tagRomanceChild of the Streets

Child of the Streets


The winds blew blustery that lone day as the pitiful creature walked the streets of the town. Her dress torn in many places and sewed with patches.

Christmas was another day to this urchin who looked like an elf.

The streets were paved in cobblestone and covered lightly with the fresh fallen snow. She had seen finery in town . The old store windows had shown the holiday to come and she had walked it every day just to gaze into the windows.

Alicia knew one day she would grow up if she survived the cold winds that nipped at her feet and legs. All she could hope for now was survival.

Years later a lone figure stood in front of the same windows she looked into as a child. She had grown tall and her hair was below her knees.

She was now eighteen in this god forsaken world .

Time had seem to stand still as she had learned to survive yet another Christmas coming in this new age. She had learned much from the streets of Knob Hill. She worked as a laundress and had had just enough to eat and live since she was eight years old.

Christmas always a lonely wait as if etched in time. Sadness shown in her face that was etched with sorrow , but yet a beauty to many as they looked into her eyes as they passed on the streets.

Walking Alicia looked into the store windows gazing as she always did this time of year. The winds not as cold as they had been when she was small.

People passed her and looked twice at this creature with the beautiful face of an angel.

One gentleman in particular stopped as he passed her and stared as if he had been struck by lightning. Who was this tiny creature he thought as he watched her go from window to window?

Alicia had no ideal this man watched her. The moon bright shown her cures to perfection as the man followed her everywhere she went. Following the young women the man thought to himself this would be his Christmas present this year as she turned the next corner.

With Christmas a week away Michael had done all his shopping for the family and was just out walking the night away till he had seen Alicia's face and fallen in love with her. The night was cold and the moon bright as he followed her home.

The inn where she stayed allowed her one room though small at two pennies a night. She only made fifty cents a week and that was enough for her room only and some food through the week.

A charge of one penny a night for wood kept her at least from freezing the winter nights away. The fireplace her only friend . Clothes only once a year.

And only the basics to get her through the year only.

Michael knew this inn and he stepped into the bar and watched Alicia as she went above. He sat through the night thinking of her as he drank his ale. His loins betraying him .

He was thinking of how he could meet her and get her close to him. His mind whirled with the thought of this creature next to him in his bed. What a delight she would be he thought as he left the inn .

Leaving the inn he decided to get his sisters to help him. He would have her for his Christmas present this year come hell or high water as he chuckled to himself.

The next day was colder and dreary as Alicia descended the steps at the inn to work. A note had been left at the front desk and it had come from a well to do home in the upper class neighborhood. Someone needed their wash done and how they had knew about her she could not tell. But go she would because the rich always paid well.

Later today she would drop by to see what all the job offered and the pay as well. All day she waited till she was released to go. The winds were blowing hard and the snow falling deep as she walked to the other side of town.

The house was easy to find but the size of it threw her for it was a mansion to her as she knocked at the back door where servants go and was ushered in. The kitchen was warm and cozy and she was offered a cup of tea as she waited her orders from the house.

The cold and walk must have been more than she bargained for because as she stood she passed out. Coming to she was in a huge bed and the room was done in all lavender and was a ladies room she could see.

Entering the room stood a small creature so exquisite that Alicia had to blink . Michael's sister Angelique could very well see why her brother was taken with Alicia. She was a beauty.

She approached the bed and explained that Alicia had fainted and would be staying with them as a guest and not a servant for the remainder of the holidays here at Fox Worth Mansion.

Everything would be provided for her pleasure she was told. She also told her that Michael her brother would be in later to check up on her and with this she left the girl reeling from it all.

To live in such comfort was beyond her as she watched the people as they passed below.

Alicia had not heard Michael enter and he stood and watched her quietly.

What a beauty as he walked to where she stood. Alicia turned right into his arms and he took her lips gently and kissed her.

Releasing her he told her of watching her and wanting her for his own. As he spoke there were servants bringing in the most beautiful clothes she had ever saw. His heart raced and her she thought would explode as he hungrily sought her lips and caressed her lovingly.

He once again asked her to be his wife and all the warmth welled up inside of her. Next day Christmas rang in and by her side stood Michael.

Never would she believe that good fortune had found her in such a caring way.

The Christmas ball begun in the middle room both looked at each other and knew this was true love and would last the centuries to come.

Beautiful Sensual Merry Christmas ...

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