tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCheryl In Chains Ch. 04

Cheryl In Chains Ch. 04


It was a tight fit and Cheryl Cole's lips were fully stretched, but somehow she managed to accommodate both cocks in her mouth at one time. The Royal brothers chortled and high fived and Harry even reached down to pinch Cheryl's nostrils shut to increase the discomfort and humiliation for his sister-in-laws slutty slave.

In truth Cheryl was in heaven. It's not every day you give a double blow job to Price William and Prince Harry and such was her life now in complete subservience to her Mistress Kate. Harry plucked his throbbing dick from Cheryl's mouth just as cum came bursting forth from it and he directed it over the brunette's features, spraying it on her eyes, nose and into her hair. As he squeezed out the last of his seed, dribbling it to pool on Cheryl's right eye ball a door banged shut behind him. William ignored it, enjoying the freedom he now had to get his one cock right down into the slut's gullet but Harry turned to view the newcomer into the room.

Jessie J, the Red Queen of the court, stood in a figure hugging red PVC catsuit, swinging a dog collar from her hand and staring daggers at the Prince.

"What are you doing here? I have the bitch this evening, I've got a special engagement for her."

Harry smirked in his superior way.

"Yeah well, that's just tough isn't it? We decided we needed a bit of light relief and quite frankly who cares what you thi....aaaarhh!"

Price Harry broke off as Jessie's icy cold fingers and sharpened long fingernails swiftly wrapped themselves around his balls and gave them a sharp squeeze then twist. The ginger twit dropped to his knees and winced as Jessie marched past him with the barest hint of a smile on her face. But she knew she could not be so dismissive of his brother and as such just stood there as William finished himself off, firing a large dose of cum deep into Cheryl Cole's throat and then finished by slapping his slimy dick on her face and wiping the remnants into her hair. He stepped back without comment and allowed Jessie to fit the collar and leash around Cheryl's throat. With a flourish the raven haired singer tugged off Cheryl's elaborate wig and threw it at Harry as he struggled back to his feet.

"You won't need that tonight baldy" she hissed at the kneeling Miss Cole.

Then on her long heels Jessie marched away back toward the door haughtily as if she had soiled herself with these two Royal twits. Harry though was back on his feet and grasping Cheryl's wig (and keeping his distance from Jessie) he snarled at her.

"Just you fucking wait bitch! One day!"

Jessie turned sharply on her heel and glowered at him.

"One day what you pathetic prick?"

"One day soon you will wake up naked and face down on a bed, your hands and legs tied and spread and I'll be standing behind you with a fucking baseball bat slut, then we'll see how fucking tough you are!"

Jessie took a moment to compose herself then spat right in his face before storming of of the room. As she left The Duchess Kate entered and seeing her brother-in-law's distress she moved over to his side.

"Honestly Kate, I don't see how you allow a common whore like that in your court."

"Oh, she may be a bit of a ball breaker (a deliberate glance at Prince Harry's swollen plums), but she has her uses. Still perhaps you and my husband can convince me that I should do something about her."

She purred seductively as she reached out to both their spent dicks and began to fondle them slowly back to hardness.

"Who knows maybe if you two perform that sixty nine I'm always teasing you with then I might just let you have your wicked way with Jessie..."

* Tulisa Contostavlos's hand circle the large cock and she pumped it up and down a few times before grinning sexily and bobbing her head forward, opening her mouth and accepting the large member in. Her cheeks bulged as she gave head while her hand moved down to massage the man's heavy, hairy balls. There were no cameras on the singer this time but she still gave a hell of a performance, she was such a better cocksucker than that leaked video of her on the internet suggested.

On the other side of the Hotel's penthouse suite Dannii Minogue had Kelly Rowland's arms tied to the closed curtain rail. The dark American beauty was stark naked and in an X shape, her sleek body stretched perfectly in opposing directions. The older Australian was brandishing a horse crop and was merrily lacing Kelly's black skin with welt after welt. Kelly was a willing submissive and loved the sensation of pain rushing through her body while the insulting, demeaning and racist racist language Dannii used just turned her on even more.

"Yeah, you like that don't you nigger? You like being beaten like the nigger slave you are, don't you? I'll show you what happened to black whore like you that come over here and steal my job! I'll beat you like the slut you are. I hear your pal Beyonce is just as much a filthy, dirty subservient piece of meat, well after today you can fuck off back to America and compare your fucking bruises!"

The fact that Dannii had a bamboo cane, a belt, a flogger and a chain all lined up on the desk beside where she stood suggested Kelly was going to be in for a very long evening.

Across the room on an expensive red sofa another domination was in progress, though this was much more sexual in its nature rather than so physically brutal. Alesha Dixon sat / lay on the sofa, her nubile body completely naked, her impossibly long black legs spread wide open and between them the older blonde, Amanda Holden was lapping hungrily at Alesha's shaven pussy. Amanda's tongue was tiring, she had been putting it to good use on her younger Britain's Got Talent colleague for the best part of an hour now. Alesha's feet were first to benefit, her soles and her toes being bathed in Amanda's saliva, then Amanda had licked her way up Alesha's long, sexy legs and then onto her pussy. What Amanda didn't know was that she wasn't going to be finished there, Alesha would next demand that the older blonde lick her black asshole clean. And however, degrading that prospect may appear to haughty Amanda she would do it and she would do it while playing with her own pussy, she was another of the showbiz fraternity that got off on humiliation.

Into this scene of celebrity carnal indulgement strutted Jessie J. She was in her red catsuit, with matching red long gloves and black boots and she looked as harsh and severe as ever. She was trailed obediently by her three bitches. Her two regular, permanent bitches Pixie Lott and Lily Allen and her borrowed for the night bitch, Cheryl Cole. All three had shed their coats in the hotel lift and were now all stark naked (bar from the body art that adorned their bodies and the three silver collars they wore around their necks). They each crawled into the room as befitted their lowly status as nothing but submissive slaves to the Red Queen, Jessie J.

The others in the room also broke off their individual activities to acknowledge the entrance of Jessie, knowing that she held a position of considerable power and it would be stupid to upset her unnecessarily. Jessie smiled at the attention and waved her hand for the others to get back to what they were doing and led her three bitches to the large, plush bathroom. Cheryl, Lily and Pixie knelt in a semi circle before their Mistress and looked up at her expectantly as she addressed them.

"We need a toilet for the night. Who wants to please me by volunteering?"

All three were aware that they needed to volunteer so all three barked expectantly like the little bitches they were. Jessie had told them not to speak a word that evening and they were off to a good start.

"Good All three of you? But we only need one piss slut, don't we?"

She scanned the three faces as if she was choosing but she already knew who was to get this task.

"Lily. I always did think you were a potty mouthed little cunt, well tonight you can actually be a potty mouth. Get into the bath and lay on your back."

As Lily Allen meekly obeyed Jessie reflected on what a rebellious strong young woman Lily had been just a few weeks ago. She had lost the contest to Jessie to become the new Red Queen and had to serve as her slave and it was a role that she had been expertly broken in to. As was often the case a broken Domme will often become the most obedient of slaves. With Lily lying in the bath Jessie took two handcuffs and used one on each of Lily's wrist to cuff her wrists to the arm rests at either side of the bath. Then Jessie used a metal O spring and popped it into Lily's mouth and adjusted it to keep Lily's mouth nice and wide and meaning she would be unable to close it. Then with a thick black marker pen Jessie wrote the words "TOILET WHORE" on Lily's chest. Jessie then retrieved a piece of plastic from beside the bath and fitted it to the real toilet seat and clipped it in place, meaning that the toilet lid could now not be opened. Jessie smirked down at her former rival and wished her a good time and turned on her heel leading Pixie and Cheryl out of the bathroom. On their way out they were nearly bowled over by late arrival glamour model Jordan. The busty bimbo was out of breath and looking flustered. In her horrendous accent she squawked.

"Where's the loo?.I'm bursting for a shit!"

Jessie laughed and pointed to the room she had just left, it was going to be a fun evening, wasn't it?


The evening progressed with no let up in the debauchery. Having deposited Lily to her role for the night Jessie was content initially to take a seat in a large arm chair and have Pixie and Cheryl kneel at her feet and snog and make out for her amusement, while she observed what the other women were up to. They both knew that would not last long.

After Tulisa had sucked her cock dry (her third in less than an hour) and the man dismissed from the room she smiled sexily (with a mouthful of cum) towards Jessie and pointed at Pixie.

"Fancy a snowball fight with your bitch and me?"

Jessie nodded and took the leash off the petite blonde and indicated she should crawl over to where Tulisa knelt. Once there Tulisa wrapped her hands around Pixie and their lips came together and they started to French kiss vigorously with the thick load of cum being passed backwards and forwards from mouth to mouth. It was a sexy sight and Jessie and one or two of the others in the room could not help but feel themselves up as the two young bitches snogged enthusiastically (and stickily!). The snog ended with the cum back in Tulisa's mouth but rather than swallow it all down the dirty Greek bint reared back then swung forward to spit the whole sticky load onto Pixie's unsuspecting face. The blonde was taken aback but had no time to complain before Tulisa then crawled over and began to lick and suck it back from her pale face before this time swallowing the whole load.


Another late entrant to the party was Cher Lloyd. The younger singer who Cheryl Cole had mentored on The X Factor a couple of years ago had contacted Jessie J and arranged for this session with Cheryl, having very publicly fallen out recently. Young Cher had had to literally sell her soul to get this opportunity with Cheryl. Jessie was a cruel and sadistic bitch and the things she had made the young Cher do would make your eyes water. But she had done them and gained this chance for a session with Cheryl.

By now some of the others were resting. Dannii had just been for a piss and informed everyone that Lily was still dealing with Jordan's efforts from earlier but hopefully she had watered it down somewhat. Alesha Dixon was now lying on the sofa spooning with Amanda Holden, Alesha's hands were cupped around Amanda's tits and she was applying then loosening a pair of spring loaded crocodile clips on the older blondes tits, much to her pleasure and discomfort.

Cher was in her typical street urchin chic style outfit, short leggings and a strappy top, the furthest thing from a Dominatrix you could imagine. But she wore a stern and serious look upon her face and she was glaring at the bald slave at Jessie's feet. Jessie sneered and said.

"Take her, she's yours -- for just now. Have fun, do what you want, just make sure she's in one piece for me to return to the Duchess."

Cher stared at her former mentor. Of course the public image of Cheryl Cole was as one of the most beautiful and sexy women in the world. However, in private, in her world of submission that she had so recently entered that beauty no longer existed, it had been systematically eradicated under the influence of a series of harsh Mistresses who were jealous of the public's love for Cheryl. The Cheryl Cole that knelt in that hotel suite surrounded by these other females was shaved completely bald, her head shinny. Her slim body was daubed by various derogatory tattoos and was strategically pierced with various pieces of metal. Cheryl Cole was now nothing less than a completely submissive slut and she would willingly do whatever she was told by a Dominant woman. She had never considered young Cher to be dominant but as she knelt before the younger woman she gave a shiver of anticipation at submitting to someone who was little more than a lucky bitch who had got a break on a TV show.

"I want you to bark like a dog. Come on bitch, bark like the dog you are!"

There was real determination in Cher's voice, she surely wanted to humiliate her ex mentor. Her eyes bored into Cheryl's with fury and almost immediately the older woman buckled and gave a pathetic low bark. While the other women in the room exploded in laughter Cher held her fierce gaze and demanded.

"Again! And louder! We all know you're a fucking dog so bark like one!"

"Woof! Woof!"

"Better bitch. Now I want you to clean my shoes with your scummy tongue. Get down there and get started!"

Cher was wearing high heeled shoes and seconds later Cheryl was grovelling at her feet and using her tongue to lap at the patent leather from toe to heel and the sucking the heel into her mouth like she was sucking a cock. After a while Cher tired of this and produced a large, clear plastic bag and handed it to Cheryl.

"Put it over your head."

A slightly uncomfortable silence descended on the packed room as Cheryl took the bag and pulled it over her bald head. The others would never have guessed Cher could be quite so extreme. They didn't know the half of it!

Next she deliberately removed her thin belt from her trousers and handed it to Cheryl, already looped.

"You will put that over the bag, just above your collar. What I want to see is you pull that belt tight, asphyxiating yourself while with your other hand you play with yourself. I will allow you only three breaks of ten seconds with the belt loose before you must have cum."

Cheryl looked up at her younger challenger and rather than resist or complain the totally obedient bitch just nodded and began to adjust the belt.

Suddenly all the other girls stopped whatever they were doing (most were watching a very specialist DVD of perennial subby favourite Louise Redknapp filmed in her own stables) and keenly observed what Cheryl Cole would do. Without pause Cheryl dropped her left hand to her shaven and pierced crotch and began to play with herself while simultaneously her right hand tightened the belt and with it created an airtight seal of clear plastic around her head. Almost immediately the bag steamed up a little, Cheryl tried to conserve her breath as long as possible but it still came from her cute little nostrils. Her eyes were wide and strained but they met and held those of Cher Lloyd, as if to show how obedient she was, how masochistic she was and the extreme lengths she was prepared to go to to prove it. Her finger flitted quickly over her swollen sex and her body began to react to her ministrations.

She was not the only one to be playing with herself in that tense room. Tulisa had virtually her hand buried in her cunt and was biting her bottom lip as she pumped herself towards orgasm. Alesha had left the vicious clips clamped to Amanda's tits and her hands were now rubbing furiously at both her own clit and that of the older blondes. Dannii Minogue had broken off whipping Kelly Rowland with her belt to rub the leather and metal buckle between her legs. Jordan reclined on a sofa with Pixie Lott's head between her legs and played with her tits as she watched Cheryl's display. Even Jessie J could not resist running a cane up and down her legs and stroking it against her PVC covered crotch.

Finally at her limit Cheryl released the belt. Her face had gone a purple colour and she gasped anxiously at the air she had allowed entry. Cher stood over her and barked.

"That's one bitch, two to go!"

The second one was predictably less time than the first. Cheryl tried to hand on as long as she could force herself but eventually half passed out and still furiously playing with her pussy she had to release the end of the belt. Her desperate effort cut no ice with the ice cold Cher.

"That's two. You do not release that belt bitch until you have cum, understand?"

As Cheryl gulped in the fresh air to her pressured lungs she nodded dumbly and knew she would give everything to do as she had been bidden. With one last, deep gulp of air Cheryl tugged on the belt and closed the end of the bag tightly. She held her arm up with the belt gripped in it. Her other hand worked furiously between her legs. The room was literally silent in nervous anticipation. Cheryl's fingers pressed harder and harder and finally, with her face a horrible puce colour, the dam broke and she came in a gushing, squirting orgasm on her hand and on the carpet. She slumped forward, her hand loose and the belt and bag were finally removed. Cher Lloyd was still, it seemed unimpressed.

"It seems like your little show has made some of the others excited, go and make them cum over your ugly face!"

There then followed a fifteen minute spell where girl after girl came all over Cheryl Cole's face. By then end she was dripping in warm, female sex juices and that was all she could smell or taste. Jessie J did not participate though she firstly went to the bathroom of the suite to empty her bladder into her toilet whore and then went the the bedside cabinet and busied herself with and item that she did not let the others see just then. When Cheryl had satisfied the other women Cher asked Jessie if she was ready, to which the reply was affirmative. As such Cher commanded Cheryl to crawl over to the bed in the suite and to kneel on all fours atop it. Only then did Jessie reveal what the object was -- it was a branding iron!

It was a specially developed branding iron, heated by battery so not as searing as the ones used on cattle but still it would mark for life. On the end was the word WHORE in reverse and Jessie smiled at Cheryl as she passed Cher the iron.

"Ready for this whore? Now everyone will know what you are? Cher wanted to place the brand on your forehead but unfortunately The Duchess wouldn't allow it. Shame, eh? Now I want to hear you beg Cher to brand you as a whore for life!"

Surely this would be the point for Cheryl Cole to stop this? Surely she could not allow this to happen? Most of the females in the room, whether Domme or sub, could hardly believe this famous celebrity would allow this to happen. They were wrong though. Cheryl squirmed on the bed, aware she was exposed to them all as the dirty, submissive slut she was. Her voice while timid and weak was more than convincing.

"Please Mistress Cher apply the mark to me. Brand me as the whore I am."

Cher Lloyd did not need asking twice and she accepted the branding iron with glee from Jessie J and eagerly plunged it onto Cheryl Cole's creamy white ass cheek. There was a sizzle and a spit. Cheryl bit her lip and strained not to make too much noise as the exquisite pleasure of pain coursed from her butt through her body. Cher held the brand in place for fully ten seconds then withdrew it and gazed with wide eyed pleasure at the scarred word that now read across Cheryl Cole's backside, marking her forever as a whore.

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