Claire's Career Ch. 08: The Singer


Claire pulled back to breathe, a sticky thread of saliva hanging from her delectable lips to the end of his dick. "OK, let me know when you're close," she said once she'd taken a breath.

It didn't take Frankie long to come once she began to tightly bob up and down on him , making sure she swallowed his cock until her nose was pressed into his wiry greying pubes. In fact her timing was perfect: he began spurting copiously whilst on a down-stroke so that she could feel his salty spunk liberally coating her throat.

Once Frankie's shuddering and groaning had subsided, she allowed his deflating cock to slip out of her mouth.

"Oh, yeah, babe, that was fucking fantastic. Make sure you gargle with any that's left," he suggested.

Claire shrugged, licked him clean of the last few drops of spunk and turned her head back up to do as he'd asked. Luckily she hadn't swallowed all his cum yet and so she was able to gargle what was left of Frankie's rank jism for a few minutes, until it was all gone.

Once she had swallowed it all, she sat back on her haunches. "Thanks, Frankie. I think it feels better already!" she said gratefully.

Frankie patted her hand. "No problem, honey. Just remember, I'm here for you," he said kindly. Claire felt a warm glow inside. How lucky she was that Frankie was such a caring man.

Over the next few days, Claire visited Frankie regularly always starting the day with lubricating her throat, a practice repeated twice more during the day. Luckily for Claire he always seemed to be able to produce a considerable amount of spunk and appeared to be perfectly happy for her to fellate him repeatedly, despite the obvious inconvenience for him and the risk of his girlfriend finding out.

After a week of practice sessions during which Frankie generously held her exposed breasts to improve her unique sound, Claire asked Frankie when she would be ready to properly record a song.

"Well, honey," he said as she knelt in front of him for her final throat lubrication of the day, "I think we could probably start on a song which I think is perfect for you. It's one I wrote myself for you and it's called 'Make me come (let's sixty-nine all night long)'. We can start to record it tomorrow if you want."

Claire couldn't believe it. He'd even written a song for her! Without thinking she jumped up, her big bare boobs bouncing boisterously, and kissed him full on the lips in grateful excitement. In response, Frankie's hands slipped around her to squeeze her bottom and he slipped his tongue into her mouth. She allowed him to snog her and feel her bum for a couple of minutes (after all he had written a song for her) before pulling away and kneeling back down to suck him off, or rather lubricate her throat. She even kept her blowjob going for a lot longer than usual, keeping him on the brink of ejaculation for a good half an hour, just as an extra special thank you.

After Frankie had eventually squirted his gunk down her throat, she licked him clean appreciatively before standing up.

"Can I have a look at the lyrics?" she said eagerly.

"Sure, darling," Frankie said contentedly, zipping himself up.

Claire had a look at the sheet he handed to her and sang the first verse to a virtually random tune.

"# Ooh, baby, I love the way you touch me with your lips. # You make me moist with lust when you kiss me on my nips. # Ooh, honey, I love to touch you with my mouth. # You feel as hard as steel when I go down south."

"Wow," she commented, "it's a bit, erm, racy!"

"Don't worry, sugar. It's going to be a huge hit! I can see the video now!"

Claire closed her eyes briefly, allowing herself to imagine an MTV video of a sunny beach full of hunky young men dancing around her as she gyrated her bikini-clad body whilst singing. She could hardly believe this was all really happening for her!

She felt so grateful to Frankie that she kissed him again, slightly dislodging his wig, although he didn't notice.

That night Claire read over the full lyrics in secret, not wanting Danny to know what she was up to. He had always been overly protective of her, for some reason always assuming that she would be exploited if he didn't watch out for her. Well, she was looking forward to seeing his face when she had recorded a hit song and had a record deal.

The next morning, Claire was back in Frankie's studio, practising the new song after another long slow grateful throat lubrication session.

Frankie had taken her aback when she had arrived with some amazing news.

"I have a surprise for you. This afternoon we're going to a proper recording studio to lay this track down! I've even got a few backing musicians so we need a full size studio. And if it sounds as amazing as I expect it to then we'll be approaching record companies to see if we can get you a deal!" he'd said.

Claire had been so excited that she'd even allowed Frankie to grab her by her long red ponytail whilst he forcefully throat-fucked her.

Slightly nervously she'd been preparing all morning, repeatedly singing to the music Frankie played for her.

"Claire, that sounds amazing," he said eventually, letting go of her full fat tits which he had been fondling to improve her sound. "The only thing we need to do now is record some moans to go before the final verse. Do you think you can moan into this microphone for me?"

Claire nodded and began oohing and aahing on his cue.

After a while, Frankie stopped her. "Claire, baby, I need more from you than that! Come on, darling. You're making mad passionate love. I want you to scream your desire for me! Let's try again."

Claire did her best to pretend she was being thoroughly shafted but she obviously wasn't putting enough into it because Frankie stopped her once again.

"No, no, no. We've got to get this right otherwise we might not be able to record this afternoon. Look why don't you actually touch your pussy while you moan? That way it'll sound a lot more real. Go on!"

Claire was slightly embarrassed but she understood the need. She was already topless and so slipped off her white miniskirt, keeping her leopard-print stilettos on, to reveal a tiny white g-string and her black stocking tops.

"Go on, honey," Frankie urged her. "Take them off," he ordered, pointing at her pants.

After a brief pause, Claire pulled them down to expose a tiny strip of bright red hair just above the junction of her perfect smooth thighs. She looked around and sat down in an armchair, taking the microphone stand with her and positioning it at the right height.

Frankie had gone strangely quiet, his mouth hanging open, a small dribble of saliva running from its side.

"Shall I start now Frankie?" she asked.

He jumped slightly. "What? Oh, yeah, go for it, baby."

Claire drew her legs up into the chair and allowed them to fall open to give herself access to her pussy. Frankie groaned loudly causing her to look up.

"Are you OK?" she asked.

"Er, yeah, sure, I'm fine. Just practising some moaning out load. Go on, touch yourself," he ordered.

Claire closed her eyes and allowed her right hand to slide down her flat stomach to her cunt, slipping her long graceful fingers down her long pink wet pussy lips and back up to her clit. With her left hand she began alternately tweaking her nipples, pulling on them gently to make them stiff.

Gently rubbing her clit in a circular motion, Claire felt herself moistening and her breathing quickening. "Mmmm," she moaned spontaneously at the feelings of lust sweeping through her body.

"That's really nice, darling," Frankie breathed, causing her eyes to snap open. He was kneeling between her legs, staring intently at her busy fingers caressing the folds of her open pussy.

Trying to ignore him, Claire closed her eyes and continued her elegant manipulations but she couldn't quite recapture her earlier escalating excitement.

"What's wrong, babe?" Frankie asked. "I still need some bigger moans than that."

"I don't know," Claire said, too polite to say that he'd put her off with his dark glasses and slightly skewed wig.

"I've got an idea!" Frankie stated, before leaning over and taking her right nipple into his mouth.

"Oh!" Claire squeaked in astonishment as he began to lick and suck her bud enthusiastically.

She closed her eyes again, admitting to herself that it did feel nice if a little awkward that Frankie was pleasuring her tits for the sake of a record. In any case she was soon masturbating herself busily whilst moaning softly into the microphone.

In some ways it wasn't a surprise when a few minutes later she felt Frankie reach down and slip two fingers into her damp pussy but she groaned loudly as he began vigorously pushing them in and out of her, making a lewd squelching sound. She just counted herself lucky that he was so committed to make her a star that he would go to such lengths for her.

"Yeah, honey, that's better," Frankie said in response to the increased volume of her groaning before he went down on her sticky cunt, flicking his tongue over her turgid clit and allowing her to tweak both of her nipples simultaneously.

All-in-all it was no surprise when Claire began to feel herself approaching orgasm so it was particularly disappointing when Frankie suddenly disengaged from his frantic pussy-licking.

"What's wrong?" Claire asked as he stood up in front of her.

"It's no good, your moanings good but I need it to be louder and more lustful. I wouldn't normally engage in such activity with a client but I don't see any choice," he said as he pulled his trousers down and released his erection.

It took Claire a moment to work out what Frankie intended to do by which time he had lifted her legs over his shoulders and impaled her with his stiff rod.

"Oooh!" Claire squeaked in surprise as he began to thrust himself in and out of her perfect pussy.

"That's it, baby! Louder!" Frankie encouraged.

Claire supposed that, because he'd only come in her willing able mouth that morning, Frankie would have a high level of stamina as far as his lovemaking went. And indeed it soon became apparent that he would last a long time as Claire's passion began to re-intensify until she came noisily despite her lack of attraction to him.

Frankie just flipped her over and re-entered from behind without a word.

"Haven't we got enough yet, Frankie?" she managed to gasp as he recommenced to shaft her powerfully, this time from behind.

"No, not yet. I need to you to scream louder!" he huffed. "In fact, why don't we try this!" he growled, pulling out her sorely abused pussy.

"Noooooo!" Claire screamed as, without so much as a warning, Frankie pushed his ugly cock into her tiny tight anal rosebud. "Ugh, ugh, ugh," she grunted as he mercilessly fucked her fabulous fundament.

"That's better! Keep moaning loud, babe!" he ordered before promptly flooding her rectum with his ghastly gunk. "Oh, fuck, yes!" he shouted before collapsing on top of her.

After a pause, Claire tried to wriggle out from underneath him but she was still speared uncomfortably up her tight anus by his cock. Eventually he giddily pulled himself out of her, causing her to give a final groan.

She stood up gingerly. "Do you think we got enough moans, Frankie?" she asked as some rank jism slid out of her butt and down the inside of her thigh.

Frankie slumped back into the chair. "Yeah, I think we might have enough," he said wheezily.

That afternoon, after a long cleansing shower, Claire drove to the studio with Frankie. When they got there, she realised that it was actually a college.

"I thought we were going to a top recording studio?" she queried as she got out of the car, wincing slightly at the soreness in her delicious bottom.

"Trust me. This place has a great set-up. It's closed for the holidays and it's really cheap," Frankie replied reassuringly.

They met an old balding man dressed in a brown work coat who introduced himself as Alf, the college caretaker. Occasionally leering at Claire's impressive bosom, he showed them through the deserted school corridors until they found themselves in a music room with a studio attached to the back.

The studio was bigger than Frankie's amateur setup but still somewhat cramped. Frankie showed her the booth in which she would be singing and the attached sound-room from which the engineer would control the recording.

Before she'd had a chance to really take it all in, Alf returned with the musicians and engineer.

"Babe, I want to introduce you to Pete, Jez and Ed who play the circuit as The Machine Players and Nigel who's a great soundman. Lads, this is Claire, the amazing find I was telling you about. You're going to be astounded by her, um, distinctive sound!"

The four men seemed really pleased to see her, eyeing her full-breasted body and endless legs in a distinctly friendly manner.

Claire smiled back at them amiably, just thankful that they were here to help.

Pete was a guitarist, tall and almost cadaverously pale and thin. Jez, a short black man, was carrying a bass guitar, and Ed, who looked Chinese and was more than a little overweight, was the keyboard player.

Claire greeted them all and then said hello to Nigel, the incredibly young-looking and pimply sound engineer, causing him to blush shyly.

In a surprisingly short time, Frankie had arranged matters so that they were ready for the first run-through of the song and Claire entered the booth, ready to sing her heart out.

As Claire sang she noticed the musicians looking at each other in a puzzled way as they played. Even Nigel was slack-jawed in amazement at her voice.

She came stumbling to a halt, suddenly very self-conscious. "What's wrong?" she asked plaintively.

Nigel spoke to her via microphone from the studio. "Erm, well, that didn't sound too good, really," he mumbled apologetically too her, blushing once more.

Claire looked to Frankie and suddenly realised what had happened. She called him over.

"Frankie, it's because you're not holding my boobs! You'll have to squeeze them while I sing, otherwise my voice won't be at its best. Remember!"

"Oh, yeah, babe. Sorry, I forgot. Why I don't I come in there with you. Go on; get those gorgeous colossal tits out."

"Are you sure?" Claire asked in consternation. "In front of all these strangers!" she said, feeling strangely embarrassed.

"It's fine; they're pros. They won't even bat an eyelid!"

Claire wasn't entirely convinced but pulled off her top and unfastened her bra, releasing her huge fat norks. She almost covered them up again at the gasps from the band and Nigel at the sight of her massive creamy freckled tits and pert high red nipples but by then Frankie had a good hold of them. She looked over to see Alf the caretaker leering at her openly.

"What's he doing here?" she hissed to Frankie.

"Oh, um, he's just making sure we look after the studio. Don't mind him, honey, you just sing!"

Claire closed her eyes and sang with as much passion as she could. This time she could feel herself hitting all the right notes as she belted out the bawdy song.

"# Make me come, baby, make me come. # Let's sixty-nine all night long. # Let's sixty-nine all night long. # Let's sixty-nine all night long..."

She finished the chorus rousingly and opened her eyes.

Everyone was still staring at her but this time, it seemed to her, with admiration.

"How was I?" she asked, Frankie's hands falling away as she walked out of the booth.

"Wow!" said one of the band members followed by a further expressions of approval from the other men, although most of them still seemed to be staring at her gigantic firm knockers.

"Baby, you were awesome!" Frankie enthused, putting his arm around her trim waist and pulling her close to him whilst patting her arse familiarly. "Wasn't she boys?"

"She's amazing," Nigel said loudly blushing like a beetroot when Claire looked up at him and smiled gratefully.

They recorded the song three more times over the next hour, Frankie manically fondling her vast flawless breasts whilst she sang. Eventually, Frankie and Nigel agreed that they had enough material to mix a final version.

Claire was happier than she could ever remember. She even gave a hug and a kiss to all the band members and Nigel, only realising that she was still topless when Jez reached up to grope her mammoth bosom.

After tensing momentarily at this unwelcome attention, Claire relaxed and allowed him to have a good feel, only wincing slightly as he roughly pinched her stiff nipples. After all he had played the bass beautifully in what we sure to her hit single.

After this all the men made sure they had a good feel, even Alf the smirking janitor, who slipped his tongue into her mouth while groping her, causing Claire to cough in disgust at his foul smoker's breath.

Only Nigel hesitated, obviously very shy in Claire's presence. Claire, charmed by his sweet coyness, grabbed his hands and put them to her chest to make sure he got a good handful as he hugged her and even good-naturedly ignored his obvious erection which was pressing insistently against her flat sleek belly.

Once everyone had had a thank you cuddle, Claire went back into the recording booth to get dressed while Frankie had a discussion with all five men.

Claire couldn't really hear what was being deliberated but she could tell Frankie was arguing with them about something.

Once clothed, she went out to join them. "Is anything wrong, Frankie?"

Frankie tried to tell her everything was fine but was interrupted by Pete, the guitarist. "I'll tell you what's wrong! Frankie was supposed to pay us but says he ain't got the fucking cash!" Several voices agreed.

"It's OK, darling," Frankie attempted to reassure her. "You go and wait outside while I sort this out the boys."

Claire was concerned now. What if they lost the recording because Frankie hadn't any money! She didn't have much cash with her so couldn't help. She could see her place in pop music history disappearing before her very eyes!

Claire waited in the music room for a few minutes before Frankie called her back into the studio.

There was an air of expectation in the room; Claire felt slightly uncomfortable at the hungry male eyes which immediately settled on her long legs, tight bum and large rack as she entered.

Frankie leant in close to talk to her. "Honey, I've made a bit of a miscalculation about paying the boys. I thought I had a few weeks but it turns out they all want to be paid right now. The only thing is it'll take a few days to get the cash. So unless you can get hold of one and a half grand quickly..."

Claire shook her head in alarm. One and a half thousand pounds! She could ask Danny but he would want to know why and she didn't want to reveal her activities to him just yet.

"I thought not," Frankie continued. "That's a real shame, sugar. That recording was just perfect. I guess we'll just have to leave it and hope they don't erase it all before I can raise the funds."

Claire gasped, her hands grasping in consternation at her magnificent chest. "Oh, no, Frankie! We can't let that happen!"

Frankie shrugged. "Sorry, love. Unless you can think of some way of persuading them..."

Claire looked up at them. Apart from Nigel, they all looked angry but they were all, without exception, staring at her long curvy body.

A thought occurred to her. "Frankie, maybe they'll be satisfied if I let them feel my boobs again? I'll even take my skirt off and let them touch my bum," she suggested.

Frankie raised his eyebrows so high she could see them over his dark glasses. "Now there's an idea! Let me have a word with them and we'll see what we can do."

He had a whispered conversation with the others whilst Claire looked on anxiously.

After a few minutes, Frankie turned back to her, his wig slightly askew.

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