"Word on the street is that you're quite a kinky bastard," Annie smirked, her amazingly blue eyes filling with seductive intrigue as she flicked ashes from her cigarette quickly into the black plastic ashtray seated on the bar between them. Barely 5'2" tall, her legs dangled off the bar stool without touching the floor, and she pivoted her chair in a nervous gesture that allowed him to gaze for moments at her legs. Though not leggy, she had adorned herself with black fishnet stockings and a pair of black vinyl high heels. An attention getter.

Jeremiah began to raise a beer bottle to his lips, then paused halfway. "Who says that?" he cocked an eyebrow, his sensual brown eyes filling with intrigue. He sipped from the bottle slowly, then took a moment to scratch absently at his mop of chaotic black hair. His pale skin and dark hair had interested her eyes; his curious smile and awkward mannerisms had kept her interest.

"The rumor mill, Mr. Rangel. The vicious Southside rumor mill," Annie grinned, and pivoted on her stool to extinguish her latest cigarette.

His laugh was honest, sincere. His face showed no signs of guilt; no protest that what she alleged was an outright lie. He swallowed down his last large sip of beer, and grinned invitingly at her as he reached into his baggy jeans for a wallet. "I'm blowing this dump. You want to come find out about those rumors?"

She laughed at this not so subtle, subtle hint, grabbing her purse and taking a final sip from her plastic cup. "Where to?" she inquired with a smile as he took her small hand and lead her out into the dirty Chicago streets.

"My apartment," he winked as he stopped beside a dark gray Hyundai Elantra and opened the passenger side door for her. Annie smiled with appreciation, waiting till he too was inside to grin, "You're certainly chivalrous."

He turned the key in the ignition and the car's engine roared to life. "I'm making up for what I'll do to you later," he smirked as he pulled the car away from the curb and sped off.

* * *

"Nice place," Annie smiled simply. She paced the living room area slowly, turning on her heels to gaze directly into his dark eyes as he locked the door and tossed his jacket onto a nearby sofa. He nodded and grinned. "Should we fuck on the kitchen table or on the washer and dryer?"

"Such options," she laughed coquettishly. "Can't we take things slow?" The truth was, she had no desire to take things slow, only to fuck this sexy man senseless before the sun came up on the new day. The rumors had been plenty and pleasurable, she'd taken great pride in eavesdropping on all the news of his sexual prowess, the kinkier, the better. Finding him in the bar tonight was merely a coincidence, an erotic, moistening coincidence.

"I never take things slow," he leered, stepping forward and snapping her thoughts away from the gossip. "Slow is boring," he laughed as he swept her off her feet quickly.

He carried her across the room and toward a large closet, and before she had a chance to wonder, he'd kicked the closet open to reveal a washer and dryer inside. He placed her roughly atop the dryer, and laughed as he hit the large white button on the right top of the appliance. "Let's spin," he growled as he spread her legs and stood between them.

"How fuckin cheesy," she laughed as she eyed him lecherously. "Fucking on a dryer?" He cocked his head and eyed her curiously, his brown eyes devouring her body as a grin formed across her lips. She placed her legs over his hips and pulled his body tightly against her own heat. "Little boys fuck on appliances, men get nasty in bed."

Jeremiah bit his lower lip softly, grinning before he answered. "Bed is boring."

"Maybe for you," she purred, reaching her moist tongue out and sliding the tip slowly across his top lip. "But I can be creative in bed."

He stood in stunned silence as her tongue worked over his lips, tasting his sweetness. Her hands reached around his back, savoring the sensation of his muscles pulsing with her gentle touch. He flexed as her hands dipped underneath his navy t-shirt, traveling below the waistband of his oversized Levi's. Their eyes locked as her hands kneaded the flesh of his ass, a crude smile tainting her lips with her next movement. His eyes widened, but he never jumped or tried to step away. She purred into his neck and shoulder as she worked her index finger slowly inside the tight opening. "Are you as kinky as they say?"

"What do they say?" he growled, a low, sexual rumble from his throat. Bucking back softly against her intrusion.

She laughed at this, pausing in her ministrations and sucking hungrily at his bottom lip. "You've never heard the rumors, Jeremiah, have you?" His only response was a groan as she slipped a second finger inside. "You're a bad boy, Jeremiah," she purred. "You like dirty things, don't you?" His small nod widened her grin. "Young girls," she purred into his ear. "Blood. Sadism. Control, Jeremiah, you like control." His eyes were shut tight, tongue darting out to lick his lips. He moaned with her touch, an almost melodic sound. "You've lost control, Jeremiah. Tonight, I'm the Master and you're-"

"Yes," he growled.

"Yes," she smirked. "You want me to dominate, don't you?"

"Yes," he begged softly. "Yes."

Without warning she removed both her fingers and smirked cruelly. She placed her index finger to his lips, stating simply, "Suck it!" He winced at the thought, but bent forward to dutifully run his tongue over the offered digit. "Now," she instructed, "step back and take off your pants."

Jeremiah did as he was told, a giddy smile plastered across his face. The pants quickly fell away, revealing a pair of plain black cotton boxers bunched around a large bulge. "Mmm," was all she offered as she watched the bulge twitch. "Now go get on your bed, naked!" He nodded his head slowly, waiting for her to hop down off the dryer and follow him into the small bedroom. "Now," she demanded authoritatively as they entered the room, sending him quickly onto the bed. He tossed the boxers toward her, a grin of triumph plastered across his face as they landed nearly onto Annie's head. "Bad boy," she laughed, tossing them across the room before returning her gaze to his large erection. "How big?" she inquired with careful interest.

"Eight," he smirked as he began to run his hand slowly up and down his length.

"No!" she barked angrily, reaching into her purse and extracting a small black whip. "I did not give you permission to touch or play." She brought the whip down harshly against his bare thigh, a menacing grin across her pale face. His expression laced with shock, pain, and intrigue. She grinned at this. "Now, on all fours."

He grinned as he climbed into the position, turning to gaze over his shoulder expectantly at the young woman. "Are you going to make me bleed?" he practically begged.

"Perhaps," she answered absent-mindedly, fishing through her purse yet again. He felt his pulse soar when he saw her remove the object from the leather bag. "How the fuck did that fuck in there?" he gasped, earning a quick lash to his exposed backside. "Don't talk," she demanded. He remained on all fours, awaiting her next move; though he was certain that it would involve the large pink toy she was now licking suggestively. "Eight inches," she purred. "Your twin." He tried to avoid wincing as she stepped closer to the bed. "We're going to play," she purred. "My way."

Jeremiah felt fear course through his blood, exhilaration, the promise of a long night filled with pain and pleasure. A low rumble formed in his throat as Annie climbed onto the bed beside him, pushing him down onto his back. "I'm going to ride you," she stated simply, tossing her clothing in various directions across the room and kneeling before him naked. He tried to observe her entire exposed form, tried to memorize the lines of her breasts, the soft curve of her hips. She allowed him no time, instead lowering herself down onto his waiting hardness within seconds. She let out a soft moan as his length was buried inside her tight body, grinning as a look of sheer euphoria crossed his ruggedly handsome face. "You like this, don't you, Jeremiah?" she questioned, an amused tone permeating her words.

He nodded, his eyes glazed with lust as he reached his hands forward to clutch at her hips. She lashed him for this, a burning sensation quickly forming at the site of each of his nipples. He hissed, and eyed the red mark that had already begun to form. "Bad boy," she smiled. "I didn't give you permission." He retracted his hands, placing them at his sides and continuing to stare up into Annie's haunting beautiful blue irises.

"Do you like to be punished, Jeremiah?" she smirked, riding him slowly, working her hips in a tauntingly languid circle. "Do you like to be beaten, Jeremiah? Bit? Lashed? Should I spank you, Jeremiah?" At that moment, he was entirely speechless, completely at her mercy as she clutched the small whip in her right hand and raised it above her head triumphantly. "We're done with this," she winked and tossed the object clear across the small room. It crashed into a closet door and fell with a thump to the carpet below. He felt his body relax slightly, had he been able to vocalize anything at that moment, he knew he would have sighed.

"Enough!" she had declared loudly, pulling her quickly off his hard body and standing above him. She looked tall like this, her body hovering for what seemed like miles above his own. The expression on her face was pure devilishness as she leered down at him, and stroked her now free hands over the contours of her stomach and hips. "You want to touch me, Jeremiah? Do you want to feel what I feel right now?" With that, her right hand had traveled drastically south, a finger slowly twirling across her engorged clitoris. For the first time, he noticed the tiny blue ring there.

"Jeremiah!" she demanded, squatting above him. Her moist center was only inches from his lips, and he could smell her scent. His cock twitched with this, his self control diminished to nothing as she turned him into her human plaything. A living, breathing blowup doll. "Are you listening to me?" she'd stated slowly, with a crude tinge when she realized he was, in fact, lost in his own thoughts of tonight's events.

He nodded slowly, it was all his body would allow.

"Roll over," she barked, standing up yet again, stepping away from his body, and then kneeling back down on the bed beside him. He rolled onto his stomach, the friction of the covers on his achingly hard cock causing him to bite his lip in frustration. "No," she argued, slapping his ass at the site of his pleasure. "Not yet. Kneel." He did as he was told, eyeing her with dumfounded desire. "Control, Jeremiah," she purred in his ear as he fought to think, to be a rational human being. "You've relinquished all control tonight. Do you like that I'm you're Master?"

Jeremiah nodded.

"Good," she smiled, slapping his ass playfully with a feminine giggle. "I like that you're my bitch. Do you know what I do to my bitches, Jeremiah?"

He shook his head slowly, to affirm that he did, in fact, have any clue what she had planned for him.

"I fuck my bitches raw, Jeremiah," she whispered in his left ear, pausing to chew gently on his earlobe. He moaned at this, bringing a wicked smile to Annie's lips. "I like that about you, Jere, you're so compliant. Now kneel there while I get myself ready."

Jeremiah did as he was told, observing the patterns of his bedspread and not Annie's movements throughout the room. He chewed his bottom lip, focused on the gentle white swirls of the black material below his achingly hard body. He needed a release, he longed to touch himself. To pull Annie's little body down onto his hardness, to fill her, make her scream, perhaps even, make her bleed. The thought of blood had brought a wave of pleasure to his erection, and he felt himself twitch.

"Don't do that," came an amused laugh from behind him. He didn't gaze over his shoulder as she approached, instead, he saw Annie's shadow envelope his body as she kneeled behind him on the Queen-sized bed. "I'm going to fuck you now," she informed him, and he felt her hands grip his hips roughly. "I won't relent until you bleed, Jeremiah. You're my bitch, remember?"

There was no warning, only the strange new sensation of something hard and cold trying to enter his body. She was pushing roughly but his tight body fought her intrusion, elongating the process and the pain. He wanted to cry out, wanted to beg her to force the entire length of the object inside his body, anything to make the pain stop. Instead, he bit his lip and tasted blood. The metallic saltiness filled him, bringing a new wave of pleasure through his abdomen. He growled, forcing his hips to slam back and meet Annie's desperate attempts to enter him.

"You're tight," she hissed through gritted teeth, and he felt her trying to work the foreign object further inside. "So fucking tight, Jeremiah. You little virgin bitch. Want to be controlled, need to be controlled. You want blood? I'll give you blood." She rambled as she worked, developing a rhythm as she slammed the pink length deep inside his body. He wanted to touch himself, wanted to reach behind his long body and touch Annie's wet lips. Instead, he focused on the new sensation, and vocalizing his appreciation for Annie's masterful strokes.

When the dark-haired vamp had finally begun to hit his prostate, Jeremiah cried out and felt the familiar stirrings of a release forming in his body. Somehow, Annie had known, and she had simply stated, "You can touch yourself, Jeremiah. Make yourself cum for me." And he had. She pulled out of him suddenly with his release, and he felt the pain of her exit and knew he was bleeding. Knew he had been split. "You wanted it," she had purred as she climbed away from his body and tossed the strap-on across the room. "You begged for me to fuck you, Jeremiah."

He had finally regained his senses as he felt her take his lifeless body into her mouth, had finally been able to think of words to speak. He watched her work slowly, passionately, and grinned as he ran a hand through her mussed tresses. "You're a good Master, baby," he groaned, his voice husky and deep with want. "And you'll make a perfect slave." Annie's blue eyes lit with curiousness, and she allowed his length to slip from between her soft, plush lips. "Now get all fours," he grinned, sitting up and gazing directly at the young woman. "It's my turn, and you're fucked!"

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