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Classroom Barbie


Chapter 1

Mrs. Williams walked into her classroom. Already her class was waiting for her. She smiled at them, but they mostly ignored her; texting under their desks, chatting with each other, playing on their iPod touches. "Ahem, class." She said to them. It was the first day of the year, and already she could tell the senior class was ready to be done with high school. "Alright class, my name is Mrs. Williams and welcome to health education." She smiled at them.

Mrs. Williams was in her mid thirties. She was rather plain looking with long straight brown hair that she always kept in a bun. She wore a set of thin square glasses that covered up her dark brown eyes. She was average weight, not fat, but not model skinny. She also has almost no ass and bust. She usually wore coats or professional looking attire, nothing flashy at all, and her skirts always went past her knees, her neckline never low. Her face was pretty, but she wore almost no make-up and she had slight wrinkles on either side of her eyes, smile lines around her mouth and some lines on her forehead.

One of the boys actually paid her attention. He had dark hair and matching eyes, and was broad shouldered and handsome. His skin was pale and his hair shaved short. He was wearing a stylish red shirt, jeans and matching red Vans. She saw him smile at her as if to continue with her lesson. She would make note to learn his name, it was always nice to have an attentive student in class.

When the bell run John grabbed his stuff and headed out of class. He put in his headphones as he walked down the hall thinking about his new health teacher, Mrs. Williams. He'd heard that her husband had died earlier that year in a car accident. It was pretty tragic. Sure she was very plain, but beneath that she was actually attractive, and John liked the sound of her voice. Perhaps she'd be a good candidate for his new project.

An hour later John slipped in front of his computer as he began working on the program. It was a special program he'd designed. It was a brainwashing program. He continued to type in subliminal messages and commands. The program was designed to make certain people fall into a trance. Depending on what name he put into the program, it would subliminally say their name and put them into a trance. If he watched it wouldn't affect him at all. Using the program he crafted his first video. He'd reveal a series of videos to Mrs. Williams over time, and watch as she changed.

It would take time, but he knew it would work. She was the perfect test-subject. He'd first get Mrs. Williams on his good side, make sure she liked him as a student. Then he'd approach her after-school telling her he'd found a cool educational health video on YouTube. He'd then play the first video for her. The program was designed that once the brainwashing part ended she'd have no recollection of watching the video. Once she snapped out of her trance, the actual educational video would begin to play. It was fool-proof.

Three weeks passed and John already knew that Mrs. Williams adored him. He turned in his assignments on time every day, participated in every class discussion, and took lead in the projects. He even brought her an apple after school once or twice, cliché as it seemed. His friends made fun of him; usually John was quiet in school, cracking jokes when he did talk and pretty much doing his own thing. They called him teacher's pet, and kiss ass. If only they knew what he was planning?

That day John waited in class after the bell rang. Once the other student's had filled out he stayed at his desk. Soon the classroom was empty. Mrs. Williams was busy grading papers. John grabbed his laptop out of his backpack and walked up to her desk. She looked up and gave him a warm smile, he noted the slight imperfections of her teeth; a few were crooked. "Come to give me another apple?" she asked. "I do thoroughly enjoy them, quite extensively actually." There was that vocabulary again, she always talked like that. She was smart, too smart.

John motioned to his computer. "Actually," he said. "I found this neat educational health video on YouTube and thought you might like to see it," he said giving her a smile.

"Why not, I don't think more knowledge would injure my career." She smiled.

John nodded and placed his laptop on her desk with the page already open. He stood by her and then leaned over and pressed the play button. Instantly the screen began to flash several colors, white, green, pink, bright blue. Mrs. William's eyes seemed glued to the screen.

It was as if she'd frozen, her mouth was slightly open as if she was about to say something. Her eyes looked glazed over and lifeless as she watched the screen never blinking. John grinned and walked over to her class-room door before locking it and turning out the light so people would think she went home early.

He returned to the desk and waited as the video played. Words like, platinum blonde, bimbo, fake, surgery, sex, style all flashed across the screen; followed by the words Botox in bright letters. He then saw his name flash across the screen. John; is sexually attractive. It flashed several times. You want him. He smiled this was almost too easy. He noted the dribble of drool slip past her thin lips as she watched the video.

He knew it was almost completed. He moved back to where he'd been standing before as the brain-washing part ended and the education video began. Mrs. Williams blinked several times. She began to watch the video, "This seems like a good find," she said. If only she knew. When the video was done John smiled and grabbed his laptop.

"See you tomorrow Mrs. Williams!" he said. "Bye John, I can't wait! I mean see you tomorrow for your next lesson." She said, he noticed her blush at her mistake. So it was working indeed. John headed home on his bike. He'd show her the next video a few days later. Not only would the videos slowly program her, but they also drained her intelligence. Soon her IQ would be almost half what it was now, and maybe he'd drop it even lower. Yes John was going to turn his plain, intelligent health teacher into a bimbo.

The next day John walked into class and looked at Mrs. Williams. The first thing he noticed was how suddenly smooth her face looked. All her wrinkles had vanished, and her face seemed to have an almost frozen look to it. Her skin seemed to reflect the light a bit more then natural. So she'd followed his instructions, she'd gotten injected. He also noted that her hair was down today, and not only that but she'd dyed it: and platinum blonde too. "You're hair looks great Mrs. Williams, you look so much younger!" Said an attractive prep girl named Ashley, who had the same shade of dyed hair.

"Thank you Ashley," Mrs. Williams beamed, smiling as much as her new taunt face would allow. None of them noticed how younger she looked, they didn't know she'd had Botox, they only noticed the hair. They didn't see the little details. John was surprised as he watched Mrs. Williams pull out an iPhone and send a few texts before setting it down.

"I just got a new phone, I'm already addicted." She said. This wasn't her style at all; already it was altering her personality.

As Mrs. Williams got up to teach her lessen John noted her clothes. She'd worn a dark blue skirt today, and it was much shorter then usual, coming up to halfway up her thigh. She was also wearing a white blouse, and a pearl necklace. He noted that her blouse was more low-cut though there wasn't much to show, even with the padded push-up bra he could tell she was wearing. He noted her bright red-lipstick and the dark eye-shadow and makeup she was wearing. She already looked like a new woman. John smiled to himself silently as the class progressed.

Once class was finished he hesitated by her desk. "You look really nice," John smiled. She looked down and blushed. "Thanks John," she said. "I thought it was time for some changes, after my husband..." she cut herself off.

"I know what happened," John said and he placed his hand on hers. "You shouldn't be sad, you're young, and you look great now. Live your life." He winked at her. She nodded, "Thanks John..." she said. He began to walk towards the door.

"Wait, um John do you have a Facebook?" she asked. "I know teachers aren't supposed to add students until they graduate, but I thought I could make an exception for my favorite pupil." She said looking embarrassed. He hadn't expected this. He smiled, "Yeah sure," he said. "Just search my name and add me." He said before walking out.

Later that day he went online and accepted her friend request; he browsed her page for a while. Seeing how dead it was mostly, it had a lot of comments about the tragic death of her husband. Most of her pictures were taken by other people; she looked plain and timid in all of them. Except for three new pictures she'd taken in the bathroom recently. All of them showed her new improved face, style and blonde hair. John read through the comments that were pouring in from her friends and family, saying she looked great. She did, but John wasn't close to being finished.

Chapter 2

Three weeks later and John had finished his latest video. Like before he waited until the class was empty and approached her with the computer. He noted her new black and stylish glasses as he asked her if she'd like to see the next video in the same series he'd shown her before. She agreed happily. John pressed play and stood back as the video began to play. Like before she fell into the trance almost instantly. John locked the door and turned off the lights like before.

As she watched the video he reached out and stroked her new smooth skin. She didn't seem to react at all as she stared at the screen; the words, lips and injections flashed across the screen, followed by Barbie, pink smile; the words teeth fillers followed next. Soon the brainwashing ended and the video began. Mrs. Williams returned to life with a confused look on her face. "Like wow this video is giving me a headache," she said as she rubbed her temples.

It was working, her intelligence was dropping. She paused the video, "Maybe we can finish it another day." She said. John smiled, "Sure." He said, which meant he didn't have to sit through the boring part. He knew the old Mrs. Williams would have never turned down a chance for new Health knowledge, could it be that the new one already found it boring?

"I'll see you later Mrs. Williams." He said as he left her class. Tomorrow he'd see if the video's instructions had been followed.

John slid into his familiar desk the next day and waited for Mrs. Williams to show up. She entered the class about five minutes late. "Sorry," she said to the class before flashing them a smile. John was taken aback by her new teeth; they were large, perfectly symmetrical movie-star dental fillers now. They were as white as teeth could get without becoming blinding. She also wasn't wearing glasses; she must have switched to contacts.

Not only that but her eyes were suddenly vividly blue instead of brown. Not only contacts, but fake colored ones. She was rapidly changing. Today she was wearing a stylish red dress, and high red heels. She looked great. As she sat down at her desk he noticed that her lips looked swollen and much more plump then usual.

They weren't as plump as he'd imagined, but there was a noticeable change. She'd also worn pink glittering lip gloss. Mrs. Williams opened her pink purse and pulled out her lip-gloss. John watched as she applied it to her new thick lips, when she was done she puckered her lips in a pout for good show. John felt himself getting hard. He noticed how the other students acted around her now.

They paid much more attention, and all the guys seemed to stare at her before talking amongst each other. The popular girls seemed very friendly with Mrs. Williams and went up to sit by her desk as they chatted with her. He noticed that the lesson was much shorter and Mrs. Williams simply played a health video while she texted at her desk and surfed Facebook.

"Damn, when did Mrs. Williams get hot as fuck?" his friend Erin asked. John turned to Erin and grinned, "I have no idea, she does look pretty good doesn't she?" he asked.

"Yeah man, she's like a different person." He shrugged. "This class is much more chill now, we haven't done any work, or had any homework in days." He said.

"Yeah, Mrs. Williams is actually cool now." John said.

Mrs. Williams walked into the teacher-lounge during her planning period to get some coffee. She noticed the looks from the other teachers. "Uh, Sarah?" asked her fellow teacher, Mrs. Smith. "Hey girl," Mrs. Williams said. Mrs. Smith looked surprised by Mrs. Williams greeting. "My, my you are sure going for a new look these days," Mrs. Smith said. She was short and fat, and about forty years old with graying hair. "I'm not sure if I approve, I know teachers don't have a formal dress-code, but don't you think those heels and that dress is a bit much?" she asked.

Mrs. Williams rolled her eyes at her, "You can take your damn opinions somewhere else, and stop being like jealous of me." she said as she grabbed her cup of coffee and strode past Mrs. Smith. Once she was back in her class Mrs. Williams locked the door. What's happening to me? The other staff look at me like I'm a hooker now... My head hurts daily and my mind feels strangely blank... And all this expensive cosmetic stuff I'm doing? Why? I'm getting Botox injections every other week, and my new teeth and lips... my god. She thought as she sat down. Who am I kidding... I can't keep him off my mind... John. He's so handsome and smart... I want to look young and sexy for him, I, I... oh what am I thinking he's eighteen. Mrs. Williams turned onto John's Facebook page and began to click through his pictures. She sighed and suddenly felt her finger rubbing her clit. She moaned feeling herself wet. She hadn't pleasured herself in months. She plunged her finger into her tight and newly shaved pussy and began to finger herself to John.

A week later and John stayed after class again. He watched as Mrs. Williams admired herself in a small-hand held mirror. Her lips were even more plump now, it seemed she'd upped the injections. He placed his laptop on her desk. "I found a new health video Mrs. Williams," he said. "Oh please call me Sarah, John," she said placing her hand on his for a moment. He noticed her new long fake nails, which were bright pink with white tips. She drew her hand away after a moment, smiling at him with her perfect teeth. Her face looked newly injected, it was more frozen then usual and it reflected light even more then usual.

"Okay Sarah," he said testing out her first-name. "You should be aware that this is a health education, sexual video though," he said. Health class covered many sexual topics; it had a whole sex-ed like chapter; that talked about STDS, why to use protection, etc. Though that was all down the line in the year. She nodded, "I trust you John, play the video." She said. He didn't have to asked twice. He pressed play and the colors began to flash. Once again her eyes became glazed over and her face an emotionless mask as she watched the video. Words like: slut, cougar, MILF, sex, dimwitted, big boobs, all flashed across the screen. You love fake boobs. Buy them, size DD. Get your ass implanted too, big like Kim Kardasian's. John watched the video play, knowing she could afford such upgrades due to the large fortune she'd inherited from her husband. It was true Mister Williams had had family money, he'd been a millionaire, and left it all to Mrs. Williams, though she squandered the money.

Soon the brain-washing ended and the video began to play. Mrs. Williams blinked several times. "Oohhhh, my head feels funny." She said, and he noticed her voice was more high-pitched now. "Is this video like long? Cause I don't like long vids; and it better not be like boring." She said. At first it was the usual boring stuff, but about intercourse. Soon it switched to a porn video John had spliced in. He watched Sarah's cheeks flush. "This is like an educational video?" she said seemingly confused. "Yes." he lied. "Okay." She said watching the man and woman fuck. He watched as her hand slipped under her skirt and she began to rub her clit through her visible pink thong, thanks to her super short white skirt. "I wish my tits were big and fake like hers," Sarah said. She suddenly seemed to realize what she'd done and said.

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry John! God I'm so fucking dumb, oh my god John I can't believe you saw me do that," she said appalled. "Please don't tell anyone, I will get like fired!" She said.

"Calm down I won't tell anyone," John said earnestly. He stopped the video. "You promise?" she pouted with her big plump lips.

"Yes." John said. "Well today's the last day before Thanksgiving break, I'll see you in a week Sarah." He smiled heading for the door.

"Bye John!" she waved at him. "I'll miss you hun." She smiled at him. He walked out of the class, knowing her intelligence had been lowered even further. She hardly seemed capable of teaching a class now, but he didn't care. He couldn't wait to see her new implants after the break.

Sarah sat alone in her classroom. She couldn't believe what she'd done in front of John. She shrugged, "Oh well," she said getting up. She had a whole week off from teaching. She stood up and looked in a new full-body mirror she'd added to her class. She touched her chest, feeling her small a-cup breasts beneath her push-up bra. She then turned and looked at her flat ass. "Not anymore, I won't be that girl, no more!" she said. "I'll be sexy! My tits and ass will be big!" she said. She grabbed her purse, it was time to withdraw some money and see her plastic surgeon.

Suddenly the principal walked into her classroom. He looked at Sarah and frowned. "I need to talk to you Sarah," he said. "Some of the other staff have expressed that they are concerned for you. They say you've changed, and only play movies in your class. And that you dress way out of line for a teacher." He said as he examined her super-short white skirt and heels.

"I'm sorry but if you don't stop this I may have to let you go," he said.

"No! Please!" Sarah said. "I'll do anything if you let me keep my job," she pleaded. She knew that the principal was married, but to a stern looking woman, she wasn't anything as pretty as Sarah. "I'm sure we can figure out like something to fix this," she smiled at him before reaching down and rubbing his groin.

"Uh..." he stuttered. "I guess I could change my mind about letting you go..." he said. Sarah nodded and walked over to the door locking it. She then walked back to the principal before undoing his pants and dropping them to the floor along with his underwear. She then got on her knees and began to stroke his cock, making it nice and hard. She then wrapped her plump cock-sucking lips around his cock and began to give him head. She sucked on his cock hard, the principal moaned from the pleasure. She pulled her lips off his cock and jacked him off. "Mmm cocks taste yummy!" she giggled before sucking on it again. She then began to deep-throat his cock. "This will be our little secret," the principal moaned.

Chapter 3

That night John browsed Sarah's Facebook again. She'd posted more pictures. A lot of them were starting to be racy due to her new outfits, and she was also showing off her plump lips a lot. He noticed her amount of friends had jumped from 92 to 543. She had a lot of comments on the new pics, most were good, but a few of her old friends and family seemed worried. There was one comment by Sarah responding to their concerns. Like you all need to stop being haters, and let me live my life. Suddenly his phone vibrated with a text.

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