tagMind ControlControlled Ch. 02

Controlled Ch. 02


'Hi Kirsta, glad you got back to me. I thought you might. Now we'll see what kind of slut you'll become I want you to enjoy yourself as much as I'm going to enjoy seeing you do what I command. Hubby Boy must be one kinky sad bastard for letting his wife do whatever some stranger tells them too. I hope he likes to be humiliated by having his wife become a slut, because that is what is going to happen. Now to business as they say.

I hope you kept that card from the taxi driver on the weekend because he is going to be a big part of my punishment for you. But we'll get onto that in a moment because the first task I want you to do is to go out on your own this Saturday night to a nightclub of your choice.

You will dress in the same outfit you wore last Saturday but this time you will not wear a bra or any knickers, you may wear a small jacket if it is cold as that top is pretty see through and it won't leave much to the imagination also we don't want to get you arrested do we. You will not take any money whatsoever, so you'll have to talk nicely to the doormen to be able to get in without paying (who knows blowjob perhaps). You will leave your home by 8pm and be out until at least 2 in the morning when you'll have to figure out a way of getting home. There is one proviso though I am sure that there will be a few people who will try to chat you up and want you to go home with them. You cannot pick and choose your new partner/s for the evening and you will do whatever they want you to do. So you had best hope that they are good looking at least. When they are happy and finished with you, you can go home.

Don't forget I want photo evidence of you in the club and if you get up to something I want evidence of that too, as well as all the details.

Now for the punishment

On Wednesday afternoon you are to ring the taxi driver from last week and get him to pick you up at around 6pm, hopefully before Hubby Boy gets back from work. When he does I want you to get into his car and apologise for being such a tease when you were last in the cab. I want you to tell him that you would like to make it up to him and that you will do whatever he wants for the following 3 hours. Half way through the 3 hours I want you to call Hubby Boy and explain what is being done to you and that you love him (I do hope you are being fucked at the time of the call). Don't forget to get pictures.

This maybe a bit harsh on you but it will teach you to obey and so avoid punishment, I look forward to seeing the results.'

A bit harsh I thought, god what am I getting myself into. I don't think Dan would allow it to go this far, even though the more I thought about it the wetter I was becoming, my fingers had already found my clit and were rubbing the little nub. I practically ran to the bedroom where I stripped off and started playing with myself whilst pinching and pulling on my overly sensitive nipples, God I was so turned on it was incredible. Just the thought of me doing all those things and letting whoever fuck me had always been a fantasy but now I was probably going to let it happen.

I came once, hard, but just carried on bringing myself to another orgasm quickly, which left me shaking and panting on the bed. As I opened my eyes again I saw Dan standing in the doorway to the bedroom just staring at me. I sat up quickly feeling a little guilty, but he came over and pushed me down again and told me how sexy I looked whilst stroking the inside of my thigh. "Another email" he said smiling.

"Yes" I replied "But I don't know whether you'll like it though"

"Why don't you tell me about it why I keep myself amused" he said as he started to kiss the inside of my thighs before I felt his tongue on my pussy lips. I gasped as I was still overly sensitive down there, I then proceeded to tell him about what I had been ordered to do. As I was telling him he started to lick and suck my pussy harder and was moaning a lot. Pretty soon he jumped up and practically ripped his clothes off revealing his extremely hard throbbing cock. I reached across and wrapped my hand around it and pulled it towards my face "I take it you do like the idea of it then" I asked beginning to lick around the head of cock. Dan's cock was of average size, about 6.5 inches, and girth which was great, although sometimes I did miss my old boyfriend's cock which used to be just under 9 inches.

Dan moaned loudly as I took him fully into my mouth swirling my tongue around the end. Pulling away I asked "Does little Dan like the thought of me going out and being picked up in town then?"

For an answer all I got was another loud moan as Dan started to cum all over my face, so leaning forward I put my mouth back over his cock and swallowed the rest of his cum. It was the most I had ever seen him cum it seemed to go on for ages.

After calming down a bit Dan asked what I though about the whole thing and I told him that at first I was horrified but after a short while I got really into the idea and couldn't wait. He told me again that whatever I wanted to do was fine by him and that he loved the idea of me being a slut, in fact he couldn't wait.

We fucked another couple of times that night whilst thinking about it.

On Saturday morning Dan got a call from his boss and had to go into work, he had to work on a last minute presentation and wouldn't be back until late this evening. "Don't forget I have to leave by 8 o'clock" I said

"I'll try to be back by then but my boss is really breathing down my neck and it's an important presentation for the company, but I'll try and be on time, I promise" he said as he was heading out the door.

Throughout the day my mind was constantly on what would happen tonight, time seemed to pass so slowly and a few times I thought I would back out, but then the stubbornness and I suppose kinkiness would kick in and I thought to myself, I can do this, in fact I'm going to have fun doing this.

At 6pm I ran a bath and relaxed for a short while then shaved my pussy bare and rubbed some cream in to stop any irritation, then I went into the bedroom and laid out my clothes for this evening, which didn't amount to much just the short skirt the more or less see through top and a little jacket which made me look a tiny bit more decent.

Before doing my makeup I went to make myself a sandwich to eat, but ended up throwing half of it away as I was just to nervous, so I had a large glass of wine to settle my nerves then went back upstairs and spent a while putting on my makeup. I then put on my outfit, looking in the mirror without my jacket on left my breasts completely visible my nipples were sticking out quite well. I just couldn't believe that I was going to go out like this. Putting on some nice high heels and my jacket I walked downstairs just as Dan came through the front door, he looked at me with his mouth open.

"You look amazing" he said "are you feeling ok?"

"Nervous as hell" I replied "I'm glad you got back in time, because I wasn't looking forward to calling a taxi. All I've got on me is my phone and my camera, thinking of which you had better take a photo of me now before I go out"

Passing the camera to Dan he took a couple of pics of me with and without my jacket also with me bending over showing myself off. It was now 7.50 time to go, I followed Dan down the path but just before we got to the car I heard my neighbour call out "You look sexy tonight what is it night on the town?"

Turning round I groaned to myself, my neighbour is at least 60 and a bit of a perv I don't think he knows that I have eyes, as his never seem to travel above my cleavage, especially now what with my jacket unfastened at the front he could see that I wasn't wearing a bra. "Yeah" I said "I've got a night out with some girlfriends in town. Sorry can't stop I'm late as it is"

Staring at my retreating figure he said "Well it was lovely to see you too, Dan is a very lucky man."

"He sure is" I called back

I got in the car and said "God that guy gives me the creeps the old pervert"

Dan just laughed and said "Well you've given him an eyeful tonight that's for sure. By the way did I say you look sexy in that outfit. Are you sure you want to go through with it?"

"I'm sure. I'm nervous as hell but I must admit I'm definitely feeling very aroused. What about you? Do you want me to do this still?"

"If you're happy then I'm happy" Dan said reaching his hand across and rubbing a finger down my slit. "Judging by how wet you are, you are definitely happy" he laughed "god I haven't been this hard for years I'm going to wank all night thinking about what you are doing. Text me throughout the night and keep me informed and call me if you get into any trouble"

As he was saying this he pulled over to the curb in the main street "I will don't worry" I said leaning over I gave him a kiss and said "Love you loads, sexy"

Dan gave me a hug and as I was getting out of the car he said "love you too, have fun"

I winked at him and smiled. I then headed towards the nearest bar, as it was too early to go into a nightclub. I got a couple of wolf whistle's before I got there, so I walked a bit quicker. When I entered the bar it was reasonably busy. Good job really, as I hoped I could sit around for a while being as though I didn't have any money.

I needn't have worried about it though because within a couple of minutes of finding a seat these two guy's came over and asked if me if I was with anybody and if I wanted a drink. Remembering my instructions I said that I'd love one and asked for a vodka and coke. One of the guys went off to buy the drinks the other one guided me across to a free booth where he sat down opposite me.

"Hi, I'm Simon and my mate's called Ian. I must say that you look very sexy tonight are you meeting up with friends later?"

"Hi Simon, thanks for the compliment, you're not looking bad either and no I'm not meeting up with anybody tonight, I'm just out to have a good time really. I'm Kirsta by the way." I smiled.

"God I'm sorry Kirsta, where's my manners, I should have asked what your name is first"

"It's alright don't worry about it. Anyway so what are you two up to tonight anything interesting?" As I was asking this Ian came over, asked if I minded, then sat down next to me so I had to shuffle up a bit, Simon picked up his drink then did the introductions saying "Cheers mate, this is Kirsta and apparently she's out for a good time tonight, I'm sure we can help there can't we?"

"I'm sure we can" Ian said "I got you a double by the way I hope you don't mind"

A double was great I thought it'll help with the nerves fortunately they seemed a nice couple of guy's "It's fine by me" I said "I was just asking Simon what you two were up to tonight are you meeting your girlfriends or any other friends tonight?"

"No, nothing like that we only came out tonight on the off chance, that there may be some nice lady's out and about, and what happens the first place we come to we meet up with your lovely self" Ian said turning to smile at me. "And you do look lovely, nice top by the way"

Quickly looking down I noticed that my jacket had twisted a little and uncovered one of my breasts, adjusting it back to its proper place, I said "Sorry about that, I didn't notice"

"Don't mind us" Ian said "You look great as I said"

We chatted for a while about all sorts of things and I found myself relaxing more and more, I'm sure the alcohol helped I was now on my fourth double vodka, they wouldn't let me buy a drink, which was a good job really. The conversation kept getting more suggestive as time went by, when suddenly Ian who was the more confident and chatty of the two said "So anyway Kirsta, what does your husband think of you going out on your own to have a good time" As he was saying this he pointed to my wedding ring which I had forgotten to take off.

As I said I was getting quite tipsy by then and just said "It's a long story really, but suffice to say he doesn't mind"

"What do you mean?" Simon said "It's a long story? Please enlighten us and I'm sure Ian will get you another drink"

I laughed and said "Go on then, another drink and I'll tell you all"

Ian quickly got the other drink and said "Go on then sexy, tell us all"

So I did. I don't know what came over me but I told them all about how it had started as a fantasy and how me and Dan got off by me showing off my body and how it was always a fantasy of ours that I take in lovers. It was when I got to the bit about the writer and what I had agreed to do and what he had ordered me to do tonight, that they both really got interested.

"So hold on a moment" Ian said "You've came out with no money at all and you've basically got to do what we say tonight then. Also you want photo's of what you get up to. I'm sure glad we started chatting to you."

I looked at Simon who was looking excited and smiling then looked at Ian who seemed to be thinking about this a bit more. I nodded and said "I was told to go along with whatever was asked of me, so yes I suppose" Truth to tell I was getting very horny and I could tell my pussy was getting wet as I rubbed my legs together.

"And there's no comeback from this?" Ian said beginning to smile "You want to do this? Prove it by taking off your jacket"

Why not I thought, thank god for alcohol my nerves were almost all gone. I quickly removed my jacket and there I was sitting in a busy bar talking to two men I had only really just met and because of the sheerness of the top my breasts were on display with my nipples sticking out proudly. I smiled and said "Is that better for you?"

Simon's eyes almost popped out "Wow" he said "They're lovely Kirsta, we're gonna have some fun tonight."

Ian laughed "Yes we are, come on Kirsta pass Simon the camera and lets get some pics for hubby and your master."

I passed Simon the camera as Ian leaned over, turned my face towards his and started to kiss me deeply, his tongue searching out mine I felt his hand start to caress my breast through my top, then pulling and twisting my nipple. As this was going on Simon was clicking away with my camera. I was moaning into Ian's mouth I was so turned on I hoped the pics would turn out ok, I was sure Dan would love them. My nipples were incredibly sensitive and I was getting so wet.

Ian pulled away and smiled at Simon "She's well up for it Mate. Tell you what lets swap places and you have a go with her, I'm sure Kirsta won't mind, pass me the camera"

They quickly swapped places and then I had Simon's tongue in my mouth but his hand was rubbing the inside of my thigh getting closer and closer to my pussy, I opened my legs a bit wider to give him access, pretty soon his fingers were playing with my clit. He pulled his mouth away and said "Christ she's soaked, lets take her back to my place and have some fun"

"Not yet, I've got a better idea first. You know Damien, my mate. The manager of the Lytton Tree club round the corner"

"Yeah big black guy, lovely scar running down the side of his face, what about him?"

"Well" said Ian "Kirsta has to go to a club doesn't she, well I'm sure that Damien would love to let her in free of charge for a small service. Wait here with her while I go and sort things out I'll be back in a couple of minutes."


More to come suggestions and comments welcome to the CONTACT tab on my profile.

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