tagNonHumanCome Into the Dark Ch. 04

Come Into the Dark Ch. 04


Here is the latest installment of CITD. I want you guys to know that reading your comments really inspires me. Also, pay close attention: things are going to get shaken up! I will also be posting one (possibly two) teasers for other stories I've been working on. Let me know what you think!

xxo Mickey


His charm was debilitating. Sure, she tried to fight him off, but soon she was submersed in his scent and his smile. He knew exactly how to manipulate her. He knew her buttons and exactly how to carress- no- push them.

The truth was, she could avoid him like flies could avoid shit. Not at all.

She had been working on this new ad campaign, and today, for the first time, she would present in front of the higher ups in the company. Usually, she spoke only to the clients, but this case was different because the CEO of the company had taken a particular interest in the client. Perhaps that was because signing this deal meant ten million dollars of extra revenue for the next three years. Yea, she'd be cautious too.

After everything with William, she had felt so unsure about herself. The man had preyed on her. And she had simply stood there and let him take her. But that night with him, when he held her in his arms, so strong and sure of himself, so protective and...sweet? Well that night made her wonder if he meant what he said. It made her think that maybe he really did want more than just her body. For some reason, that scared her more than if he had only wanted sex.


She finished the last of her notes, and headed to the boardroom. She was always the first to arrive. Getting there twenty minutes before a presentation started didn't hurt. Grabbed some tea, set up her notes, brought up the slide show...


She turned around to see that the president of the company, along with the VP, CEO, and their secretaries had all decided to be early as well.

"Mister Campanelli, so nice to finally meet you!" She practically ran over, her hand extended, beads of sweat threatening to appear noticeably on her forehead.

"You must be Miss Benson. I've heard great things about you young lady. I'm not sure you've met Greg Pierce, our CEO, and Henry George, our VP."

She shook their hands, and smiled the biggest smile she could bare, until her cheeks ached. "Such an honor to meet you all, really."

"I hope you've got something great for us, Benson. This account could be the best deal we've ever signed. And if you're the reason, well, there could be amazing things in your future." Greg smiled and winked at her, causing her light brown skin to redden.

She cleared her throat as they took their seats, and soon others began to fill the room. It was strange for her to see so many people in the room. More than five was very abnormal. There was only one seat left, in the room that could house twenty, just moments before the presentation.

"Is everyone here? Shall I begin?" She looked around, unsure of which faces were of the most important.

A woman spoke up- "The CFO of the company is running late. He said to start without him."

Jenifer nodded. "Well then. Welcome, and thank you for coming. My name is Jenifer Benson, and I'm the head of marketing here at CPG. Each of you will find a packet in front of you that explains, in detail, everything we will go over here today, as well as a flash drive with all of the slides and animations..."


William pressed the button for the elevator for the third time in less than a minute. He was anxious. He couldn't wait to see her face when he walked in to view her presentation. He heard the dinging, and the doors open. He smiled as he entered and pressed the button for the fifth floor.


"Criag Cosmetics will be an innovator because selling cosmetics, for you, is not about making women beautiful, but rather enhancing the beauty that each woman already has. By using women who are not celebrities or supermodels, you can appeal to the everyday woman and give her more confidence than a catchy tag line. She doesn't have to spend all of her money on foundation and a special name- she gets a favorable product for a reasonable price."


That must be the CFO, mister Craig, she thought. She turned toward the back of the room to see a shadowy figure entering. With the lights off, it was impossible to see all the way back there.

"Please, continue," was all he said.

"Actually, that about sums up the presentation. Lucy, will you hit the lights for me? We will now have some time for questions and response."

The lights came on, and as her eyes adjusted, she made out the last arrival.

"Yes. Just from scanning through this packet, I can see that a lot of work has been done to show us something new and exciting. How do we know this will work? I mean, it sounds lovely, but where is the proof?"

Jen stood silently, watching the ocean in his eyes wash over her repeatedly. All eyes were on her, but his burned straight through her. She wanted to answer the woman's question, but she was frozen. "Uhm," she cleared her throat, "starting on page thirteen there is a series of studies and surveys. Many of the surveys were taken by a third party company that we often use for projects such as these. On page seventeen, one survey in particular points of that middle class women, ages 25-40, especially those with children, would prefer to see women that look like them in television ads. They want to see women of all shapes, sizes, and colors presenting them with a product that can be bought and used with ease."

She nodded.

"You've done your homework." William nodded and rose from his seat. He walked over, as if he was gliding on air. "There is something about you, and this company, that makes me think I can trust you. He reached her, and took her hand in his. "I'm sold."

If her jaw had dropped any further, it would have rolled under the table.

Then Campanelli and Pierce stood immediately, and came over to shake hands with William, and made sure to give her a strong pat on the back. She shook hands with the rest of the guests and made small talk, then packed up her things. Nearly everyone had cleared out, but for William and Mister Pierce. She headed for the door when she heard William call out, "Wait, Ms. Benson, I insist.. Come with us to dinner tonight to celebrate."

She nodded and walked out, still trying to make sense of what had just happened.


She had just made it back to her office when her phone rang.

"Jenifer Benson."

"Miss Benson, John Campanelli. You did a fantastic job landing that deal today. Take the rest of the day off. Use the company card and buy yourself something new for dinner tonight. It's the very least we can do."

"Thank you so much sir."

"Eight P.M. And we'll be sending a car to pick you up around seven thirty. We tend to indulge, and we can't have you driving home, can we?"

She laughed. "No sir. Thank you sir. I'll see you at eight."


She walked into the boutique and sighed. All the frilly dresses in cream and pastel colors would make her nautious. This was the place her secretary suggested? Lucy was going to get chewed out on Monday. She perused the aisle for all of three seconds before a woman interrupted the silence.

"Hello miss. Welcome to Facade. May I assist you?"

"Sure, uhm.." Jen raised her brow and gestured to the woman.

"Megan." Her wide smile did nothing to set Jen at ease. Something dark lingered behind those eyes, and Jen was not interested in finding out what it was. "That's a lovely perfume you're wearing. What brand is it, may I ask?"

"It's dove. Soap. I didn't have time for perfume this morning. You know, Meg, on second thought, I think I'm going to head home." She headed for the door, trying to figure out how quickly her legs could carry her without running.

"It was nice meeting you, Jen." The associate called out behind her.

'How did she know my name?'


She walked into the restaurant and immediately caught his gaze. He was standing by the bar, sipping something that looked absolutely delicious. Almost as delicious as him. His dark grey suit and black shirt made his eyes seem brighter, and she couldn't help but feel pulled into him. 'I'll have what he's having,' she thought.

He was taking her in. He half expected something that covered her from head to toe, perhaps a pant suit or a floor legnth gown. But she had surprised him. Her dress was a knee length one, form fitting, with sleeves that covered just her shoulders, capping them. It was almost like something Jackie O. would have worn, with the squared shape at the top, but it showed a hint of cleavage and a wealth of her back. Even with her full breasts, he knew she wasn't wearing a bra. They were perky enough without one. His eyes dropped down, past her flat tummy and wide hips, to a purple peep toe pump, and before he knew it, she was tapping her foot in front of him.

"My face is up here, William." Her facial expression said she was annoyed, but something in her eyes said otherwise.

"Forgive me. I was just admiring you all dressed up. Very sexy." He smiled a crooked smile that made her knees weak, and she reached out to place her hand on the stool nearby.

"For the lady." The bartender slid a glass toward her, and gave her a wink. It looked a lot like lemonade, but with blueberries in the bottom.

She directed her glance to William. "Your doing? What is this thing anyway?"

"Nevermind that. We should sit. Our table is ready." His arm found its place around her waist, and he walked with her over to the table. They greeted Campanelli and Pierce, then William helped her into her seat.


The evening had gone by quickly, with five courses, some witty conversation and quite a few compliments thrown her way. Jen was just finishing her creme brûlée when she felt a hand on her thigh. Campanelli held her gaze for a split second before she heard William clear his throat.

She looked over at him, and watched as he stared at Campanelli. Pierce had gone to the restroom, and with only Jen to restrain William, it looked like someone was soon to lose an appendage. Campanelli saw the fright on Jen's face, and turned just in time to see William's eyes go black. Jen felt her heart beat faster and louder, the sound of it pounding in her ears as if she was sitting beside a bass drum. The cerulean sea of calm had turned to a pitch black hole.


She could feel him. His thoughts danced in her mind, and she heard him speak, though his mouth did not open.


Suddenly he broke his stare, he looked down at the empty plate before him. Campanelli sat completely still, his hand long gone from her thigh. It was as if he were in a trance. Slowly, the room seemed to come back to life, as her hearing was no longer consumed by the sound of her own heartbeat, but by the woman at the next table and her horrid laugh.

"We've all had a bit much to drink. Maybe it's time to call it a night?" She spoke these words directly to her last bite of creme brûlée. Her eyes concentrated on the flame in the center of the table. The oil burning candle yielded a dancing fire that flickered as if it, too, was afraid of what may happen next.

Pierce sat back down to silence, and Campanelli finally spoke. "Greg, get the check. We're leaving." With that, he stood and buttoned his suit jacket. "Mister Craig, it was a pleasure." He made his way, swiftly, out of the restaurant; turning back every now and again as if he expected to have been followed.

William stood and extended his hand to Jenifer. "I'll take you home." She would have argued with him, but his eyes were still dark, and his tone had not left any room for disagreement.

She stood and smoothed her dress, then nodded to Pierce. Even with the slight smile she gave him, he was still very, very confused.


The ride home was a quiet one. That is, until she realized that they were going in the wrong direction.

"William... Were are we going?" He shifted gears and picked up speed. His brow was furrowed and his jaw was clenched. He didn't respond. He didn't even look like he'd heard her. "William. William!"

He just kept driving until they pulled up into the driveway of a mansion on the very outskirts of the city. She hadn't been paying attention on the highway, so she wasn't at all sure where they were.

"I'm not getting out of this car until you tell me where we are and what's going on. What's wrong with you? And what was that business at dinner? And how did you eyes-"

"This is my home. You are staying with me tonight." He unlocked the car doors and stepped out of the vehicle. She reached over for the door handle, but he was there before she could open it. She stepped out of the car and his hand found its place on the small of her back.

She heard the sound of metal, and turned to see iron gates closing behind them. This had been a very strange night.

They got into the house and he went up the stairs. She watched him climb the tall curved staircase, watched him enter a room, and the door slam behind him. 'Drama queen,' she thought.

The house had to have been hundreds of years old. Tucked away in the woods, she figured it could not be seen from far out. She browsed through the rooms, looked at all the books, the furniture, the artwork.. Paintings. Many of William. There was one, though, that caught her eye. It was him, in a garden. He was staring straight at the artist, his eyes bore into her. She felt unbearably warm, and beads of sweat started to form. It felt like her body had been set aflame, and the center of the fire was between her thighs.

"Do you like it." Suddenly he was there, standing behind her, his lips grazing her ear. "The woman who painted it.. You remind me of her."

Her breathing was coming quickly, and soon, she was panting. Her skin became damp and he could no longer bear it. He traced his tongue down her neck, and over her shoulder, slipping the sleeve down to her arm. "The way you taste.." He turned her to face him, and she met his gaze once more. His eyes had returned to blue, but were hooded with desire. "Jenifer, if I take you tonight, you will be forever connected to me. Do you understand?"

She didn't understand, but she nodded her acceptance. She could fight him no longer. He held, over her, something too powerful for her to resist. He kissed her and she melted into him. He was stable. He was.. Perfect. Her arms connected around his neck, and he swept her into his arms. It was as if she were dreaming.

Before she knew it, she was sitting atop a huge bed. This bed.. It could fit ten people in it. She had never seen anything like it. He began to undress before her, their eyes locked as his hand found the buttons on his black satin shirt. She watched as he slid the shirt over his toned shoulders, observed the light trail of hair that led into his pants. His dark grey slacks fell to reveal black boxer briefs. She bit her lip upon seeing the bulge that resided therein.

He approached her, barefoot and boxer clad. His eyes never left hers, and it made her tremble. When he reached her, she felt a chill, and looked down to see that she was naked. "How-" Her question was cut off by the softness of his kiss. He guided her back, until he lie atop her, holding her face in his hand. His thumb caressed her cheek, as he pulled her pouty bottom lip into his mouth. He bit it, seemingly softly, but it stung and drew a drop of blood. He traced the wound with his tongue, and pulled her on top of him. They sat that way for what seemed like an eternity. She refused to look away, while he could not.

As if she read his mind, she moved to the side and began to pull his boxers off. She admired his flawless body; his toned muscle, his tan skin, his throbbing erection. When they were off she climbed above him once more, straddling him, her wet heat pressed against his hardness.

"What do you want me to do Sir?" He grabbed her by her hair and pulled it from the bun it was in. Chocolate tresses framed her face, and he smiled to himself. He pulled her down in another kiss, and a low growl came from his throat.

She felt the tip of his cock at her entrace, pressing upward. She sat up and slowly took him in. A long slow moan escaped her lips as each inch penetrated her, filling her just a bit more than the last. He seemed to feel bigger each time they made love. She slowly rocked her hips above him, each time feeling as though a miniature orgasm racked through her.

His eyes grew darker by the minute, and soon she was staring into eyes that were pitch black, just like in the restaurant. She feared him, and yet her fear made her even more lustful. Her hips picked up pace, and soon she was screaming her pleasure. "Take me, William. Fuck me."

He flipped her over as the words left her mouth and pounded into her. His arm around her waist pulled her further into him while his other arm rested beneath her head. His mouth found hers once more as his tongue explored the warm cavern of her mouth. She felt his cock surge within her, expanding and contracting, and she knew that his release would soon come.

"You are mine, Jenna. You are forever mine." Those words sent her over the edge, and she exploded onto him. Her eyes shut tightly as she felt her orgasm crash over her. Her pussy spasmed, squeezing his cock, milking him, as she writhed and moaned beneath him. She could not stop shaking, and he could not stop his assault. "You like that? Do you like hearing that?"

"Mmm.." was all she could get out. She finally opened her eyes to see that his eyes, in their entirety, had turned black. There was no iris, no pupil, no whites of his eyes. Startled, she tried to climb away, but he held her firmly in his grip. His lips parted, and she watched as his face took on a pained expression. His thrusts became harder, inflicting her pussy with more pain to mingle with the pleasure.

"Do not be afraid," he whispered. At that moment, she felt him begin to surge within her again. Even in her fear, she came again. She gasped as she felt it begin anew, this time much different than the last. She felt her body gripping him tightly, her legs around his back, her arms around his neck, her pussy closing around his cock, she knew she could not move. She screamed as he groaned, both staring into each other's eyes as they came harder than they had ever cum before.

Soon they both lie very still, both trying to catch their breath. She could feel his cock, still hard inside her. He kissed her once more, and her pussy contracted around him. He inhaled deeply and a broken moan escaped his lips. They lie there that way for just a few more moments before she drifted off to sleep.


The sun was bright, and it pained her eyes. She turned over and nuzzled into him, his arm instinctively finding its way around her, pulling her close. She was about to begin her dream again when she thought back to the night before. His eyes..

She jumped up and pushed herself away from him. His eyes opened, and she was trapped in his stare. Strands of black hair covered his eyes, but that cerulean sea could not be contained.

"What are you." She didn't ask. She demanded. He smiled lightly and sat up, pushing the hair out of his face.

"I am a man in love. With you."

She crawled out of the huge bed, and found her dress from the night before. "A man. A man, and what else? I saw the way your eyes changed. I could feel your mood. I heard your thoughts last night. Don't tell me I was imagining it all. Something isn't right. I need to know."

He sighed and pulled back the cover. His cock was hard again, and it stole her attention for a moment's time. She blinked and he was suddenly standing in front of her, his eyes bearing into hers. 'You heard my thoughts because I have shared my seed with you. Because each time we are together, I give a bit of myself to you. And I take a bit of you as well.'

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