tagMind ControlControlled Ch. 01

Controlled Ch. 01


Hiya my name is Kirsta I'm 26 have a nice figure about size 14 with decent sized breasts and a very kinky nature, I want to tell you about how my life and my husband's life changed very dramatically recently.

For the past few months my husband Dan and I have been adding a lot of fantasy in our sex life to spice things up. We love reading the stories on the various websites and will often write and email to the authors if we think they are good and have turned us on. The fantasies have ranged from me exposing my body in public, to me getting gang banged by a group of strangers whilst Dan either watches or is waiting for me at home.

It was great just talking about these things, at first it was just during foreplay and whilst having sex with me telling Dan all the things I'd like to do and with him egging me on to go further. As these things do it got to the point where we wanted to put some of the milder aspects of these fantasies into action, although we were both very nervous about doing it.

One Saturday we went to the shopping centre and whilst I was in one of the many clothes shops and Dan was next door looking at computer games, I spotted a short mini skirt which looked really nice and it made me think about all the things we talked about so much I was becoming very aroused. I just had to buy it then and there. So grabbing it I took it to the changing rooms and tried it on.

Looking in the mirror I was amazed at the amount of leg it showed off, if I bent over without bending my knee's you could easily see my knickers which made me feel even hornier. I never normally wear short skirts at all as I always thought that they were a bit slutty, but looking at my reflection in the mirror I was shocked at how sexy I thought I looked and how horny I felt. I was still nervous as hell but thought what a laugh it would be to just wear this for the rest of the time round the shops.

Quickly ripping off the tags I folded up the jeans I was wearing earlier I went back out of the changing rooms and told the girl on the till that I was going to wear this but could I have a bag for my jeans. The girl said sure and that the skirt looked great on me and was sure that whoever I was wearing it for would love it as well.

After paying and putting my jeans in the bag I headed to find Dan next door. I felt totally exposed and nervous but it was making me as horny as hell noticing how many strange men were staring at my now fully exposed legs. Going into the computer game shop Dan had his back to me, so I walked up behind him and put my hands over his eyes and whispered in his ear that I had a surprise for him, all this time I could feel eyes looking at me.

When Dan turned round the shocked look on his face was great to see, I didn't think he believed that I would do anything like this without him having to keep pestering me. He told me that I looked stunning and that did I know that nearly everyone in the shop kept trying to look at me. I told him that I knew, it was making me really horny and asked him whether he minded. He said that he was really turned on by the thought of all these men looking at me and him knowing that I was his.

We walked round the shops for another hour, all the time I kept noticing men looking at me. It made my confidence soar, but by this time we were so horny we had to get home and we fucked like mad with me telling him how it felt to be eyed up by all those men and him telling me, practically begging me that we should do it again but perhaps go a bit further next time and show off my boobs as well.

Over the next few days all we did was fuck and think about what I would wear next, until next Saturday came around and Dan decided we needed to go to the shopping centre again.

This time I decided that I should wear a nice but slightly see through blouse and a lace bra with the skirt and that I would also wear some high heels to complete the outfit. When I came downstairs to where Dan was waiting I practically had to fight him off he was so turned on.

On the way to the shopping centre his hand never left my leg and quite often he would move it up until his hands were rubbing over the lips of my pussy. I had to keep moving his hand because I was getting so wet it was becoming uncomfortable. I had a couple of wolf whistles when we were crossing the car park and for the hour we were actually in the centre I lost track of the amount of men who were staring at either my chest or my legs, men aren't exactly subtle I've noticed.

Again this gave new life to our sex life and we did this for the next few weeks, sometimes with me going alone, although every time I went out I still felt really nervous for the first few minutes, but would end up feeling like a nymphomaniac by the time I got home where I would practically rape Dan while telling him about all the men that would stare at me and when I told him about the odd one or two who had tried to chat me up it always sent him over the edge.

It was after the third time I'd gone out on my own that Dan suggested that why don't we go a bit further than we had done already. Asking what he had in mind I got a shock when he told me that what would really turn him on would be someone who we don't know, telling me what to do and what to wear when I went out. At first I didn't like the sound of it but gradually after a bit of persuading from Dan I let him talk me into it and asked how we would go about it.

I said earlier we often read some kinky stories online, so Dan's idea was to email one of the authors that we liked and to ask him for any idea's. Again feeling very nervous I emailed one, and was surprised when I got a reply back from a man who called himself the lord, saying that the idea sounded really interesting. He asked me for a photo of me dressed up sexily and one of me naked as he could picture things in his head better, he also asked me what I would like to do and how far would I go..

When Dan got back from work I asked him what he thought. Dan was all for it he kept telling me what to write back, the fact that he was really excited turned me on loads. I emailed him back sending him the pictures of me in my new going out outfit and the other with me lying on my back in bed saying that I would go along with whatever he told me to do, but also explaining that I was still very nervous and to take it easy on me.

The next day I received another email from him which said how much he liked the pictures and what a sexy body I had with all the proper curves instead of these nasty anorexic looking women these days. He would start definitely start gently with me so I was not to worry. The first thing he wanted me to do was to shave the remaining hair of my pussy which although it looked lovely trimmed as I had always kept it tidy, it was such a shame to cover up something that should be viewed and enjoyed. I also had to send him a picture of my new look.

The second thing I had to do this weekend was to go to the shopping centre again in my usual outfit, but this time we were to take a taxi and I was not to wear any knickers this time. Dan was to sit in the front passenger seat and I was to sit in the middle of the back seat. I also had to position my legs partly open so that the taxi driver could, if he looked in the mirror, see up my skirt and my naked pussy. When I was at the shopping centre I could do what I wanted but at least twice I was to bend over and pick something up from a bottom shelf without bending my knees so that my skirt would rise up and show my nakedness.

If this was going easy on me then it didn't bode well for what would happen in the future, but I must admit I was getting really turned on by the thought of doing it. When Dan got home and read it he was really excited and dragged me upstairs where we had some really dirty sex whilst thinking about it. Afterwards I emailed him back and said that we'd do it and let him know how it turned out.

Saturday morning came round quickly and I got ready for the day out at the shops, I almost chickened out but at that point Dan shouted up to say that the taxi he had ordered earlier was on its way. I quickly finished putting my makeup on and went downstairs. Dan's smile was huge as he reached his hand under my skirt and felt my freshly shaved pussy. I slapped his hand away and told him it had better not be our normal taxi company, to which he told me it was a new one he found in the yellow pages and not to worry. He asked if I was ok with this and if I was sure that I still wanted to go through with it. I said I was willing if he was, to which he said he'd been looking forward to it all week and anything I wanted to do was fine with him.

Just then a horn sounded outside as the taxi pulled up.

Dan went out first and got straight into the front passenger seat leaving me to lock up. As I walked to the taxi I could see the driver, an Asian man of about 50 or so staring at me. I got into the back seat and shuffled across to the middle of the back seat, I kept my legs closed at first as Dan started talking to the driver who was spending a lot of time looking in his rear view mirror at me. After a couple of minutes I started to relax a bit and made a show of looking out the side window, whilst I was doing this I let my legs open up a little. At first the driver didn't seem to notice so I opened them a bit more, leaned back in the seat and looked out the side window again.

About 10 seconds later the car seemed to swerve slightly and sure enough when I turned round I could see his eyes in the rear-view mirror looking straight towards my pussy which was now on display. I felt myself getting even more aroused and wet, I pretended not to have realised what I was doing and as I leaned forward to talk to Dan my legs opened even more. Dan looked at me and smiled, knowing that the driver was looking at my naked pussy, he asked if I was feeling ok and I said that I was feeling great. I then sat back only closing my legs slightly but still leaving myself on display.

A couple of minutes later we arrived at the shopping centre, Dan got out and said he'd wait inside and could I pay for the taxi. Leaning forward and opening my legs a little more again I asked the driver how much it was, not taking his eyes of what was beneath my skirt he mumbled a fiver would do. Leaning back again but this time keeping my legs wide open I fumbled in my purse for a minute and got the money then handed it to him, as I did I accidentally dropped it. Quick as a flash he leaned back to grab the money and as he was bringing it up I felt him brush his hand against the inside of my leg, which sent a shock through my body. Thanking the guy and pretending not to have noticed I started to climb out when the driver handed me a business card and told me to call him anytime I needed a cab and he would always do me a good deal. I said thanks again got out and walked over to Dan who very excitedly told me that the driver was still staring after me.

We went straight to a café and ordered a coffee each, we couldn't stop laughing about what I'd done and when I told Dan how the guy had brushed his hand against the inside of my leg he got even more excited and asked what I would have done if he had felt my pussy, I just told him I would have saved myself a fiver because there was no way I would have had to pay him if he did that. Dan started to laugh but then asked if I was serious, I told him that I definitely was as long as he was ok with it. Dan looked over the moon he said that he couldn't wait till we get home.

I reminded him that we still had another task to perform yet, so finishing our coffee's we set off to follow my orders.

The shop that I bent over in was a shoe shop, I looked round and only saw one other guy about at that moment so I picked up a pair of shoes from the bottom shelf and sure enough my skirt rode up and showed the bottom of my ass and some of my pussy to anyone who could see. When I stood back up and turned around I saw the man at the other end of the aisle staring at me. Dan whispered that the man had seen everything, so smiling I turned back and put the shoes back where I got them from again feeling my skirt rise up and fresh air on my exposed bits.

I stood back up and noticed that this time the man had moved even closer and when he noticed I was looking at him he quickly looked at the nearest pair of shoes to him which was funny because he was by the high heels section in the store.

Dan was so turned on by now that he decided it was definitely time to go home as he couldn't wait to give me the fucking I deserved. We almost ran to the taxi rank outside and jumped into a black cab, which unfortunately was driven by a woman so put a stop to me showing myself off. When we got home we didn't even get out of the hallway before Dan had his cock in my soaking pussy pounding away like a madman, it did not take long before he came but I was way ahead of him and came at least twice. It was one of the best fucks we had ever had.

After we had calmed down I emailed the author and told him all the little details and how I felt whilst and after doing it, leaving nothing out.

On Monday night I checked the computer and there was another message waiting for me from the writer I opened it up.

'Hi Kirsta,' it started 'Was very pleased to read about your exploits, it sounded like you had a great time, I especially liked the fact that the taxi driver almost touched your cunt. I wonder how you would have felt if he had actually brushed against it or even better yet if he had played with you for a few minutes whilst hubby was waiting for you like a good little boy in the shopping centre, would that turn you on I wonder? How wet does that thought make you I wonder?'

I must admit almost without my knowledge my fingers had located my clit and were making circling motions whilst I thought back to the taxi ride and the possibility of that old Asian taxi driver playing with my pussy. God this was stupid he was a horrible looking old man, so why was I getting so turned on, before I knew it I came in a loud orgasm that left me shaking slightly. I read on

' There was one thing though that bothers me when you wrote back and told me about the time in the shoe shop which was great by the way, you then said you and hubby went home and fucked like rabbits, all very nice by the way. The only problem was that, I told you that you must bend over and expose yourself twice and don't think putting the shoes back counts as the second time either. We're going to have to get things straight from the outset and the decision obviously will be totally up to you.'

'What I want from now on is that you do exactly what I say and when I say it, you follow my instructions exactly to the letter and I will want photographic evidence of this also. Any failure on your part will incur a very humiliating punishment for you or hubby boy. If you agree to these terms I will not punish you too severely for this first lapse, but you will be punished. Either you agree to these terms or we might as well forget the whole thing with no hard feelings. The choice is yours, but I will say that if you agree to these terms, I promise to make all your wildest dreams come true and even some dreams you never knew you had. Email me back by Thursday night to let me know if you agree to these terms, if I don't hear from you then good luck in the future.'

The cheeky bastard I first thought, I couldn't believe the nerve of him, the hell was I going to surrender myself in this way and the condescending way he kept calling Dan Hubby Boy, just who the hell did he think he was.

I waited until Dan came back from work still pissed off but beginning to calm down a bit and as I grew a bit calmer I kept wandering what it would be like to give up my free will entirely to some stranger to obey his every whim and even though I was still fuming slightly I couldn't help feeling slightly aroused at the thought as well. When Dan got in I showed him the email and watched while he read it silently before he turned round to me and said "Well what do you think?"

I was shocked at first Dan didn't seem upset or anything in fact he looked like he was slightly aroused himself. "What do you mean? What do I think?" I said

"Well, OK it seems a bit strongly worded and I only want you to be happy and to enjoy yourself, so I'll always go along with what you want, in fact I'll do whatever you want me to do. I suggest you think about it a bit first though."

Still shocked I said "What you would let some strange man control me telling me to expose myself probably get me to fuck other strange men and who knows what else."

"No." he said "Not that at all I would let you do whatever you wanted and if that involved you having sex with half the town, as long as you wanted to, I would always love you and would always enjoy it. You know me I get off by seeing you getting off. I must admit the whole idea turns me on though. What can I say? I'm just freaky that way"

"I know you are you pervert, I'll think about it then"

Over the next couple of days it was all that was in my mind and the more I thought about it the more I wanted to do it. The whole aspect of surrendering my free will to this stranger was turning me on so much, that by Wednesday night I had decided to do it, and do it I would, when I gave my word I kept it, I had never broke my word in my life.

Dan was ecstatic and we fucked like rabbits all night. The next morning I emailed the Dark Lord back saying that I would agree to his terms and that I was sorry that I had disobeyed him by not bending over the required amount of times, and that I would do better next time.

The next day I got another email.

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