tagErotic CouplingsChemistry: Just Add Alcohol

Chemistry: Just Add Alcohol


James was over at his friend, Dave's house for a few drinks. There were a few people there, Dave's girlfriend, Marie, among them. It was Marie's friend, Sheila, that drew his attention. Sheila was a pretty girl in her mid twenties. A small woman - 5'2, 115 pounds - she was very friendly. She had a sexy body, shoulder length auburn hair, blue eyes, white complexion. She was wearing jeans and a very tight shirt that revealed her nice figure. Smallish breasts and a nice ass rounds out her description.

James and Sheila had always a little chemistry going on, but more often than not, he was with his girlfriend, Lisa. When Lisa wasn't around, Sheila always seemed to have a boyfriend hanging about.

This time, however, was different. Lisa stayed at home, and for one reason or another, Sheila's current man was not around. The more time James spent in Sheila's presence, the more he wanted her. Her smile, how her lips and tongue moved when she talked, her voice, all had him hypnotized. Whenever she left the room, he watched her ass as she walked. He was in a semi-aroused state the entire night.

Sheila was no less attracted to him. A horny girl by nature, she had always been a little turned on by this man, and was more than willing to flirt with him further than she should, considering that they were both taken. As the drinks added up, the tingling sensation in her crotch grew stronger, and she continuously crossed and uncrossed her legs, trying to fight her arousal down to a level where she could control herself. It didn't work as she found herself becoming moist as the night wore on.

They went out to a pub that night, and by midnight, the flirting between James and Sheila was shameless. Even Marie and Dave could not help but notice all the attention the two gave to one another. By one o'clock, the group of friends had reduced to the four of them. They went back to Dave's house where they sat in his living room and had more drinks.

It was nearly at the point where Dave and Marie were completely ignored by the other two. James and Sheila were in their own little world, talking, laughing, staring into each other's eyes. They were drunk, and as such, made no attempt to hide their attraction. By 2am, Dave and Marie retired to his room, leaving their two friends alone in the living room. The tingle in Sheila's pussy had grown much stronger, almost as soon as she realized that she was alone with this man.

James was a good looking man in his twenties, 6'1, 190 pounds, short brown hair, brown eyes. They sat a foot apart on the same couch, and had grown silent as soon as they were alone. Conversation resumed for a few minutes as neither of them knew how to make the first move. Each knew the other was taken, and did not know if the flirting was harmless or if it served a purpose.

What finally broke the stalemate was when James began to flip through the channels of the TV. It flashed past some figure skating hi-lites.

"Hey!" Sheila exclaimed, "Turn back to that!"

"Figure skating?" he replied, laughing, "I don't think so!" He continued to flip channels.

Suddenly, Sheila grabbed the remote from him and began to change the channels back.

"Hey!" he said, grabbing for it, smiling. Laughing, she held the remote behind her back, stretching her arm back, still trying to turn channels. He was much taller than her, but that didn't stop him from incidental contact.

Reaching over her, making a grab for it, the two fell back on the couch, Sheila giggling drunkenly. He had one leg between hers, his arms pinning hers down. His face mere inches from hers as both their hands held the remote. He looked at her silently for an instant.

Her blue eyes looked up at him, and her pussy grew wetter when she noticed his semi hard on pressed against her leg. Her breathing deepened.

Gathering courage, he slowly bent to kiss her. His heart jumped into his throat when he noticed her eyes closing. His lips touched hers and, pecking her softly. He grew noticably harder when Sheila parted her lips, allowing his tongue entry. His tongue touched hers, exploring her mouth as they kissed for the first time. She sighed, electricity running up her spine as her tongue darted into his mouth.

He released her arms and her small hand held the back of his head as they kissed. She was subconsciously writhing her crotch into his thigh as their kiss grew more urgent. James caressed up and down the side of her small body, running his hand over her leg and the side of her ass as they made out.

Her breathing grew laboured as her desire grew stronger, she moaned into his mouth when she felt his hand cup her breast over her shirt.

He could feel her nipples harden through the thin, taut material. His tongue shot far into her mouth, and Sheila could clearly feel his full blown hard on against her leg. Her heart skipped a beat upon realizing just how badly he wanted her.

His hand slid down her stomach, over her jeans between her legs. "Mmmmmph..." she moaned when his hand touched her sensitive area over the denim. He began to gently rub her crotch and she kissed him with more intensity, her own small hand sliding down his body. Her hand found his bulge and her fingers traced its outline.

James took this as a healthy sign to move forward, so he slid her zipper down and undid her button. Her heart was pounding in anticipation and her hand squeezed the hard outline in his jeans. He slid his hand into her cotton panties, running it through the curls of her pubic hair. Hot wetness touched his fingers and when she sighed into his mouth, he knew he found her slit.

She kissed him harder and her hand merely rested on his crotch as she forgot everything else but the feelings in her pussy. His finger gently caressed up and down the moist lips of her cunt as he sucked her upper lip into his mouth. He dipped a finger into her tight hole.

"Ohhhh..." she moaned, breaking the kiss temporarily. He pushed his finger all the way inside her, shooting pleasure up her spine. He began to slide it in and out of her, and he felt his own button loosen and his fly go down.

Sheila reached into his underwear and more tingles shot from her pussy when her hand found his stiff organ. Her fingers circled its thickness as he fucked her pussy with his finger.

To her disappointment, James pulled his hand out of her panties. He grabbed the sides of her jeans and tugged downward, breaking the kiss. She raised her ass up off the couch, allowing him to slide her jeans down her sexy, creamy white legs. Her black cotton panties were a nice contrast, he noticed, to her white skin.

He pulled the jeans off her feet one by one, taking her socks with them. She had beautiful, small feet, and he kissed one of them briefly, before setting it down. She smiled, and tingles again shot through her body when she saw him kiss her foot. She was flattered he would do that to her.

He slid his hand up her smooth leg as he bent to kiss her once more. Their lips smacked loudly as his hand found the warmth of her crotch and began to rub her through her panties. He could clearly feel Sheila's swollen pussy lips through the thin, wet material. She was so hot down there!

His fingers eased her panties to one side as his tongue explored her mouth. He began to caress her puckered lips with his digits, holding her panties aside. She was incredibly juicy, her lips were so slick. His finger found her clit and he began to tease it, rubbing it gently.

"Mmmmmph..." she moaned into his mouth, her hand diving back into his underwear. Unable to take much more, she eased him onto his side, gradually rolling him onto his back so that she was straddling him. She began to rub her panty covered crotch against the thick bulge in his jeans, breathing heavily into his mouth.

Still kissing him, Sheila pushed his shirt up his body, revealing his hairy stomach and chest. They broke the kiss as she pulled his shirt up over his head. Smiling erotically, she began to kiss down his chest, her tongue briefly teasing his nipple on the way by. She kissed down his belly to the top of his boxers.

James moaned when he watched, and felt, her kiss his shaft over his underwear. Her small hands grabbed his jeans and pulled, sliding them down his legs. She pulled his socks off with his jeans, and she immediately grabbed his underwear. He was helpless to resist as she pulled his underwear down his legs, freeing his rock hard 6 1/2 inches.

Her heart pounded at the sight of his incredibly thick member, and she threw his underwear on the floor, crawling quickly back up to his crotch. Her tiny hand gripped his shaft, stroking it expertly as she stared at it. He watched Sheila bend towards his dick. Her tongue snaked out and licked the top of his helmet, and he gasped.

Still stroking him, she slowly licked down to the base. He felt her suck a testicle into her mouth, and his hands went down and held the sides of her head, holding her down there. With a loud 'slurp' she released his testicle, and licked back up his pole.

Staring at him with her beautiful blue eyes, she eased his cock into her hungry mouth, sliding her lips down his shaft. She expertly took his entire penis into her warm mouth, holding it there for an instant, before sliding her lips back up to the top.

Sheila began to bob her head up and down James' organ, slurping hungrily on it. 'slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp' she slobbered so loudly on his member it could be heard by Dave who was upstairs heading to the washroom.

He listened at the top of the stairs, not sure if he was hearing right. 'slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp' "Ohhhhh..." James moaned.

Yes, Dave heard right. He was tempted to go downstairs and have a look. Why not? He crept down the stairs. He poked his head around the corner.

He saw Sheila from behind on her hands and knees on the couch, head bobbing up and down, slurping hungrily. 'she's got a nice ass' he thought, staring at the tiny black triangle of her panties which covered her creamy white ass. Marie was asleep upstairs so he thought he'd continue to watch, and he looked for a place where he could get a better view. The bathroom door in the hallway was open outwards halfway, it should be enough cover, given that they were 'distracted'.

He crept down the hall and into the bathroom, peeking through the crack where the door was hinged to the frame. Perfect. He could see Sheila's lips slide up and down James' white cock. James gently held her hair back out of her face as she gave him amazing head, he could now see her pretty face much better.

She pulled his cock out of her mouth with an audible 'slurp'. She looked at him, smiling. Her pussy was tingling like crazy still, and she crawled towards him on the couch. She pressed her panty covered crotch against his shaft and she began to rub herself against him as her searching lips found his.

They kissed sloppily as he noticed tremendous heat emenating from her crotch as they grinded together. He boldly slid his hands up her back, taking her shirt with them. Sheila broke the kiss and raised her arms, allowing her new lover to slide her tight shirt right off of her. Now she wore only a black bra and matching panties.

From behind, Dave could see the pink bottoms of her feet, up her short legs to her ass. Her panties barely covered that white ass! His gaze trailed further up her body, up her white, freckled back. He watched James unsnap her bra and tear it off her, freeing her smallish breasts.

James loved them, being used to tanned breasts, these creamy white ones were a nice change. His hands caressed them, squeezed them, feeling her hard nipples as he kissed all around her chest. She was breathing heavily, watching his tongue lick around her areola. Her panties were soaked, she knew, as she continued to grind herself against him.

He sucked a nipple into his mouth, sending tingles of pleasure throughout her body. She wanted to get fucked so bad! Trying not to take her tits away from his mouth, Sheila raised her ass a little, her hands trying to push her panties down. She got the dainty things off her ass, revealing to Dave her gorgeous white cheeks. She was forced to pull away from James a little as she raised a leg off the couch and pushed her panties further down. Finally, she was able to scramble out of them, pulling them off her tiny white feet and dropping them on the floor with the rest of her clothes.

Her hot, wet pussy was now pressed against his shaft, and she began to rub herself against him. They were both gasping for breath as her lips again found his, and her tongue darted inside his mouth. Two minutes of grinding their naked bodies together and Sheila could take no more.

She reached underneath her, breaking the kiss. Her small hand raised his cock up into the air and she pressed her hungry slit against the fat head. Her eyes glazed over as she slowly eased his penis inside her welcoming hole until he was halfway inside her.

"Ohhhh..." she sighed, her tightness stretching around his manhood. James loved how hot her pussy felt around the top half of his organ. His hands slid down to her soft ass, squeezing and spreading her white ass cheeks.

Inadvertently, he allowed Dave to have the perfect view of Sheila's pink cunt lips stretching outward around the mid point of James' thick cock. She slid her pussy off of most of his dick, before slamming her ass down on his lap, driving his entire rod into her needy twat.

"Ohhh! Yesss!" she moaned a little louder, that feeling of being filled up overcame her. James loved how hot his cock felt inside her. He began to thrust his hips up into the air. She began to ride him, sliding his meat in and out of her. He pulled her down on him, his mouth finding hers and they locked into a kiss.

Dave had an amazing view of his buddy's dick ramming upwards into Sheila's eager cunt, over and over. He pulled his cock out of his shorts and began to masturbate, watching them. James still had a good grip of her ass cheeks and was spreading them as if he was trying to give Dave a show.

"Mmmmph! Mmmmph! Mmmmph! Mmmmph!" she moaned into his mouth, her heart was pounding, the tingling in her crotch was growing exponentially. She knew she was cumming soon.

Forced to break the kiss, her moans carried across the room. "Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! ..... OHHHHHHH!" her last moan was loud as she achieved orgasm. Her vagina pulsated around his pistoning cock. She felt too weak to continue, so James did all the work for her, slamming his hard penis upwards into her. As she finally settled down, he slowed.

He gently eased her off of him, and even Dave could hear the audible 'slurp' noise his cock made when it slipped out of her wet twat. James rolled her over onto her back, and Sheila obediently lay on the couch with her short legs spread wide, invitingly.

Her pink, swollen pussy lips were framed by a triangle of brown pubic hair. He suddenly had the urge to eat that gorgeous cunt of hers.

He bent down between her legs and immediately began lightly licking her sensitive slit. "Ohhhh..." she sighed, tingles running up and down her body, originating from her crotch. He slid his hands under her ass, holding her soft ass cheeks as he slid his tongue into her steamy hole, tasting her juices. He gently sucked her lips into his mouth, running his tongue over them softly but quickly.

She squirmed beneath him, her hand reaching between her legs and holding his head there. She closed her eyes, concentrating on the intense feelings that he was giving her.

James released the lips of her cunt, and slowly licked his way up to her clitoris. "Ohh God.." she moaned as pure pleasure shot up her spine. His tongue teased around her tiny button, nudging at times but never truly focusing on it.

She was filled with such need and desire, desperately wanting him to touch her clit with more consistency. Finally, he gave her what she wanted.

He held her clit between his lips, and his tongue danced over it rapidly. "OHHH!" she moaned a little louder, writhing her pussy up into his face. He began to run his tongue lightly up and down her clit relentlessly, driving her towards the edge.

She was losing it, a big orgasm coming on. "UNH!" she grunted, unable to find the breath to moan anymore than that as she came violently. Her heart was pounding, her body grew hot, the inner walls of her pussy were convulsing.

"Oh God!" she finally moaned as the intensity wore off a little. James kissed her twat one last time before kissing his way up her stomach. He briefly stopped at her smallish tits, kissing and sucking at her nipples, before continuing on up her freckled chest. He kissed up her neck and her mouth quickly found his and they kissed passionately.

As if with a mind of its own, his hard dick found the entrance to her treasure and he slid inside her warmth in one eager stroke. "Mmmmmph!" she moaned into his mouth as she felt her pussy fill up.

Once more, he was sheathed in Sheila's warmth. James sent his tongue into her mouth as he slowly slid most of his penis out of her. He slid back into her hard. "MMMPH!" she moaned. Her small hands clawed at his back, and her tiny feet caressed up and down his legs.

He began to fuck her at a steady pace, kissing her lustfully as his pole drilled in and out of her. Through the crack in the door, Dave watched Sheila raise her feet in the air. He could see the pink bottoms of her feet, her short legs spread wide, his buddy's ass thrusting faster and faster. He watched James break the kiss, and could now hear her moans unmuffled.

Her tits were bouncing up and down with every thrust, and Dave knew he was ready to cum at the sight. He stroked his cock a few more times and stifled a moan as it spasmed in his hand, shooting his cum all over the frame of the door, onto the floor, and on his hand. He had to keep from falling into the door and letting his friends know that he was watching them.

He grabbed for some toilet paper and tried to clean up as quietly as he could. Dave was about to go upstairs when Sheila's cries grew louder, more urgent. He decided to stay for the 'money shot', curious. "Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" her moans echoed across the room as her orgasm built.

Sheila could feel the heat in her crotch build and build, poised to spread through her entire body as James pounded into her harder and harder. Her feet were flailing helplessly behind him, her eyes were closed, wincing in ecstasy.

"OHHHH GOD!!" Pleasure exploded within her and her entire body seemed engulfed in flames as her orgasm overtook her. Her legs were outstretched, her hands were clawing at him, tingles shot up and down her body as she came. James was losing it as well, increasing the pace further.

The tiny part of his brain that still had coherent thought was trying to decide where to cum. He loved cumming inside women, but he also wanted to see his cum dripping off Sheila's beautiful, naked body. In the end, the former won out.

"I'm cumming!" he grunted, thrusting a few more times. He slid his entire penis far inside her, holding himself there. Sheila wrapped her arms and legs around him, holding him tight.

He moaned, dick spasming inside her. A huge, thick load of cum fired out his cock and into her hungry womb. She sighed happily, gasping for breath as another river of his seed flowed into her.

His penis jerked a couple more times, shooting still more of his cum into her needy vagina. His mouth covered hers in a passionate, breathless kiss as the last of his sperm trickled inside her.

Dave snuck upstairs, disappointed that there was no money shot.

James lay on top of Sheila, softening inside her, for a few minutes, kissing. Their lips smacked loudly as they caught their breath. He got off of her, sliding out of her sloppy cunt and threw on his underwear.

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