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Class Reunion


Note to readers: This is a little different than my usual stuff. Please let me know what you think. This was definitely inspired by my high school English teacher. Too bad we never had a class reunion though...

Terri Simmons studied the covers of the two romance novels she held, totally oblivious to what was going on around her in the bookstore. She frowned with indecision, trying to decide which of the books she was going to buy. One of them had the steamiest picture she had seen on a romance novel, with the heroine's breast thrust up impudently, and the hero's hand poised at her neckline, ready to expose her succulent flesh. Terri's pussy was getting wet just looking at the picture.

However, the other book had a more promising storyline. A young virgin, captured by her family's arch enemy and held in his fortress, forced to submit to his passion...how could Terri resist a teaser like that? She felt the telltale tightening in the pit of her belly at the thought of being seduced by a sexy, powerful man, and she released a shaky breath. Decisions, decisions...

"Find anything you like there Terri?"

Terri jumped from the unexpected interruption, but even more from the husky tenor of the voice that had whispered the question in her ear. She dropped one of the books as she whirled to face Mr. Ash, her former high school English teacher. Her face flamed.

"Mr. Ash! What a surprise to see you here." She pasted a bright smile on her face.

The twinkle in his eyes and the smile that flirted with the corners of his mouth told her that he knew she was embarrassed. He knelt to retrieve the book she had dropped, and he couldn't resist surreptitiously scanning her legs. She was wearing a short skirt that came to mid thigh, and her exposed ankles, calves, knees and lower thighs were curvy perfection. In his mind's eye, he pictured those legs wrapped around his waist while he plundered her tight pussy...he was getting hard just thinking about it. He forced his thoughts back to the present as he stood up to hand her the book.

Terri's blush burned even brighter as Mr. Ash studied the cover of the book she had dropped. It was the book with the erotic picture, and Terri wanted to melt into the floor. She had had a crush on Mr. Ash all through high school, and even three years later, she still fantasized about him. More often than not, it was him she thought about while she stroked herself to climax in her lonely apartment.

Terri hadn't been the only girl in her high school to have a crush on him. Most of the girls in her school had drooled over Mr. Ash, with his tight fitting jeans that lovingly hugged a perfect butt. Every time he turned his back to write on the blackboard, the girls in his class would crane their necks to get a better look. They had nicknamed him Mr. Ass.

Of course, his perfect ass was part of a totally appealing package. At the age of twenty five, he had been the youngest teacher in their school. His body was lean and muscular, and he had the most startling sky blue eyes. His hair was tawny gold and just a bit too long for a proper teacher. The ends curled over the collar of his shirt, and Terri had often fantasized about running her fingers through those wavy locks at his nape.

Mr. Ash raised an amused brow as he handed the book back to her. His grin was the epitome of sexy. "Interesting read you've chosen Terri. I see I wasn't able to inspire a burning love of literature in you."

His tone was clearly teasing, and Terri found herself returning his smile. He had no idea that he had inspired lots of burning love in her, just not for literature! She looked up at him with a shrug.

"Well, you know, it's good to be interested in a variety of genres. Shakespeare and Thoreau are fine and good for an afternoon's entertainment, but they're not the greatest choices for bedtime companions."

Mr. Ash considered her statement, his cock twitching at the thought of her needing a bedtime companion. A woman like her shouldn't have to go to bed with a book. He had been attracted to her since she had been a sophomore in his class, but he had never acted on his inappropriate urges. He hadn't forgotten her since though, and he had always wondered what had become of his sexiest student.

Seeing her now, at the age of twenty one, he thought she looked sexier than ever. Her dark blonde hair was gathered into a casual knot and held with a clip, and her brown eyes were definitely the bedroom variety. Her full lips by themselves were enough to inspire naughty fantasies, not to mention those perfect, pert breasts filling out her t-shirt...he had to get a grip on his imagination, or he was going to embarrass himself.

"I was just about to grab some lunch. Would you like to join me Terri?" He found himself holding his breath for her answer.

Terri's smile widened as she looked up at him. "I would love to Mr. Ash."

He laughed with pleasure. "You know, I'm not your teacher anymore. You can call me Brian if you like."

Terri nodded. "Okay Brian. Lead the way." Terri set both novels on the shelf and turned to walk away.

"I thought you were going to buy one of those books," Brian said.

"I changed my mind," Terri said with a shrug. She didn't mention that seeing him had provided her with enough bedtime fantasy material to last months. She wouldn't need a romance novel for a while!

They walked to a nearby Greek café, chatting about the events of the past three years since they had seen each other. They were both a bit surprised to realize that they were completely at ease in each other's company. Over a lunch of calamari, salad and wine, Terri told him about her adventures in university, and Brian asked lots of questions, obviously interested.

"So I only have one more semester to go before I graduate. Then, I will have to find a great job so I can pay off my student loan!"

Brian raised his wineglass to salute her, and there was a twinkle in his eye. "Ah, here's to student loans!" They both drank, and he set his glass down. "Don't worry too much about it. I know from personal experience that you pay it off sooner than you expect. Especially once you get a job as a computer programmer. They make good money."

"I hope so," Terri laughed. "I'm counting on all my hard work to pay off. What about you? Are you still teaching at Gordon High?"

"No, I stopped teaching about two years ago," Brian replied. He was distracted as he watched a piece of calamari disappear into her luscious mouth...he suddenly realized she had said something. "Sorry, what was that?"

"I asked what you are doing now," Terri repeated, briefly wondering about the dreamy look on his face.

"Well, I've had a few books published, and now I'm a full time author."

"No way! Really?" Terri's enthusiasm was flattering.

Brian laughed and nodded. "Yeah. I really like it, being able to work on my own schedule, no commute, no school board politics to deal with."

"That is so cool!" Terri said with a smile. "What kind of books do you write?"

Brian looked down at his plate. A wicked grin was threatening, but he tried hard to keep a straight face. He was not entirely successful as he met her eye. "I write romance novels."

Terri choked on her salad and grabbed her glass of water. It was several moments before her sputtering subsided and she met his amused stare. "You're joking right?"

"No really, I'm serious. I write under the pen name of Brianna Ashton. Maybe you've seen some of my books?"

Terri could only give a weak nod as she reeled from shock. She had not only seen his books, she had every one of them at home beside her bed. He was, in fact, her favorite author, although Terri had always thought he was a she. Her mind raced, as she realized that all his books had a theme of a strong, sexy man who couldn't resist the lure of a younger woman. Of course, the characters always ended up having hot, steamy sex. Not surprisingly, her favorite of his books was about a teacher who seduced one of his students...a young, pretty blonde with brown eyes.

Terri could feel her pussy soaking her panties, and she shifted on her chair. "I can't believe I'm sitting here having lunch with my favorite author. I've read every one of your books."

Brian's cheeks flushed with surprised pleasure. "I'm flattered."

"How do you come up with your inspiration?" Terri asked.

She placed another bite of calamari on her tongue, licking her upper lip to remove a bit of the sauce. She noticed that his eyes watched the golden morsel disappear before he responded.

Brian gave a casual shrug as he answered. "Oh, from different things that I've experienced or fantasized about. I think it's best to write about things you know."

"That makes sense," Terri replied. "Are you working on another novel now? I would love to read an excerpt."

Brian laughed. "As a matter of fact, I am. If you're seriously interested, I'll give you my number and you can drop by sometime when you have time."

Oh, she was interested all right! That was the understatement of the year.

"How about today? I'm free for the rest of the day, if you've got time to show me your stuff."

"Alright," Brian murmured.

He could feel his pulse beginning to race at the thought of having Terri in his house. He definitely wanted to show her his stuff, but he wasn't thinking about his writing. If she only knew how many times he had dreamed about having sex with her, she would be shocked. It was a challenge to stay focused on the conversation as they finished their meal, but he managed.


Brian gave her a ride to his house. He lived in a gorgeous, modern two-storey, tucked away in the woods. As they drove down the lane dappled in early afternoon sunlight, Terri admired her surroundings.

"This is lovely, Brian. Have you lived here long?"

"Just two years. When my first book went into its third printing, I finally had enough money to buy this place. I've got the house and about thirty acres. I like the isolation, but the house is close enough to town that I can go in whenever I want."

He pulled his pickup to a stop in front of his house and led her inside. Terri looked around, smiling at the tasteful décor. "This is lovely. You have really good taste."

She turned and caught him eyeing her legs, and she secretly smiled. She was very glad that she had decided to wear a sexy red lace bra and matching thong panties beneath her clothes. The thought suddenly occurred to her that her love of sexy lingerie had been inspired by the novels of one Brianna Ashton! They always contained at least one scene where the hero gets to enjoy the sight of the heroine dressed in her underwear. Her panties were getting wetter by the minute...

"Thank you," Brian smiled. "I like it. Can I get you a drink?"

"Sure, whatever you're having."

Terri followed him into the kitchen, admiring the view of his delectable ass as he walked. Her fingers fairly itched to squeeze those firm butt cheeks...

"Is water with lime okay?" he asked, interrupting her thoughts.

"Sounds great."

Terri watched as he dropped ice cubes into two tall glasses. He dug a lime out of the crisper and sliced off a few pieces. As he squeezed the lime over the ice, Terri felt her nipples beginning to tingle. What would it feel like to have his fingers on her breast? She cleared her throat a little nervously as he poured sparkling water into the glasses and handed one to her.

"Thanks," she smiled, watching him over the rim of her glass as she took a sip. "So, do you have an office here that you use for your writing?"

"Yeah, it's upstairs."

He led her through the living room, past a huge picture window that looked out onto a backyard deck, pool and hot tub.

"Wow, this is really beautiful," Terri said sincerely. "It must be great to have your own pool on these hot summer days."

"Yeah, I do enjoy it. Plus, it's great with the backyard being so private. I don't have to worry about nosey neighbors if I want to sunbathe in the nude."

Terri nearly moaned at the mental image of him nude, slathered in oil, but she managed to subdue the urge.

She followed him up a flight of stairs to a landing that looked down below. As they walked down a hallway, they passed a massive bedroom, and Terri peeked inside. There was a king size bed, and the sheets were rumpled. Her belly tightened at the thought of him naked between those sheets.

His office was at the end of the hall, and it had large windows on two sides that allowed in an abundance of light. Brian flipped on a computer and motioned for her to sit down in the office chair. He leaned over her shoulder and his arm brushed along hers as he reached for the mouse.

"Let me just open up the folder...here we go."

He glanced down and nearly drooled at the sight of her full breasts and the dark valley in between. Even when he'd been her teacher, he had always fantasized about her lusciously full breasts. He knew she would have beautiful pert nipples, because he had seen the outline of them through her shirt many times. In fact, he could see their outline right now, and from this angle, he could see the edge of her bra. Was that red lace? His imagination went wild.

"What is the title?" Terri asked, glancing up at him.

Brian quickly met her eye. He wasn't sure if she had noticed the direction of his gaze, but he flushed slightly.

"The title? Oh, I'm not sure yet. It will probably be something along the lines of 'Class Reunion'. The final say will be up to the publisher."

"That sounds intriguing," Terri said with a grin. "What's the basic plot?"

Brian's flush grew even darker, but he managed to meet her stare. "Well, it's about a teacher who meets his former student at a class reunion. They hit it off and one thing leads to another...you know."

"Can I read one of the sex scenes?" Terri inquired, with a laugh.

"Well, I haven't really finished the first sex scene yet. I've kind of run into writer's block lately."

"Hmmm, well can I see what you've written so far?"

"Only if you promise not to laugh," he said, grinning down at her.

"You have my word, I won't laugh."

Laughter was the furthest thing from Terri's mind at that moment. She was more concerned about not soaking through her skirt. She held her breath as Brian leaned over her once more and clicked open a file. He scrolled down a few pages and clicked the curser to show her where the sex scene started.

"There you go. This is the first time the main characters are about to get laid. Tell me what you think."

Brian pulled up another chair and sat slightly behind and to her left as Terri began to read. At first, it was difficult for her to concentrate with him watching her. She could almost feel his eyes on her like a caress, and her skin began to heat. However, after a few minutes, she became totally engrossed in what she was reading.

He truly was a talented writer, and the characters he had created seemed to come to life. Terri was unaware of it, but as she read, she became increasingly aroused. Her lips parted slightly, her nipples hardened into tight buds that were clearly visible under her shirt, and she squirmed unconsciously on her seat. Brian couldn't help but smile as he watched her reactions. Damn she was sexy!

He watched her hand manipulate the mouse, and his mouth went dry. She seemed to caress it, her finger rolling smoothly over the ball. He squirmed in his own chair as he thought about her dainty little hand rolling smoothly over his balls...

"This is wonderful, Brian. But what an odd place to stop writing," she mused thoughtfully, finally turning to face him. "You were right to the best part, when he's about to take her, and you just stopped. Why?"

Brian cleared his throat and looked up at her a bit sheepishly from beneath his brows. "Well, I'm having a hard time trying to figure out the positioning."

Terri frowned. "What do you mean?"

"I can't decide what position she wants him to fuck her in. What do you think would be best?"

Terri's pulse was suddenly hammering, and she felt an overwhelming tightening in the pit of her belly. She swiveled her chair around to face him, and her legs brushed against his. It seemed thirty degrees hotter in the room.

"I guess that depends on how big his cock is," she whispered in a sultry voice. Her eyes dropped suggestively to his lap, and she could see the large outline of his very hard erection.

"I'd say it's bigger than average," Brian said softly. "Since her pussy's so tight, she's likely going to have a hard time taking him all in."

"Hmmm," Terri said thoughtfully. "Then it's probably best for her to be on top, so she can control the penetration and give herself time to stretch."

Terri stood up and straddled his hips, lowering herself onto his lap. Her skirt was too short and too tight for this position, and it rode up high on her hips, revealing her lacy red thong panties.

"You know, something like this," she murmured.

Terri could feel his rock hard cock bulging beneath her, and she gave him a seductive smile as she opened her thighs wide, giving him a better view. Brian grasped her hips, taking the opportunity to enjoy the sight of her damp crotch. There was a growing patch of moisture showing on her panties, and he could smell her musky scent.

"Do you think he should completely undress her first, or just make love to her with her clothes on?"

As he asked the question, Brian was sliding her t-shirt up over her breasts. He whisked it over her head, leaving her upper body in just a lacy red bra. Her nipples were clearly visible, and the way they peeked through the gauzy lace made him painfully hard. It took only a flick of his hand to release the clip in her hair, and it tumbled in golden waves down around her shoulders.

Terri was finding it hard to talk, but she managed in a breathy whisper as his hands cupped her breasts and began squeezing her nipples. "I think after not seeing each other for several years, they would be too impatient to completely undress. I think she would just be desperate to have him inside her. She's probably been dreaming about him for years."

"I'm sure he's had his fair share of fantasies about her too. It probably drove him wild when she was his student, and he couldn't have her."

Brian pulled her nipple into his mouth and began to suckle it hard, through her bra. He grazed his teeth over the tip, and she moaned. Her head fell backward in surrender, and she arched to press her breast more fully into his lovely hot mouth.

"And would she be terribly wet for him, do you think?" Brian asked, still feasting on her tit.

"Umm, yes definitely. Her panties would be soaked through." Terri's reply came out as a guttural groan.

Brian's hand cruised down to her pussy, and he explored her swollen folds as he switched to her other breast. She was so wet that they could both hear the slurping sound of his fingers caressing her. Brian grasped the crotch of her flimsy panties and pulled it aside, slipping one finger deep inside her.

Good lord, she was tight and wet! Brian almost shot his load right then, feeling the muscles of her pussy clamp down onto his finger. He released her nipple and watched her face as he stroked her hot little pussy. His thumb raked across her clit, and he slipped another finger in beside the first. Terri moaned and rocked her hips against his hand, her eyes closed in concentration.

"How can he be sure that this is really what she wants?" Brian asked her.

Terri's eyes fluttered open to lock with his, and she smiled. "She would show him, of course. Like this."

In one graceful move, she rose from his lap and knelt between his legs. Meeting his eye, she unzipped his jeans and pulled them down to reveal his beautiful, hard cock. Her eyes widened when she saw the size of him. He was at least ten inches long and broader around than her wrist. Her pussy twitched in anticipation of being stretched to accommodate him.

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