Christmas Lover

byAda Stuart©

"Let me help you," Eric said as he bent down and lifted up the plates, before returning to the table with them.

"Nice rescue," Jenny stated as she nodded toward Filip that was busy playing with his new automated car.

Eric just laughed.

"I love kids and their questions, especially when Robert seems so embarrassed."

"I'd love to be a fly on the wall when Filip remembers to ask again. It will probably happen when they're standing in a long waiting line in the supermarket, "Jenny laughed.


As they all started on the cloudberry cream, the room was momentarily silent.

"Have you picked them yourself this year?" Jenny asked her mother.

"Yes, Ruth and I have had several long walks in the mountains this year."

"But it's worth it," her father commented.

"Speak for yourself, dear," her mother said. "You could have helped us."

"You two scare away the grouse with all that jabbering of yours," her father teased. "I wouldn't shoot anything if you were with me. But, maybe Eric will join me next year? I hear that you're a great shot," her father said and turned to Eric.

"I would love to," Eric smiled.

Jenny just shook her head. Typical men. They were happy at the prospect of killing an innocent bird. She longed to voice her opinion about the issue as she had done countless of times before, but she held back.

This wasn't the time or place for a heated argument. No, it was better to heat somewhere else, she thought as she looked at Eric and felt her body respond in an unusual manner. Her pulse had increased and she could feel a slight wetness between her legs.

She felt her throat dry out. She swallowed and wetted her lips. His reaction surprised her as his eyes immediately followed her tongue. His eyes seemed to look deep inside of her and she felt warmer than before. Quickly she turned back to her dessert and pretended to be completely infatuated by the food. It was much safer than the man in front of her.

"Would you like another portion, Jenny?" her mother asked as Jenny had emptied her plate.

"No, thanks. I feel as if I'm about to burst already."

"Don't worry, I'm taking you skiing tomorrow," Eric said.


"That's brutal," Robert commented. "Doing anything on Christmas day is almost like torture. Me, I'm going to sleep all day long. I assume that you two will handle the kids?" he asked his parents.

"We'd love to," their mother answered immediately, before their father could intervene.

But, after 40 years of marriage he had learned a trick or two so he simply smiled in agreement. Jenny had never understood how her father could have what seemed to be an endless fount of patience.

"Good," Robert exclaimed as he gave his wife a kiss, making her blush.

No one wondered how they were going to spend their Christmas morning now that the babysitting was arranged. Jenny felt a slight sense of envy at her brother and his marriage. She wondered if she would ever have something like that, and more importantly, who was the right man to settle for?


"When can we open the presents?" Linnea asked a while later.

"Soon. Don't you want some dessert first?" Jenny's mother asked.

"No, I'm not hungry."

"We have to go around the Christmas tree first," Robert insisted.

"You mean we have to dig it out from the mountain of presents?" Eric wondered.

"I'll just save a few of them before you start ruining anything," Jenny said as she went to clear the way.

"We don't need much space. We're so many that we can reach all the way around."

And so, the tree was liberated from some of its load and soon the tones of 'Silent night' filled the room, as everyone formed a chain with gathered hands and walked around the tree.

"Wow," Filip, exclaimed. "Let's do another one."

"All right. Let's do 'Musevisa' ('the mouse song'). That's my favourite," Ruth suggested.

A few songs later, the interest was again steered on the presents and everyone sat down as the children took turns in choosing presents, and handing them out to the receiver on the note.


A few hours later, everyone had collected a load of paper waste and presents as the mountain of unopened presents gradually got smaller.

"Here you are, aunt Jenny," Filip said as he dumped a present in Jenny's lap.

"Careful. What's if it's breakable?"

"No, it's soft and boring."

"Even soft presents can be a lot of fun," Jenny tried to explain, but to no avail. He was already busy checking and squeezing the next on.

Jenny read on the note: 'To Jenny from mum'. Wonder what it was, she thought, as she removed the paper. Wrapped in silk paper, she held up the most wonderful garment. It was almost see-through and definitely sexy nightie.

"I thought it would be just perfect for you," her mother smiled knowingly, as if she knew something that Jenny hadn't discovered yet.

It seemed her mother was aiming for Jenny and Eric to get together, but the garment was so beautiful, Jenny thanked her as she stared at it as if she was paralysed by it.

"Can I see that?" Eric asked as she finally tried to hide it away.

"Sure," she conceded and handed the box to him.

"Very beautiful. Maybe you should put it on right now, just to make sure that it fits," Eric suggested.

"Give me that!" Jenny demanded as she held out her hand.

"I look forward to seeing it on," Eric whispered quietly so that only she could hear him.

Jenny felt an unwanted blush creep into her cheeks.

"You're not invited."

"Pity, I always enjoy a beautiful woman undressing before me."

"I'm sure you do. But you can always pay someone to do that," Jenny suggested.

"That's not as fun."

"Eric," Robert shouted. "Here's one for you," before throwing the small parcel into his buddy's lap.

"Thanks," Eric replied, before reading the note aloud. "'To Eric from Robert. You'll need these,' it says. Hm, wonder if it's the new spinning bait that I wanted. I lost several of them this year."

"Just open and you'll see," Robert grinned broadly.

"Is it fit to be seen in public?" Eric wondered, probably alarmed by Robert's grin.

"Depends on how shy you are."

"I'm not shy," Eric laughed as he unwrapped the present. "Great," he suddenly pronounced. "Flavoured condoms. My favourite. I especially like the banana flavour. Don't you?" he smiled as he gave Jenny a wink.

She did her best to ignore him.

"Thanks a lot, Robert," Eric sounded pleased.

"And now that you've started," Robert grinned even broader, "you can open this one as well," and handed him a much larger present.

Eric attacked the ribbon and unwrapped the present.

"More condoms?"

He sounded surprised and looked down at the package filled with different types of condoms.

"In every shape and colour I could find. You didn't believe one package would be enough, did you?"

"Depends on the expiry date," Eric smiled.

"Don't worry. Just get yourself a woman or several and you'll work your way through them."

"Does anyone want chocolate?" Jenny's mother suddenly interrupted with a voice that sounded a little desperate. "Or how about something to drink?"

Saved by the bell, Jenny thought, as she sent her mother a look of gratitude. She had mentally prepared herself for all the comments that Robert and Eric would lay at her feet. They would probably think it was hilarious to torment her at least a few hours. Maybe it was about time that she retreated, she thought as she swallowed a yawn.

"Time for bed, guys," Sara said, as if reading Jenny's mind. After some protest, Sara followed the kids into the bathroom. The protests still rang high as both grandparents joined in to help preparing them for bed.

Suddenly, as if it was planned, Eric and Jenny were alone in the living room.

"Thanks for the present," Eric said suddenly.

"What present?"

"The big one with the condoms. The note stated that it was from you."

"It must be Robert's idea of a joke. I didn't get you anything since I didn't know you would be here."

"Still, it was nice gesture. Along with the handcuffs. I really liked those."

"What handcuffs?"

"The one that I'll try on you come night-time."

"Forget it. But who did you get those from? I never saw you unpacking any handcuffs."

"It only said that they were from Santa. I had to hide them from Filip. Otherwise we would still be answering questions."

Jenny laughed as she could easily picture Filip asking until he was blue in the face about something that interesting. It was a fun age, but a little stressful at times.

"So, who's the lucky fellow?" he asked.

"What lucky fellow?" Jenny wondered before she took a sip of her soft drink.

"The one that will see you in the sexy nightie."

"There's no one."

"No one?"

"As I already said."

"What's wrong with starting a new relationship?"

"I want to be on my own for a while."

"It has been 6 months already. Are you worried that you'll get hurt?"

"I don't want to discuss this with you."

"Why not?"

"Because I just don't."

"Why not?" he repeated himself. "I won't give up until I get a proper answer."

Jenny paused while she thought it over.

"All right. Of course I don't want to get hurt. Besides, I don't want a relationship with you."

"What is wrong with you and me? We seemed to hit it off quite well in your room earlier."

Jenny blushed just by thinking about it.

"You're my brother's best friend. When we break off it will be really awkward. Besides, most times I don't even like you."

"Why not?"

"You always tease me and generally annoy the hell out of me."

"That's because I notice you and I want you to see me as well," Eric unexpectedly revealed.

Jenny quickly raised her head and tried to read his face. Was he implying what she thought he was?

"Oh, what the hell. I might as well come clean with you," Eric blurted out. "You've no idea how many times I've regretted that I turned you down when you were sixteen. It would have been a lot easier if I'd just done what I wanted and fucked you senseless. Instead, you've hated my very presence ever since. Just because I controlled myself and gave you time to grow up first. And now, one moment you want me, but the next moment, you don't. What will it be?"

Jenny just stared at him, completely speechless at what he had revealed.

"What do you want me for?" Jenny finally croaked.

Eric slightly turned his head to the side indicating that they wouldn't be alone much longer.

"Come to my room later on, and I'll show you."


Later that same evening, Jenny was feeling so tired she could hardly keep her eyes open. Still, the things that Eric had revealed had her thinking. What were his intentions? Most likely he was looking for another one-night-stance, and she was single and available. Or did his feelings run any deeper than just sex?

She had never seen any indication that he really cared for her. He was just teasing and tormenting her every time they met, but could that just be a cover for something else entirely? Or was this simply a cruel joke that he and Robert had concocted? No, Robert would never do something like that to her.

She couldn't be sure what Eric would be capable of since she didn't know him that well. The day had certainly given her a lot more insight into Eric's personality, and so far she liked what she saw. He was likeable and could talk to anyone and he came from a good family.

She especially liked the way he handled Filip and his endless chain of questions. It was a good indication of how he would treat his children once he decided to have any. Yes sure, he was probably a likeable guy, but why should she have anything to do with him? She thought about it for a little while.

Then it suddenly hit her. He could be her rebound guy. She'd heard a lot about his sexual prowess during the years, and judging by their encounter earlier that day he definitely knew what he was doing. So, why not treat herself to some really good sex? Now that would certainly be a welcome change to some of her earlier boyfriends, not to mention her latest error of judgement. And after the holiday was over, she would return to her apartment in the city and she wouldn't have to meet him until next year -- at the earliest.

Yes, that was just it. She would keep her heart out of the equation, and simply concentrate on fulfilling her bodily needs. It had been 6 months since she had last had sex with a man. It was definitely time to do something about that.


A short while later she stood outside his door, dressed in her new nightie only covered by a robe. She knocked quietly on his door.

He seemed to have been expecting her as he opened the door shortly after. He looked her over and seemed to like what he saw.

"Come in," he invited.

She walked inside and immediately her eyes turned to the large bed in the middle of the room. Normally, it was a sleeping sofa that she had seen countless of times before, but it seemed so different in its upturned condition. She could almost picture Eric's laying naked on the cotton sheets.

"What happened to your decision about celibacy?" Eric asked as he loosened his tie.

It seemed she had interrupted him just as he was undressing.

"Momentarily forgotten. Won't you touch me?"

"I'm dying to. Come here."

Jenny closed the door and locked it, before coming toward him. He started unbuttoning his shirt, and she helped him. Soon, he threw away his shirt and she reached for his belt. With the belt open, she aimed for his trousers, but his hands suddenly stopped her progress.

"It's best that we undress you first. I'll come as soon as you touch me."

Jenny smiled at his statement, but did as he wanted and opened her robe, revealing her new nightie.

"Wow," he exclaimed. "Very sexy."

He moved closer and laid his hands on her shoulders and started to move them down along her side, feeling her every curve before he placed them on her hips. He pulled her closer. Moving his hands upwards he roamed them over her stomach and aimed for her breasts. Cupping her breasts from underneath, Jenny could feel her nipples responding to his touch.

Very easily, he moved his thumbs over her protruding nipples and the contact made Jenny gasp as a lot of warmth suddenly gathered in her lower regions. She felt wetness gathering between her legs, and she rubbed her legs together to ease the sudden itch.

Blimey, the man had moves, Jenny thought, as Eric bend down and kissed her nipples through her nightie. The kiss seemed to trigger a lot of currents going straight to her pussy. She wrapped her arms around him and tried to hold him in place as he varied between sucking and massaging her nipples. At this moment she could finally understand how anyone could climax just by stimulation to one's breasts, and she felt that she wasn't far behind to experience the joy for herself. Still, her lower regions demanded more and soon.

She reached for the hem and pulled her nightie over her head. He took half a step back and roamed his eyes hungrily over her body.

"Very nice," he murmured, before placing his hands at her hips and roaming them across her naked skin.

He pulled her toward him and their lips met in a kiss, first soft and exploring, before changing to hard and deep.

She couldn't stop herself from moving her hands all over his warm chest, and feeling how different he was compared to her, with all his muscles and strength. He was taller than her, and she suddenly felt small and protected standing in his arms.

His lips moved from her chin and down across her throat, dropping small kisses along the way. She angled her head to the side to allow him easier access. As he followed her lead and kept on kissing and holding her, she was thrilled by the feeling of intense pleasure that spread through her body.

She had never thought that a one-night-stand could be this earth-shattering, and she barely registered that he was moving them both toward the bed. Soon she felt some furniture behind her knees, and in the next second she lay sprawling on the bed.

She looked up at him, and saw him standing in front of her, with his hands on his fly and breathing hard as if he had been doing some tough exercise.

"If you want to change your mind, now is the time to tell me," he said hoarsely. "I won't be able to stop later."

"Come here," she invited.

Immediately, he removed his trousers so fast she was worried he would ruin them. He grabbed a small package from the table and ripped open the condom. Sheathing himself, she could finally take a good look at his body, and she was in awe at what she saw. At the same time she started to worry that she might have thrown herself into much deeper water than she could possible swim in.

He was big. Much bigger, than she was used to, and she had her doubts if they would ever fit in that area. He seemed to understand her sudden fear, and as he lay down beside her on the bed, he let her look her fill, instead of just plunging inside of her.


"Ahm, yes," she croaked. "That," she pointed at his cock, "will never fit."

"Are you sure about that?"

"Yes, most definitely. So, maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all," she wondered as she roamed her hands down his chest.

"Let's warm you up first, and then we'll see what happens," he winked at her.

Pushing her over to her back, he glided down her body, before settling between her legs.

"What are you doing there?" she wondered.

"Wait and feel," he answered before he bent down and moved his tongue across her clit.

She practically jumped up from the bed, but came down again as he laid his hand on her stomach and held her in place. Then he bent down again and swirled his tongue across her clit.

"For god's sake, don't stop," she groaned as he took another pause.

She could practically hear him smiling and soon after he followed her command, and pushed his tongue inside of her cunt. She moaned in pleasure, and her hands settled on his shoulders, trying to keep him in place.

Moving his tongue from side to side, he kept on sucking and she just held on as her need rose to new levels. She could feel herself closing in on the finish line and she grasped him hard as to coax him onwards. He moved his tongue back to her clit and pushed against it, while pushing a finger inside of her cunt.

The mixed stimulation was almost too much to bear and she caught herself wanting to beg him to finish her. Still, she held back. She wouldn't go that easily, she thought, and her breath hitched when he pushed another finger inside on her cunt and started to fuck her.

"Ooooh," she murmured.

"Good?" he asked between breaths.

"Extremely good. Please keep it up," she blurted out.

She closed her eyes as to enjoy the intense pleasure that had gathered in her lower body. Suddenly she felt him retreating, and he started to kiss his way across her stomach and up to her breasts. She didn't think more about it, except that she wanted to taste his lips on her own.

"Kiss me," she pleaded, and he did, but at the same time, he spread her legs and slowly started to push inside of her.

She gasped loudly at the large intrusion and she felt her muscles tense around him.

"Don't tense up. Just relax," he advised, as he kept on pushing slowly inside of her.

As soon as the pain became too tense, he stopped and retreated, before slowly pushing back inside again. Her breath left her mouth in a whoosh as she took in the intense pressure against her inner walls. He leaned down and massaged her clit at the same time, and finally he was completely lodged inside of her body.

"We fit," he groaned almost triumphantly and she couldn't help but agree.

Still, the tension was so pronounced that she had difficulty enjoying it as much as he did. He raised her legs and soon the tension eased somewhat.

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