Christmas in Eden


She locked her door and braced a chair against the knob. If there was any decency in the world she would find that she had had a mental breakdown of some kind. When she woke up she would be alone, fatter, and content with her self-imposed celibacy. Even so, she couldn't help but remember Adrian's touch. Before he had gotten fresh the kiss had been...nice, but if she found so much as a toe of his with her that night she would hang his elven ass out the window.

She hoped that if he was watching her face would clearly express that. __________________________________________________ Chapter Two: Rent

Eden dragged herself in the door, laden down with bags of potential presents. Among them were her groceries, toiletries, and a few other items she probably hadn't needed. Peer pressure as a bitch when it was induced by yourself. She tossed the bags down, the lines where the handles had dug into her wrists throbbing. What complete ass had invented twine handles?

She heard a telltale crunching in her kitchen.

"How was work?"

Eden gritted her teeth and forced her feet forward. Please, please, please, shit!

Just like that first day after his arrival and every day since then, Adrian continued to exist in the physical plain. Part of her was hoping she had gone batty and could just ignore the guy, but when a neighbor had seen the little white boy staying at her house she had had to explain. It had been some mix of a friend who was a sick mother, babysitting and picking him up before Christmas.

Complete malarkey, but really she had neighbors who were too damned nosy. This would be her second week with her house guest.

She faced Adrian angrily as he perched like a little prince on the cupboard in her kitchen.

"You look like shit," he stated, taking another bite into an apple.

It was probably her last apple. Adrian ate like a monster and never lifted a finger to try to help her cook. He was content on complaining when she ordered take-out instead of firing up the stove.

"Gee, thanks," she said sardonically. "Is that your dinner?"

"Appetizer," he said, finishing off the lush apple with a series of snapping bites.

The speed at which he gobbled made her wince.

"You can take your time to fresh up or whatever," he mumbled through his full mouth. "You look like you need it."

"Oh, don't fret on my account," Eden said giving him a crooked Grinch-like smile.

"I'll make it right now."

She walked to her fridge as he watched her with an aloof expression and pulled out her quart of milk.

"Ah, making linguini?" he quipped.

She didn't answer as she pulled a bowl from a shelf and placed it down. A box of Raisin Bran lay innocently beside her sugar jar. She ripped the top open and proceeded to dump the contents into the bowl. Pouring the milk inside she stuck a spoon in and roughly slid it towards Adrian.

The milk churned out of the sides, spilling clumsily on the counter.

"There. Dinner is served!"

She stalked away and heard a loud, "What the hell?" aimed at her back.

Eden made it to the door this time. Her hands froze as Adrian's magic stopped her in her tracks and she heard his angry steps towards her. Furious she faced him.

"Let me go. Now!"

"I want to know what your problem is," he snapped.

"I just had a full day of work! I had to buy crap during my breaks!"

She pointed a finger accusingly at him.

"I haven't sat down all day and here I find you sprawled on your ass eating my food, making demands on me, like I'm your damn slave!"

"I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you!" Adrian seethed, his eyes turning to slits.

"Besides, this is Christmas time. This is the first time in a century I've sat on my ass during the holidays."

"Oh cry me a river," Eden scoffed. "You don't pay any rent, you don't cook any meals, and I don't owe you any favors. The only thing keeping you here are all your little dirty elf tricks. If I could swing on you I'd have knocked your ass out already."

Adrian shook his head. "To think I ever was attracted to you. This is why you're alone. There's a long stick shoved up your..."

"What would you know about long sticks shortie?"

Apparently her comment had shocked Adrian so much that his hold on his magic lapsed. He was slack jawed, even as she closed the door in his face and locked it.

"Enjoy dinner without me your free loader!" Eden yelled, banging the door.

She didn't hear a response as she headed to her bathroom. Filling the bathtub with steaming water she tossed her clothing off and slipped inside the blissful depths.

Oh thank goodness, she was sure she was going to die.

Part of her wondered how she had gotten home. Christmas was really an awful holiday. Agitated she decided to relieve some stress. Sticking her hand beneath the cloudy water she silently parted her legs. The hot water rushed towards her thighs, heating up her groin like a lover's touch. She slipped a finger inside of herself, gently swirling the water about as she made little circles.

Eden let out a sigh of relief. Oh yeah, this was what she needed.

Licking her steamy lips she placed the other hand on her breast and began to pinch the nipple until it became hard. She inhaled, rubbing her clit, the water splashing as her pace increased. Just a little more, a little more. She arched her back, readying for the barrage of sensation.

Yes, yes...she was—

A loud crash in the kitchen shook her reserve.

What the hell was that?

Her arousal was forgotten as she imagined the worst.

Jumping up she wrapped herself in her robe and padded with wet feet towards the door. Flinging it open she saw Adrian standing over what used to be a bowl of cereal. The bowl was smashed into a million pieces, the mush of the uneaten cereal splattered along the floor. When Adrian sensed her presence he looked back at her.

"What? This would have never happened if you hadn't given me cereal."

Eden's eyes widened.

"Are you kidding me right now? Is that what you really think?"

She tried to find the words, any words to define her indignation but none came. She could only make sounds that started nothing and smacked of rage. When she found her voice she was beside herself.

"You're worse than me...Are you crazy?" she screamed.

"You claim to be centuries old and you can't even fess up to a simple thing like accidentally breaking a bowl?"

Magic or not she had had it. Stalking up to Adrian she poked him hard in the chest, his brow furrowing in disdain.

"You blame me for this mess, you blame me for dinner, but you're so lazy and righteous that you can't even see that you could have made dinner! You're getting a free ride here, and you can't even pick up a skillet! And you know what? You're so fucking miserable I bet you didn't just miss Santa, that fat bastard left you!"

Eden huffed and puffed after her tirade.

Adrian looked at her with an unreadable expression. Most of him was highly offended that this puny little piece of human had spoken to him in that way. Did she have any idea as to the fantastical powers that lay within him? He could turn her into a puppy if he wanted.

Still, he couldn't help but feel that part of her way right. Granted Eden liked to complain a lot and wasn't a ray of sunshine, but he hadn't been one either. And there was another thing. In the middle of her insults her robe had begun to lapse open until he could see the tops of her full breasts. He couldn't remember the last time he had touched breasts that full.

Elven women could have large breasts, but those were usually the bawdy ones who kept practical harems because their endowments gave them considerable leverage. He wasn't wrong, mad or not Eden was very attractive.

"You're right," he said passively. "I should start paying my dues."

Her look of utter shock nearly made him laugh.

"Are you being serious?"

He smirked and snapped his fingers. Eden yelped when she was suddenly lifted up and plopped on her couch.

Adrian waltzed up to her immobilized form, watching her squirm angrily at her disobeying appendages.

"You know Eden, I know the perfect way to start paying rent."

He took her hand and kissed it, inhaling her scent.

"I believe you gave me the idea," he said smirking at her evilly.

Yes he knew she was masturbating and yes that might have pissed him off a little. She made fun of his manhood, and then disregarded his male prowess enough to rely on her fingers when his had been fingering clits for centuries?

"This is bullshit Adrian!" Eden growled. "You stop right now!"

"Don't worry," he responded, trailing a hand down her cheek. "You're in good hands."

"I don't fuck Santa's kids," she spat desperately trying to twist from his grip.

"I don't see you having much choice in the matter," Adrian mused, slowly loosening the knot that kept her robe in place.

Finding this to be a battle she couldn't win only made her more venomous.

"Your ears freak me out and your eyes are too big for your head! You look like a fucking Furby!"

"Really Eden do we have to go there?"

"You keep your pencil dick away..."

"Whoa whoa whoa," Adrian said making a horizontal motion in front of her face.

Now she couldn't speak, her lips were zipped shut.

"You don't know what I'm packing, so I suggest you keep your mouth shut on that one. Not that you have any choice of course."

With the knot undone Eden whined as he pushed the robe down her shoulders. She sat exposed to him, her damp breasts hanging above his head. She grunted in horror as he climbed onto her lap.

You short, mini- me bastard! When I get my hands on you I will tear...

Her breath caught when he stroked her hair back from her face and traced his thumb along her lips. His icy blue eyes were intense but gently and he offered her a small smile.

"You really are beautiful Eden."

She resisted the flutter her heart made at the compliment. She wanted to glare at him but he ducked his head down and planted soft kisses on her neck. Nipping at place between her neck and shoulder her breath hitched when he sucked on it.

That felt nice.

Holding her shoulders he stroked her arms and trailed his lips along her collarbone to the other side of her neck where he repeated the treatment. Gently tilting her head back he rose and captured her in a scorching kiss that made her curl her toes.

So she could curl her toes but she couldn't move them?

He slipped his tongue into her mouth and she didn't resist, unsure if she could or wanted to. She was still horny from the bath tub and Adrian was hitting all the right keys.

His kiss was a seductive dance as he made her want him, made her admit that she wanted him to "pay" his rent in this way. She shivered as his lips left hers and trailed down her throat to her breasts. His hands closed over them and he held them in his hands without moving. He savored their weight and shape, the womanly body she had been blessed with was made for this. Unable to hold himself back from her heaving chest he licked his tongue out at a nipple. She jumped in his grasp her mouth motioning a sound. Curious he pulled the veil that closed her mouth off.

She didn't seem to notice as he began sucking on the nipple, grazing it with his teeth and rubbing the other until that nipple went stiff and hard. He squeezed her breast burying his head against them and switched breasts.

Eden's eyes fluttered as Adrian's tongue and lips worked wonders on her. It felt like biting and sucking and licking and pulling all at the same time. He worked his magic on her and she let out a moan.

Oh so she couldn't speak but now she could moan?

That crusty midget basta...

Sensing her distress he let a hand wander down between her legs. His fingers brushed her opening and he pulled his mouth from her breast with a pop.

"You know, for an unwilling participant you're pretty wet."

She glared at him as he added, "And it's not from your bath."

He teased her pussy lips with infinite patience never straying from the circles her drew around her clit and outside her opening. She waited for him to touch where she wanted but he didn't, only making her wetter and wetter, keeping her halfway up the mountain she wanted to climb.

"You look frustrated," he lulled, pinching a nipple. Her skin was warm and smooth, she was beginning to tremble. His eyes became slits as his own arousal crept up on him like a spider.

"Go ahead, talk," he said motioning that the zipper had been opened.

She leaned forward struggling to bring her arms with her so she could strike him.

"With your mouth," he suggested, putting his finger on her clit. She drew in a sharp intake of breath but with a smile he moved his finger away.

"Tease!" she hissed.

"You don't want me to tease you?" Adrian asked coyly.

She shivered at his question.

"Are you done?" she asked instead, refusing to acknowledge that he was actually great at foreplay.

"What's your rush?"

He flicked her clit again and she shouted in anger.

"You probably couldn't make me cum anyway!"

He tilted his head and she watched him get off of her lap. So she had finally pushed him away. Disappointment reared its ugly head, and then surprise when her legs were sudden pulled into the air.

Her eyes widened when she saw his dark look, his hands underneath her knees.

"Well then," he said calmly. "Let's see shall we?"

Dripping his head down his tongue trailed along her clit. Eden exhaled shakily, not believing how much her nerve ending were on fire. All that gentle frustration had built her up on a higher mountain than she was accustomed.

She jerked, crying out as he lapped at her sobbing pussy.

"Oh God...oh God...oh God..." she chanted over and over, unable to believe that Adrian was causing her to feel this way.

He said nothing, expecting this reaction from her. He held a firm lock on her legs as they flailed helplessly in the air. Her fingers dug into her couch. Smiling he pushed a finger inside of her and felt her immediately tighten around him. He moved it back and forth easily, enjoying the silky feel of the inside of her.

It would be easy to undo his pants and force his dick inside of her until she screamed his name. He twisted his finger and lifted her thigh higher to hit another angle inside of her.

She shrieked as she came and he licked her clit diligently. It would be easy, too easy to make her a sex crazed lunatic. He knew too much about the female body, had explored every facet and method to its entirety. Elves had a lot of sex, Eden didn't stand a chance. Still, as she shook beneath him she was very charming, and a portion of that charm came from her sour personality.

People were too fucking happy in the North Pole. He added another finger that she clamped onto and pumped inside of her at a faster pace. Eden came again, stars clouding her vision.

Death by elf, that would be a new one. But goodness gracious what a way to go. This was incredible, she wanted him to fuck her. This was just the foreplay. If he fucked her, pencil dick or no she'd probably shatter into a million cumming pieces.

When a third orgasm hit her she was prepared to tell Adrian that she'd cook him anything he ever wanted always.

Seeing the goofy grin on her face made him laugh and he waited for her to come down before he pulled away from her. With a wave of his hand her robe was redone. He could tell she wouldn't be able to move because of the force of the orgasms he had given her. With relative ease he picked her up and the door opened of its own volition.

"You're pretty strong," she mumbled dizzily.

"Presents are pretty heavy. I mean it's elves that get the world's presents on Santa's sleigh. Course we divide it by country by even if you go by state it's still a ton."

"So...I'm not heavy..." she mumbled.

Wow, she felt drunk.

He proved his point by holding her whole body in one arm while pulling back her covers with the other. Placing her on the bed she frowned when he tucked her in.

"You're...not going to fuck me?" she whined.

Adrian chuckled. "There's always next week's rent."

She closed her eyes for a second and was gone to the world. Adrian left, shaking his head. Women, he'd never understand them until his dying day. __________________________________________________

Chapter 3: Main Course

Eden had been on high alert since the day Adrian had made her cum in triplicate. Part of her was mortified that she had let him get his freakishly long child sized fingers into her hoo-ha, but if she was being honest she was more mortified by the fact that she wanted more.

Each day since then she had found that the fridge was stocked and clean, and Adrian was nowhere to be found. She cooked dinner, set his share aside and he appeared eat it before disappearing again. Part of her was happy to have her space back.

It was nice to get to relax and think about her priorities like work and her parents li...

Oh...fuck it who was she kidding?

She was lusting after that short cocky bastard like a dog after a bone. Oh and she was dog who wanted a bone. A filthy slutty bitch who wanted him to jam his hard little...

The door to her apartment opened and Adrian gave her an odd look.

"What are you doing?"

She returned the look. "What?"

"You've been standing outside your door for ten minutes."

Her eyes widened. "I, um...I was t-trying to find my keys."

He gave her a disbelieving look.


Turning away he walked towards the kitchen while she admired him. You know, she had never noticed before but Adrian had a tight little ass. His arms were lean, but they hid small muscles. They were wiry and long though, the proportions still off when it concerned the rest of his body. She must have been a fool to ever mistake him for a human, let alone a child.

"I'm making dinner so freshen up," he said heading towards the kitchen.

The smell of delicious food suddenly hit her and she was confused.

He was cooking? For her? There was a man cooking for her in her kitchen and she hadn't even fucked him yet?

Actually he was an elf so that made more sense, she realized. Elves liked to do that crap. Leave them alone for two seconds and you'd have a new pair of shoes. Though, Adrian had been a bit lazy to start off with. With a new week under their belt, the question that caused her the most anxiety was when he was planning on... paying the "rent."

Maybe he needed a little persuasion. Heading to her room she managed a quick shower and let her revived hair down. Slipping on a short silk nightgown she put on her robe and left it open. Opening her door she rested her hands against the frame like an aspiring movie star and pursed her lips.

"What's for dinner?" she said seductively.

Adrian glanced up briefly from the oven.

"I made a honey roasted turkey with mashed potatoes, and a cinnamon apple tartar for dessert."

He focused on floating the turkey onto the top of the oven and watched back and forth from the thermometer nervously.

"Should be good," he commented, examining the skin of the turkey. It was a golden brown. He had done better, but he had done his best with what he had.

Eden had a crap oven and besides, she was shoveller, not a taster anyway. Offended he hadn't even properly looked at her the tips of her breasts jutting out in this sheer nightgown Eden tossed the robe away and strode over to him.

"I can't wait," she said putting her hands on her hips.

"Are you hungry now?" he said looking up at her.

He took in her garment passively.

"I dunno," she said licking her lips nonchalantly. She cocked her hip and narrowed her eyes.

"Are you" she said in a breathy voice.

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