Tina pulled out of the kidney dialysis clinic parking lot mentally checking off a list of errands. She still needed to pick up her dry-cleaning and maybe get a quick trim before picking grandma up from her treatment. At 19 Tina would have loved to move out on her own but now that Grandma was sick and had come to live with them it would be much harder. Mom and Dad both worked full-time hours and Tami was still in school. Tina had somewhat flexible hours at work and was really the only one able to work around Grandma's treatment schedule. She wouldn't trade for anything the joy of having Grandma close at hand to tell stories of "the good old days", or to share kitchen tips but sometimes it would be nice to have a little more freedom.

Her mouth twisted in a wry smile. It isn't like she would know what to do with more freedom if it came up and bit her on the butt. She was still alternating between numb and furious after finding out she had been cheated on by both of her last two boyfriends. They had used her as nothing more than a convenient place to get a little relief and that hurt. She didn't just sleep with anyone. Real feelings had to be involved, at least on her part.

As she pulled into the parking lot of her favorite little open-air shopping plaza she noticed that a salon had moved in next to her drycleaner. She quickly picked up the skirt suit she had dropped off earlier in the week and trotted next door to the tiny salon. Country music and the two stylists on duty greeted her warmly. Both women were busy at the moment so Tina sat down and thumbed through a hairstyle magazine. Her own sandy hair, a mix of blond and brown left her feeling dull. An hour and a half later Tina skipped out to the car after leaving a decidedly oversized tip for the stylist. Her long curly hair was now a vibrant copper red and hung in a smooth, shimmering fall straight to her waist. She felt like a new person and the added benefit that her mother would hate it was just the cherry on her sundae.

Tina checked her watch and decided she still had time to kill before she picked up Grandma. On a whim she bypassed her usual coffee stop and headed toward downtown. With her car tucked securely into a pay lot, Tina walked the two blocks to the cutest little coffee and pastry shop she had ever seen. The elderly woman behind the counter grinned like a sprite and turned to prepare an espresso in a tiny china cup. Tina didn't see the large bear of a man watching her from his table by the window. The little flossy haired woman winked and tilted her head toward the man by the window.

"You seem to have an admirer, dear." The woman's gray eyes lit up with mischief. "You should go introduce yourself." She said with a chuckle and in a twinkle she disappeared into the back room. Tina turned and nearly dropped her coffee when she saw who had been watching her.

"We've already been introduced." Tina murmured to no one in particular. Her feet carried her toward him with no conscious direction on her part. His eyes widened in shock and recognition as she stepped toward his table.

She was beautiful. The pretty but awkward girl he had known years ago had changed. She wore a fitted pinstriped jacket and a snug black skirt that ended just below the knee. Sexy without being too revealing, her sheer black stockings had a seam running up the backs of her shapely calves and combined with the stiletto heels brought to mind the pin-up girls of the past. Finally looking back up into startled eyes, somewhere between blue and green, Luke was gratified to discover that she had been as strongly affected as he was. Instantly hard behind the fly of his dark jeans, Luke didn't even try to hide his reaction to her as he stood up. He easily towered over her even in those sky-high do me heels. Tina's hands were trembling when he took the china cup and set it on the table. He took her shaking hands and pulled her up close to his broad chest.

"Luke." Tina whispered against his crisp white button-down shirt. Her reaction to him amazed her as she breathed in scents of clean laundry and sandalwood. He was "the one that got away" and somewhere in her foggy mind she wondered if this was her second chance.

"Um hmm." Luke murmured into her silky hair, still unable to speak. He released her hands so he could pull her even closer, one hand dropping to her hip and the other sliding under the curtain of shiny hair to cup the back of her neck. He held her tightly as if afraid to let her go. Tina shivered as she felt the hard steel of his erection press against her belly. Her knees felt weak and her body answered his, becoming slick with need. She stood there quietly for a moment enjoying the feel of his strong arms, her own body humming with nervous energy.

"I think I need to sit down." Tina said in a quiet but surprisingly steady voice. Luke guided her to the empty chair next to his. She never broke eye contact as he lowered himself to his own chair. "I don't usually act like this and I don't want you to get the idea that I do." Tina picked up her coffee and Luke watched her throat muscles work as she swallowed the hot, bitter brew like a magic elixir. Her eyes closed in appreciation and she calmed, for the moment suppressing the urge to climb him like a horny she-cat.

"This is different and you know it. We've never been able to keep our hands off each other." He rested his hand on her leg and caressed her thigh with the pad of his thumb. A pearl of fluid formed on the tip of his throbbing hard-on when he discovered the strap of her garter belt. Her nipples hardened under his hungry stare and her breath became rapid and shallow. "We should go somewhere a little more private." Tina could see something in his eyes that belied the boldness of his words and that touched her more than she could express. He wasn't sure what her answer would be. She knew in that moment what her decision was and reached for her purse.

"Damn!" She cursed softly when she caught sight of the time on her watch. "I have to pick up Grandma; like five minutes ago!" At the disappointed look on Luke's face her heart clenched. "Can you pick me up at the house around 6:00? I still live at home so I can help take care of Grandma." She set some money on the table to pay for her nearly forgotten coffee, feeling very unsure of herself. "Do you remember where the house is?"

"I remember." His voice spoke volumes more than those two little words should mean. He stood and tossed a few bills on the table to pay for his own coffee. Her heartbeat was a rapid flutter as she rose up on tiptoe to kiss the soft stubble on his cheek. He watched her rounded ass sway in the snug little skirt as she swished out the door and down the block to her car, picturing her clad in nothing but the garter belt, stockings and heels. Swallowing convulsively, he wondered what in the hell he was going to do with the next couple of hours.

Tina's mind was racing as she went about the business of tucking Grandma into her favorite chair with a dinner tray and a nice warm blanket. Deciding that there was plenty of the roast left for her to pack a small picnic. That way they wouldn't have to go out and she wouldn't have to share him with anyone else. With her basket packed and waiting by the door, Tina penned a quick note for the family explaining that she was going out and that dinner was staying warm in the oven and tacked it up on the message board by the door.

Tina saw Luke striding up the walk and opened the door with a relieved smile. Grandma was by now dozing a little. Tina inclined her head toward her grandmother and touched a finger to her full lips that brought images to Luke's mind other that the silence she implied.

"Let's not wake her. The treatment was pretty rough today." Tina spoke in a low velvet voice that made him hunger to hear her moan.

"Good idea." Luke's bass rumble though barely audible turned her insides to jelly as she found herself spun around and pressed back against the front door. His lips descended on hers like a man starving. This was no gentle brushing of lips and Tina couldn't stop the helpless movement of her hips as her body went aflame with lust. Just when she thought she wouldn't be able to restrain herself from climbing him like a cat up a tree, Luke slowed his kisses, tracing her plump lower lip with his tongue. "I've been wanting to do that since you walked into the coffee shop today." The words were almost inaudible and Tina felt them more than heard them. She looked up into his face, amazed at the pure power of the attraction between them. He stepped back a little and the cool air between them allowed her to dispel the fog surrounding her thoughts.

"I thought you might be hungry so I packed us a little dinner." Tina glanced down at the basket by their feet.

"That's the best idea I've heard in a long time." Luke wrapped a strong arm around her waist and picked up the basket with the other. Even as Tina locked up behind them, he kept his arm around her, needing the physical contact. He deposited her onto the passenger seat and placed the basket on her lap before brushing a kiss across her forehead and closing the door.

The drive across town was a quiet one, neither of them needing words to express what they were feeling. Luke's hand repeatedly strayed from the wheel to trail up and down her thigh. Tina was still dazed when they pulled into his driveway. She couldn't stop watching him; the expressions played over his handsome face. Concentration warred with anticipation and maybe a little nervousness. Tina gathered the basket from her lap and prepared to reach for the door handle only to find Luke already opening it for her. She smiled to herself. He had always been such a gentleman with her. Luke reached for her hand and pulled her gently from the car, catching the lacy top of her stocking through the slit in the side of her skirt. He dropped a kiss on the column of her throat that left her shivering. His breath caressed her exposed collarbone.

Tina waited, barely hiding her eagerness while he unlocked the door and guided her into the house. The furnishings were simple but comfortable and that theme continued into the kitchen where she deposited the basket onto a counter. She stepped up behind Luke and pressed herself tightly against his broad back. He turned around slowly, leaned back against the counter and settled her gently in the vee of his thighs. Her lips found his throat, his chin, and his lips. He let her set the pace, enjoying this display of her desire. Her small hands played over his chest and shoulders, needing to touch him, to feel his muscles play under the skin. Dinner forgotten, Tina stepped back and broke the kiss, her breath coming in little pants that did interesting things to the full round breasts exposed by the plunging neckline of her jacket. She shivered when he dropped a tiny sucking kiss onto the top of each plump globe. Luke spun her around and caught her tight against him with her full ass pressed into his crotch and his fingers splayed across her ribs just under her breasts.

They made their way slowly toward the bedroom, each step punctuated by a kiss to the creamy skin where her neck met her shoulder or a nip to her surprisingly sensitive earlobe. When they reached the bedroom Luke turned on a small bedside lamp, the soft glow warm like candlelight. Luke sat down on the edge of the bed and tried to pull her down with him but Tina brushed a kiss across his lips and stepped back. She ran her hands up her sides and cupped her breasts before slowly unbuttoning her jacket. Inch after inch of ivory flesh was exposed to his hungry gaze. The jacket slipped from her shoulders revealing a black lace corset. Tina turned her back to Luke and peeked over her shoulder at him while she lowered the zipper at the back of her skirt. She bent over much farther than necessary exposing her garter belt and lace cheeky panties.

Luke growled low in his throat; the sound vibrating over her skin left her breathless. Quickly unbuttoning his shirt, Luke tossed it carelessly on the floor and toed off his shoes. He pulled her down on top of him, capturing her with a soul-stealing kiss. His hands roamed over her body leaving fire wherever he touched. Luke spread her thighs and positioned her over him, her eyes fluttering closed when the hard ridge of his cock pressed tightly against her core. He teased the plump mounds of flesh spilling over the top of the corset, pulling her closer so he could taste her skin.

Needing to feel his skin against hers, Tina began to loosen the laces running down the front of her corset. When it was unlaced far enough, Luke stripped it over her head and tossed it to the floor. Her nipples were already unbelievably tight and sensitive. Tina whimpered when he began to twist them gently between his fingers. Seeing no objection, he increased the pressure, pinching and plucking at her quivering breasts until she cried out and writhed against him crazily. Luke rolled them both over, pinning her beneath him. His hands roamed leisurely over her warm willing body, gentle fingers leaving trails of fire wherever he touched. She arched her back and pressed her breasts more fully into his palms, reveling in the sensation of skin on skin. Her spread thighs rested on either side of his hips and he slowly rocked his hardness against her. When he finally lowered his head to capture a nipple between his lips she whimpered and when he began to batter the sensitive nub with his tongue she cried out with hoarse wails.

His large, slightly rough palm smoothed down her heaving ribs and caught the clasp of her garter belt. He unsnapped it with nimble fingers and Tina kicked off her sexy heels. Luke stood at the foot of the bed to watch her slide the stockings from her long legs. Clad only in lacy black panties, Tina reached for Luke's wide black belt and tugged him forward until he stood between her widespread thighs. The buckle came loose and the weight of it pulled Luke's jeans down to his ankles. He quickly kicked them aside along with his socks and after a moment's thought, his shorts. His erection sprang free, big and rock hard, and perfectly within her reach. Tina cupped his heavy balls in her hand and caressed them with her thumb. She slowly stroked up and down, loving the sensation of velvet-covered steel. Leaning forward, she placed a small sucking kiss on the broad mushroom shaped head.

His fingers tangled in the flaming silk of her hair and he fought the urge to thrust deep into her throat. She looked so beautiful with large breasts and erect nipples and he could hardly believe she was here licking him like she couldn't get enough. She licked up and down his surging shaft, her agile tongue sending shivers through his body. She looked up; eyes darkened to a mossy green with passion, and wet her already moist strawberry pink lips. Luke groaned when she began to take the head of his cock between her waiting lips. First the head and then the rest of his steel-hard shaft disappeared until her cute little nose brushed his well-trimmed pubic hair. Her tongue never stopped swirling and her throat muscles caressed him tightly. She slowly released him until she could take a breath before starting the process over again, increasing the pace just a fraction with each forward thrust.

Knowing he would cum in moments if she kept this up, Luke slowed their pace and slid his dripping erection from her wet lips. He grasped the waistband of her panties with a growl and stripped them from her legs. Thrusting her thighs apart, he stopped for a moment to enjoy the view. She was shaved completely bare; the lips of her pussy flushed pink and glistened with need. He knelt at the foot of the bed and pulled her forward until her thighs rested on his shoulders and the round globes of her ass hung over the edge of the bed. He kissed her belly and the inside of each thigh before giving her one slow lick from asshole to clit. She grasped the sheets in her fists, overwhelmed with sensation as he painted her damp flesh with slow sweeps of his tongue. He speared his tongue deep inside her and withdrew only to turn his attention to the hard little button of her clit.

Tina whimpered when Luke licked his way back to her asshole and her hips bucked wildly when his tongue skewered her there. When her ass was well lubricated by her own juices and his wicked tongue, he pressed one long thick finger inside and began to fuck it slowly in and out in maddening counterpoint to the now spastic rhythm of his tongue in her pussy and his thumb rubbing her clit. Tina's body erupted in a violent sudden orgasm. Her moans rose in both volume and pitch as the waves of her climax washed over her.

"Oh! Wow! Oh Luke! I need you inside me!" Tina panted, moving toward the head of the bed. She collapsed into the pillows and held out her arms. Luke needed no further encouragement and threw himself over her growling like a great big bear. She clasped his shoulders and ran her nails softly over his back while he nuzzled her throat. He nipped gently at her collarbones and sucked deeply on each nipple before taking his cock in his hand and pressing it against her slick folds. He kept the pressure constant, driving her to desperation. Her hips bucked wildly trying to take him into her body but when she pushed forward he retreated, making her tremble with want.

Tina squirmed even more when he began to twist her nipples between thumb and forefinger. He could feel her growing wetter and her helpless moisture glistened on the broad head of his cock. She was more than ready for him and she arched with passion when he finally entered her in one long stroke. Tina wrapped her legs around his thrusting hips and writhed like a woman possessed. Droplets of sweat dripped onto her breasts and belly and when he slammed into her another fraction of an inch and ground his pubic bone against her clit, Tina saw stars. Another climax tore through her, this one so intense that she pulled Luke's cock completely out of her pussy. Several small jets of clear fluid splashed against Luke's belly and thighs. He had seen girls squirt in movies but never in person and he tried to sooth her shaking body as several aftershocks rippled through her.

When she could do more than just twitch and whimper, Tina instructed Luke to kneel in the center of the bed and sit back until his butt rested on his heels. The mirrored closet doors across the room had given her an idea. She straddled his thighs facing away from him. Luke watched her in the mirror as she pointed his thick shaft at her well-lubricated anus. She shivered and moaned softly as just the head of his penis slipped inside her ass. When she was sure he wasn't going to slip out, Tina leaned back against his strong chest and twined her raised arms around his neck. Seeing her arched against him like this was almost too much. She fucked back onto him with sinuous undulating motions of her hips, slowly at first and the faster as the pleasure built. She dropped one hand from Luke's neck and began to knead her breast and pinch her nipple trying to push herself over that edge. Luke grabbed her other breast and pinched the nipple hard, skating on the blade's edge between pleasure and pain.

Tina squealed and thrust back onto him faster and harder. Luke reached down and stabbed two fingers deep into her dripping pussy and she screamed. Her body tensed, incapable of movement except for the clenching muscles of her pussy and ass. Luke roared and shoved deeper into her clenching anus as his own orgasm overtook him. He shot jet after jet of hot cum deep inside her. When their last shudders faded Luke pulled his softening penis out of her and drew her down on the bed next to him. They turned to face each other and fell asleep entwined in each other's arms...

...Tina awoke slowly to the pleasure of having her nipples sucked. She opened her eyes to see her husband Daniel concentrating intently as he licked and nibbled. The fog of sleep cleared quickly from her mind but the dream stayed with her. As she drew her husband up for a good morning kiss she knew she loved him with all her. She had always wondered how her life would have changed had she made different choices but she knew deep down that she was right where she needed to be. That dream had definitely given her some ideas though; ideas that she planned to put into practice in just a few minutes. She shivered and thought to herself with a grin that Dan was lucky to have a girl with such a vivid imagination!

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