tagMatureCougar Chronicles: E is for Ella

Cougar Chronicles: E is for Ella


I first saw Mrs. Evans before the concert. Except for the sons and daughters and their offspring, the crowd was mostly elderly gray haired ladies and bald haired men so it was easy for her to stand out. Little did I know that before the evening was over, I would be fucking her in her own home while her husband slept soundly upstairs. But perhaps I should start at the beginning.

I'm Jake Roberts, just recently turned 19. Kind of your average looking college-aged kid, I worked out a lot and had even been told that I should enter a local bodybuilder's competition but I just wasn't into shaving off all my body hair. I did have one more tangible talent I suppose. I was a pretty good singer. Not quite good enough to make a living at it but good enough to be a soloist in the Church choir as well as the glee club at our local university. That's how I happened to be there at this Senior's concert.

Last year the School Board had what they called an Open Window so my mom and a hundred other qualified teachers took an early retirement without a penalty to their pension. My mom who at 52 retired after 30 years of teaching is a pretty fair singer herself and when she's not travelling or golfing or curling, spends one afternoon a week singing with the retired teacher's choir. This particularly night was the choir's annual Sing into Spring Concert at our local high school. Coincidentally, the same high school that I had graduated from only two years before.

This year I had been asked to sing a couple of songs as well as a duet with my mom as part of a tribute to moms for Mother's Day which was only a few days away. At first I had been reluctant but my Mom told me that it would be my Mother's Day gift to her. This was going to be her first Mother's Day since my Dad passed away last year so how could I turn her down? Looking back, I sure am glad I relented and said yes.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. While standing at the entrance greeting some neighbours and mom's colleagues, my eyes nearly popped out of my head when this petite woman with the great body came into view. She had short blondish hair with just a tad of gray mixed in. Her eyes were deep blue but it was not her eyes that drew my attention.

Prominent above her flat stomach, aided as well by the low cut powder blue sweater she was wearing, her breasts were magnificent and I couldn't keep from ogling them. Though she wore high heels which matched perfectly the dark blue skirt she was wearing, she was still several inches shorter than my even six feet. But, as I said, my eyes kept coming back to her chest.

As she approached, I think my mouth was open and perhaps I may even have drooled a little but I couldn't help it. I think I mumbled, "Holy fuck!" because my leer wasn't lost on her. Finally looking up, I noticed her eyes were on mine and then I think I caught her checking me out. She definitely had a bemused smile on her face as she neared. A more mature man might have recognized her glance towards me as a come hither look.

My mom seemed to know her and the two exchanged quick hugs but her eyes never left mine. Before my mom could introduce us, the choir master started calling for the singers to take their positions. I was still ogling the vision in front of me and as she passed by me, the now hurrying crowd brushed her up close to me. She looked up into my eyes and smiled before saying in a soft whisper that just drooled with passion, "Maybe I'll see you at intermission," before being forced past me. As she moved into the theatre I saw her turn to look back at me again. Again her eyes went to my crotch and this time, I swear, she licked her lips.

"Wow," I thought. "What a MILF!"

I know most of you readers already know but for the uninitiated, MILFs or Mothers I'd Like To Fuck were a major source of the dreams of my horny friends and I. We often would comment on the older women we'd see on the streets or in the malls we hung out at. Personally I had experienced two MILFs since graduating from high school. Unfortunately, I couldn't brag about my experiences to my chums as the two were the mothers of my oldest and dearest friends.

As this older beauty sashayed into the theatre I could hear some snippets from nearby women who seemed to know her. Their jibes were bitchy but I couldn't help listening to their commentary as I watched the side to side swaying motion of her hips.

"She's slept with more men than Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Collins combined... "

"... can't believe her husband didn't throw her out when he caught her with her former student... "

"... shameless hussy... I hear she sleeps with any man she can get... "

"I heard that they have to be young and... "

Listening to these statements made me even more interested obviously but alas the show was about to start. I stole one last glance at her as she took her seat. Just as she did, her eyes looked back towards me and she smiled that killer look. It was as though she knew what I was thinking. For some reason I was embarrassed at being caught checking her out. Subconsciously though, I must admit I was secretly pleased.

The first half of the concert was typically boring, at least to me. Like every year, the choir had sung numerous songs from another era. For a bunch of old fogies they weren't too bad, I suppose, but boy was their repertoire in need of some updating.

While they were singing, I was turning around from my front row seat trying to steal further glances at this beguiling woman. Even though she was sitting on the far aisle halfway up the auditorium, her eyes seemed to be on me each and every time I looked.

Occasionally, she'd lean over and whisper something to the elderly gentleman she had come in with. For the first time I took stock of her companion. He was a tall, bald guy who looked like he was about eighty years old. Every so often I could hear him having coughing fits.

"Humpf," I thought. "That guy looks old enough to be her father. Surely he can't be her husband. If he is, he sure as hell doesn't look like he could keep a hot, sexy woman like her, happy in bed. Maybe what those women were saying about her was true. "

Just before intermission, grabbing one last look at the older beauty, I snuck out for a smoke to a secluded alcove that I knew from my misspent high school days. That's what I was doing when the incredible Mrs. Evans officially came into my life and in the words of a popular song - Rocked My World.

Standing in the lightly lit alcove just outside the cafeteria door where I was sure I wouldn't be seen, this woman with the most amazing body stepped out and asked if she could join me. She said she had watched me leave and suspected that I was going out to sneak a puff or two. Actually I had just finished lighting up a joint.

My eyes once again locked on her chest. The cleavage she was showing combined with my greater height drew my eyes like the proverbial moth to a flame. She giggled which caused me to reluctantly look up into her bemused face. Having been caught, I immediately turned beet red.

"Well thank you, young man. I'll take that as a compliment. And don't be embarrassed. At my age one doesn't get such obvious signs of appreciation especially from such handsome young men as yourself. " When she said this her perfectly manicured finger reached out to touch my hair. She gently moved a stray strand away from my right eye.

"Care to share a hit of that with an old married lady?" she asked and then looking me square in the face, added, "You know, hon, you have what women of my generation call puppy dog eyes. I'll bet you all the girls chase after you. " Her somewhat deep voice sounded incredibly sexy to me. Her hand reached up to touch my elbow causing the hair on my arms to stand up. That's not all that was standing up as I really couldn't take my eyes off her chest especially as she inhaled her first drag.

Not waiting for an answer, she continued, "Most men my age either try to sneak looks surreptitiously or are too blind to even notice. " Saying this she started to giggle again. It was one of those infectious giggles and still being embarrassed at my outright ogling, I laughed as well.

"You don't remember me, do you, sweety? I'm Ella Evans... Mrs. Ella Evans and you're Betty Robert's son, Jack, I believe? I used to teach with your mom years ago. We both retired last year," she said.

"Um, it's Jake actually and um... well... um... I... I didn't mean to be rude. It's just that I... you... um... your ti... oh shit," I still was focussing on her cleavage and stuttered like a star struck little boy. Then what she had said hit home. "You... you taught with my mom but she... you... you don't look old enough to be retired. Besides you... you look 15 years younger than my mom!"

"Why thank you Jake but alas it's true. Of course, as I see you've noticed... " there was the throaty laugh again, "I've kind of given nature a helping hand. " Saying this, she sort of turned sideways, pulled in her already tight stomach which only served to emphasize her perfect breasts even more, and indicated her rear chassis as well.

"It's amazing," she continued with another sexy laugh, "what a little nip and tuck here and a little collagen there can do for a girl's ego not to say her love life, if you get my drift. "

This brought another blush from me. After a second or two of silence, I blurted out, "Mr. Evans is a lucky man!... A REAL lucky man!" Of course, the fact that I was once again looking straight down her cleavage was not lost on this older beauty.

"Why Jake Roberts, my dear boy, are you hitting on me? Why I used to babysit you when you were still in diapers. " Again the throaty laugh. And again I blushed. She moved closer to me. The tips of her breasts that had me mesmerised were now lightly touching my bare forearm. Then after looking right at my crotch, she looked up at me conspiratorily and whispered, "I see you've grown up quite a bit, my young Jake. Yes... I'll bet you make your little girlfriends quite happy. "

There was no way, I could hide the bulge in my pants. Especially with what she did next. Her left hand reached down and while looking right into my face for a reaction, she actually grabbed my balls. Of course, I groaned. Then she ran her fingers up and down the full length of my erection eliciting another groan.

"Wha... what are you doing, Mrs... uh... uh... Mrs. Evans?" I asked naively.

"Oh come on, Master Jake Roberts. Let an old friend of the family have some fun. Besides I really don't think you mind cause I think this beauty is getting bigger. It certainly is getting harder. Oh yes, Jake, you've grown up nicely... VERY nicely! Oh yes. "

Her free hand went behind my neck and she pulled my head towards her face and before I knew it I was sucking face with a woman old enough to be my mother. Granted she didn't look as old but somewhere in the back of my mind, it was registering. In spite of this inner conflict, my hands went straight to her perfect breasts. A twenty year old doesn't care that they were bought. He just wants to enjoy them.

We stood there in the darkened foyer making out like teenagers - well, one of us was still close technically. My hands went to her exquisite butt and brought her groin into my manhood squashing her hand at the same time. Then I felt her free hand guiding my face to the valley separating her boobs.

At that point I didn't care where we were. Telling her I had to see them, I pulled her sweater down and over those perfect globes. I was pleasantly surprised to see that she was wearing a half bra that helped emphasize her boobs even more.

I was dumbfounded by their size and perfection. There were age lines and creases in her neck leading to these melon-sized orbs but they certainly stood out proudly. No sag to them whatsoever. Mrs. Evans looked around to make sure that we couldn't be observed and then took both of my hands and guided them to her fleshy orbs.

"I hope you don't mind but hmmmm... young men make me want to be naughty. Touch 'em Jake. They like to be touched. "

My hands had already started kneading them and weighing them. The old expression about not needing more than a handful is bull. There's nothing like seeing the excess spill over your hand. I was tweaking the left nipple when Mrs. Evans put her hand behind my neck again and guided me to her right one. I didn't wait to be told what to do. I latched onto that nipple like a starving newborn. I was feasting on it when I felt Mrs. Evan's hand squeezing my cock through my pants again.

"Ooh lover, easy on the nipples. They're a little tender. "

Breaking from my feast, I kissed my way back up to her Angelina Jolie-like lips. Again as we were fighting to see who could get the most tongue in the other's mouth, my hands were all over her ass and her tits. Then as we passionately kissed and groped, I was overjoyed to feel her attempting to pull my zipper down.

"Oh my God," I thought. "She wants to fuck right here!" I swear I got even harder picturing it! I reached down and started lifting her short skirt up but she put one hand on mine to stop me.

"Uh uh, baby. We don't have time for that," her rebuff was not what I was expecting at this stage. I was so horny now that I couldn't have cared less where we were or the fact that people, including my mother, could walk out and catch us at any time.

Nevertheless, Mrs. Evans now had my fly open. Rather than stop, she reached in and brought my dick out into the cool night air. She expertly jerked the shaft as her thumb rubbed the crown. I thought I had died and gone to heaven and that things were going better than I could ever have hoped. Then this 54 year old former teacher shocked me even more when she went to her knees right there on the cold terrazzo floor. She was stroking it and dare I say, even admiring it when she looked up and said, "Oh my god, Jake, it's so big! Look we don't have time for the other but judging by the size of this beauty, you won't take long. You must never tell your mum. Promise? Does your girlfriend let you cum in her mouth? If not, we're both gonna really enjoy this. "

By this time I would have said or agreed to anything and as I kind of gargled in the affirmative, she stuck out her tongue, touched the opening in the crown and licked up my pre-cum.

"Hmmm, baby, did you know that all men taste slightly different?" she teased.

"Please... oh my God! Please, Mrs. Evans!" I begged thrusting my hips towards her smirking face.

"Please what baby? Come on Jake. I remember when you were just a little boy. You always told me what you wanted. Tell me Jake. Tell me what you want me to do?"

I was losing it. This woman was driving me insane. The whole time she was teasing me she was pulling and stroking my rock hard cock with one hand while her other had a death grip on my balls.

"Oh Fuck! Please Mrs. Evans! Please put it in your mouth!" I begged.

"Uh uh, Jake. You have to be clearer than that?" she chastised me like I was still in her care.

"Oh please, Mrs. Evans! Please suck my cock! Oh god, please!" I continued.

Just as she opened her mouth, the speaker over our heads boomed, "Ladies and Gentlemen, please return to your seats. The second half of the concert is about to begin. "

"Ignore that, Mrs. Evans. Please do me!" I urged once again grabbing her head and trying to force my dick into her now closed mouth.

"Would Jake Roberts please return as quickly as possible. There has been a change in the program and you're on next. "

Fuck! I couldn't believe it. A beautiful strange woman was about to give me a blow job and I had to go sing a few fucking songs! Life is so fucking unfair!

"N... no! No... no... please... please, don't stop!" I begged like a child. "I... I'll be quick! Please! Please, Mrs. Evans!"

But it was too late. Mrs. Evans was already on her feet knocking some dirt off her knees. Seeing my total frustration, she reached down and pulled up my zipper. Tapping the front of my pants she said, "Guess it wouldn't look good if you went on stage with that thing open would it? It'd be the wrong kind of show. At least not the kind of show the old fogies came here expecting. " Once again she giggled that laugh I'd come to love already.

"Can I... can I see you after the show? Please Mrs. Evans, can I see you after the show?" I was begging again.

It appeared that she was weighing her options when the PA called for me again. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, which in reality was only a few seconds, she spoke. "I'm with my husband and I don't see how we... " I was crestfallen.

"There's those puppy dog eyes again, you rascal. How can any woman resist them? Okay, meet me after the show. I'll figure something out. Now get in there and... and... oh, what do they say? Oh yeh, break a leg. "

She pushed me through the door just in time to find my mother searching for me frantically. My mom seeing who I was with looked at us suspiciously but grabbing my hand dragged me with her like the little boy I had been. Apologizing profusely even as I looked back trying to catch another glimpse of Mrs. Evans, we raced backstage.

I don't have any idea how I got through the set with my mother. Instead my eyes kept being drawn to Mrs. Evans seated demurely beside her husband. Each time I looked in her direction, I'm sure that her eyes never left my groin and I think she even unconsciously licked her lips again with that sensuous, snake-like tongue.

My mind was certainly not on doing the songs and my mom kept giving me cues when it was my turn to sing. As best I could I tried to concentrate on the lyrics knowing full well that my semi was being scrutinized. Somehow, we got through our duet and it was over. I really had stunk but the older audience was still very kind in their applause.

I spent the rest of the concert peeking through the curtain at the incredible Mrs. Evans. I couldn't wait for the concert to end and it seemed to go on and on and on. Finally, the retired teachers did their final number and I was actually on the stairs to the parking lot when one of the stage crew caught me and called me back for the curtain call.

My mom, to say the least, was not too pleased with me and was chastising me backstage when Mrs. Evans and the old guy, who I still couldn't believe was her husband, appeared out of nowhere.

"Betty Roberts! Betty it's so good to see you! You were great! You look great! Retirement suits you. You look absolutely fabulous and... and is this... no! It couldn't be! This handsome young man is our little Jakie? The same little Jakie that use to cry himself to sleep whenever you went out and left me babysitting him? And you, Jakie! Why you bad boy, when we were talking at intermission, you never told me who your momma was. "

Her eyes gave me a thorough once over which was not lost on my mom. Stepping between Mrs. Evans and myself like a protective mother sensing danger to her offspring, my mom gave her one of those phony hugs people give. Not giving her a chance to speak further to me, my mom took her hand and then the two strode arm in arm towards the cafeteria where all the families and friends were to meet.

Every so often Mrs. Evans would look back over her shoulder on the pretext that she was making sure her husband was following along. The two former colleagues were now yapping like a couple of teenage girls as they walked which left me following along with Mr. Evans who introduced himself as George. The kindly old gentleman lied about how my singing had been the hilite of the concert. He was so nice that I actually felt guilty that I had been about to face fuck his wife just 45 minutes earlier.

All through the reception my eyes never left the lusty Mrs. Evans. During the entire time, men of all shapes and sizes kept coming over to her and fawning like she was the only woman in the room. Well... looking around at the other matrons, I realized she may as well have been.

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