tagGroup SexCoveting Ch. 10

Coveting Ch. 10

byParis Waterman©

The gathering was being held at the Garibaldi's home that night, and Vince and Margie, along with Danny and Tessa were greeted warmly by their hostess, Nina Garibaldi, and ushered into the main living room where the others were waiting.

Niles Garibaldi acted as bartender and fixed everyone their drink of preference; Nina performed introductions all around then pointed down a corridor, past a huge bay window, toward what she playfully termed, "the playgrounds."

Everyone sat down and made small talk while they finished their drinks. Danny used this as an opportunity to examine the participants.

Carol and Milford Lambert: Mrs. Lambert did indeed possess a gigantic pair of breasts that were almost spilling out of her low-cut dress. She was also a very attractive woman, with long blonde hair and shapely legs.

Her husband, Milford was a short man, but blocky in shape, obviously quite strong, with very large hands. His head was freshly shaven, and he wore an ill fitting sports jacket and a pair of chinos. Danny thought it odd that everyone else was dressed as if going to the theater, while Lambert was extra casual.

Cynthia and Ben Armstrong: Cynthia he knew very well already; tonight she wore a tightly fitting knit dark blue dress. Her almost non-existent waist made her hips stand out and in that dress seemed to exaggerate her dimensions to some extent. The dress also drew one's attention to her emerald green eyes and red hair. From there it was a short downward look to her generously proportioned breasts. She had told Danny they were 34 D's and he had not doubted her at all.

Ben, her husband, was at least 6" tall, lean and wiry. Danny knew that both Tessa and Margie would be vying for him before the night was over.

Noah and Elaine Coulter came under his perusal next. Elaine was a petite brunette, with short hair and large dewy eyes that a man could fall right into if he weren't careful. Her figure was more than adequate, with pert, perky breasts and a behind that jutted out, begging to be rubbed, or more.

Her husband, Noah, appeared to be very athletic, and in fact was a formidable tennis player locally. He had a shelf full of trophies at home and added to it with regularity.

The final couple were their hosts for the evening, Niles and Nina Garibaldi. Nina was another blonde with her hair pinned up and tied off with a blue ribbon. She was small in the breast department, but had great legs and a lovely ass to compliment her beautiful facial features.

Noah, her husband, was a blonde as well, a little overweight, but not decidedly so. He was about 5'8" and Danny thought his suit must have cost at least $4000, or more.

It was Tessa who broke through the idle chatter to nervously inquire: "Nina, what exactly is in store for us this evening?"

Nina laughed and the others smiled or smirked, knowingly.

"Gee, I was wondering..." Nina said gaily, "Well we could start off with a game of truth or dare..."

"Or..." Milford Lambert said, "We could get right to the fucking."

"Lambert!" Niles Garibaldi protested, "Cut it out! We have guests here this evening."

"Fuck them too!" he said and started laughing as if what he'd said was hilariously funny.

"Milford, you're not funny," his wife Carol said, having to raise her voice to be heard.

"Shut your hole, Carol. I'll tell you when you can talk."

"Lambert, that's uncalled for!" Ben Armstrong shouted out. "Try to be civil for once, will you?"

"Oh, all right, Ben. Start off however the fuck you want too," Lambert walked over to the corner of the room and sat down. Everyone else was on the opposite side of the room.

"I don't like this, or him," Vince whispered to Margie and Danny, who happened to be seated next to him.

"Let's give it a chance," Margie said, already wet thinking about the possibility of screwing Ben Armstrong.

"Maybe a movie," Nina Garibaldi said hopefully.

"Yes, a movie," Elaine Coulter agreed. "We could watch that one with the nurses..."

"Yes, by all means, the nurses," Lambert yelled from across the room. "The fucking whore's playing Doctor. They manage to get into every conceivable position imaginable. So let's have at the nurses," he trailed off, unable to think of anything further without being asked to leave.

"Um, have you guys played games before?" Elaine asked Margie and Vince.

"Some games, obviously not all games," Vince replied while staring directly at Lambert.

"Oh ho, someone fancies himself a tough guy," Lambert said with a sneer.

"Go fuck yourself!" Vince yelled and rose from his chair. He was quickly restrained by Danny and Ben. Lambert hadn't even flinched when Vince jumped up, and sat there still sneering at him as he was being restrained.

"I think you should stick around so you can ask your wife first-hand what it's like to really get laid," Lambert said, as he got to his feet ready to fight.

"Lambert, I'd like you to leave," Niles Garibaldi said as he too got to his feet.

The two men stood glaring at one another for a long moment, then Lambert turned to his wife and said, "We're not welcome here, we're leaving. C'mon, let's go."

Meekly, Carol gathered her things and walked slowly toward the front door.

Lambert held it open for her and followed her out; he didn't bother to close it behind him.

Niles walked to the door, looked out, nodded and closed the door. "Well then, shall we begin again?"

And the party resumed. Noah Coulter asked if anyone had seen the new Swedish movie, Too Amorous for Words.

Cynthia and Vince raised their hands.

"Oh, good," Noah said, "Let's hear from our guest. Go on, Vince, what did you think of it?"

"Err," he began, still flustered from his encounter with Lambert.

"Just relax, Vince, be yourself. We're all friends here," Noah said gently, and Vince took a breath and began again.

"First of all, I love porn... I mean good porn. I will say that there isn't all that much of it available, and that's why I wanted to see Too Amorous for Words. Only having seen it, I have to say that it seemed to take an unstated attitude that the Swedish women were sexually free, while implying that their American counterparts could never be so sexually adventurous."

Cynthia and Elaine quickly agreed. "Exactly!" Cynthia exclaimed, while Elaine was nodding without speaking.

Emboldened, Vince went on, "I don't know how many Swedish women would feel comfortable about screwing in front of other people; whereas American women are growing more comfortable with it almost daily."

"Hear, hear!" Noah called out as he placed an arm around Margie's shoulder, drawing a quizzical look from Margie, but no outward rebuke.

"Wait a minute," Tessa said, "I doubt any woman here had the nerve to strip in front of others, much less screw, until carefully nurtured into accepting it. I mean, are you going to tell me this group just up and started one night out of the blue?"

"This is just what we needed to break the ice with our new guests," Ben said as he put his glass down and went to stand next to Nina Garibaldi. "Tessa, you make a valid point. Our group began slowly, along lines similar to how you and Vince and Margie did. One thing leads to the next and so on."

Nina reached out and cupped Ben's ass. "So," she said, "Let me ask our guests this: Have you ever used a love swing?"

"A love swing?" Danny said questioningly.

"Yes, a sort of harness in which one partner sits while the other can enter from either side," Nina said.

"Um, I think I would phrase it differently, Nina," Ben said. "For example, if the woman were in the swing, she could be taken from the front or rear, or both if two men were involved. On the other hand, if a man is in the swing, the woman can suck him from front, or back, for that matter. If she's particularly inventive and makes use of a strap-on, she can sodomize him from behind. In any event, it's quite a bit of fun, even for those standing around watching."

"I thought we would be pairing off and going into separate rooms," Margie said.

"I had that impression too," Tessa said, joining her friend.

Elaine Coulter quickly put in, "Usually that's the case. But tonight we thought we'd try the swing. I understand it's a new acquisition of Nina and Niles. We've been intrigued by their stories of how it's been used recently.

Niles spoke up. "We thought that as our newest member's one of you might want to test the swing in our presence. I mean to add to the spice it needn't be husband and wife. Whoever volunteers, and I mean really volunteers, can select their partner from anyone here."

"What if a guy is bi and wants another guy who isn't gay, or bi?" Vince asked.

Ben fielded his question, saying: "One can always decline any invitation. No one can be compelled to perform with someone they don't want too. That's a primary rule of our little membership."

"Um," Niles said, "Perhaps it's time to disrobe."

There was a general murmur of agreement and several members began removing their clothing. Within seconds everyone was stripping.

Danny glanced at the women suddenly nude, or nearly nude around the room.

Nina Garibaldi, casually unpinned her blonde hair, letting it slowly cascade down her shoulders and stood there in just a garter belt and thigh-high black hose. Her breasts were perky, standing straight up, showing one and all she had no need of any bra for support. Danny saw that her pussy was clean shaven when she struck a pose that had to be for his and perhaps Vince's benefit that had her parting her legs and thrusting her pelvis out toward him as she smiled lewdly in his direction.

Of course, Danny had already possessed Cynthia, but Vince was looking at her nude body for the first time. Vince was a tit man from the get go, and was stunned by Cynthia's breastworks, which, along with her red hair; her truly red hair, if the patch of red just above her pubis was to be believed, and emerald green eyes, all of which combined to set him drooling and got him an elbow in the ribs from his wife, Margie.

The final woman they saw was Elaine, with her short brown hair and pert, perky breasts, which like Nina's had no need of a bra. Her most appealing characteristic was her ass which appeared to extend further out than any woman Danny could recall having seen with petite dimensions. And when Elaine turned directly toward him, Danny saw that her pubic hair had been neatly trimmed into a heart shape, with her labia carefully shaved and in full view.

"I'll sit in the swing," Danny said, glancing nervously at his wife, Tessa.

"It's all right," she said touching his face. "We're here to experiment. Maybe I'll sit in it when you're done."

"That's the sprit!" Ben chirped happily. "Now if Niles will provide instructions on just how to get into this thing without breaking one's neck, we'll get going."

Everyone followed Nina and Niles into their basement, which had a full-sized bar and small kitchenette along with several couches and, of course, the swing.

The swing was hung in the far corner of the room. There was sufficient room around it for everyone to stand and watch the performers. The black harness was fixed firmly to the ceiling by a hook and hung on a spring above a mattress. The back support and stirrups were made of a soft, inviting fabric.

After the initial shock, Margie began to think of the possibilities, all those variations... and her pussy clenched in response. Ever since Vince brought home the Sybian she had perused sexual devices on the internet and she'd been interested in the sex swings found there.

Tessa was thinking along similar lines, it seems like the ultimate decadence; something for orgies -- something for those who wanted to fuck day and night. I bet Margie has one by next week. She found herself flush and felt guilty for thinking about her good friend that way, but knew Margie was thinking just that and would have Vince shopping for one by the next afternoon.

Tessa was also proud of her man for volunteering. She had been about to raise her hand, but was delighted that he had beat her to it. But who will his partner be? It surely won't be Margie or me, she thought.

The answer came soon enough as Danny was helped into the swing's harness and with his cock jutting straight out caused several members to chuckle and or giggle.

Still tittering with amusement at his generous endowment, Elaine stepped forward, putting herself several feet from the nearest woman, and very close to Danny's lightly swinging body.

"He's got a lovely prick," she announced happily, and sank to her knees in front of him, took his erection in her right hand and stroked it slowly as if adjusting to its heft and thickness.

Tessa looked on anxiously. Was it possible that this woman or any of the women present would cause Danny to leave her?

Suddenly Elaine had stood up, and still clutching his member, proffered her left breast to his mouth. "This one," she said, leaning forward so he could reach it with ease.

Danny willingly sucked gently, and then a bit more strongly. A subtle taste became apparent to him then, it was the taste of milk, Elaine was lactating!

"That's it, baby! That's it!" she murmured as she held the back of his head, supporting him as he continued drawing the fluid out of her with little sips while her nails were biting into the back of his head and her breath was whistling through her teeth on the inhale and moaning softly on the exhale.

He had nothing to compare it with, and went along with her, knowing everyone was watching the flex of her large nipple between his lips. He knew they couldn't see her lactations dripping onto the back of his tongue, or feel the bumps of her areola as he could with the tip of his tongue.

It wasn't until Tessa heard Elaine gasp with pleasure and moan, "Oh yeah, baby. Drain them, get it all baby!" That she realized her husband was taking milk from the woman's breast. I can't do that anymore! She realized and fought back a sob of sorrow.

Fortunately for Tessa, Elaine chose that moment to pull his head back and break the connection to her nipple and sink back down on her knees again. It didn't take her long to finish him off. With her head rammed between his legs, she engulfed the whole of his appendage.

It had taken Tessa a while to master deep-throating Danny. Elaine did it with the first swallow; her trick was the positioning of her neck to permit the greatest penetration and the use of a great deal of saliva. Elaine was nothing if not a great cocksucker. With long gobs of saliva dribbling from her mouth, she removed him from her mouth and carefully ran her tongue up and down his length absorbing the copious amount of saliva still coating his length. Then focusing on the thin membrane at the base of his cockhead, one of the more sensitive areas of his genitalia, Elaine licked with a certainty born of long practice, knowing just the right pace and pressure to bring him to a tumultuous orgasm.

Her tongue was a whip of focused pleasure, drawing his consciousness to his onrushing explosion. Danny was writhing against the harness while everyone watched spellbound. Elaine sensed his ejaculation and pulled her head back to show the others the force of his explosion just as he let loose.

One rope of jizm followed the other; four long ropes of cum jettisoned from the tip of his cock to land on the floor inches from where Elaine knelt, still manipulating his cock back and forth in order to draw all his sperm to the surface. Not a drop touched her body.

"Did any get on her?" Her husband, Noah asked with interest.

"No darling, you know I don't allow it to happen," Elaine told him, then turned to the others. "Of course under certain circumstances I do swallow. I like to swallow, especially if I can show it on my tongue to my partner, or other interested spectators."

Vince and Noah helped Danny from the swing. Noah turned to Tessa and Margie.

"Either of you interested in giving it a whirl?" Margie moved first. Although Tessa was also willing, she was a beat to slow, and so Margie, queen of the Sybian in her own domain, was now to be the first woman other than Nina to test the pleasure swing.

Noah was kind enough to request Vince to help getting Margie properly seated in the harness although he did give her right nipple a playful tweak that caused her to shriek with nervous laughter.

Her imagination was running riot, afire with erotic energy, for she was a willing slave to intense sensations. The only thing on her mind at the moment was just who would be fucking her.

The honor fell to the tall, wiry Ben Armstrong, whom both Margie and Tessa had secretly hoped would partner with them at least once before the night was over.

"Oh this is really fun!" she chirped as she tried to get the swing moving. "I like the idea of being so vulnerable, ready for anything, "she giggled.

"So Ben, what's it to be?"

Ben walked around behind her and gave the swing a push, sending Margie soaring about four or five feet off the floor with her thighs wide open. Margie's cunt felt hot and exposed, wet and waiting.


Vince had been totally engrossed with Margie until Cynthia Armstrong moved next to him and rubbed his nipple with a fingernail.

"They made a nice looking couple don't they?" she whispered in his ear. Vince glanced at her generous breasts and let a hand slide along her flank.

"I'd say we're just as handsome a couple."

"Oh, you say the nicest things. Want me to suck you a little?"

"How could I possibly turn you down? It is Cynthia, isn't it?" But she was already lowering her mouth to his pulsing cock. ***** Tessa found she was incredibly turned on, and turned to Danny and gave him a long, lingering kiss. "I love it," she whispered into his ear. "I'd love to get you up there," he told her after the kiss ended.

"Maybe later," she said then kissed him again.


Ben stepped back and took time to admire Margie. She looked so radiantly fuckable trussed there before him. Her nipples were huge and erect. Her labia were pulsing with blood, flowering open and ready, and her clit was hard, already out of its hiding place and obvious to even the casual observer as it pointed upward.

Ben's cock stood to attention, saluting her pure fuckability as he adjusted the harness so it dropped close to the floor. He lay on his back beneath her, his head between her legs, and proceeded to taste her dripping liquid, carefully running his tongue up and down her slit, tracing the tip along every fold before focusing on the glorious bud at the top. He licked her feveredly, knowing just the right pace and pressure to bring her to orgasm.

It didn't take long. Margie was rolling her eyes as he brought her to the first orgasm.

"Good, baby?" Ben asked, licking his lips and smiling.

She gave him a weak smile as he crawled out from under her and adjusted the swing to waist height.


The hungry slurping sounds of Cynthia's mouth on Vince's cock spread throughout the room. The others turned from watching Ben and Margie to watch them.


Margie convulsed again, made a muffled sound as Ben shoved his cock into her sodden cunt. "Oh fuck yeah!" she gasped, as the crowd turned back to the swing and cheered.


Noah Coulter ran his fingertips lightly over the exposed tops of Nina Garibaldi's perky breasts then reached down and put his hand firmly over her cunt as she reached back and pinched his nipple.

Elaine Coulter sidled up to Danny and Tessa. "Mind if I join you guys?"

"Not at all," Tessa said, speaking for both her husband and herself.

"You want to go next?" she whispered to Tessa.

"Maybe," Tessa replied haltingly. She did want to get into that harness, hoping Vince would have at her.

"Sure you do," Elaine breathed in her ear. "You want all those fantasies to come true."

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