tagBDSMControl by Candlelight

Control by Candlelight


“Fuck Me, slut.”

“No Master.”

“you’re gonna fuck Me now, slut.”

“No Master.”

“Slut, fuck Me now or you’ll regret it.”

“Gonna make me, Master?”

Slowly You unfold Yourself and stand above me.

Sprawled on my chair i look up at You and smile sweetly.

You kneel before me between my legs and squirming i look up at You. You whisper in my ear “I am going to use you so hard you’ll bleed.”

“Then we will bleed together.”

You slide Your hands up my cheeks and i run my hand through Your hair. Eyes meet steadily. Our breathing quickens.

“You want Me.”

“Yes Master.”

“You always want Me.”

“Yes Master.”

i take one of Your hands, our fingers interlace and we stretch out together, then the other hand too, faces almost touching still. Then You swing my arms round behind me, i cry out and arch back, feel Your teeth on my neck nipping, writhe but can’t escape, but then i sway forwards and caught off-balance You release me to steady Yourself as You topple backwards. Now i’m kneeling over You, a spiky heel against Your shin, metal against Your flesh, and i look down at You coolly before starting to apply the pressure.

“AAAAAAAARGH!” i’m flipped onto my back again; You’re kneeling on my chest.

“Think that would hold Me? Think that would hurt Me?”

i shake my head no and slap Your face hard, receive two back harder and squirm beneath You, bucking to try to shake You off. You rise to Your feet, holding my wrists and drag me over to the table, tie my wrists round the bottom of the table legs. Astride me once more You rip my blouse open and look down at my bare breasts.

“You’re a fucking whore, You know that? Want it bad, I can see.”

The jeans and the boots are next to go, and then You’re tugging down my thong with Your teeth as i try to suppress a fit of the giggles.

You disappear into the next room and when You return put something on top of the table, i can’t see what it is, but You have two clamps in Your hand. i gasp with pleasure as You attach them, then gasp with pain as You squeeze them once they’re attached. You loop their chain over a little hook fastened under the table; weights attached the other end keep them pulled tight.

You reach up to something on the table above me, again i can’t see what it is, until You rest three little night-lights in a row down my stomach and light them with a cigarette lighter. “Don’t move now.”

i have no intention of moving with them sitting on me.

Then You’re parting my legs and stroking me, so i’m purring with pleasure.

“OW!” A peg is held on my clit, You’re looking down at me. As You see the tears spring to my eyes You release it, then when i’ve relaxed You attached it again. This time i’m able to take it; though it hurts it makes me incredibly moist.

You stroke me softly, circling round my breasts, round the candles, i close my eyes and smile and just enjoy it. i feel the pain on my breasts, on my clit, and it just emphasises the pleasure of Your fingertips on my body. Now the fingers are stroking down down down, caressing my smooth inner thighs, and stroking back up again, teasing me until i’m moaning for You. You kneel between my legs, stroking my shins and my feet, until i’m turning my head so my hair brushes against my neck, wanting to arch my back but prevented by the gentle touch of the candles, so relaxed now.

Then You stop.

Ankle straps fastened tight. Spreader bar out of the corner. Legs kicked apart and cuffs fastened on, straining my leg muscles. Eyes wide looking up at You. Your lips curling slightly with the pleasure of Your power. My insides churning from the pleasure of Your power. But no pain yet, just a vibe being pulled out of its box, to my surprise.

Kneeling next to me gently release the peg on my clit, although the blood rushing back hurts like crazy. Then You tease me with the vibe, so i’m licking my lips again and imagining it deep inside me, when suddenly it is deep inside me, taking me by surprise so i cry out, but then murmuring with pleasure.

But You’re not done yet.

“Legs up.”

i bend my knees.

“Straight up! 90º bitch!”

Smoothly raising them straight up now, careful of the candles.

You tug me up further so my ass is slightly off the ground. i watch You loop the chain from the nipple clamps round the spreader bar and tie it in a knot, so however i move i’ll be pulling myself, causing myself pain without You even having to touch me.

You move the candles higher up my chest, so i can feel the heat from one of the flames between my breasts. Now You’re close to me between my legs, but curled up like this i can’t see what You’re doing. i don’t have to wait long to find out; i hear the sound of a zip, then feel Your finger moistening my ring with my own juices, tickling the rim, making me moan again before You slide Your cock deep in me, hard and firm and feeling so big i fear i’ll rip in two.

“Told you I’d make you bleed, you whore, better get you stretched for next time, don’t you think?”

Your strokes are fast, using me for Your own ends, with the urgency of possession, of conquest, i feel Your fingers squeezing my thighs tight, but have to keep as still as i can and take it, the pain of my nipples being tugged almost as hard as the pain of Your cock in my tight asshole.

i cry out and cry out, but my pain arouses You further and Your speed increases, the friction too, while my weights pull my chest up and the vibe feels so horny inside of me that i know i can’t take this much longer without cumming.

The expression in Your eyes changes, and soon we’re bracing ourselves against each other while You shoot deep inside of me. You shudder and withdraw, sitting back on Your heels. With Your head on one side You look at me and laugh.

“Slut, You’re on fire. Better put You out, huh?”

Hand in Your jeans again, and You’re splashing down on the candles, putting them out with a sizzle, i gasp and turn away, but You just move so You’re splashing my face too, i know what You want and i lick my lips as Your piss runs down my face.

Squatting next to me You unclamp my nipples, and i let out a shuddering gasp as the blood returns to them and i’m able to pull the free chain through as i lower my legs.

“Thank You Master, thank You.”

“Did I say you could do that?”

“No Master, sorry.” i raise them again, with difficulty.

“Lower your legs.”

i lower them again.


They’re up.


Oooo, i think, but do it.

“Goodnight, slut.”


“I’m off to bed. Don’t go anywhere, eh?”

With disbelief i watch You walk out the door.

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