Country Girl


I pressed my palm between her legs forward and felt her pull my hand harder against the junction of her thighs with her hands on my wrist. She ground her hips, and pulled, snugging my palm more firmly against her clit, and panted into my mouth as she found pressure, and I moved my fingers in her wet little cunt, and let her grind on my hand, and kissed her, until she was breathing hard, and moaning into my mouth, and humping my hand most un-self-consciously. I kissed her jaw, and shoved her head to the side with my cheek so that I could kiss her throat, and the hollow below her ear, and test the flesh of her neck with my teeth, which made her moan and shiver. I bit lightly, then harder, feeling the muscle where her neck met her smooth shoulder, and drew my teeth across her skin, planting occasional kisses in tender spots. Sarah was moaning, grinding on my hand between her legs, wanting more, and fuck, I wanted more myself. Quite a lot more. My cock was painfully hard, I really needed to adjust it, and my balls were starting to ache, and were drawn up and tight, and I could feel my pulse beating in my temples.

I put my mouth back on hers, and kissed her harder, cupping the back of her head in my right hand, still holding her panties, and pulling her face into me. I kept my fingers working in her pussy, and Sarah kept moving her hips, and gasping, and I kissed her until I felt her lips heating and plumping up and when I pulled back a little, her lips were a deep red, her mouth wet and open and her eyes closed as if she were concentrating; consumed with chasing the pleasure zipping through her body.

"Stand up" I said quietly, and she stood in front of me, blushing as I looked at her, her lovely little breasts all flushed and pink, little nipples at strenuous attention, her flat little tummy, and all the rest of her.

"Are you going to be good?"

She nodded, looking down.

"Answer me."

"Yes sir."

"Is your little pussy all wet?"

She nodded at first, then a whispered "yes sir."

"Come here."

I took her right hand in my left, and pulled her towards me. She was confused at first; I had to guide her a bit, and fit my hand behind her thigh to guide her knee up onto the bench, first one, then the other, and she steadied herself with her hands on my shoulders, until she was facing me, straddling me, kneeling on the bench, her breasts on a level with my face, so I kissed them a little, just because, well, I had to, then I pulled her even more forward, until her knees slipped partly off the bench pressing into the foot of the bed, and she slid down, until she was resting on me, straddling me, tender little slew pressed tight against the rough canvas right over my cock, which made her gasp, and shift her hips a little, which made her gasp again. I took up my belt, which still lay on the bench next to me, and made sure she saw me double it, then wrap one loop around my right hand. I set my left hand on her back, very low down, and pulled her into me harder, shifted my hips to press the rough stuff of my pants against her defenseless little bits, enjoying her sounds as I did so, then put my left hand on the back of her head, pulled her face into my neck. I felt her kiss my neck very lightly, just once. Her arms went around my neck, her warm, naked body pressed tight against me all the way up.

I kept my hand on the back of her head, holding her mouth against my throat, said "you be quiet now, do you understand me?"

She nodded against my neck.

"I'm going to use the strap on you."

She gave a little sob, but didn't move otherwise.

"Are you ready?"

"Why?" she said, very quietly.

"Why am I doing it?"

"Um hmm."

I thought about that for a second.

"Because I want to. I really, really want to."

"Oh," she said, in the quietest possible voice.

I swung the belt very hard. I wasn't sure I'd be able to get a satisfying smack with her on my lap like that, so I swung the belt hard, with my right hand, and caught her perfectly straight across the ass with it, the quick double impact of the leather on her skin first, then the almost immediate clack of the doubled belt coming together. Apparently, it made quite an impression on Sarah.

She gulped in a great gasp of air, and her hips drove forward, away from the bright sting, grinding her bare pussy hard against my canvas-shielded cock. She threw her head back, out of reflex, and I couldn't help bending and taking one rock-like little nipple into my mouth for a moment, and sucking on it. She writhed on my lap, gritting her teeth, squeezing her eyes shut, trying so, so hard to be quiet, and almost succeeding. I watched her face, and licked one little tear from her soft cheek. I put my hand on the back of her head, and pulled her face into the hollow of my neck, and held it there until she quieted a little, then brought the belt across her ass again, hard, and kept my grip on the back of her head, holding her face there, as she squirmed and writhed on my lap, grinding her pussy against me, surely she'd be sore later, and trying to be as quiet as possible, and mostly succeeding. Twice more with the belt, pretty much in the same spot, and she couldn't keep from crying out, and I hoped her theory about our isolation was correct. She was really writhing now, even when the belt wasn't finding her ass, and I thought that probably the smacks were running together, and her bottom was one bright focus of sensation now. I swung the belt one more time, and just as I did, Sarah felt it coming and moved; tried to escape it, and instead of laying another stripe across her ass, the belt took her right across her lower back, a little off-center, so that the end wrapped a little around her side, just below her ribs.

Her whole body jerked and spasmed like an electric current were passing through her, and she cried out, and ground her tummy against me, and her pussy against me, just trying to get away from the sting. I pressed her face against my neck and held her there, and she cried into my shoulder, and writhed on my lap as I set down the belt, and stroked her back, stroked her warm little ass, felt the welts, gripped her hips, and pulled her tight against me, petted her, caressed her long, smooth back with just my fingertips, all up alongside her ribs, my fingers passing over the sides of her breasts where she was pressed against me, her arms tight around my neck, not saying anything as she quieted down, very gradually.

I palmed her ass in my hands, gripped firmly, felt the heat coming off the tight little globes; a very palpable warmth radiating into my hands, and I kept her pulled snug against me, moving my hands a little, gripping, moving again, gripping, her face still pressed to my neck, then I wrapped my left arm around her lower back, held her tight, and with my right hand kept caressing her bottom in swirls, moving in, moving lower, until I found her pussy with my fingers. Straddling me, my arm around her lower back pulling her in, her pussy was defenseless and exposed, and she jumped when I touched her, but there was nowhere to go, and I parted her soft little lips, and dipped my fingers into her cunny, opened her -- she was already soft and tender and open, it didn't take much -- and moved just the tips of my fingers up and down her slit, very lightly god, she was drenched, until she was pressing her ass back, seeking more contact. When she did, I slid my two middle fingers inside of her, making her gasp against my neck, pressed them deep into her impossibly tight, grippy little cunt, then found her clit and swirled it, pressed it, which really made her wiggle. I slid my fingers back, dipped them into her pussy again, and used that hand to pull her tight to me, so her clit was pressed against my cock, and I ground against her tender little mound so that she winced, but I didn't let her move back, just slid my fingers slowly in and out of her tunnel, and made her grind against me until she was doing it herself, pressing her hips forward, rocking in slow waves, grinding against me, gasping quietly into my neck. I could feel her pussy contract on my fingers as she moved; each time she squeezed her ass to press into me I could feel it, and as she started to move faster, a little more assertively, I alternated sliding my fingers in and out of her cunt, with passing them smoothly up and over her tight little ass hole, and this she never became used to; she jerked and gasped every time. Very sweet.

"Sarah" I said, quietly, "Sarah look at me," and it took some more coaxing, but she finally did, she finally pulled her face from my neck, and I nudged her cheek with mine, to move her face to the side, and I kissed her, her lips hot and soft, her mouth opening on mine, and I could taste her tears, kissing her softly, gently, her arms still around my neck, my fingers still stirring her, down below, so that she kept up her rocking motion, and I fed on her mouth, and petted her smooth, drenchy little slew for a long time, until she was starting to gasp softly, and when my fingers passed over her clit, she jumped each time, and gave a little cry, and I could feel her trying to torque her hips around to follow my fingers, to keep the pads of my fingers on her clit, and she made a delicate little sound, like hnnn! each time I slid my fingers inside her, and a gasp when I swirled her clit, and all the while I was kissing her, pressing forward and back against my cock, which was rather painfully constrained by my pants, and dear god I want to fuck this girl.

"Sarah, stand up."

She heard me, but made a little soft sound of negation, and pressed her mouth harder against mine, ground her helpless little pussy harder against me, gripped my neck. I kissed her, and let her grind, and fit my right hand to the back of her head, kissed her harder, pulled her ass firmly into me with my left hand, slipped my fingers from her cunt, swirled my middle finger around her vulnerable little rosebud once, twice, Sarah jerking each time, then settled the pad of my finger just on her ass hole, and pressed it in.

Sarah squealed into my mouth, as I had anticipated, but I held her against me, my mouth on hers, and I felt her tight little ring clenching on my finger as it popped in, slippery on her juices, slick enough that try as she might, she couldn't stop me, and I enjoyed her writhing for a while, and as she tried to escape my finger, saw too that she was rather frantically grinding her cunt against my cock, humping and moaning and pressing and breathing hard into my mouth and I realized that she was trying to come.

I let my finger slip from her ass, and she moaned at the sensation, but I put my hands on her hips, and pushed her away, fighting her, her hips rocking and twisting, until finally I had to just stand up and set her on her feet. She looked wild, and beautiful, her cheeks and breasts and throat flushed and pink, her hair partially escaped from her ponytail, and forming a dark nimbus around her face, her chest heaving with her breaths, nipples tight and stiff and jutting.

"Kneel on that bench" I said, pointing.

She looked at the bench, looked back at me.

"Kneel, Sarah, face the bed, put your elbows on the bed." Then I just took her arm and guided her onto the narrow bench, on her knees, pushed her between her shoulder blades to guide her down like I wanted. I took her hips in my hands, and pulled back, sliding her elbows on the bedspread, extending her arms slightly, so her breasts were free of the bed, her ass jutting back, back arched.

"Spread your legs, Sarah" then "wider" when she shifted to move her knees farther apart. I slapped the inside of one tender thigh to part them even further, and she did, until her knees were wide apart on the bench, thighs strenuously spread, elbows just able to reach the foot of the bed, and I put my hand on her lower back, and pressed down, curving her tummy down towards the floor, and pressing her ass back towards me, then clapped my other hand flat against her vulnerable little pussy, making her squeal, and gave her another light smack, enjoying her sounds, and writhing, then drew my hand back a little further, and delivered a true slap, light, but sharp, right on her smooth, bare mound.

Sarah squealed again, but I opened her up with my fingers, her soaky little slit parting immediately, and I found her clit, and pressed it, stroked it, rolled it firmly, my fingers sliding easily on her copious lubrication, and Sarah gave a low, almost guttural moan, pressed back against my hand, rolled her hips, and gasped each time my fingers passed over her clit.

I unfastened my pants with my free hand, awkwardly, my right hand still stimulating Sarah, who for her part kept pressing back against my hand to make me stroke her harder. I finally got my pants open, then down and off, and kicked them away. My cock was hard, and aching, and leaking, and it felt very good to be free of those pants, and I put my left hand on Sarah's ass, and took my right from her cunt, and slicked up the head of my cock, and down the shaft, our juices mixing, my cock becoming instantly and utterly slick, and holding my cock at the base, I stepped closer, and swiped the head of my cock gently up Sarah's slit from behind, my swollen head bumping against her clit first, then parting her impossibly smooth, heated lips, opening her slightly, passing up her cleft, penetrating her only a little, but pulling another gasp from her mouth, and then any notions I had of drawing this thing out any further were abruptly negated when Sarah pressed hard back into me just as my cock was lined up with her pussy, and slid my cock all at once, and hard, into her tender little cunt, up into her belly, all of me, all of her, slick and hot and tight and fuck and I could feel her tunnel clenching on my cock, and she shivered, and moaned, and for a moment did not move, adjusting to the intrusion, her tummy tight, pussy spasming a little, and then she moaned, and moved forward, my cock sliding from her body, slowly, delicious, debilitating pleasure rushing up my spine, goosebumps on my back and arms, my scalp tingling, gritting my teeth, until just the head of my cock was inside her, a pause, a beat, then she jammed back, hard, I still hadn't moved, and seated my cock in her cunt again, fully, and she gave a little cry, I was reaching all of her, and this time there was no pause, the long slide out, endless slick friction, and my balls drew up, my cock swelled and pulsed, and I knew I'd come if she moved on me again, thrust back to bury my shaft in her body, and Sarah I said, I think I said it, perhaps not, but, but, I, I, fuck,

"Wait" I said, gasped, that time it was out loud, and she shook her head, and tried to move back on me, but "wait, just," I said again, and moved my hips back and the head of my cock slipped from her heated tunnel completely, and she pressed her hips back, seeking, her forehead pressed to the bed. I regained some slim measure of control, let my bobbing, throbbing cock seek her grippy little hole once again, penetrating easily, sliding and tight, and she thrust back, and I thrust forward again, helpless, and fucked her, one hand on her hip, one hand on the small of her back, fucking her hard, trying to hurt her, her fine small breasts bouncing, her head thrown back now, her cunt gripping and pulling at me, hard thrusts, and I reached forward, cupped her throat in my hand, pulled back, feeling her throat working under my palm, and fucked her, moaning, gasping, and let go of her throat, trailed my hand down her back, gripped a taut little butt cheek, slid the ball of my thumb up the edge of her pussy, then up, gathering moisture, over her little bottom hole, felt her shudder, tense, then pushed, and slid my thumb into Sarah's ass.

She bucked and moaned and I pulled her tight to me with my hand on her hip, drove my cock in as deeply as I could, felt her gather, tremble, her mouth open in a silent scream, her pussy clenching on my cock, her ass clenching on my thumb, and her body gave a great jerk, almost convulsing as her orgasm tore through her, goosebumps rose in waves on her back and thighs and ass, and she writhed, pressed her face into the bed and cried out, jerking and spasming, each spasm clearly conveyed to my cock, impossibly tight, fucking, just, and then, then, fucking, I, I pulled back, knowing I was there, it was too late, I was there, and I pulled back just once, and thrust my hips forward again, hard, jamming my cock up into her body, her soft slick cunt, fuck, and then I was coming; my cock swelled, I could feel it, gathered, and the sensations broke, pleasure sparking and racing through my nerves, over my skin, sharp, hot, pleasure, too much, just pressed up into her, the fronts of her thighs pressed against the foot of the bed, trapped, spread open and vulnerable as I pressed forward, sure now that I was hurting her, and not caring, needing this, thrust into her, forever and ever and ever.

I pressed my forehead onto her back, between her shoulders, and kissed her skin, tasted her. She was breathing deeply, but calmly, coming down, her precious little cunny still squeezing me, making me gasp. I kissed her shoulder, the back of her neck, and tried to stand, but my legs were shaking, my pulse pounding in my temples. I pulled my hips back, let my cock slip from her body, a slight, lovely little gasp from Sarah, and took her hand, pulled her onto the floor with me, settling her under my arm as our breathing slowed. She kissed my shoulder, my neck, and I reached up, and pulled on the bedspread, tugged it onto the floor with us, and made sure she was covered.

"I like you" she said sleepily, and I laughed a little.

"I like you too" I said.

"Sarah..." I started, and I felt her laugh slightly, "What?" I said then, "why are you laughing?"

"I was just wondering what you were going to say after all that" she said, "I mean, really."

So I let it go. This was enough right now. For the moment. I kissed the top of her head, pulled her closer.

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