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Christmas Party Memories


This is my 2013 Holiday contest Entry. Enjoy and vote!

All characters in this work are of legal age (18 years of age or older).


Parties are usually fun, Christmas parties even more so. I've never been a particularly big party person but holiday parties fall into a completely different category. They represent a chance to get back together with people you may not see a lot, or get to know more about people that may be just acquaintances. Divorce left me wifeless several years ago, and despite friends from work trying hard to break down my resistance to dating again I didn't have anything even close to a girlfriend. For some reason Jill, a very exuberant and sweet young lady at work, thought this party, which she worked hard to convince me to come to, was going to be the perfect ice breaker to get me back into dating. As reluctant as I was to come with her I had to say, I actually was enjoying the interactions with quite a number of women, both my age and younger. What she neglected to tell me, probably on purpose, was that the games at this party were a little more "adult" than any other gatherings I had been to.

After quite a bit of alcohol and convincing by Jill and three other good looking young women to stay when what she called "the real games" started, I found myself sitting in a circle around a low table with the four of them as we spun a dial, drew cards and so far, told embarrassing stories. The spinner pointed toward me and Jill drew a card for me, quickly reading it off. "Tell about how you lost your virginity!" she said loudly. "This ought to be good!"

"It was at a Christmas party when I was a senior in high school," I said before going quiet.

"That's it? From you! Come on Michael, I've heard you tell stories at work and THAT is not a story. Come on, give us the whole thing!"

"It's a long story, and I'm sure not everyone wants to hear," I answered defensively.

"The hell we don't!" Janet said from next to me. "Jill showed me a story you wrote one time, and if you tell like you write, we're all going to be creaming our panties by the time you're done!"

"Oh crap," I muttered.

"Come on. Spill it. If not, we'll draw the penalty card, and we both know that the next penalty card is to do a strip tease!" Jill coaxed.

"Oh fine. If you're going to black mail me into it. It all started waaaaay back in high school....

I wasn't the biggest or fastest or strongest... I was the proverbial 120 pound weakling. Worse I was what kids would call a 'nerd'. I was smart but when it came to physical activities I just wasn't the best. Consequently the jocks made a lot of fun of me, even worse, this was back in the day, back when PE was required and you had mandatory showers after PE before you could dress for class. All through high school I fought a nickname that seemed to define me...."boner". I got that nickname from one of the guys on the high school football team because, well to be frank, I always seemed to have a hard on. My mind was always undressing the sexy looking girls and, as a girl I knew much later once said, I'd get hard when the wind blew. All through high school it was the same thing. By the time coed gym class was over and we had to go to the showers I always had a boner, and because of that the guys made a lot of fun of me. Worse, I seemed to be somewhat larger than the rest of the guys in my class and that made it all the worse.

I figure most of those guys clued their girl friends in on it, because they'd walk by in the lunch room or hall and say something like "hey, there's boner" and their girlfriends would giggle. I pretty much hated life at that point. Today it would be bullying, back then it was pretty much ignored unless it became physical.

By my senior year in high school my reputation was pretty much school wide, at least with the "in" crowd. My eighteenth birthday came early in December and the guys decided to give me a great birthday present. Well, at least they thought it was great.

We had swimming in senior year. Back then everyone wore the same suits, the guys a very light weight nylon suit that seemed to cling to you like glue, and for the girls a black one piece suit that was equally thin and in the chill after getting out of the water they showed every bump and nipple. Needless to say by the time we had to hit the showers at the end of class I was, as usual, hard. There were guys and girls locker rooms. They consisted of a large locker area with long benches facing into an open central area, a bathroom stall area, and a large open shower area with spigots all around the outside walls. You entered into the shower from the locker side, and exited out through a back and forth wall, not even a door, out onto the pool deck.

Well getting back to my 'birthday present'. The guys thought it would be great fun to grab me from the shower, still naked, and haul me out of the guy's shower room and shove me into the girl's showers. Needless to say there were a lot of naked girls in the shower, and if I was hard before it all started, no matter how embarrassed I was, it wasn't getting any smaller. Worse, when I tried to get out, they just tossed me back in. There was considerable screaming from all parties involved, and by the time a female teacher made it into shower room to break up the ruckus, and catch me still standing in the corner of the shower naked, trying unsuccessfully to cover my big dick, I had seen a considerable amount of pussy and tit. My first in broad daylight actually. It was almost worth the embarrassment of so many girls seeing me naked.

Well, at least I didn't get suspended, but my nickname as boner had just gone through the roof. It seemed like all the girls heard the story of what happened in the locker room. I got some unusual looks from some girls, some disgusted looks from others and a lot of turned up noses.

I was looking forward to Christmas vacation, hoping things would settle down a little over the break. But that didn't seem to be what was going to happen. About a week before break was to start one of the "popular" girls, one that just happened to be the girlfriend of one of the jocks that tossed me into the girls locker room, and one of the girls that was in the shower at the time, caught me in the hall and gave me an invitation to her party the following Friday. I tried to say no, realizing very quickly that this was probably a setup and another way for Frank to humiliate me in front of the popular kids, but Amy made a sincere and passionate plea that this wasn't that at all, and that she wanted to make it up to me for what Frank had done. I was extremely hesitant to believe her, in spite of the amount of cleavage that she was intentionally showing me, but the soft stroke of her fingertips up and down my bare arm sent chills through my body and completely toasted what was left of any remaining functional brain cells. I agreed to come.

The other shoe that immediately fell was that there was going to be a gift exchange, since we were all going to be adults at the party, yeah, we were all eighteen...adults...or so we thought, the guys were supposed to bring a piece of women's lingerie and the girls were all bringing men's underwear. I expressed my ineptitude at women's under clothes and she scribbled "32B brassiere" on the back of the invitation. "Take this to the store, ask the clerk to show you them and pick the sexiest one you can find." she said with a smile and a pair of doe eyes that would melt a guy. So, as embarrassing as it was, I showed the clerk at the department store across town the note, and she showed me to several racks containing a wide variety of items. I wasn't sure what sexy was, and when she finally got out of me that I was trying to pick something "sexy" she suggested a nice lace half bra. She said my girlfriend would love it. I didn't bother to tell her I didn't have a girlfriend.

Surprisingly enough a bunch of girls that usually gave me the cold shoulder seemed to make it a point to stop and say hello, or swipe a hand across my arm or even, on one occasion, stop in the lunch room and sit to eat with me. In return I tried not to say anything overly stupid and tried to ignore the glares I was getting from their boyfriends, all part of the "in" crowd of which I wasn't really a part of. If Amy's intent was to make me feel more comfortable with going to the party, well, it was working. I had no illusions I wasn't part of that "in" crowd, but at least I didn't feel quite as much of a lowly geek.

Friday night came and I appeared on Amy's front porch at the appointed time...exactly seven o'clock on the dot, wearing a pair of engineer boots, bell bottom jeans and a rather colorful satin button down shirt. All things considered, I thought I looked pretty good. Even my hair, a natural afro back then instead of the rather short cut I wear now, wasn't overly wet from the mid December snow that was falling.

Amy answered the door in a red silk button down blouse, a floor length denim skirt and bright smile. "Michael!" she said as brightly as her smile, "Come on in. I'm so happy you could come!"

"You're really sure you want me here?" I asked quietly before stepping in the door.

"Would you stop! I told you, I wanted to make it up to you for what Frank did. Yes, I really do want you here, and so do the other girls. So come on in and have fun for a change!" she said, reaching out and grabbing my arm, practically dragging me into the house.

The usual culprits in the endless series of taunts and jokes all seemed to be there, along with their girlfriends. I was surprised to see quite a few mini-skirts, the shortness of the hems almost instantly starting mister hard on. But I tried to ignore it as one of the girls, Suzan I think her name was, came over, hooked me by the arm and walked me over to the snack table. "Here, let me take that for you." she said, reaching for the small wrapped package I was carrying. "I'll go put it on the gift table if you'd get me a glass of punch please."

"Um, sure." I answered as she unlooped her arm from mine and walked away with my package, stopping at a small table in the corner and writing my name on the wrapping with a marker. She came straight back with a large smile and accepted the punch from me. There was music playing in the background and after drinking almost half the glass of punch she rolled her eyes and set her glass down. "If you're not going to ask me to dance, then I guess I'll have to ask you!"

"Um. Sure, I guess. I really don't dance too well." I answered quietly.

"Really? You don't dance? I'm surprised." She said as she took my hand and led me to the open part of the floor where a few other couples were dancing. I glanced over at her boyfriend, who was staring daggers at me as Suzan turned around, pressed her mini-skirt against the front of my jeans and leaned back into me. "Now just follow my motions." She said as she pulled my hands to her hips and then moved her hands back to my hips, and began pushing one way and then the other until my hips were swaying back and forth with hers. "See, you do very well." She said, moving her hands from my hips to my hands, where she started pulling them up and down rubbing my palms over her skirt and lower sides, pushing down far enough until my hands were pressing on her bare skin, hiking her skirt up slightly as she pulled my hands up again.

Up and down our hands went, and our hips rocking back and forth, for the rest of the song. Another song was put on the record player and she pulled away and turned around to face me. She took my hands again and then as the music started she grinned and started pushing and pulling my hands. "Now just like last time, swing your hips and now rock a little. Hands up and down and back and forth like this!" she coaxed, moving my hands up and down while pushing and pulling to cause my body to twist. "See, now you're getting it. Pretty much all we do is this, either faster or slower." she said as she let go of my hands and danced in front of me. "Sometimes we'll slide inside and dance closer like this!" She said, turning again and sliding inside me, her hands moving to my hips and pulling me snuggly against her firm ass so that my hard on was grinding against her ass.

"You can touch too." She whispered, pulling one hand around to her stomach and then letting go of it. "I don't mind."

I held my hand on her stomach while she ground her ass against my hard on for the rest of the song. Once the song was over she turned, gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and then whispered. "Thank you. I better get back to Jason before he has a heart attack." With that she stepped out of my arms and headed back to where her boyfriend was standing, looking very upset. He made some comment to her and to my surprise, she slugged him hard in the arm and then stalked away angrily.

I wandered back to the table to get a few crackers and some sliced cheese and barely had time to eat them before another young lady, the one who sat with me at lunch, Mary something, walked up. "Looks like you were getting some pretty good instruction on dancing. Willing to try it with someone else?"

Mary was also wearing a mini-skirt, a short red one, with a white cotton button down shirt that her rather ample chest was pushing out far enough to make a few buttons strain to keep the shirt closed.

"I suppose." I answered as she took my hand and pulled me back out to the dance area. The song was fairly fast and the two of us danced, face to face, twisting and wiggling across from each other. I slipped once and almost fell into her, her hands reaching out to help steady me as I got my feet back under myself. She laughed at the slip, but it seemed to be honest fun, and not aimed at me. By the time the song was over I was feeling a bit warm and I could see a little trickle of sweat slip down the front of her chest and disappear down between her breasts and behind the white shirt.

Someone put on Nights in White satin and Mary immediately spun around, pushing back in between my arms until her short red skirt was pushing against my hard on. "I love this song." She cooed as she pulled my hands from her hips up her body until they were cupping her breasts. "You might as well feel 'em, you got to see 'em already." she giggled as she pressed my palms to her soft mounds.

"Were you one of the girls in the shower?" I asked, wishing I hadn't as soon as it came out.

"Where else would you have seen my breasts? Have you been peeking into my windows at night?"

"Oh...No...I mean..." I stammered stupidly.

"Oh, it's okay, I was just kidding." She said with a giggle. "Yes I was one of the girls in the shower that day. You got to see more than most of the girls boyfriends had that day."

"Yeah, it was pretty embarrassing." I answered, my hands, with a mind of their own, gently massaging her breasts as we danced to the very slow song.

"For all of us. But it was a nice view from my end just the same." She said as the song ended. She stepped out from between my arms and turned to face me during the lull in the music. "Darn it's hot in here." She said, undoing two more buttons on her shirt, a deep V of creamy white skin visible between the edges of the white shirt. She stroked her fingers down the cleft to wipe away a trickle of sweat and then wiped her hand on her skirt.

"Yeah, it is getting warm. I'm beginning to wish I hadn't worn a long sleeved shirt." I answered as another slow tune started playing from the stereo.

"I was thinking the same thing." she said as she slipped into my arms and stood facing me, her arms moving up to my neck to rest there. "If I could get away with it I think I'd just take my shirt off. It'd be a lot cooler."

"You're not going to hear me complain. From what I remember everything under it looks pretty good!" I answered with a smile, feeling momentarily brave.

"Oh stop." She said, giving my shoulder a gently slap and rolling her eyes. "What is it about guys and breasts? Is that all you think about?"

"Honest answer?"

"Well of course."

"Well of course," I answered her back with a grin. "How could I not think about them after seeing 'em?"

"You are so bad!" she said, rolling her eyes, but at least you have a sense of humor about it all. Had to be pretty embarrassing, what happened and all."

"Pretty much. I guess the whole school got a good laugh over what happened."

"Not the ones that were in the shower with you." she said quietly.

"Yeah, had to be pretty traumatic for you guys too." I answered. "What I don't understand is why some of you didn't run. I mean about half of you did, but some of you just kind of backed into the wall and stood there."

"Well, it's not every day that we get to see a hard dick either you know. I noticed that you were doing plenty of staring."

"Not staring, admiring, when I wasn't too embarrassed to think that is."

"Did you just think that up or was it planned."

"Actually, it just kind of came out." I said sheepishly, thinking she was upset by the comment.

"It's okay. It was pretty good actually. Better than what I came up with." She joked. "You know my boyfriend was one of the ones spreading the story around the school. How do you feel about a little payback?"

"I don't know. I'd rather not get pounded later for doing something stupid."

"Trust me, you'll enjoy this one." She said as she moved her arms and turned in mine to grind her ass against my hard cock again. She reached for my hands and pushed them down her body to her legs, sliding them down until my palms were on her bare skin. Ever so slowly she pulled them up her legs, her creamy soft thighs sliding across my palms and fingers. She continued to slide my hands up until I felt the material of her skirt, her hands pressing mine against her skin so that the skirt moved up with our hands. She was still rocking slowly, moving both of us with her firm ass, as she inched my hands up under her dress and then toward her middle, sliding my fingers over the satin material of her panties before slowly pushing them down and between her thighs until she had them down as far as I could reach from behind her.

"Mmmmmmm," she moaned softly as she tipped her head back against my shoulder and turned her head to kiss my cheek softly. "Just keep going." She whispered as she let go of my hands after starting them traveling back up her thighs again. I kept them pressed between her thighs until my fingers found her panties and then traced right up the middle of the satin material my fingers pressing against her pussy lips.

"You are a quick learner!" she sighed as my fingers pushed down again, sliding deeper between her thighs as I slid my hands down. I slid up again, keeping them as deep between her moving thighs as I could, finding her pussy again and stroking my fingers up along her wet panty crotch.

"Okay Geek. Enough with my girl!" I heard from behind me as the song drew to a close.

"Mark, back off. I'll dance with whomever I want and let him touch me wherever I feel like. You don't own me, so buzz off!" Mary said hotly as she spun around to stare down her football player boyfriend.

"This isn't over geek!" Mark snapped as he stood his ground.

"Yes, it is! If I find out you so much as laid a finger on him there will be so much crap spread around school about you that you won't be able to show your face for the rest of the year! You guys started this by tossing him in our shower, so now you get to live with the consequences!" Mary shot back at him.

Despite the black cloud showing on his face he backed away several steps before turning and walking back to the wall. He seemed to huddle with several other of the guys against the wall while the next song started, his head never turning from where I stood with Mary.

"Sometimes he can be such a jerk!" She said angrily. "I'm sorry that happened. We were having a good time and he had to go spoil it!"

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