tagInterracial LoveCorrupting Kelly Ch. 03

Corrupting Kelly Ch. 03


Don suddenly jumped up in bed as he woke from a deep sleep and was breathing as hard as he had been running or exerting himself in some way.

"Honey. Are you all right? What's wrong?"

Don's eyes were still glazed over as he looked around the room and realized where he was at.

"Honey. You scared me. Are you feeling ok?"

"I think so. I must have had a bad dream or something."

Don sat in bed rubbing his eyes and turned toward Kelly than gave her a hug as she patted him on the back.

"Honey. Whatever it was, you were dreaming about, must have scared you. I'll get up and make us coffee."

Kelly kissed Don on the forehead and got out of bed. Don sat thinking about what the dream was about. He rubbed his face and got yo and showered. It was coming back to him now.Don had dreamed that Kelly had gone out with his next door neighbor, Connie.

Oh God. Don remembered seeing what happened in the window last night at their house. How could they do such a thing? He remembered dreaming that Connie had convinced his wife to have sex with that black guy.

Don wondered if they saw him. How could he face his neighbors after seeing what they did last night? Don could see it vivid ly in his mind. Connie was on her back with that big black guy on top of her. He remembered what he saw Frank doing when they finished. How sick is that?

Don sat at the kitchen table as Kelly brought him a cup of coffee.

"Honey. Are you feeling better now?"

"I think so."

Kelly sat down next to Don and put her arm around him.

"What did you dream about? Can you remember anything?"

Don drank the coffee and he stroked his hair back deciding what he should tell Kelly.

"It was horrible. I dreamed that you were anxious about having an affair with another man."

"Honey. Where would you get an idea like that? You know I love you."

Don was going to try to explain to Kelly when someone knocked at the back door.

"Come in."

"Hi you two. I thought I'd come over for coffee this morning. Frank went out early to play gulf this morning leaving me all alone again."

"Sure. Come on in, Connie. Sit down and make yourself comfortable while I pour you a cup."

Connie starred at Don and noticed he was looking at her kind of strangely. She sat down right next to him at the table.

"Don. What happened to you? You look like you just saw a ghost or something. Are you all right?"

"He's ok now. He just had a bad dream last night and we were just talking about it."

"Oh. I'm so sorry, Don. I'm sure that whatever it was problebly scared you."

Don was starring at Connie's low cut top and noticed around her cleavage that she had hickeys from her neck down to the portion of her breasts that were showing. Don remembered how that black guy was biting on her last night.

Kelly sat down next to Don. "Yeah. My little hubby just had a bad dream last night but he's ok now. Don was just telling me about his dream when you walked in."

"Oh. Really. You're not afraid to share it with me are you, Don?"

Kelly put her arm around her husband. "Don was just telling me it had something to do with me having an affair."

Connie was taking a swig of her coffee and starred into Don's eyes once she heard what Kelly had said.

Connie choked up slightly as she replied in broken words. "What would have given him that idea?"

Don was starring back at Connie as if she knew. Maybe she and Frank saw him in the bushes last night.

Kelly rubbed Don's back giving him comfort. "I just think he saw a movie or something and got confused and got me involved."

Connie was starring back and forth between the two of them as she sipped her coffee. Connie smiled at Don trying to lighten the conversation.

"So. Don. What did this guy look like that you thought your wife was having an affair with?"

"Oh. Uh. It's not that important. Just forget about it."

Kelly patted, her husband's should as she walked around the table and sat down. She leaned forward with a big grin on her face saying. "Don said he was black and even knew his name."

Connie nervously laughed as she drank her coffee.

"Oh. Really." She smiled and glanced over at Don and asked. "What was his name?"

Don didn't answer the question as he stood and walked out of the room.

"Connie. I'm really sorry about Don. He's been working long hours and now they want him to go out of town for a couple weeks starting on Monday and I think he has a lot on his mind right now."

"Honey! Stop saying those things. Why would Frank allow another man to do those things to his wife?"

"Kelly. I saw it happen in their bedroom last night! I saw Connie and that man having sex in their bedroom and Frank was watching the whole thing."

Kelly shook her head and smiled. "That must have been a whopper of a dream last night!"

"It's true! I saw it all from the window in their backyard last night. They must belong to some sort of sex club or something!"

"Honey. Why don't you go out on the patio and I'll bring you the paper too read and relax for a while?"

"Kelly. Don't you believe me?"

"Yes. Don. You had a very bad dream, now come on out and sit in the sunshine for a while and we'll talk about it later."

Kelly ran quickly over to Connie's house to apologize for what Don had said about her. She didn't see the Cadillac parked in the driveway when she knocked on the front door. Connie answered the door buttoning her blouse.

"Kelly. I wasn't expecting you. Uh. Come in."

Kelly stepped inside the front door and saw a tall black man walking from the back room.

"Oh. I didn't know you had company. I'll come back another time."

"Oh. No. Kelly. This is Dan. He was just getting ready to leave. He forgot something and was just returning for it."

Kelly held her hand out to the extremely tall black man. He was very handsome and well dressed and had a pleasant smile.

"It's really a pleasure to meet you, Kelly."

Kelly starred at Dan in shock and wondering if what Don had said had any truth to it.

"Come in, Kelly and make yourself at home."

"Connie. I can only stay a minute. Don is sitting out on the patio and I didn't tell him where I was going."

Kelly was still starring at Dan's huge muscles. He was built much like a professional body builder and wondered how he knew Connie and Frank.

"You can stay for a couple minutes, can't you?"

"Yes. I can stay a couple minutes, I guess."

Dan took her hand again as he stepped to the front door. "It was nice meeting you and maybe I'll see you again, sometime."


Connie let Dan out and closed the door and turned to Kelly and hesitantly gave her a nervous smile.

"Dan is a good friend of Frank and me and he just stopped by to pick something up he forgot."

"You mentioned that he was here last night?"

Connie was a little nervous as she answered the question. "Um. Yeah. Dan was here last night."

Kelly had a suspicion that maybe Don didn't have a dream after all and got a little nervous herself talking to Connie about it.

"Honey. What was it that you came over here to talk to me about?"

"Oh. It's nothing really. It's just that Don will be going out of town for two weeks on business in the morning and I'll be home all by myself."

"Great! We'll go shopping together and have lunch one day."

"I better get back to Don. I left him sitting out on the patio reading the newspaper. I'll give you a call this week."

Kelly was back home and was just about ready to mention something about seeing that black guy, Dan at Connie's house but the last thing she wanted to do was have him leave on a business trip thinking that she was having a real affair.

Don left early for his trip the next morning and Kelly spent most of the day cleaning. She had meant to give Connie a call but she got so busy that by the time she finished cleaning, it was getting dark outside.

Kelly cooked dinner for herself and promised Don she would give him a call at the hotel later that night. She saw headlights from a car pull into the driveway next door and got up to see who it was.

Kelly saw Dan walking up the sidewalk dressed in a suit. He was carrying a bottle of wine. Maybe there was something really going on at the house next door. Kelly began reading her book and an hour passed when she got up and looked out the window. She could see the light on in the bedroom next door through the bushes.

She thought about what Don told her he did in his dream. That is, if it was really a dream and wondered if she should go out and take a peek herself. What if they caught her? She could get in a lot of trouble peeping in their window at night.

Kelly put on her sweater and walked outside into the cool night air. She saw a light on in Frank and Connie's bedroom. Kelly found an opening in the bushes between their yards and walked through. She was trying to be as careful as she could.

Suddenly. Kelly heard the back door open. It was Frank taking out empty bottles from the house. She hid in a bush until he went back in the house.

Kelly eased her way toward the lighted room but found out that she was too short to see in the room. All she could see was the ceiling and she thought she saw shadows but nothing else. She walked toward the back yard and found a lounge chair and carried it back and put it under the window.

Kelly slowly got on the chair and peeked inside the room. Don was right! Connie was straddling Dan's legs and was riding that huge black cock. Connie was taking her time as she slowly lowered herself down onto the huge shaft. It was huge!

Kelly couldn't see any sign of Frank in the room. This made her feel very nervous, not knowing where he was. Dan's large hands were holding onto Connie's ass, guiding her above his long body.

Kelly saw how the thick shaft stretched Connie's pussy lips like a rubber band around a thick shaft. Kelly figured that Connie must be spoiled by screwing a guy this size. She watched them fuck for several minutes. Her own pussy was getting wet. She was excited.

Kelly was beginning to breathe hard as she became aroused watching her neighbor fuck the black guy. The contrast of their skin excited her as much as the size of his cock. Kelly actually began breathing in sync with their strokes.

It excited Kelly so much that she remembered back to her college days when her roommate was dating a black guy and she saw them kissing. She remembered how much she got excited seeing their contrast of their skin.

Her roommate's boyfriend had offered to fix her up with his friend but Kelly never had the guts to date a black man, let alone be seen in public with one.

Dan was sucking on Connie's tits as they dangled down in his face. Connie and Kelly were about the same cup size and Kelly was beginning to insinuate herself Connie and rubbed her chest against the window sill. Kelly was looking back between his cock and watching him such on her tits.

She was trying to compare the size of Dan's cock to her husband's and figured it must be over twice the size. The thickness maybe three times the size.

She was nervous as she stood on the chair and looked around the yard. She never thought of herself as a voyeur but admitted to herself that she was getting aroused watching Connie with Dan.

Kelly watched as Dan increased his pace and began pushing his cock inside Connie much faster until he lounged forward sinking that huge shaft as deep as it would go inside Connie and dump his load of cum inside her pussy. Kelly watched Connie lift up and saw the glob of cum as it leaked out of her well-stretched pussy.

Kelly got down from the chair. She didn't want to get caught out here in the middle of the night looking in her neighbor's window. She dashed back home and decided to call her husband and tell him all the details. He would feel better knowing that she believed his story now.

Kelly called the hotel number that Don gave her and waited for the desk to answer.

"Yes. I would like to speak to my husband. Don Fisher. He checked in this afternoon."

"Mam. Did you say? Tom Fisher?"

"No. Don. It's. Don Fisher."

Kelly waited for the man to connect her through to her husband.

"Mam. Yes. He checked in this morning with his wife and doesn't want to be disturbed. Can I leave a message for him to call you back?"

Kelly was upset as she hung up the phone. How could he do this to her? What was this all about? She started to wonder if it was someone he worked with at his office. She started calling numbers to people that worked with Don. She only found out that several people had gone on that trip and their were a couple of women.

Kelly sat down and cried for a long time and finally got up and poured herself a drink. She got drunk that night before she fell asleep on the sofa and didn't wake up until she heard a knock on the front door early the next morning.

She was a mess but she answered the door anyway. It was Connie.

"Hi. Honey. Oh. Kelly. You look like you had a bad night. You must miss Don a lot, don't you? I just came over here to find out what your doing this morning?"

Kelly stared to cry as Connie shut the door behind her. "What's the matter?"

Kelly kept crying but was finally able to reply in broken words. "I called Don last night at the hotel. The man at the desk told me he was with his wife and didn't want to be disturbed."

Connie put her arm around Kelly as she continued to cry. "It'll be all right. Don't you worry about a thing? It must be a mistake or something."

"No. He told me that Don was with another woman and I called his friends and they told me a couple women from his office went on that trip with him."

Connie saw the bottle of whisky sitting on the table as she walked toward the sofa and sat down with Kelly.

"Honey. There isn't any need for you to drink yourself, silly. Why don't you pack a few things and come on over and stay with Frank and me until we can figure something out?"

Connie helped Kelly as she packed a few things, and took her to her house and got her settled in the spare bedroom.

"There. You'll feel right at home in here. There isn't any reason why you should be staying there in that house all alone."

Kelly sat around feeling angered and confused. Later that day, Connie sat down and had a long talk with Kelly and convinced her that she shouldn't feel bad about herself. They had a few drinks that night as Frank watched the football game.

The wives got fairly drunk and Connie began to talk about her relationship with her husband and spilled the beans on Dan.

"Honey. Frank and I would never go out and cheat behind each other. We decided long ago that we could have an open relationship and invite home whom we wanted and nobody gets mad or cheats without the other person knowing about it."

Kelly was so drunk. She could hardly talk. "Maybe that's what I need to do!"

"Honey. You deserve much better than sitting there alone while your husband is out screwing other women!"

Kelly was so drunk that she would agree to almost anything at that moment. She had so much anger built up inside that her mind thought about revenge.

Kelly looked at Connie and could hardly see straight as she boldly said. "Your screwing that black guy, Dan! Aren't you?"

Connie's eyes got big as she heard Kelly ask that question and laughed. "Yes. I'm screwing Dan. Is that what you want? You want to fuck a black guy, Kelly?"

Kelly didn't reply but took a swig of her drink as she starred down at the floor. She was too embarrassed to say anything like that even though she was drunk.

Connie got up and sat down right next to Kelly and put her arm around her. "Honey. Dan has a good friend, named Marvin. I will introduce you to him tomorrow night. You and I are going to go out shopping in the morning and we're going to buy a few sexy things for you to wear."

"Connie. I don't think I should do this."

"Nonsense. I'll have you meet Marvin and if you don't want to do anything than all you have to do is say, no."

Connie called Dan and made arrangements with him. Kelly was too drunk to even care at that point.

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