tagFetishContest Ch. 02

Contest Ch. 02


At the same time as Violet was reading over her list of tasks, the extremely buxom blonde Danielle was sitting in front of her computer reading over her own list of tasks - most of which were as distasteful to her as her counterpart's had been. After reading over her list, Danielle tried to call Violet but only got her answering machine. She'd been wondering what Violet's list was like... she wanted to get an idea of how many of these tasks she'd have to do in order to beat her friend. It wasn't an easy list for her to swallow.

1. Get a guy - or girl - to give you a golden shower, and a pee douche/enema after fucking.

2. One of my good friends is having a party on Wednesday, he still needs some girls to be topless servers and to provide some entertainment. You'd also help serve as dessert. Make sure you let me know beforehand if you'd like to take up this task so I can arrange it with him. Guys at the party will be able to look and touch, but not fuck unless you decide to of course.

3. Find a guy, or ask me to provide a friend, who will torture those huge tits of yours until he cums all over them.

4. Find a guy who will give you a rim job, allow you to return the favor, and then take that sweet ass cherry. Again, if needed I will be happy to provide you with a very willing guy.

5. Go offer your body for three hours to that ex of yours, Doug, and tell him you'll fulfill all of his fantasies within that time period, you must do ANYTHING he asks of you.

6. Sleep with another woman, you must both be eaten out by her and eat her out as well as letting her play with those gorgeous breasts of yours and playing with hers... also find some way to use some kind of fake penis, doesn't matter what kind or where.

Number 5 was completely impossible, Doug had had some of the most perverted fantasies of anyone she'd ever met... and if she got out of three hours with him and didn't to be hospitalized after servicing that monstrous cock and his depraved mind, it would be a miracle. They'd had a wonderful relationship until he started asking her to do threesomes, take his massive (12" long and 3" around) cock up her ass, wanting to pee in her mouth and on her body, share her with his female cousin (whom she later found out he'd had a long standing incestuous relationship with)... it was completely impossible. Although the tasks all made her face at least one of her dislikes, or things that completely disgusted her (as well as made her heart scream out WRONG), at least she wouldn't have to do them all at once. And Doug would be absolutely brutal with her after all the nasty things she'd said to him when they broke up, calling him a low-life pervert with an oversized dick. No, no number five was not going to be happening... she was sure that Violet must have at least one thing on her own list that she would absolutely not be able to do.

Unfortunately, number one was also one that made her want to throw up. Even though she felt that anal and lesbian sex was wrong, it didn't completely revolt her the way the idea of having someone pee on her did.... she couldn't do it. Maybe... maybe if it was absolutely necessary, but not unless she had no other choice in order to beat Violet.

Calling her friend again, hoping that maybe they'd be able to talk and she could get a better idea of how many tasks were going to be necessary, she got the voice machine again. Looking over her list, she decided that she'd probably best get a start tonight, there would really be only one day of rest unless she did two tasks in one day. It didn't seem likely. Chances were, Violet was already out getting started... the only question was which task... Well, number two couldn't happen for two more days, but she called Jared to let him know she'd be there, while on the phone she asked for the name and number of his friend who would be willing (hah) to torture her tits.


The blonde stood nervously in front of the large white house, the owner definitely had money. The friend of Jared's she'd called said his name was Chris and that he'd be more than happy to see her that very evening, not to worry about the video, he'd set it up. Danielle looked down and made a face at the outfit he'd asked her to wear. The short tight black skirt wasn't anything new, it was one of her favorites, made for showing off her long tanned legs and the firm curves of her ass. However, above that was now exposed stomach, the white flesh sliding up to where her breasts were barely held into her shirt. A purple button-up shirt was tied just beneath her huge breasts, and the wobbled as she moved, the large nipples poking through the fabric. She felt extremely exposed, and very uncomfortable without any support or real covering on her breasts at all; her boobs looked even more enormous than usual as all her other clothing was minimal and tight, emphasizing their lack of proportion with the rest of her slim body.

The door opened to reveal a very cute Spanish guy, maybe an inch taller than her 5'7" with wavy black hair. He grinned a white and charming smile as his gaze drank in the sight of her entire body, lingering lustily on her barely encased melons. She looked him over as well, relieved that she found him very attractive; he was just wearing black boxer/briefs that looked to be hiding a well-sized bulge, and he had an athletic body with just a bit of comfortable looking flab on his stomach and hips. His dark brown eyes looked to be hiding humor and warmth, while one lock of hair dropped charmingly over his forehead.

"Come on in," he stepped back and held open the door, watching her breasts wobble and bounce as she walked by him. Trying to hide her blush, and to keep her hands from covering her breasts, she ducked her head a little as she moved past him and looked around the foyer.

"You have a beautiful house," she said.

"Thanks," taking her arm, he led her into the living room where there were obvious implements of kinky sex already laid out, his voice had just a slight hint of an accent, "My family, we all work together, we own our own business."

"Oh," she replied weakly as she looked at the set up in the room. There was a hook in the ceiling from which hung a short rope, on a table there were several different sized whips, a paddle, and a crop, some clamps, rubber bands, a spreader bar with ankle cuffs one long rope and two shorter ropes. There was also a vibrator that she recognized from Sex in the City, the much vaunted "Rabbit Pearl", a bottle of flavored lubricant, and a ball-gag. Danielle had experience with whips and paddles, clamps, rope and all, but never when all of them were concentrated solely on her breasts, and she had no idea what the rubber bands were for.

Chris kissed her on the mouth firmly, and then untied the knot in her shirt, smiling as her breasts flopped out completely exposed; her wide pink areola crinkled a little as her nipples hardened in the air. Then he pulled down her tight skirt and thong, licking her shaved mound as his mouth passed it by. Blushing, she obliging raised her hands above her head as he lifted her wrists together and tied them securely with the rope hanging from the hook in the ceiling. The position made her double D's jut out in front of her slender body obscenely, Chris caressed them with his hands before picking up the gag and pushing it into her mouth.

"So we don't disturb the neighbors," he smiled at her uncertainty. But it was much too late to protest now, there was a gag in her mouth and the Spanish hunk in front of her was cuffing her ankles to the spreader bar. Besides, if she didn't do this task, there were much worse ones that she'd have to do in order to beat Violet. This was the only task other than helping at Jared's friend's party that didn't turn her stomach.

Chris took the longer length of rope and wound it around her arms and behind her neck, looping it around the base of her breasts and making figure eights before securing it back around her arms and behind her back. By the time he finished, he'd used up the entire length of the rope and her breasts were tightly bound and sticking out even more than they had before. Looking like twin torpedoes shooting from her chest, they were a slight pinkish color as the blood was caught in them. He squeezed the tender flesh between his hands, crushing the soft globes in his palms; pulling one up he sucked and bit on her nipple. Taking her other breast, he lifted it up in front of her and rubbed it against her lips which were stretched around the ball gag. Smiling, he then lowered his mouth to that one as well and nibbled on it while pleasurable pain tingled in her chest.

Letting her breasts fall, they bounced rather painfully in their bondage. Raising his hand, he brought it down heavily on her right breast, she yelped behind the gag as it bounced against the left one and burned from the slap. Alternately, he used his hands to knock her breasts back and forth, so that they swung like heavy clock pendulums in front of her body. It hurt as he slapped, and as they knocked together, and as they actually swung in front of her body. Tears smarted in her eyes while he abused her tender flesh. Pausing for a moment, he picked up the paddle and began to hit her pink tits from every angle.


They bounced up and down and side to side as he smacked them, spreading throbbing pain evenly over the flopping things. Even though he wasn't actually hitting her very hard, her breasts were starting to burn painfully as he spread the beating over every inch of her stinging flesh. Finally, when they were a dull pink and throbbing he stopped beating them and put the paddle down. Unwinding the rope from around her back, arms and chest, she felt slight stinging pain as the blood starting freely moving through her breasts again. He rubbed her hanging globes, massaging them with his palms to get her circulation going again; she moaned and let her head hang back as they burned and tingled while he squeezed and rubbed. Still, she thought that it hadn't been too bad, although she hated having so much attention paid to her breasts, in some ways it had been a bit of a turn on. She'd always been a little partial to pain with her pleasure.

Stepping back, Chris grinned at her, looking over her vulnerable body with its slightly pinkened large globes, "Now it's time to make things a little rough." his voice was filled with excited anticipation and she realized that torturing her oversized tits was possibly a bit of a fetish for him.

Anxiety tinged with fear coursed through her at his words, based on her own experience that had already been rather rough. She was used to having the pain spread out over her body, never had anyone focused so singularly on her breasts, and they were still throbbing dully from the last beating. Chris picked up the first rubber band and stretched it over all his fingers, spreading them out as he picked up her breast by the tip and began to stretch the rubber band over her breast, rolling it to the base. Picking up another rubber band and her other breast he repeated the process. She watched fascinated at first, as he rolled a second rubber band and placed it about an inch away from the first, her fascination turned to horror as he put four rubber bands on each teat, and the end of her breasts turned an angry red.

The pain coursing through them was still throbbing, but no longer dull, it was pulsing and angry.


Tears immediately sprang to her eyes as Danielle screamed at the top of her lungs, the only sound that emerged around the gag was a muffled high-pitched whine. Chris had used a multi-strand rubber whip on her already tortured tits.


A stream of tears flowed over her cheeks as the sharp stinging pain coursed through her body, her breasts flopped as her body jerked and caused more pain as they bounced. Although she was in too much pain to notice, Chris still wasn't hitting her very hard, it was just that the impact was amplified by the binding around her chest.

After only a few minutes of this, although to Diane it felt like hours, he quickly put down the whip and started rolling the rubber bands off her disfigured breasts. Her nipples looked like angry red pencil erasers, and the skin of the end of her massive boobs were so dark red as to nearly be purple. The multi-colored teats tingled sharply and painfully as blood rushed into them again, making her scream and writhe while he pulled and massaged the tender flesh. Breathing heavily, panting and gasping for air, she felt slightly sickened as she realized the sweet, warm eyes of her Spanish hunk were practically glazed over in lust as he handled her disfigured and tortured melons. Then, as he grabbed the rabbit pearl vibrator and began pushing it into her pussy, she realized she was soaking wet. The brutal treatment to her teats, and the incredible waves of pain, had all made her pussy run rampant with juices; they coated her inner thighs almost to her knees. She was shocked at her body's reaction to the intense pain.

Once Chris had the vibrator securely lodged in her pussy, he again used the long rope to secure it in place, wrapping it around her legs and hips to be assured that it would stay in until she was untied. Letting her arms down from their position above her head, he untied her wrists and helping her lie down on the floor, he then took the two shorter lengths of rope he tied each wrist securely to a thigh. Danielle realized that in her new position she was still completely vulnerable to his lust, and that her breasts were still the focal point of his attentions. Since she was lying down, her massive breasts had flattened somewhat and were hanging off to either side of her body... somewhat painfully in their current abused condition.

She tried to struggle as Chris picked up then nipple clamps, her eyes wide as she tried to scream through the gag... surely she couldn't take that kind of pain now! Not after everything else that he had done to her poor tits! It became agonizingly obvious why he'd taken such care to secure her arms even though she was now lying down as he smiled at her panic stricken and pleading face.

Lowering his mouth to sore breast, he teased her nipple with his tongue, enticing the little bud to harden. Despite her desperate wishes, the little bud responded to the gentle wet touch, and was immediately rewarded with burning pain as he fastened the rubber tip of the clamp over it. Repeating the process with her other nipple, the chain connecting the two clamps was also now helping her nipples pull her breasts together, creating a deep cleavage. Her nipples burned as gravity tried to pull her tits back down to their flattened state.

Turning on the vibrator, Chris watched as her eyes popped when the pearls started teasing her pussy lips as the head of the penis swirled against her g-spot and the little rabbit's ears buzzed straight onto her clit. Her back arched, thrusting her pain-filled melons up as her body reacted to her pleasure-filled pussy. Rubbing the flavored lubricant all over his rock hard 8"dick, he used his hands to press her tortured breasts together even closer as he slid his slick shaft between the bruised mounds of flesh. Danielle moaned at the further rough treatment to her injured tits, even as the pain shot straight to the pleasure in her pussy. Moaning, Chris turned the vibrator up a notch, and thrust his dick into the now slick valley of her cleavage, kneading the red breast flesh with his hands as he fucked her aching boobs. Right now the stronger sensation was the pain which jolted through her body, but the pleasure in her pussy was gaining fast; she felt dazed as the head of his dick poked through her breasts.

He shivered on top of her ecstatically as his dick was completely encased in her abused tit flesh, and pausing for one more moment, he turned the vibrator up all the way. Thrusting hard, his eyes were half closed as he abused her breasts further... it didn't matter to Danielle, the pleasure in her pussy had over taken the pain in her breasts and now both sensations had swept her body up on an incredible ride. The penis head of the vibrator slammed into her g-spot over and over as the little bunny vibrated her clit madly.

When Chris thrust hard, shooting cum out of his dick to slide down her neck, the clamps on her nipples actually popped off with the force of his thrust. Her orgasm crashed over her as she screamed, the sharp agonizing pain in her nipples shooting straight into her pussy and sending her on a chaotic trip of agony and ecstasy as her body jerked. She didn't notice, but Chris had actually let her boobs go and was now shooting the last wad of his cum on her red tits, her whole chest was covered in the white stickiness of it.


Danielle left the house with her tape, half running, with one arm cradled under her bruised and tender breasts... she was going to look over the task list as soon as she got home, surely there had to be something on it that wouldn't involve her poor tortured tits.

Maybe she'd call Violet too... find out how many tasks she'd have to do to beat her friend... if she had many more like this she didn't know how well she'd be able to handle it.

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