tagNonHumanChild of Darkness Ch. 2

Child of Darkness Ch. 2


It had been nearly six years since the birth of her daughter and Alicia grew increasingly afraid of her. The child looked normal in every way but with the exception of the fangs that she had been born with. The child shunned the light of day and silently commanded the obedience of animals and humans alike. She was growing increasingly powerful with each passing day and was starting to show her independence.

Alicia had to teach her daughter at home because of the special circumstances. She did not want the world to hunt down and kill her child…a child that she knew was from a demon. The child did not have a taste for blood but she did possess strength that surpassed that of an average adult male. She also did not know, or even as, about her father.

'I want chocolate cake, Mother', she had silently commanded before putting her book down. She looked at her mother, blue eyes turning red. 'I want chocolate cake, Mother.'

Alicia heard the unspoken commands in her head. It was always this way. The child never spoke out loud to anyone.

'There is no chocolate cake, Marissa.'

Marissa bit her lower lip, drawing a trickle of blood. 'I want chocolate cake!' she shouted to her mother's mind. Her eyes were turning a deeper red. Suddenly she turned back to her book and made no more requests for chocolate cake. Alicia knew that this meant that the child wanted chocolate cake but was willing to wait for it. The waiting never lasts long, however.

* * *

Late that night, around 1AM, Marissa went upstairs and stood outside her mother's bedroom door. She heard voices in the room, only the voice of her mother was familiar. The other was a man's voice that she did not recognize. She stood outside the door and pressed her ear against it to hear the conversation better. She heard her mother moaning but somehow knew that the sounds were not from pain. She was tempted to enter but did not.

'Mother?' her mind asked.

'Your mother is busy Child', was the reply. It was the man that answered her, and he answered to her mind.

Marissa's blue eyes widened. It is a normal expression, but to Marissa, it was an expression that was rare. She went downstairs to the kitchen and got her a glass of milk and sat down at the kitchen table and waited.

She heard the noise they were making in the bedroom. She could 'read' her mother's thoughts and feelings, but it was as though the man in the room did not exist. She took a swallow of the milk and wondered why her mother was screaming when she felt good. In the child's mind, advanced that it was, she did not understand the feeling or meaning of an orgasm.

Three hours later Marissa heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Still sitting at the kitchen table, Marissa waited patiently to catch a glimpse of the man that spoke to her the way that she spoke. It was as though he knew she was there because he turned to her when he stepped off the bottom step. Her mother was not far behind.

'Marissa, honey, it's almost sunrise.'

Marissa did not acknowledge her mother. She stared at the tall man with the dark hair and eyes and a complexion that looked more than pale. Without a word, silent or spoken, she gulped the last of the milk and left the room without looking at either one of them.

'Honey, there is someone I think you should meet.'

Marissa knew this routine well. Her mother was a whore and she brought strange men home with her just about every evening. She had tried to encourage her daughter to watch, but Marissa had no interest in watching her mother fuck, or be fucked, by strange men. The man usually bolted when they found out about their toy's little surprise. Marissa knew they only wanted one thing from her mother and she was angry that the whore gave it to them.

'Marissa is a beautiful name'; the man spoke to her mind again.

Marissa looked up at him. The man and her mother stood smiling and she saw two puncture wounds on her mother's neck. She didn't understand.

'This is Nicholas…your father.'

Marissa's pale blue eyes widened again.

'You hear my thoughts, do you not?' he asked her mind.

Marissa didn't reply, just stood on the bottom step, staring at them.

'You are my beautiful daughter, Marissa.'

Marissa sighed and ran upstairs to her bedroom and quickly locked the door. She did not want to have a father, not one that would do that to her mother. Although Marissa hated what her mother was, she still loved her, even if the love was not returned. She sat on the floor in the corner of her room, hugging herself and rocking back and forth as if she were in pain. No sound came from her and her expression didn't change…there was no pain but there was fear.

A mist filled the darkened room and he appeared. Marissa closed her eyes and tried to close her mind to him. Nicholas stood in front of her, watching the child rock herself back and forth as though she were cold. He did not attempt to speak to her.

'Why did you hurt her?' Marissa asked his mind. She continued rocking.

Nicholas smiled. 'I have not harmed her, my child.'

She screamed at his mind. 'I saw them! Why did you hurt her?'

'Tomorrow night I will show you.'

Marissa looked up but he had vanished. She did not understand what he meant. She was convinced that he hurt her mother. She could feel the fangs grow as she got angrier. She was puzzled by what he said, about him showing her tomorrow night. No man her mother brought home ever came back a second time after seeing her. Why was he so different? What made him so special? Her mother said he was her father, but why did he wait this long to reveal himself? The child was confused.

She was startled by the knock on the door. It was her mother warning her of the time of the sunrise. Marissa crawled into bed after she pulled the heavy drapes across the window to make it darker. Sleep was fast in coming.

* * *

'I don't know if I want to share. If I do, will I get half price?'

Alicia smiled at the young man next to her. 'Who said anything about sharing? He wants to watch.'


She reached for her purse to pay for her drink but the young man quietly stopped her. 'This one is on me, Baby.'

'Tonight then?' She asked.

The young man looked her up and down. Her tight, low-cut, red dress was so short that he wondered how she could sit with it on and not show anything. 'Damn, I want to fuck you now', he whispered, smiling.

Alicia smiled back. She glanced down to his pants and saw that he wasn't lying. He had a big bulge already. 'Tonight', she whispered. She kissed him gently on the lips. He opened his mouth and started to insert his tongue but she quickly pulled away. 'Tonight', she whispered again.

'Sure Babe. Tonight.'

'My name is Alicia.'

'I'm Richard but my friends call me Dick', he laughed.

Alicia gave him another kiss. 'Tonight, Dick.'

Richard watched the woman leave the bar. When she was out of sight, he got up to go to the men's room to jack off. He cursed under his breath when he saw that he had started to cum in his pants.

He came several times thinking about her and what he was going to do to her. He wanted to feel her tight ass around his swollen cock. He wanted to eat her and drink her lucious juices. He wanted to suck on her large, ample breasts. He wanted to fuck her several times in as many ways as he could think of. He wanted to have her suck his cock and make him cum in her mouth.

Richard came again.

* * *

The moon was over the horizon as the sun set in a pink sky. The coolness was starting to drift through the house quickly and it woke Marissa. There was a car door slam and then the doorbell rang. Marissa became disgusted…another man for her mother to be used by. How could she do that?

She heard them talking downstairs. The man that was with her mother last night was here again. She was very quiet as she got out of bed and got dressed. It was her sixth birthday and she put on her favorite jeans and blue knitted pullover sweater. After brushing her long black hair, she went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. When she came out of the bathroom, they were coming up the stairs.

'We have a birthday surprise for you, Marissa', her mother said.

Marissa recognized the man in the back from last night but the one behind her mother she didn't recognize. She did know that he was drunk by the way he was giggling. He didn't look too bad, was kind of cute in a way. He was close to six feet in height, athletic, with shoulder-length light brown hair and brown eyes. The beard, or 'flavor-saver' as her mother calls it, made him look older than his nineteen years. Marissa probed his mind and found out he had gone to the bar with a fake ID.

'Birthday?' the young man asked.

'This is my daughter Marissa. She is six today.'

Marissa noticed that her mother's words didn't phase him.

'Cool!' he laughed. 'Happy birthday!' He then leaned closer to her and she could smell the beer on his breath. 'Wanna watch me fuck your mommy?'

Marissa looked at her mother.

The young man turned to her mother. 'Hey, I got a great idea. When I'm finished with you, I could fuck your kid.' He turned to Marissa again. 'How would you like that for a birthday present, Marissa?'

Marissa stepped back against the wall as Alicia and Nicholas guided the young man to the bedroom. Nicholas spoke to her mind. 'Do not be afraid of him, my dear. He will not do anything to you.'

Nicholas walked over to his daughter when Richard and Alicia went into the bedroom. He put his cold hands on her shoulders, caressing her soft hair. 'No one will ever harm you, my child.' He knelt down eye-level to her and put his arms around her. He seemed to know that she was frightened by what the young man said to her. Nicholas felt the warmth of his child's body as she leaned against him for comfort. She closed her eyes as he stroked her hair and assured her again that no harm would come to her. 'So sad my beautiful one, that this is the first time in your life that you have felt love.'

Marissa opened her eyes. How did he know? Was it that obvious? How would he know that her mother did not care for her? She was not thinking of it.

'I know because I am your father. She does love you, my child.'

Marissa was startled. He had heard her silent questions to herself and had answered.

'He will not harm you but he is here for you. I can't explain it now but he is here for you. I will call for you when it is time.'

Nicholas watched as his daughter went downstairs to wait. 'It will not be long, my little one.' When she was downstairs, he went inside Alicia's bedroom.

The only light in the room was from the full moon outside. Nicholas stood at the foot of the bed and watched them. Alicia was on her hands and knees, her face a mixture of pain and ecstasy. The young man held tight onto her hips as he thrusted himself further and further into her from behind, biting his bottom lip with each forward thrust. He went faster and faster until they both screamed. They seemed to be oblivious to the observer as they fucked for hours. When he was finished, he fell back, exhausted.

The young man was half-asleep and Alicia looked over at Nicholas and smiled. He walked over to the young man. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Nicholas ran his left hand down the young man's sweat-coated body. Alicia smiled when Nicholas's hand touched the younger man's cock. She licked her lips at the sight of the young man's cock being aroused with the touch of a demon's hand.

'Hey, man…I'm straight.'

Nicholas smiled. 'I know. I see. I am also.'

Richard was clearly puzzled. 'Uh…I mean, um…I don't swing that way.'

'It's quite simple, Richard. You were brought here for Marissa.'

'Marissa?' Richard was horrified. 'I-I didn't mean it. It was the beer. She's just a little girl. I can't fuck a little girl.'

Nicholas grabbed Richard by the hair and flung him to the floor. 'Marissa is my daughter and tonight she will have you. This is her birthday. Tonight she hungers. I will deal with you first, then she will have you.'

Richard was starting to panic and tried to find his way to the door. To hell with his clothes, he reasoned, he just needed to get away from these insane people.

Nicholas grabbed him by the hair again and forced him over to Alicia's vanity. He was shocked when he didn't see his attacker's reflection in the mirror. He saw Alicia on the bed, fingering her pussy and getting off on it. Richard begged her for help, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. He was now realizing that the sexy woman he was with got off on this. He felt his ass being penetrated by a large, hard cock. Pain shot through his body as he was being fucked…raped. Tears flowed as he saw his reflection reacting to the violent thrusting of an unseen rapist.

Nicholas pulled his still erected cock out quickly, causing Richard to gasp in pain. The younger man managed to utter one word…'please'.

Nicholas silently called to his daughter as he forced the younger man to kneel in front of the vanity and placed the victim's head on the table. He pulled Richard's hair back away from his neck when Marissa entered the room. Marissa noticed her father's red eyes and fangs, she watched as he bit into the young man's neck. Richard gave out a weakened moan. He drank just a little of the young man's blood and ripped his fangs from the neck of the sacrifice.

'You hunger, do you not?' Nicholas asked his child out loud.

The child looked at the blood flowing from the wounds of the young man. She smiled at her father. 'Yes, father, I hunger.' Those were the first words she had ever spoken out loud to anyone.

'Drink, my daughter. Drink the blood of the sacrifice.'

Marissa took her finger and wiped some blood away from the wound and tasted it. She liked the taste. Suddenly she lunged forward and bit into the recent wound. She was ravenous as she devoured the prey that her parents had given to her. As she drank, she could feel a surge of power go through her. She felt the life leaving the young man.

Richard watched helplessly as Alicia sat on the bed, pride showing on her face, and as the child drained the life out of him. Perhaps it was euphoria, or madness, or whatever the reason, but the last thing he saw in his life was the six-year-old girl's reflection disappearing from the mirror.

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