The three men standing on the porch were strangers who had met in a bar earlier in the evening and began talking about what all men in bars talk about SEX! The oldest a man in his fifties named Mike began telling the other two about his hot young wife and how she did anything and everything he told her without question! The other two, Larry a huge man in his twenties and Kyle a small but powerfully built man in his thirties, didn't believe him and challenged him to prove it. Mike had accepted their challenge by taking them to his home, where his young sexy wife would have to prove what he had bragged about to the two horny strangers.

Cassy, Mike's 25 year old wife was not expecting him home for hours so she was stretched out on the sofa like a sexy cat nude (except for a short white robe) toying with her hard nipples (her husband loved to torment her nipples because they were VERY sensitive) and clean shaven pussy. All of her 105 pound 34C-24-36 5'4" dark skinned body was beginning to feel very warm as she thought about how horny he always was after a night out at the local bar. A sexy smile came over her petty face framed by her short dark hair and a sparkle to her soft brown eyes as she imagined him fucking her hard and fast as he loved to do after his nights out. It surprised her when she heard the men enter the house; she quickly closed her robe while moving to meet her husband and his guests.

Mike greeted Cassy by grabbing her and kissing her deeply while running his hands all over her sexy body as the other men watched. "You are not dressed properly for our company," he told her as he untied her robe and stripped it off leaving her totally naked in front of his new friends "That's better," he told his hot young wife as he sent her to the arms of the two strangers, "Now give our guests a big kiss and show them how sexy you are."

"Feel free to explore her assets, she'll be using all of them soon to satisfy our needs," Mike said as Cassy went to do his bidding. She was a little nervous but becoming very turned on none the less by the thoughts of servicing three horny men at once. Kyle grabbed her naked body first, pulling her tightly to him French kissing her warm mouth deeply while squeezing her soft ass checks with both hands. "Nice ass isn't it?" Mike asked watching as Kyle mauled his sweet wife's bare soft round butt with both his strong hands.

"Very nice, bet it's real tight," Kyle commented as he moved one hand around between Cassy's thighs to cup her warm sex mound "Damn her cunt's already hot, I'll bet she's gonna be a wild fuck." he said as he felt the heat of her already wet pussy. "I'm gonna enjoy working on these" he continued as he moved his mouth to one of her hard nipples which he began sucking and biting.

"Don't be a hog man, let me have a feel," Larry said as he pulled Cassy's hot body away from Kyle. "I love her tits already," he continued as he grabbed both her soft melons in his huge hands. "Damn they feel good," was his comment as he mashed her breasts in a vice like grip causing her to cry out in pain. "Does she like it rough Mike?" he asked as he squeezed both her soft tit's even harder taking her breath away.

"Doesn't matter what she likes, it's only what I want that counts! " Mike replied as he pulled Cassy's lust filled young body away from Larry and pushed her towards the living room. "Time for you to put on a little show for us slut. Sit down boys and watch while I make her entertain us." he said as he motioned the other men towards the sofa.

Cassy's breasts throbbed and ached from the mauling Larry had given them while her hot pussy actually dripped sex juice as Mike sat her down on the coffee table. "Spread your cunt open and play with your clit slut, I want my friends to see what they are about to have!" he commanded his red hot wife as the other two men pulled out their hard cocks. Her red swollen clit and wet sex hole was now on display for them as she spread her sexy legs as wide apart as she could and used both hands to stimulated her already sex crazed body even further.

"Fuck man she's gonna cum before we even get to fuck her!" Kyle panted as he stroked his medium length but very fat cock. Cassy's was ravaging her hot wet cunt like a mad women, rubbing her clit very hard and fast while fucking herself with three fingers. Her head rolled back and her eyes glazed as she moaned softly, getting closer and closer to cumming.

"She won't cum until I tell her to, she knows better!" was Mike's reply to Kyle's statement about Cassy's wild state of passion. "You can do what ever you want to her but she will NOT cum without my permission," he stated flatly. The words exploded on Cassy as she reached the very edge of orgasm letting her know her torment was only beginning for she knew he meant exactly what he said. His control over her was so total and complete she would go insane first before cumming without his permission.

"Bet I can make her cum with this!" Larry said as he slowly ran his hand up and down the biggest cock Cassy's had ever seen. It was at lest 12 inches long, as big around as her small arm, and was so hard it throbbed as she stared at it wide eyed. "Come here baby and ride me until you explode." he commanded as he reach out and pulled her up on his lap.

Mike's overheated young wife quickly arranged her sex crazed body on Larry's lap so his monster cock was at the entrance to her dripping wet cunt. As she tried to put his cock in he stopped her saying, "Not yet Baby, I wanna tease you a little first so you really want it!" With that he began rubbing his enormous hard dick up and down her red hot pussy driving Cassy wild with the need to be fucked.

"Please....fuck....me....please....fuck....me!" Cassy's panted over and over as Larry continued his torment, teasing her by putting just the tip of his huge hard into her hot pussy, but not letting her have anymore of it.

"I'll fuck you if you cum for me slut!" Larry asked the almost insane young woman sitting on his lap desperately trying to fuck his big throbbing cock. Her mind reeled in confusion, part of her want very badly to fuck his monster cock and cum, but another even stronger part kept her from doing anything against Mike's orders.

"I can only cum when my Master allows me to sir," Cassy panted knowing she could do only what her Master said no matter what her own feelings. She had long ago given herself completely to him and nothing could ever change that.

"Let me help you Larry, her hot tits need some attention," Kyle chimed in as he moved up behind Cassy, ran his arms around her soft hot body and began to maul her soft breasts and hard nipples. The tormented young wife almost lost control when at the same time as Kyle attacked her sensitive tits, Larry rammed all his fat 12 inches inside her steaming hot sex hole in one swift motion.

Cassy's mind almost exploded as Larry's enormous cock slammed into her, stretching her tender young flesh so much that the pain nearly caused her to faint. He grabbed her soft ass checks with both his strong hands and began pumping her sexy body up and down on his hard shaft like she was a rag doll. The tormented young woman's body almost over powered her mind and exploded in orgasm but she managed to regain control before she disobeyed her Master.

"She won't cum yet, but you can still keep trying. Kyle why don't you use her little back door and then you can't both try at once," was the words she heard Mike say. The thought of being fucked by both men at once sent pangs of fear thru her mind knowing how hard it would be to keep control of her passion with both her sex holes filled with hard cocks.

Without taking his hands from Cassy's hard nipples Kyle moved to bring his hard throbbing rod between her soft ass checks as Larry pulled them wide apart. "Put it in for me slut, my hands are busy," Kyle laughed as he prepared to sandwich the almost insane with lust young slut.

"Do as he says slut put his cock up you ass and fuck both of them like the slut you are," Mike added as Cassy struggled to get Kyle's cock in position to ram her tender ass. He slammed his cock into her, thankfully for her he was so hot that his pre-cum give it some lube but it still caused her to cry out in pain. "Abuse her nipples Kyle, it will drive her crazy!" Mike added sadistically to help his friends torment his sexy wife.

Cassy's sex crazed body was now under tremendous pressure to cum as the two horny strangers ravaged both her sex holes at once and assaulted her sensitive nipples. She suffered silently knowing that begging for release would do her no good and only make them work harder to make her cum. The two men now found a rhythm in their fucking first filling her to bursting then withdrawing driving her almost to the point on insanity.

"Rub your clit slut; rub it hard so my friends can see just how hot a slut like you can get!" Mike taunted his nearly crazy wife wanting to prove just how much control he really had over her. Cassy's reach down and began doing as he commanded assaulting her throbbing clit as the men increased their pace, pounding her holes so hard she knew they could not last much longer.

Mike stood stroking his own rock cock as he watched to two horny studs use his beautiful little wife thinking how much a turn on it was to have so much control over her. The small sexy woman sandwiched between two men was being fucked so hard it was almost unbelievable she could refrain from cumming but he knew she wouldn't dare. "Harder guys, fuck the slut harder!" he panted wanting her torment to increase because the more she suffered the hotter it made him.

"Fuck man I'm cumming!" Larry grunted as held his huge hard cock deep inside Cassy's wet cunt and shot his big load. The feel of the hot sex juice and throbbing cock almost sent her over the edge but she held on somehow holding back the intense orgasm she must release soon or go mad.

"Damn it, me too!" was Kyle's reply to his partner as he filled sexy Cassy's little ass with hot cum while giving her tortured nipples one last hard twist. The hot slut moaned in pain and tossed her head around violently as he abused her sensitive nipples so hard tears ran down her pretty face. "Man there's got to be something wrong with this gal, maybe she can't cum!" Kyle panted as he pulled out of her well used ass and collapsed exhausted on the couch.

"She will cum when I tell her just watch," Mike replied to Kyle's remark as he moved to his hot wife. He pulled the lust crazed young woman off Larry's sent cock and laid her nude sweating hot body out on the coffee table. "Suck my cock slut," he ordered her as he straddled her pretty face and pushed his throbbing hard cock against her red lips. She opened her mouth and eagerly swallowed her husband's big rod knowing that her release would be coming soon.

Mike wasn't as ready as Cassy hoped, deciding to torture his sweet little wife a little longer he took both her hard nipples between his fingers and began tormenting them. He was nearly ready to explode so he began fucking his hard cock in and out of her mouth as she struggled to take his entire rod in. The harder and faster he went the more she fought to keep her body in check, pleading silently for him to let her cum before she went insane with lust.

The satisfied strangers watch in awe as Mike's naked young wife lay spread eagled on the table sucking his cock like a mad whore, her whole body seeming to glow with the heat of her passion. They wondered just how long their new friend would continue his torment of the sexy little slut they had just finished using.

Cassy's brain now began to fog with pure lust as she used the last of her self control to beat back the incredible wave of orgasm building up inside her over heated body. If her Master didn't release her soon she would surly lose her mind for never had he taken her this close to pure sexual madness.

"Listen close my little slut and do exactly as I tell you," Mike panted as he neared orgasm, "Put your hands to your sides and don't touch yourself." he continued while still fucking her sweet mouth. She quickly did as he ordered; grabbing the edges of the table hoping desperately that he was almost ready to her let cum. He released her sore nipples and continued "When you feel the first blast of my cum in your mouth you may start cumming and don't stop til you can't cum any more. Understand slut? I want to drain you dry."

It was like getting in the starters blocks for Cassy as she prepared her body to explode when her Master filled her mouth with his sweet hot cum. She wanted and needed very badly to release all sexual tension that the three men had built up inside her overheated body. Please she thought to herself please Master cum I can't take much more I MUST find relief!

The other two eagerly watched as Mike savagely fucked Cassy's mouth knowing that they were about to see a real show when he finally released her. He held back as long as he could to show his control over his slut wife, but finally he grabbed her head with both hands, buried his hot hard sex rod to the hilt in her willing mouth and came.

What happen next can only be described as amazing; Cassy began to writhe around wildly as the waves of orgasm swept quickly thru her over sexed body. The men watched in awe for at lest five minutes as she explode with orgasm after orgasm, screaming as each one over took her before she finally collapsed with exhaustion. As for their sex toy she had NEVER felt anything like that in her life, each wave of pleasure building on the last until finally it reached an incredible peck for sexual satisfaction.

Cassy lay there half conscious as the men talked about how sexy she was and all the things they would do to her after they rested. She new that they would use her like the slut she was, fucking her all night until they couldn't get their cocks hard any more. God she thought, as a soft smile came to her pretty little face, it was great to have a Master like her Mike in control.

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