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Connie Crashed


My roommate was this nice little bookish nerdy girl type till a few months ago when she started hanging out with a rowdy crowd of lesbians. I figured different strokes for different folks. She was a good roommate, lesbianism, not withstanding.

Anyways, her new thing didn't bother me at all. These lesbians were nothing but guys as far as I was concerned. Guys that I wasn't interested in like 99% of the male population.

One night last week my roommate came home with her rowdy Lesbian girlfriends and she said it was really late and asked if her friends could crash. She didn't want them driving home so late especially because they were drunk. I said, "fine with me." I was half asleep and wouldn't even notice.

They all said thanks. One of them went into the other side of the little studio into Sally's bed. And to my surprise the other one, Connie, this very muscular and extremely drunk lesbian wearing all denim got into my bed and immediately passed out. I was surprised but figured we were just sleeping so it didn't really matter.

And so I went to sleep.

In the middle of the night I woke up and felt a muscular arm around my shoulders and thought how nice it felt and then I realized that it was just Sally's whacky Lesbian friend and I chuckled and went to sleep.

Later in the night I felt a hand on my stomach. I was facing the wall and Connie was facing my back and her hand had moved across the skin of my stomach. I thought, okay, this is weird. But, I figured, let sleeping lesbians sleep. But the hand kept on tracing around and I couldn't sleep. Then it went upwards towards my breasts and I stopped breathing wondering what would happen and then it went down again and she fell asleep, like that, on top of me. I went to sleep.

That morning I woke up with a warm feeling in my belly as Connie was running her hands over my body quite freely. Connie said, Jan, you have a great body do you know that. I said, good morning.

I looked to the side and realized that Sally and the other friend had already left, leaving me alone with Connie.

Her hand crept went all the way from my thigh up my shirt to the bottom of my chest and this time I jumped and she apologized. I said it's okay but I'm not into Lesbian stuff. She said she understood.

Then I realized that she was naked except for her panties, her clothes were on the floor besides the bed. Once again I looked shocked. She said that she was not comfortable sleeping with jeans and a denim jacket and apologized. I said that's ok. She didn't make any effort to cover herself though. She was clearly not the least bit shy.

She then said that she'd like to thank me for sharing my bed by buying me a drink some time.

I turned around to look at her again and said okay.

I couldn't believe how muscular and sinewy and lean her body was. Her abs were great but so were her shoulders. She had the sort of body that I would certainly not mind having on a boyfriend. She didn't even have boobs. Just a very cut chest. Although her nipples did stand out more then would be the case with a guy.

I then realized I was staring and I apologized and said, "You really have a great body. You must work out quite a bit."

She said, "Thanks," and smiled, "I can help you train anytime you'd like."

"Oh not me," I laughed. "You have a great body and I certainly wouldn't mind having a boyfriend who was half as ripped as you but I like being girly."

She laughed, "I can understand that. I'm partial to 'girly' bodies myself," she smiled at me mischevously. "Anyways what exactly would you do to your boyfriend's body."

"I don't know," I said coyly with a smile.

"You know, most guys with bodies like mine are jerks. They are more into themselves than they will ever be into you. It's a shame that you will probably find such a guy and he will make you pretty miserable. If I was into guys I'd get some sweet guy who was more interested in just enjoying life than hanging out in the Gym 3 hours a day. He might have a little pouch and he might need glasses and he might not dress too well, but I'd have a great relationship and he'd probably be great in bed. Anyways, that's what I'd do."

"This is too funny. A naked lesbian in my bed giving me guy advice."

"Who knows girls better than a lesbian?" She smiled. "Let's get back to why you want a guy with a great body. What does it do for you?"

"Well," I said, "It's just nice. I'd like to rub it all over. And I'd like to kiss it. And I'd like to feel his muscular arms resting over my body. I'd like to just have my way with a nice muscley boy friend. I think he might enjoy it too." I emphasized.

"Boring," Connie said, "The novelty will wear off in about 10 minutes and then like all girls you'll fall in love with someone that doesn't exist and he'll move on and you won't figure it out till you are a mess."


Then Connie looked me in the eyes with a glimmer and said, "You should really get it out of your system in a safe environment so that you can focus on good guys."

"How so? A one night stand?"

"No," Connie laughed and squeezed my arm with her strong hand. "That's dangerous you can get diseases and you still can fall in love or worst. You should just touch me and make believe I'm that guy and in ten minutes you'll be bored with the concept."

"Ha Ha, real funny..."

"It's no joke this is perfectly safe just us girls I see the way you are looking at me. You really need to get it out of your system," Connie grabbed my hand and put it on her very ripped stomach. It was rock hard.

"You really do have a body just like a guy."


My hand was on her stomach now feeling the creases of her muscles. She flexed a little for me. I was shocked at how hard it was, it was like rock. I was very much intrigued by her body and there I was touching it. She layed back now with her hands by her sides. I sat up and just ran my hands all over her stomach and then I touched her arms. Her shoulders had that nice crease that I really loved. I was into this. Maybe she was right, get it out of my system.

I rubbed and squeezed her arms and her shoulders and her hands and then I got to her legs. Connie was just lying down relaxing with a very serene look on her face. She must've been enjoying this little show and tell session but she didn't let on at all.

I love to see people moaning and squirming beneath me. I must admit that I have a little bit of an ego. I love getting guys off. I love the power that I feel when I am sucking their dicks. I love the way they breathe heavily and the way they lose control and cum into my mouth.

And Connie she was just lying their ignoring me. I now felt like I needed to exert my special control over Connie. She was just too serene.

And so I lowered my mouth to her stomach. As soon as my lips touched her stomachI heard her stop breathing, I could sense her concerted attention towards my every move. I had her attention. I had a captive audience. She wouldn't be any more immune to my charms than any other guy.

My lips and hands preyed over her body. I squeazed and needed her flat chest and grabbed one nipple and sucked her other nipple. No real moans yet. I would find the right combination. I'd figure out what makes her tick. I kissed my way to her neck and nibbled on it here and there. She writhed a bit. I kissed my way around her face and breathed into her ears and whispered, "I'm going to fuck you." I waited a second for my dirty talk to sink in. Nobody relaxes and daydreams about nothing while I'm touching them. I then made love to her mouth probing around finding that sensation. I heard a little moan. She wrapped her strong arms around me.

Yes, I'm good, I thought, with a bit of satisfaction. But I didn't want to be touched, so I said, "Connie, put your arms above your head and don't move." She nodded and obeyed my order.

Then I got back to business. I went down her body again kissing and licking her nipples till they were nice and hard then pressing them and rubbing them with my palms. Only this time Connie was pushing back. Yes, almost there. Then I lowered myself down her torso. Time for me to tease her a bit more I thought.

I breathed heavily along her crotch and kissed her all around her hips and crotch. My index finger rubbed her clit and she started bucking her hips towards my finger.

Then I traced my way down her legs a bit making sure I didn't miss anything, but also to consider for a moment what to do with this panty clad vagina. Certainly it couldn't be that different than a penis or any other body part. I figured I should first peel the panties off and get a closer look. So I made another pass up her thighs and to her stomach with my hands and fingers. Connie was breathing heavily and sighing. Then I stuck a few of my little fingers under the band of her panties. There was silence as my fingers crept and crept around her hips and thighs and towards her pudenda pealing those panties down.

I smelled her. Not bad at all. I could do this, I realized. All cleanly shaved and fresh smelling. Even after a night of heavy drinking. I kissed her around her bikini area. She liked that. A little lick caressed one of her lips. I heard her moan and she caressed my head with her hand.

I stopped and said, "Hands back up. I like to see you all spread out and moaning like the submissive fellow that I know you are." She followed my orders.

Then I licked all along her from the bottom all the way up to her clit. Her hips rocked in timing as I licked. Okay, now or never, I thought. Time to put my cock sucking skills to use. I started kissing her vagina and sucking at her clit and licking her and kissing her each time I thought she seemed a bit too rowdy. She started to moan quite a bit louder now and her hips heaved. All those muscles but my two little lips controlled everything. Then I put one of my fingers that were very wet from her juicy vagina up her butt as I sucked and licked her lips and clit. My other finger probing around and feeling her vagina. Little licks, big ones, a little nibble. Then she started moaning rythmically and I just kept on licking up and down as she came.

That was fun I thought.

And then a flash of light. I turned around and there my roommate was with our other guest and a camera. I was shocked. What the fuck?

That looked like fun, "she said" with a big smirk. The other short and chubby lesbian said, "I knew Connie would have her. Wait until the guys all find out that Connie turned Jessie"

I was embaressed and outraged and certainly didn't want word of this getting out. But that's another story...

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