tagBDSMCollege Days – Domination 101 Ch. 01

College Days – Domination 101 Ch. 01


Joe couldn't help but stare at Lori. She was a beautiful brunette in his computer science class at college. Her outgoing personality and strong confidence put her in a class of her own. There was something mysterious that attracted Joe to her, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it.

Joe considered himself a decent looking guy. He played sports and kept in shape. He was well liked by his friends and had a laid back personality. He loved to socialize and flirt with women. His weak spot was taking the next step with women. He was shy when it came to asking girls out on a date or even making the first kiss on a date. He often wished a girl would just make the first move with him so he didn't have to worry about the pressure. At this moment he was wishing Lori would do the same with him.

Lori and him had chatted and flirted a few times in the past. She was very approachable and Joe even thought there was interest in him from her. After knowing her for several weeks, he decided to ask her out after class one day. When the teacher dismissed class he caught up with Lori in the hallway.

"Hi Lori. How are you?"

Lori flashed her deep blue eyes, melting Joe's heart. "Great. How about you?"

"O.k. I guess. Listen, I...uh...wanted to ask you something. I was wondering if you'd like to go see a movie with me tonight?"

"A movie. How sweet Joe. That's sounds nice. Don't take this the wrong way, but I just don't know if you and I would work out. I expect a lot from the guys I date. I don't know if you could handle it."

The words seemed harsh from a girl that he adored. For a moment Joe was speechless. Normally he would accept the rejection and walk away but something made him want to stay. Something in the tone of her voice led him to believe that she was questioning him, or even challenging him to meet her expectations. She did not brush him off and walk away. Instead she stood with him, giving him her attention.

"Well, uh, Lori. I think I can handle it. Why don't you let me try?"

"Hmm. I don't Joe. It's nothing against you, but I seriously am demanding of the guys I date. I like to be in control. Most guys can't handle that."

Joe's confidence increased when he heard Lori's demands. He was glad to hear that she liked to be in control. He figured this would take the pressure off of him. "I don't have a problem with that Lori. I think you're a great person and I don't mind if you're demanding. Why don't we give it a try?"

Lori thought for a moment. She glanced Joe up and down and then said, "Well Joe...maybe it could work. Most guys will say anything to get into my pants, but I think you might be serious. I love a guy that can cook. Why don't we do a little test? Tomorrow night, I want you to come to my apartment and cook for my roommates and me. If you do a great job we'll talk about a date. Deal?"

Joe was not the best cook, but he didn't care. He was thrilled that Lori was not rejecting him. Happily he replied, "Yes. Not a problem. I can't wait to cook for you and your roommates. What should I make?"

Lori giggled. "That's one of the few decision I'll leave up to you. Surprise me." Lori wrote her number and address on a paper and handed it to Joe. "Here's my apartment. Bring all your food supplies with you. Be there at 4:00 so you have plenty of time to prepare and cook."

Joe took the paper and floated back to his dorm room. He was extremely excited about his date. He spent the rest of the evening looking through recipes on the internet. When he came across pasta recipes a brilliant idea popped into his head. There was a small Italian shop that made fresh pasta. He decided to buy their stuffed shells and sauce. It would be easy to prepare and taste delicious.

The next evening Joe showed up at Lori's apartment with all his food items. He was excited for the evening and when Lori opened the door his heart stopped at the stunning site before him. He couldn't believe that such a beautiful goddess had shown an interest in him. Lori had dressed to kill. She had done her hair and makeup as if she was going out on the town. She wore a crisp white blouse and a black leather skirt. Expensive stockings and a pair of heels showed off her slender legs. All Joe could say was, "Wow, Lori! You look fantastic!"

Lori flashed her pretty smile and gestured for Joe to come in. Lori's two roommates were dressed equally impressive. Lori introduced Joe to her roommates Pam and Linda. Although Joe's interest was in Lori, he was delighted to be in the company of her roommates. He figured it was going to be a fantastic night. His cock seemed to stir at the thought.

Joe felt under dressed in the presence of the three well-dressed girls. He was wearing a collar shirt and a nice pair of jeans, which he thought would be appropriate for a night at home. He began to worry that Lori would be offended that he didn't dress up more. He commented, "Wow everybody looks fantastic. I guess I should have dressed up more. I'm sorry about that."

Lori giggled. "Oh don't worry about that, Joe. I actually have some clothes for you."

Joe was confused, "You do?"

Lori explained, "Yes. Well, it's more like a uniform..." Lori's hands grasped Joe's shoulders, focusing his attention on her. The mere touch of her hands excited Joe. It was silly, but he was aroused at being in the presence of the girl he admired and fantasized about so much. "....I thought it would be fun to dress you up like a butler since you will be serving us tonight."

Joe laughed nervously. "Oh. O.k." The notion of serving them actually excited him. In his mind he joked that she was so hot he would do whatever she wanted. Little did he know his thoughts were not far from the truth.

Lori led him down the hallway to her bedroom. She closed the door and held up a pair of silky boxer briefs. They were shiny and black and very formal looking. "Of course if you're going to be my butler you've got to be a sexy one."

Joe took the underwear. He had never worn silk underwear before. The fabric was extremely smooth and silky. His cock stirred just from his fingers touching the fabric. He could only imagine what it would feel like when he slid the silk over his cock. It was clear to him that an erection would be immediate. He began to worry about being aroused in front of Lori. He wondered if she would laugh at him for being aroused so easily. "You want me to wear these," he asked surprised.

"Yep. I've even got a few accessories to go with them. You'll look super sexy all dressed up in these." Lori held up a black bow tie and white shirt cuffs to go around his wrists. He would basically look like a Chippendale in silk boxers. Joe was silent, wondering what he was getting himself into. He was excited about the possibilities the night offered, but nervous about how embarrassing it could end up.

Lori could see him pondering. She did not want him to think about it too much. "Remember what I said before Joe. I like things done my way. If you want to be with me, you've got to do this. Trust me, it's going to be a lot of fun. Now strip those clothes off."

It was almost funny how immediate Joe responded to Lori. "Ah, no problem Lori. Yeah...it will be my pleasure." Joe pulled his shoes and shirt off as Lori stood and watched. He unzipped his jeans, hoping he could control his arousal. He could not believe he was about to strip naked in front of Lori after only being in her apartment for a few minutes. This was definitely a record for him for first dates. Through focused concentration he was able to prevent an erection as he slid his pants and underwear off.

Lori commented, "oohhh. Very nice Joe. I just love having a naked man in my bedroom."

Lori's words broke his concentration and his control. His cock began to grow. Joe quickly pulled up the silk underwear, which only tormented him more. The soft fabric caressed his growing cock and made it even larger. Lori was delighted with the result. She rubbed her hand over the silk, along the length of his cock. She was in control now.

Her tongue parted his lips and pushed slowly and deeply into Joe's mouth. She teased his tongue and squeezed his cock. Through sensual kissing and soft strokes of his cock, Lori brought Joe into an erotic paradise. When his breathing was heavy and his kisses erratic, she knew she he was ready to burst. Lori pulled away. "Very nice Joe. Let's not get too excited. You still have a job to do."

Lori helped Joe put on the bow tie and cuffs and then stood back and admired his outfit. He looked incredibly sexy. She loved the way his hard-on strained against the boxer briefs. "Very sexy," she commented. Lori took his hand and pulled him toward the door, "Pam and Linda are going to love it!"

Joe hesitated. "Wait...uh...don't you think I should wait a few minutes?"


Joe looked down at his cock. "You...know..uh....for me to calm down a bit."

The shy, innocent look on Joe's face excited Lori. Many guys would show no shame in walking around with their hard cocks. These were not the guys Lori was interested in. For her, it was always a thrill to see the fear in a boy's eyes. Not a frightening fear, but a fear of being exposed and humiliated. As planned, she had created that fear in Joe and her pussy responded delightfully to his reaction. Her panties grew damp and hot. She smiled and grabbed his cock. Lori pulled him toward the door, using his cock like a leash. "Oh don't be shy Joe. My roommates are going to love it. It's the best part of your uniform."

Lori firmly pulled Joe down the hallway by his cock. He had no choice but to follow. Once in the living room, Lori released his cock and announced, "Look at our butler. He's so sexy isn't he?"

Joe stood in the middle of the room blushing and feeling a bit awkward. Linda commented, "Sexy, and quite horny I might say."

Joe was surprised to see Pam reach for his cock and even more surprised that Lori smiled seductively when she squeezed it. Pam added, "yes, this is nice. I think he should keep it this way all night."

The girls all laughed and Joe blushed even more. He was beginning to realize what the night was going to be like. He was blushing on the outside, but on the inside he was excited, knowing that he would be the attention of all three girls.

Lori agreed with Pam. "Great idea Pam. Keep this cock hard all night Joe or there will be consequences."

Joe was not even worried about the consequences. He replied "I don't think that's going to be a problem."

Lori said, "Good and I have a few more rules. Since you are a butler tonight, you will address us a ma'am or miss, is that understood?"

Joe smiled. He was beginning to like this game. "Yes ma'am."

Lori continued, "And butlers don't talk so no talking unless you have a question or are asked a question. If you hear this bell," Lori rang a small glass bell, "it means we need something and you must come to us immediately."

Joe's arousal was suddenly growing from his circumstances. He had three girls staring at him while he was hard and half naked. He was being instructed to serve and obey them. This was a new experience for him and he never anticipated how exciting it would be.

Lori finally dismissed him, "Time for you to get to work. Set the table, and get started on the cooking."

"Yes ma'am." Replied Joe. He headed off to the kitchen and the girls sat down in the living to chat and watch TV.

Luckily Joe picked an easy meal to cook. All he had to do was bake the pre-made shells and warm the sauce and garlic bread. He even brought pre-made salad. Joe had just finished putting the shells into the oven when he heard the bell ring. He looked over to see Lori smiling at him. Joe thought it was humorous to be paged by a bell, given the small size of the apartment. The kitchen, dining room, and living were almost one big room. A bar counter separated the kitchen from the dining room. The dining room was not much of a room at all. It was actually the back of the living room. A small oval table and chairs were the only hint of a real dining room.

Joe hurried over to the couch where Lori sat and played his part well, "Yes ma'am," he asked.

His cock was in a semi-hard state, which did not go unnoticed by Pam. Pam quickly corrected the situation. She squeezed his cock a few times and felt it grow hard in his hands. She scolded him in a sweet way, "Now, now Joey. Remember to keep this thing hard at all times."

Next Lori instructed him to bring them wine. Joe happily poured each of them a glass of wine. Each girl rewarded him with a peck on his check and few seconds of rubbing his cock. By the time he returned to the kitchen he was in an erotic high. Precum was oozing out of his cock and coating the insides of underwear.

Throughout dinner, the teasing continued. Joe served them salads and stuffed shells. Each time he arrived at the table, somebody was groping his cock, squeezing his ass, or even tweaking his nipples. A few times, Lori made him stand still while all three girls fondled and played with him. He was not allowed to move or speak while hands slid under his boxers and cupped his balls and stroked his cock. Small amounts of cum were milked out of him and massaged all over his cock. He even felt a finger glide down his ass and teasingly poke at his hole. This made him jump slightly and caused his insides to heat up with arousal. The girls brought him to the edge of cumming and then their hands retreated, leaving him breathless and wanting more.

Joe had never felt so aroused and horny before. He was ecstatic and in heaven. His mind was in a subspace and he became excited at serving the girls. Joe could not believe that Lori and her roommates were still fully dressed, and yet he was having the most erotic time of his life. When Joe was clearing the plates, Linda commented, "Lori, our butler must be enjoying serving us. His underwear is soaked in cum."

Joe blushed at the comment. Lori added to his embarrassment. She rubbed her hand over his wet boxers. "Aww.. did poor baby wet his underwear? Is that little cockypoo leaking all over the place?"

"Uhh...sorry..you girls are driving me crazy," mumbled Joe.

"Let's get these wet things off," said Lori and she slid the boxer briefs off Joe. Then she dramatically said, "Poor baby! I don't have another pair what should we do?"

Linda offered a solution. "I think I can help" She reached under her skirt and slid off her panties. "I was feeling a little over dressed anyway." Linda spread the panties in her hand and moved them down to Joe's feet. "Here, step into these Joey."

Under normal circumstances, Joe would have laughed and protested about putting panties on. But these were not normal circumstances. Joe was in state of arousal like never before. He was under the spell of three seductive and manipulative women. He was caught up in the moment and not thinking clearly. Joe forgot about his manliness and stepped into the black satin panties. Linda pulled them up and over his cock. The panties were tiny and his hard cock stuck out the top and his balls spilled over the sides of the crotch. Linda pulled the panties up tight and Joe was immediately aware that he was wearing thong panties.

The tightness of the panties felt good. The thong pressing into his ass caused a strange naughty sensation. Joe could even feel dampness in the crotch leftover from Linda's arousal. Knowing that he was feeling her pussy juices pressed against his cock excited him. The idea of wearing something so private and intimate thrilled him. A shiver ran through his body. His male ego wanted to protest and take the panties off but his body and emotions fought back his ego. As a boy, the mere sight of panties stirred Joe's wild emotions and fantasies. Now he was wearing them. It was taboo and that caused his cock to throb and twitch with excitement.

Joe did not know what to say. All he could do was moan in pleasure when Pam, Linda, and Lori all caressed his body at the same time. They formed a tight circle around him and their hands slid over his ass and cock. Hands caressed his chest and pinched his nipples. They all had pleasant comments for Joe while they sexually tortured him. Lori started with, "oohhh. Very sexy Joe. Seeing your cock all snug in those pretty girl panties makes my pussy hot."

Pam followed with, "yes....you look so cute in panties."

Linda added, "Mmmm. Very hot Joe. I love to see a boy in panties." Her tone lowered to a seductive whisper. "Can you feel the dampness Joe? Feel how hot you made me?"

Joe was so lost in pleasure that he couldn't answer. All the fondling and dirty talk was sending him over the edge. Hearing the girls arousal excited him. He felt an orgasm rising. He figured he better warn the girls. "Ohhh. You better stop or I might make a mess."

Lori squeezed his balls gently and whispered, "Mmmm. wearing panties is so exciting isn't it? Do you want to cum in your panties little Joey?"

"Yes," moaned Joe.

Lori released his cock and the other girls backed away. Lori whispered into his ear, "Not yet, sweetie. I'm not done with you yet."

Joe was frustrated, desperate, and breathless. The girls could easily see these emotions in his body language. All three girls stared at Joe enjoying his erotically crazed state of mind. Each of their pussies throbbed and heated up from their control over Joe. They enjoyed the thrill of teasing him and seeing him fight back his orgasm. They enjoyed putting panties on him, knowing that he would not normally do such a thing. It was their seductive control and feminine power that caused him to bend the rules of manhood. The evening was well orchestrated to arrive at this very moment.

Lori turned to her roommates and said, "Well girls, Joey seems like he has potential. What do you think?"

Joe wasn't exactly sure what Lori meant but Linda and Pam agreed with her. They also complimented Joe on the dinner. Joe was enjoying the good news. He was certain that Lori was impressed with him. Lori thanked her roommates for their help, and then her roommates gave Joe a kiss goodbye and headed into the night to carry on with their own plans.

After Linda and Pam left Lori turned to Joe and started caressing his already hard cock through the silk boxers. She whispered, "If you loved these Joey, you really love my silk night gown. Don't go away sweetie. I'll be right back."

Joe waited in anticipation for Lori to return wearing the night gown. She came back with the night gown but she was not wearing it, she was carrying it. She ordered Joe onto the couch. Next she held the night gown up for Joe to see. It was long and milky white with spaghetti shoulder straps. White lace decorated the top. The night gown was so silky and shiny that it almost glowed. Lori asked, "Very pretty isn't it?"

Joe replied, "Yes. I can't wait to see you in it."

Lori laughed. "You might have to wait for awhile for that. Lay down over here. You are going to love this even better."

Joe was confused but he did as instructed. Lori kneeled next to the couch and started to undo his wrist cuffs. "First let's get all this off." She removed his cuffs, bow tie, and panties, leaving him completely naked. Next Lori told Joe to close his eyes. Then, starting at his feet, she slowly dragged the silk night gown up his legs, over his cock, and over his nipples.

The soft silk rubbing over Joe's body was unlike anything he ever experienced before. An erotic shiver ran through him and a moan escaped his lips. His body came alive at the sensual feeling of the silk.

Once Lori reached his nipples, she lifted the silk off Joe and purposely paused for a moment. Joe's eyes slowly opened. Lori could tell from his gaze that he was slipping into a dreamy erotic state. His eyes silently pleaded for another touch of the silk. Lori's smile was knowing. "Close your eyes sweetie. Enjoy the feeling."

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