tagInterracial LoveClub Adventure

Club Adventure


The front of the Club reminded me a lot of Temptations. It had a similar strip mall storefront feel to it. There were a lot of cars in the parking lot. A good sign. Beth was wearing her club outfit. Tiny little purple skirt, tight sweater, and her black fuck me boots. I knew that underneath she had on a bra and her black thong panties. She looked very hot.

We walked into the club. First was a little outer area waiting room. We buzzed and were let in. After being asked the typical questions ("Are you law enforcement?") we signed the forms and paid the $60 fee. A guy gave us a half-assed tour. Actually he pointed out where the main room was and told us to have fun.

The place was dark, smoky and pretty loud. The bass beat was thumping in my chest. Through the haze I could see that there was a pretty good crowd already. Various t.v.'s set up around the perimeter of the main area were showing porn. A nice touch. Beth and I began our first lap around the place to see what was there. Several rooms were down a hallway. Some of them had themes (like dungeon). They didn't seem to have too much action. Yet. Beth was getting some long looks from both the men and women as we walked by. Most eyes were glued to her big tits. I smiled and thought about what might happen that night.

We made our way back to the main room and scoped out a table to sit at. We sat and opened our bottle of wine and looked at some of the other people. Some nice looking women were there. Lots of guys as well. It was apparent that the club let single guys in to play. We were soon joined by two other couples. They were very friendly. One couple was a pair of regulars. They came to the place almost every weekend to play. The other couple was a set of first timers like us. It wasn't clear whether they had ever done something like this before. They had the deer in the headlights look about them. They weren't sure whether to stare at a naked woman walking by or just look away. I could definitely relate. We engaged in small talk; idle chitchat. The two husbands stared greedily at Beth. The wives were somewhat attractive. I could see myself banging either one of them. Nice friendly couples, like us.

Of course, that isn't what Beth had in mind.

She was staring at a corner of the dance floor where some black guys were standing and talking. She wasn't paying much attention to the conversation at the table. One of the husbands was asking me what we were into – he was obviously trying to see if Beth was interested in him. I told him that we were just kind of hanging to see what would happen that night – hoping to put him off for a bit. He said that his wife really wanted to get together with us both. I smiled and said that was cool and that I would talk to Beth about it. I was rubbing my hand up and down Beth's thigh, going higher and higher each time. Her breathing was a little ragged, and I knew that she was pretty excited by the situation. She turned to me.



"I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere."

With that, Beth got up and walked over to the dance floor. All eyes at my table followed her as she made a beeline right to the two black guys. We watched as she started talking was soon out on the dance floor with one of them. Within minutes, his hands were running up and down her back and squeezing her ass. All pretenses were soon forgotten as the two began to kiss each other deeply and the black guy began kneading one of her large breasts.

"Is she coming back?" asked one of the guys at the table.

"Um, eventually," I said, smiling weakly. They all kind of stared at me and knew that my wife was there to get fucked by some black cock.

"Well, we're all going back to a room in a bit," the other guy said. "Do you want to join us?"

"Um, I have to wait here for her," I mumbled as I watched Beth grind her pelvis against the big black guy on the dance floor.

"Oh," said the other guy. "Well, if you don't think that she'll be back too soon. . ."

Just then, I noticed that Beth and her new friend were headed over to us. They walked up and Beth had a huge smile on her face. She was flushed and was likely dripping wet between her legs.

"Hi honey," she said. "C'mon, let's go back to a room so Ty here can fuck me."

"Um, ok," I said. The other couples just kind of smiled uncomfortably and watched the three of us go.

We went to one of the rooms and went inside. Beth sat down on the bed and Ty got in front of her.

"Why don't you strip me baby," he said.

"Mmmmm, yeah," said Beth. She took his shirt off of him and then unbuttoned his pants. She pulled them down, leaving him in only his boxers. They tented grotesquely from his huge cock. "Oh my," Beth giggled, "What have we here?" Beth pulled his boxers down and his huge black cock sprang free. It almost hit her in the face. The big purple head bobbed in front of her before Beth opened her mouth and began to suck on it. She sucked the head and down the shaft, getting it nice and wet. She began sliding both hands up and down the huge shaft. After a while she stopped sucking and looked at me.

"Why don't you take your clothes off too while Ty undresses me?"

I quickly took my clothes off as I watched the guy take my wife's clothes off. He spent a lot of time sucking her tits while he did it. He also licked her pussy a bit. Beth was moaning and gasping as his big tongue pushed into her pussy. Finally he stood up and grabbed his own huge cock. My own cock was almost bursting I was so hard.

"Hey baby," he said, "which cock do you want to fuck?"

"Mmmmmmmm," said Beth. "Go stand next to him Ty." Ty came and stood next to me, his big cock bouncing away. I was nowhere near either his size or girth. Beth walked over and grabbed both of our cocks. "Which cock do I want to fuck my tight little pussy? This huge black monster?" She slid her hand up and down the shaft of Ty's cock. "Or this one?" she said as she just grabbed my cock.

"Um, both?" I said as I began to enjoy her hand on my dick.

"Mmmmmm. There's an idea," said Beth. She had removed her hand from my cock and was now stroking Ty's cock with both hands. "God Mark, do you see how big this cock is?"

"Y-yes," I said.

"He's soooo much bigger than you. God come over here again." I walked over and Beth grabbed my cock again and brought it next to his. Ty had begun fingering Beth's pussy. She was really aroused and I knew that she would probably cum soon. "Look at this big beautiful black cock. I want it in my pussy soooo bad.

"So have you made a choice," smirked Ty, looking at me.

"Well, at least to start," said Beth, dropping my cock again and bending down to suck on Ty's cock.

I just stood there for a while while she sucked. Then she got up and laid down on the bed. Ty got on top of her and whispered in her ear. Beth chuckled and looked at me. "Honey, why don't you wait outside and listen to me getting fucked? You can imagine all the nasty things that Ty's doing to me in here."

"O.K." I said. I began to gather my clothes to put on.

"No, don't put on your clothes. Just wait outside the door. You'll know when we need you again."

As I walked out the door and began to pull it closed, I saw Ty's big cockhead begin to tease Beth's pussy lips. She was already moaning and saying how big it was. I listened to the two of them fuck for what seemed like forever. It was probably about thirty minutes. Beth was screaming and cumming and begging Ty to fuck her harder and faster. She was saying things like "It's never been this deep!" and "Oh my god, I've never been fucked like this before!" Finally, I heard Ty groaning and grunting and knew that he was cumming in her pussy.

There was silence for a while and then the door opened. Ty walked out smiling, his big dick flopping around in front of him. "Your wife needs you for cleanup," he said as he walked to the bathroom area.

I walked in and saw Beth spread out on the bed. It was hot and sweaty in the room and smelled of sex. Beth's legs were open and her pussy was red and puffy. Cum was leaking out of it and pooling on the sheets. She looked up at me with half opened eyes.

"H-hi honey," she said. "That was amazing. I've never cum like that before. He fucked the shit out of me."

"I heard," I replied.

"Do you think you could clean me up a bit?" Beth asked. I crawled between her legs and began to lick at the sticky gobs of cum. It was like a slow moving river coming out of her. I licked and licked as Beth recounted her fuck session. All the positions, how deep he went, how great his big black cock felt. Between licking her gooey pussy and her story, my cock was raging hard.

As I licked her, I suddenly felt something on my ass. I soon realized that it was a tongue. Ty had come back in and was sticking his tongue into my ass. I heard Beth groan as she looked and saw what was happening. Ty stabbed his tongue directly into me, and I moaned in pleasure.

"You like that?" said Beth, "You like another guy shoving his tongue into your ass?"

"Oh yeah," was all I could say. Ty had reached around and was slowing jacking my cock as he licked my quivering ass hole. Beth was moaning and I tried to keep licking her gooey cum-filled pussy. She watched Ty lick me and was soon cumming again. This caused more of Ty's spunk to ooze out of her well fucked pussy and into my waiting mouth. I thought that I would cum any minute. Beth moved back on the bed, away from my mouth on her pussy. She watched Ty continue to tongue my ass, then slid back down near me.

"Honey," said Beth.


"I want to see you suck his cock. Would you do that for me? Would you suck Ty's huge cock?"

"Yeah," I answered. I didn't want him to stop licking my ass, but that thought of sucking on that black monster cock excited me. I turned and got on my knees on the bed as Ty came up to me, his cock quickly growing to its full hardness again. I looked at it for a few seconds. I was going to suck on another man's cock. The thought was a strange one, but also very exciting. Beth was breathing hard, waiting for me to take it into my mouth. I grabbed the shaft. It was warm and slightly sticky. I pumped up and down a few times. The first time I had done that with a cock that wasn't my own. I slowly moved my head down. I stuck my tongue out and licked the head a bit. I heard both Ty and Beth moan softly as my tongue made contact with his cockhead. It was warm and spongy. It tasted salty. A mixture of Beth and his cum. Not unpleasant, just different. I continued to lick and suck on the head of his cock. I quickly realized that I was not going to be able to get it into my mouth. My jaw simply would not open far enough. I liked and sucked on the head and down the long black shaft. I used my hands to jack his cock as well, and moved down to softly caress his balls. I figured that I might as well explore him fully since I was here. I head Ty moan a bit more loudly and looked for Beth. I realized that she had gone behind Ty and was shoving her tongue deep into his ass. We were double teaming him with our licking and tonguing. Ty was moaning and groaning more loudly, and I knew he would probably cum soon.

I stopped licking and sucking his huge cock and looked at him. "I want you to fuck Beth's pussy again."

Ty smiled. "Sure." Beth had stopped tonguing his asshole and came around to the bed again. Her had was rubbing her pussy and she looked at me in full agreement. She needed to have his big cock in her again.

"I want to fuck her in the ass at the same time though."

Ty looked at me. "You guys ever done that before?"

"Nope. But I've never sucked cock before either."

Ty smiled and said, "Well, let's give it a shot. That is, if Beth wants to."

Beth was rubbing her pussy furiously at this point. "Oh yeah. I want both of those cocks in me right now. But, how are we going to do this?"

"Well," I said, "Ty, you lie down on the bed." He did so, his big cock sticking straight up. "Now Beth, you slide that thing back into your pussy."

"Oh yeah," Beth moaned as she got on top of Ty and positioned her pussy over his cock. I could only watch in awe as the large black shaft slowly slid into her well lubed pussy. Beth began to slide up and down on his cock. I got my face down to her pussy and ass and began licking her ass. Every once in a while I would lick the shaft of Ty's cock and her pussy as well. Both were moaning loudly, and I didn't know how long either would last. When I though Beth's ass was lubed up enough, I gently pushed her forward a bit, so that she was almost lying completely on top of Ty. I climbed on the bed and awkwardly positioned the head of my cock with Beth's tight little asshole.

"Hold on a bit," I said, as I tried to get the head of my cock into Beth's ass. I was almost sitting on top of Ty's legs as I tried to push into Beth. Finally, I lined everything up and slowly slid my cock into Beth's ass. It felt really weird. I could feel Ty's big cock as I pushed. Beth was moaning and I was afraid that I was hurting her.

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked.

"N-no," grunted Beth. "J-just go, slowly."

I eased my cock in a bit more. Ty was doing a great job of staying still as Beth adjusted to the two cocks in her at once. I slid more of my cock into her ass. It was incredibly tight. Ty's cock was pushing against mine. The feeling was weird, but very nice. After a few more slow agonizing minutes, it was all the way in.

"Now what?" said Beth. "I feel completely stuffed."

"Well, let's try moving a little," I said, easing my cock out a bit. Ty did the same. It was disjointed a first, but we got into a bit of a rhythm soon enough. I couldn't believe that Beth had a cock in both her ass and pussy. "You like that?"

"Mmmmmm, not bad," said Beth, feeling the two cocks sawing in and out of her.

The problem was that the position I was in, kind of hunched over the two of them as I fucked her ass, was really uncomfortable. After only a few minutes, I had to slip out of her ass completely as my back couldn't take the pressure. I got off of them and the bed. Beth got off of Ty and got on all fours on the bed. She looked at Ty and said, "stick that thing in me from behind." Ty got behind her and slip his cock back into her pussy. Beth groaned as Ty began fucking her again. Beth looked up at me and said, "c-come here."

I walked over to her head again and Beth grabbed my cock. She opened her mouth and I slid in. Now she had two cocks in her again. One fucking her face and the other in her pussy. I grabbed Beth's head and began fucking her mouth. She was moaning and groaning as Ty began fucking her hard from behind. I quickly felt myself begin to lose it and began cumming in Beth's mouth. I hadn't cum all night and had quite a build up. I shot my load for what seemed like forever. A little squirted out of Beth's mouth and ran down her face. I pulled my now spent cock out of her mouth and bent down and kissed her hard as she was being fucked. Beth was screaming now as Ty fucked her hard and I knew she was cumming again. I tasted our juices in her mouth as she screamed into my lips.

Ty slowed down a bit after Beth came and said, "where do you want it?"

Beth smiled and looked at me with a twinkle in her eye. "Oooooo, in Mark's m-mouth."

I looked at her.

"C'mon honey, I want to see you swallow his cum. The same cum you were licking out of my pussy." I smiled as Ty pulled out of Beth's pussy with a squishy pop. He stayed kneeling as I crawled over to him on the bed and began to lick and suck on his cock again. He was real close and began to groan. I starting jacking his cock with my hand and put my mouth over the huge head of his dick.

"O-oh yeah," said Ty, grunting loudly. Suddenly, his cock jerked in my hand and I felt the first spirt hit my lips and tongue. I tried to cover the tip as best I could as he spurted a few more times directly into my mouth. His cum was hot and salty. The gooey texture was not entirely pleasant, but the whole scene was really erotic. I head Beth moan, "oh God!" and I think she came again. I was rubbing my own cock as I sucked on Ty's, feeling it get smaller.

We all kind of collapsed down on the bed. No one said anything or moved for a few minutes.

"That was fucking amazing," said Beth.

"I need some water and a shower," I said, feeling the stickiness start to get a bit crusty.

"You two are awesome," said Ty, stretching out on the bed. "That was some good fucking sex."

"Thanks," I said, feeling myself blushing a bit. "You were pretty good too."

"So," he said, "you live down here or what?"

We told him about our vacation and that we were leaving in a few days.

"Well, maybe you could plan a trip to South Beach where I live," he said.

"Yeah, that would be nice," said Beth, eyeing his big cock.

"You bet," he said. "I still need to fuck you in the ass." The he looked at me. "Both of you." We all smiled and laughed a bit.

Ty got up and helped us both up. "How about we go find that shower and see if we have anything left?

"oh, man, its gonna be a long, hard night."

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