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Chronicles of the Bat


This is my first submission to Literotica, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. While the characters may be well-known, they are not my creation, though the situation is and is entirely original. I hope you all enjoy.


She stalks through the darkened room in her black thigh-high stiletto boots making almost no sound. Her bullwhip wrapped around her waist like a belt for her tight, purple suit that accentuates the curves of her luscious breasts and sexy ass. Her black gloves run up her arms past her elbows and her eyes gleam behind her black mask as her dark hair spills down her back. She pauses halfway across the room, suspicious, but sees nothing that could be a danger so she continues across the room to the desk. She leans down, checking the priceless statue of Bast, goddess of lions, for any hidden security features. Her sexy curves are only accentuated by the tight outfit as she leans over, hands on her knees, to examine the desk for any sign of an extra security system. She smirks in satisfaction after a long, slow examination before reaching out to lift the statue from the desk's surface. Suddenly, she gasps as a pair of strong hands grabs her wrists and yanks her forward across the top of the desk. Before she has a chance to struggle, she hears the click of locks as a pair of handcuffs are locked around her wrists. Her eyes narrow in anger as she looks up until she sees the gold shield with the stylized black bat in flight on the man's chest.

Her sweet, soft lips widen into a sultry grin and she says, "Well, hello handsome. Are the boys in blue waiting outside, or are they on their way?"

His deep, gravelly voice washes over her from behind his cowl as he replies, "Neither. And it doesn't have to be that way."

She smirks at him, saying, "Aww, Batman. Are you going soft on me?"

His eyes roam over her body in such a seductive and suggestive pose and, as they settle on her sexy ass, he says in a voice huskier than usual, "Quite the opposite."

She looks down, confused, then catches sight of the hardening bulge in his pants and involuntarily licks her lips. A faint moan escapes her at the thought of what could happen if she could only talk him into it, but she knows that he would never even consider...or would he? "Oh my," she whispers just loud enough for him to hear. "What do you have in mind?"

He runs a finger down her spine as he walks around the desk, his cape fluttering as he moves, and watches her back arch at his touch. He smiles to himself at her louder moan when his finger runs down the crack of her ass and she pushes back against his hand. Without warning, he brings his gloved hand down on her ass and she squirms against the wood desktop as she squeals in pleasure and surprise. "You're a very naughty girl, Catwoman," he says. Another spank. "What ever am I going to do with you?" Spank. "You need a lesson." Spank. "Maybe with the right lesson..." Spank. "You'll turn away from this life of crime." Spank. The more his hand comes down on her hot ass, the more she squirms and he can see her outfit darkening as her pussy gets wetter from the attention. He slides his hand up her back to her neck, his deft fingers finding the hidden velcro catches and, before she has time to realize what he's doing, rips her purple outfit from her body, leaving her bent over the desk in nothing but her black boots, gloves, and mask.

She gasps at the feel of cool air on her back and ass and squirms a little more and the colder feel of the glossy wooden desktop against her throbbing, sensitive clit. "Oh, God, yes," she moans as she feels his finger run the length of her now dripping wet pussy. "Please," she begs. "Don't stop."

He spanks her now bare ass adding a little pressure to her already sensitive clit and she cries out in pleasure. "Oh, you are a very naughty girl, aren't you," he asks, spanking her again without really expecting an answer.

"Wouldn't you like to know," she replies saucily. She arches her back, raising her ass off the table and spreading her legs a little more. "Why don't you give my kitty some special attention?"

His gloved hand comes down a little harder this time and she gasps more in shock than pleasure this time. "You're going to do what I tell you," he says. "I'm in control here. If you don't do what I say..." Spank. "Exactly what I say..." Spank. "Then I'll leave you right here." Spank. "Naked." Spank. "And chained to this table." Spank.

She squirms beneath his hand and then looks around at the fluttering sound behind her. The room appears to be empty and she says, "Batman? You aren't leaving me here like this, are you?" Then she moans and lowers her forehead to the desk as she feels the tip of his tongue begin to trace her glistening wet lips. "Oh yes," she moans loudly as his tongue gently opens her up as it slides deep inside her. He grabs hold of her leg and props her knee up on the desk and she hardly even notices until she feels the click of a cuff lock her leg into place.

He sees her start to look around at him and he gives her a swift spank before taking advantage of her easily accessible position and teases her clit with his tongue. When she moans and bucks back against him for more, he reaches up and starts to gently rub her clit as his tongue once more snakes its way into her wet, waiting pussy. As she begins to whimper in pleasure, begging for more, he uses his talented tongue to explore every fold and crevice he can reach within her, all the while continuing to rub her clit. He grins behind his mask as he listens to her moan and cry out, begging for more, begging for him not to stop and he turns his head to slide underneath her to wrap his lips around her clit.

She starts to buck against his face, feeling her orgasm building, and cries out as his fingers penetrate her hot, dripping wet pussy. "Oh God, YES," she cries, feeling his fingertips brushing her g-spot. "Yeah! Fuck me with those fingers! Suck my clit!" She pushes back against his fingers, sliding them deep inside her and making her cry out even louder as she gets closer and closer to orgasm. She begins to growl as she slides back and forth on the fingers inside her saying, "Oh yeah! Finger fuck that pussy! Make me cum! Oh God! Oh Fuck! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna..." Her voice trails off as her body tenses and she screams as her orgasm washes over her, her sweet cum coating his face and fingers and she can feel him continuing to fuck her sweet pussy with his fingers to make her climax last as long as possible before she collapses to the desktop gasping for breath, weakened and yet energized by her explosive orgasm. "Oh, Batman," she pants, her glistening breasts heaving against the cool surface of the desk. "That was incredible."

He walks around in front of her and looks down at his chained little kitty with narrowed eyes. "Now, Catwoman," he says. "It's time for you to make a decision." He lets his eyes roam over her gorgeous naked body, memorizing every line and curve and licking his lips at the contrast between the black of her gloves, boots, and mask, and her smooth skin. He looks down into her glazed eyes and gives her a wolfish grin. "Now, are you going to be a good girl and turn from your naughty ways..." He holds up a finger to stall her nod of agreement before concluding, "Or are you going to be my dirty little slut and do everything I tell you to?"

Her eyes flash a little at the term, but she looks him straight in the eye with a devilish little smile and says, "Do what you want with me, Batman. Have your way with me." Without a word, he drops his pants, revealing his hard throbbing cock to her hungry sight and she makes sure she's staring him directly in the eyes when she opens her mouth wide and waits for him to slide it in.

He looks down at her beautiful face and her sexy, waiting lips and groans. "Oh, you're a naughty little girl. Just for that...Lick my cock. Run your tongue from the base to the tip and lick me like an ice cream." He stares into this beautiful woman's dark eyes as she stretches her tongue out and runs the tip up his hard shaft from the base to the head before licking her lips. "Oh, yeah," he moans. "That's it. Lick that cock all over." He moans loudly at the highly erotic and dirty sight of her tongue exploring his hard cock and cries out as she turns her head, pressing her lips against his throbbing shaft and wrapping her tongue around it as far as it would go then sliding her hot, wet mouth all the way up to the tip. "Oh, God, yes," he moans. "Now wrap your lips around the head of my cock and take as much as you can my dirty little cocksucker." He gasps as she locks her lips around the head of this cock and then he can feel his shaft sliding across her tongue until the tip reaches the back. He moans and then watches in awe as she continues to slide her lips down his throbbing cock until they are locked around the base and he can feel her throat milking him before she slowly starts to slide back up to the head. He tangles his fingers in her long, dark hair as she continues slowly to slide her soft, luscious lips up and down the entire length of his hard shaft. He throws his head back and calls out as his hips start to thrust, fucking her hot little mouth and loving the feel of her lips and teasing tongue as his orgasm approaches. "Oh fuck, yes," he moans. "You are incredible! I'm gonna cum for you, my naughty little cocksucker! Up! Arch that back because I'm gonna cum all over you!" He slides his slick cock from between her lips with a wet sucking sound and jerks his throbbing shaft until his hot cream explodes from his cock, spraying across her black mask, her smooth throat, and all over her hot, heaving tits. He cries out her name as he cums all over her before commanding, "Now lick me clean and you'll get that dripping, wet pussy fucked like you want it."

She moans at his words and then runs her tongue all over him, licking the cum from his still hard shaft and then licking her lips as the pearly white cum drips from her chin and runs down her breasts to drip from her nipples. She watches him walk around behind her and moans in pleasure as she feels the head of his cock penetrate her glistening, pink pussy lips. She starts to push back against him and feels his hand come down on her ass. She stops and waits for him to slide ever so slowly into her hot, wet depths until he is buried balls deep inside her. She feels his hands on her hips as he starts to thrust and she cries out as he fucks her long and slow. As he speeds up, she cant help but push back against him, making his cock slide as deep as possible into her waiting pussy and she screams when she feels his fingertips brush her clit. "Oh my God," she screams. "Yes! Oh, Batman! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!" She throws her head back, her back arching and thrusting her gorgeous tits out as he does as she says and plunges deep inside her. She feels his hand grab hold of her breast, massaging the cum into it as his other hand continues to rub her clit and her sweet juices run down his shaft to drip from his balls as they slap against her sensitive clit. She bucks against him like a wild woman as he fucks her pussy hard and fast. Her muscles tighten and her slick pussy clenches around his throbbing cock as her orgasm hits her hard and she climaxes, her cum coating his shaft as he fucks her even faster and harder through the orgasm and she begs for more.

With a vicious grin, he decides to oblige her and he slides his slick, shining cock from her pussy and presses the tip against her tight asshole. He feels her push back and they both groan loudly as his hard cock begins to penetrate her tight little ass. "Oh, fuck, yes," he cries, feeling her ass grip him tightly as he slowly slides into her all the way before beginning to thrust in and out slowly at first.

"Yes! Yes! Yes," she cries, as she starts to push harder against him, making him fuck her even faster and harder. "Fuck my tight ass, Batman! Play with my clit as you fuck my brains out! Oh, God! More! More!" She can feel his balls slapping against her wet pussy lips and his fingers teasing her clit drives her insane as her tight ass gets fucked good and proper. She can feel her orgasm building and she finally picks the lock on the cuffs and frees herself from the trap he had set. With a deft move, she slips free of the cuff on her ankle and shoves him back onto the floor before mounting his throbbing cock once more and burying it deep in her tight ass all over again. She rides him hard and fast in the reverse cowgirl position and all he can do is hold tight to her hot, heaving tits as she fingers her own pussy. Suddenly, they both tense, and in an explosion of mutual climax, he fills her tight asshole with his hot cum as her own orgasm washes through her and they both scream in ecstasy before collapsing in a hot, sweaty heap of cum soaked bodies.

As they lay there, gasping for breath, he reaches over to his belt and pulls a couple of items from it. He slides his hands up her gorgeous body and locks a couple of small objects to her nipple rings as he starts to move his hips beneath her once more, sliding his still hard cock in and out of her cum filled ass. He listens to her moan and whispers in her ear, "Remember, you're my kitty now. When I want you, I will have you, and you will like it." As one hand caresses and massages one of her beautiful breasts, the other slides down her body to start rubbing her clit as he continues to fuck her tight little ass. She starts to whimper in pleasure and he reaches down between her legs and slides a slim dildo slowly inside her drenched pussy, making her gasp in surprise and then cry out as he turns the vibrator on with it deep inside her. She starts to thrust as she bounces on his throbbing shaft and he fucks her with the buzzing toy as he fills her ass with his hard cock.

"Oh, Batman," she cries. "Oh yes! Oh fuck, yes! Fuck me! Do what you want with me! Always! Just don't...Oh Fuck!...Stop...Oh Yeah!...Fucking...Oh my God!...MEEEE!" She starts to buck in earnest on his hard cock as she thrusts her hips against the vibrating dick inside her sweet pussy and she screams as she cums, her muscles tightening around the throbbing shaft buried deep inside her tight ass and making him spray her insides with his hot cum all over again.

She awakens and stretches languidly, naked beneath her sheets, as she thinks about the dream she just woke from. Her body tingles as if the events of two nights before had just happened and she runs her hands down her warm skin, moaning at the memory until her fingers glide over the slick, wet flesh of her dripping pussy. As she takes her sweet time rubbing her sensitive, throbbing clit, her other hand slides back up to tweak her nipples and she notices for the first time the two little metal objects that he'd attached to her nipple rings that night. For a moment, she's distracted by the curiosity of what these additions are until she dips her fingers slowly inside her hot pussy, and then all thought is lost in pleasure.

Still breathing heavily from the intense climax, she slowly puts on her outfit to prowl for the night in the hopes of running into the object of her desire, savoring the feel of the tight cloth against her overheated skin and running her hands over her gorgeous body which just accentuates her luscious tits. She slips out onto the rooftops of Gotham, prowling for a certain Dark Knight in the hopes of satisfaction. As she moves lithely from rooftop to rooftop, she feels her nipples begin to tingle as if her rings are vibrating and, before long, her outfit is drenched from the dripping of her pussy's desire to be filled. The tingling just increases the longer she's out until she's gasping and moaning with almost every move of her body and she finally stops on the roof of one of the Wayne Enterprises buildings.

Needing at least a moment, she lays back on the roof and spreads her legs, gently rubbing her pussy through the material of her suit and moaning louder and longer than before. Her head goes back and her eyes close at the pleasure coursing through her body until she hears a voice from nearby.

"Hey, guys," it says. "I think I see a kitty in need of a serious petting."

Her eyes snap open with her hand still rubbing softly at her still covered clit to find a group of about five guys approaching her. In a flash, she's up on her feet, whip in hand and prepared to face any assault despite the intense vibrations running through her nipples at this point. Before she has a chance to do anything however, a shadow drops out of the darkness of the night between her and the men. She watches in awe as the Batman proceeds to drop each of the men quickly and efficiently which just turns her on even more. After only seconds, he turns to her and she doesn't even give him a chance to say or do anything. "Fuck me," she pleads to him, her eyes betraying her need, her desire. "Please, Batman, fuck me." She sees him glance around at the unconscious hoodlums and she shakes her head. "I don't care. Fuck me. Here. Now. Please?"

He grins at her, knowing just how much she wants it by the tone in her voice and the drenched crotch of her outfit. "My little additions have made my naughty little kitty very horny haven't they?"

She just looks at him confused while her pussy throbs to be filled by him. "What additions?"

He steps up to her, his hands moving directly to her heaving breasts and he squeezes gently, eliciting a long, loud, low moan from his kitty as his fingers brush over her nipples, the tingling in them almost too much to bear at this point. He grins and a moment later the vibrations stop as if they'd never happened. "The small items I clamped to your nipple rings, my naughty little kitty. They are a special device of my own creation. They allow me to track you so I know just where to find my lover whenever I want her, but when the tracking device is on and working, it causes them to vibrate. The closer I get to you, stronger the vibration." he looks deep into her lust-filled eyes and chuckles. "It guarantees that you will be all ready for me when I find you."

While part of her is upset at being so chained to him, most of her likes the idea of him being able to find and take her whenever he wants. Of course, now that she's a kitty in heat, all she wants is for him to ravage her like he did two nights ago. "If they're there to help you find me so you can fuck me, then take me, Batman. Right here, right now. Who cares who sees or hears us?" She slides her hand down his chest until her fingers caress his hard and obviously throbbing cock.

"Oh, I'm going to take you, Catwoman," he says. "But I have plans, so come with me if you want to, well, cum."

"And if I don't?"

"Then that pussy of yours is going to be left wanting and neither of us want that," he replies. "Do you want me to fuck you?"

"Yes," she breathes. the fire and lust in her voice is unmistakable. "God, yes, Batman. Fuck me the way only you can fuck me."

He smiles, looking deep into her dark eyes. "Then follow me, my dirty little girl. I promise it's not far." He turns toward the door to the stairwell before pausing and saying to her over his shoulder, "But remember. If you want my hard, throbbing cock in that wet pussy of yours, then you're going to have to do exactly as I tell you, or you'll go home unsatisfied."

As they walk down the steps, she calls him and then leaps into his arms when he turns, kissing him hungrily as she grinds her soaked pussy against his throbbing cock. They spin around in the stairwell, her back being pressed against the wall as he groans and begins to dry hump her before regaining his senses and carefully extricating himself from her. "Not yet," he says. "Soon, I promise you, but let's at least get to the right place first."

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