try, so she drove toward the strip of bars and nightclubs downtown. As she was nearing the first bar she was thinking about the sort of man she would be willing to encourage. Her mind was drawing her wonderful pictures of a hard cock throbbing as it plunged in and out of her drenched pussy. She slowed as she drove past, studying each place as she passed it, trying to decide where to park and behind which door held her companion for the evening.

As she was nearing the end of the row of clubs a bright neon sign drew her attention. She parked and got out of her car and slowly walked to the door of the club. Before she entered, Charlotte could feel the music throbbing and pounding at her. The people outside were dressed almost as she was. Short skirts and skimpy tops for the females and dark colors all around.

She entered and was assaulted by the volume of the music. It slammed into her as soon as she was through the door. Somehow she found her way to the bar and sat down. She was enjoying being out. Even if no one was interested, she hadn't been out in a while and the atmosphere of this place was intoxicating. She ordered a drink as she listened to the music. She sat sipping her drink and enjoying herself for a bit. Almost forgetting about why she was here in the first place. She looked around the room at the people dancing or standing with their drinks. Her eyes landed on a very handsome man leaning against a high table with a drink in his hand. Her breath caught as she looked him over. She could tell from here that he was well muscled. She could see the long ponytail that hung half way down his back was very dark, but the exact shade she couldn't discern in the darkness of the club. Her eyes wandered on down his length pausing at his crotch before traveling back to his face. Then her eyes met his. She felt a twinge deep down as she continued to look into those eyes. She realized how she was behaving and she blushed and looked away.

There was a couple dancing as if they were the only ones in the room, grinding against each other in a way that was definitely sexual. Charlotte could almost feel their sexuality across the room. Her pussy was getting wet watching the woman grind herself against the man's thigh. The ache there was getting stronger the more she watched them.

"Enjoying the show." said a deep voice right in her ear. Had the man been any further away he would have had to yell. But this close it was almost a whisper. Charlotte turned quickly to see the man that had spoken. She was pleasantly surprised as her eyes met his emerald green ones. The face that held those eyes was strong and dark. The hair that fell almost to his shoulders was a rich almost chocolate brown.

"Yes I was actually." Charlotte replied with a grin. Her eyes drifted from his face across his broad shoulders down his chest and abdomen and on to his crotch, where there was a definite bulge. She looked up and blushed again at her own forwardness. His eyes were still on her face

"I've been enjoying my own show. Watching you. You were attracted to that man you saw earlier weren't you? And that couple is driving you crazy, aren't they? Reminding you of how long it's been since you were touched like that? Reminding you of all those nights without a cock to fill you up?"

Charlotte was suddenly a bit frightened and decided this was a bad idea and it was time for her to go home. She turned and sat her glass on the bar, thinking that somehow this man was reading her thoughts. She had to get out of here. NOW!

His hand gripped her arm just above the elbow as he leaned close to her. She could feel his warm breath on her face and neck as he whispered in her ear.

"You aren't going anywhere. Not without me." He said. Charlotte was suddenly overcome with fear. This man, shockingly handsome as he was, was not going to let her go. She was in big trouble. She turned her head to look into his eyes. Bad idea, what she saw in those wonderful, deep green eyes, scared the hell out of her and at the same time had her pussy weeping even more. The powerful desire in his eyes scared her because she knew what he wanted, and now she knew he would take it if she didn't give in willingly.

"Come on." he said.

"Where are we going?" She managed to get out before he pulled her from her stool.

"Don't you worry. WE're going to my place and we're going to have some fun when we get there." He said in that deep sexy voice. And as scared as she was, the thought of what was to come had her heart pounding in her cheast and pussy aching to be filled by this strange man's throbbing cock.

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