tagNonConsent/ReluctanceClaudia Ch. 02

Claudia Ch. 02


This is a story of fantasy, fiction, the characters aren't real, and any similarities are pure coincidental. I love feedback --- Thanks Jack


This is dedicated to one of my fans, thanks for being a motivation. ;)


It's always the same boy meets girl, boy grows up with girl, girl always falls for wrong guys, guy rapes girl and girl falls for guy... at least that was mine. My girl has always been the girl next door Claudia. It's been a week since the incident and things have never been better.

Knock. Knock.

There she was the girl of my dreams standing 5'4", sexily toned body with a nice firm ass, 38d tits and the lustiest hazel eyes ever!

"Hey..." she says silently as she kisses my lips pushing me against the wall.

I barely had the door closed before she ripped my shirt open and buttons flying all over the room. Her kisses fell lower and lower on my body.

"I missed you so much baby..." I whimpered even though I saw her last night.

"mmmmm... I couldn't stop touching myself..." she whispered sensually as she unbuttoned my pants.

"Oh yea... what were you thinking about?" I humored her.

"This..." she said freeing my cock from its confines. She stoked it a bit "I couldn't stop fingering myself in anticipation of the next time I would have your hot load down my throat!"

I groan as she wraps her lips around my shaft driving me insane.

"You like that...?" she says in between sucks "you like your little slut talking dirty begging for you're cum..."

"Oooo... yea..." I respond thinking I have died and gone to heaven.

In one movement she deep throats holding it, and pulls away stopping.

"wha.. What?" I question looking down on her.

"Well I been so mean to you I wanted to do something special for you..." with that she pulled her shirt and bra out wards freeing her delicious melons from their holding grounds, I could help but gawk at how much they were pushed up and how tasty they looked.

I move down to suck on them but she pushed me back up against the wall "mmmmm..." she whispered in my ear "they aren't for you... but your friend" with that she drops back to the floor and nestles my cock between them "how does it feel baby?"

"Amazing..." I have my eyes close looking to the ceiling as her tongue does light laps on the head of my throbbing cock.

With each thrust I slowly feel myself building... holding back Cumming as long as possible.

She picks up pace rushing the ritual as if hoping for something... wanting something.

"Oh... baby!" she says grabbing my attention.

The sight was too much, she beautiful 38 D tits and those eyes, it was just too much "ahhhh... I'm Cumming!"

With that she slammed my cock in the back of her throat accepting my first hot stream of cum, with each suck she took more until I was dry leaning against the wall for support. I look down at her to see a small stream that escaped her mouth; she looked really sexy as she scooped it up in her mouth. My hand brushes her cheek as I know how much we were meant for each other.

As we made it to the couch, drained from her assault she melted into my arms as we watched the movie. Life was perfect I had my perfect girl and we pretty much talked about anything, but as we got to talking halfway through the conversation it dawned on me of the date and I realized Claudia's birthday was no more than 5 days away. I had no enough money and I wanted to do something special, SHIT! Life was perfect.

Being a Sunday I ended the night early because the main thing I wanted to do was call up my friend Tim and see if he needed any help in his construction crew.

I got the job to help at the site the only problem was it was being on vacation I had the time but I needed to do this without Claudia finding out, the only thing she hated more than her ex's were presents. She was never a material girl but since she was mine I wanted to show her how she needed to be loved, treated as someone special... my special someone.


As I finished wrapping her gift I grabbed my phone and began dialing.

"What..." she snapped before any greeting.

"Hey I was just wondering if you still coming over tonight?" I ignore her mood knowing she will eventually get to it if I don't pay it any mind.

"Why?" she said sarcastically "You been acting weird, going off for hours and ignoring me!"

"Because we had plans..."

"Yea we did on a few of these nights but you come over and pass out next to me..."

"Claudia!" I raised my voice trying to keep myself composed "just come over for a bit and all will be explained!"

There is a long silence "fine..." Hanging up I knew it wasn't over. Now I had to figure out how I would get her to put on the blindfold to see her surprise.

Knock. Knock.

"You fucking cheating on me!" she snares hitting me on the shoulder before I could welcome her.

"No!" I shout angrily.

"Then how come when you did come over those few times all you did was fall asleep on the couch?!" she had her story all figured out.

"I would never..."

"Who's the slut?" she interrupted and started to cry.

"Shut up for a sec..." I ask.

"You know I can't take this again..." she cries and shouts a bit more.

I snap "JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!" pushing her against the wall I shove the blindfold in her mouth before she can finish her sentence. She looks so sexy breathing heavily with that small look of excitement, anger and anticipation.

She is still as my hands trail her shoulders and her tank top falls revealing her tits.

"Just relax..." I say calmly "... and let me take care of you." I bite down on her nipple and my fingers move along the fabric of her booty shorts massaging her slit.

She moans at the contact and bucks to respond asking for me, but as quickly as a light switch her eyes fly open.

"What makes you think..." she responds by spitting out the gag "... I gonna fuck you!"

It wouldn't have been that bad until she swung her hand for my face as if reflex I grab her arm twisting it bending her over the hallway table.

I smack her ass.

She moans and squirms.

"How about you fucking, calm down!" I say sternly as I continue my assault on her perfectly round ass.

"mmmm..." she can only moan.

"Show me some respect!" I slap her ass again.

"Ok..." she mumbles.

In a quick movement I turn her around dropping her to her knees and shoving my cock in the back of her throat she can't help but reflexively suck. I grab her head and roughly fuck it "yea... isn't that better?" I forget about everything else and just want her to keep quiet. AS I slowed my pace I would take my cock out and put it back in everything was going great until she leapt to her feet to run down the hall.

In another rage I tried to grab her but instead I pulled down her shorts tripping her to the floor of the living room carpet.

"WHY won't you fucking calm down?" I say in a fury as I mounted her ass "looks like you need to be punished again..." with that I forced my cock up her tight asshole!

She shrieks clenching her teeth, her hands can't help but grab into the carpet.

I thrust.

She moans, trying to fight but ends up pushing more into my thrusting cock. With each thrust she is pushed more and more into the room.

I am lost in lust, passion and just sick and tired of her questioning me; my thrusts are long and powerful. When she is stopped but the fire place I pick up my speed and move my hand to her clit. The touch alone throws her into frenzy as her ass clenches and I unload my seed deep into her ass

"Ahhhh..." she shakes as he body falls flat.

When the air gets quieter I see her eyes wondering she notices the candles, fireplace and during her orgasm she ripped the wrapping paper on her brand new x-box Kinects.

"Happy birthday..." I say silently.

She slowly rolls over cuddling into me, as she looks into my eyes her hand moves down to my cock and starts to stroke it "thank you baby..." she moves down "I'm sorry..." she starts lovingly sucking my cock.

All I can do is lie back and think, yep life is great!

"You know I hate presents..." she says only focusing on my now hard cock.

"I know but its really something we can do together..." I stare in her direction wanting to get her attention "...I love you"

She stares into my eyes and melts into my kiss, mounting my cock she slowly pentrates her tight pussy.

"mmmm..." we moan in unison caught up in the kiss.

"yea.." she cries as she picks up the pace throwing her hands through her hair.

I can't help but wet my lips at the sight of her heaving chest and exotic face. I bite down on her nipple sucking it for all it worth.

"ahh..." she cries as I thrust into her movements.

"Cum in me..." she whispers in my ears.

"mmmm... baby..." I wanted to cum so badly "... your mine!" i state

"Yes... always..." she picked up the pace "I'm always going to be your little slut!"

As each of our movements are in unison, the warmth of her hot pussy and the deep breathes in my ear, I knew I wanted sweet release and With that I released my load deep into her cunt thinking life is good!

To be continued...


Thanks to all you fans and everyone who motivate me to write better stories. I am always open to ideas and opinions. Thanks

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