tagNovels and NovellasCrapshoot Ch. 07

Crapshoot Ch. 07

byArt Martin©

Still in a daze, Judy sat before the makeup mirror naked while one girl tried to fix her hair and another applied makeup. Then she was stood up. Judy stared into the mirror. She looked at herself and was pleased; pleased that she had a body that men lusted after, please that tonight, she could fuck all night long and stupid, pencil-dick John couldn't stop her. She had never felt this way before, so sexually raw, so utterly promiscuous, so filled with wanton lust. The more she screwed the more she wanted to screw. Deep down, she knew that she was always like that, but never before had she the opportunity to let her inhibitions go, to push herself to the limit. John never made her feel like this.


A tunic was wrapped around her. "No," she whined, "I want to stay naked. I'm beautiful naked. I..." She was led off mumbling, by the two girls, one on each arm, who were then replaced by two men. Flute and harp music drifted to her ears, along with the prattle of an announcer. Judy looked left and then right to the men dressed up as a Roman soldiers.

"The Emperor Caligula is pleased to offer the Lady Judith for tonight's entertainment."

"Oh, omigod! Oh omigod!" shrieked Judy as she finally realized where she was.

"Oh, god no!" she cried as the two soldiers dragged her struggling out onto the stage. "No! No! No! Somebody help me!" The cheering audience drowned out her pleas.

The soldiers fastened her arms with ropes to the crosspiece. A soldier grabbed her tunic at the neck and with one swift pull, 'Judith' was completely nude before the leering, hooting crowd.

The soldier's removed their helmets. Fear gripped Judy as she looked into grinning face of Bruno who began lewdly fondling her tits. The other soldier knelt and began running his hands up her thighs. Judy, mortified at being put on display, looked out into the crowd. Everyone was grinning as they sipped champagne, watching her being molested. She gasped as she felt fingers push into her vagina. The crowd roared with approval.

Bruno engulfed her nipple into his mouth. Then with his teeth, he pulled on her nipple, stretching it grotesquely before allowing it to snap from his grip. Sucking in her nipple again, he pulled again and again. Judy cried out as he tormented her teet. The pain however, soon melded into pleasure that magnified the pleasure generated by the fingers thrusting into her sex. The soldiers switched off, Bruno fingering her tormented snatch as his assistant attacked her other tit. Wailing in salacious pleasure, she looked out into the appreciative crowd as her body was ripped with the umpteenth orgasm of the afternoon and evening.

Recovering slowly, she watched with resignation as the soldiers striped off their armor to their loincloths. They lifted her by the ankles, suspending her off the floor by her bound wrists, and spread her out. Hands roamed up her legs and into her splayed open pussy. "Oh god," she groaned as Bruno's thick digit penetrated her sex. Panic and trepidation strangely faded into gratification and raw passion as Bruno massaged her sweet G until she came again, her helpless body shuddering in pleasure.

Hanging lifelessly from her wrists, they lowered her feet. The mock dice game ended and Bruno's assistant stripped off his loincloth. She was only dimly aware of the cheers for his long prick. Then an audible gasp, followed by a moment of silence, then hoots and guffaws as Bruno's incredible donkey dick was revealed.

Judy opened her eyes and looked up to see Bruno jacking his cock to a prodigious erection.

"You like my cock, don't you Ma'am," said Bruno leeringly. "You want me to fuck you, don't you Miss? Well, I've wanted to fuck you since the first time I saw you, lying naked on my table while I felt you up. You're one hot cunt Ma'am, and you're all warmed up. Get ready Ma'am, 'cause I'm going to give you a fucking you'll never forget!"

A spasm of dread mixed with eager anticipation surged through her groin. The two bare breasted slave girls lifted Judy by the ankles as the post lowered into the floor.

"Oh god no!" she cried as she was suspended parallel to the floor. "Please! Somebody please! Oh god," she wailed struggling fruitlessly against her bonds.

The slaves spun her around until they were facing the audience and spread her out. Feebly she kicked her legs. The slaves held her with ease. She watched in horror as Bruno took up position between her outstretched legs. Smiling grotesquely he gripped his turgid log and raked the huge lust-inflated head of his great cock back and forth through the moist pink slit of her trench while a slave coated the shaft of the massive cock with lube.

As the beastly cock head slid up and down her slick pussy slit, Judy felt her fear suddenly fade as her other self began to assert it self. "Yessssssss," she hissed. "Fuck me. Fuck me with that big dick. Fuck my pussy, and then fuck me again," she spat.

Bruno's eyes widened as she hissed her blessings on what was to come. The slave poured lube over his glans and over her already swollen and protruding cuntal lips.

Judy's eyes nearly popped out their sockets as the massive cock stretched her cunt to accommodate him.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she cried as he pushed into her, widening her cock socket like never before. Sweat beaded on her forehead and pooled between her flattened mammaries. It felt like he was pushing a softball bat into her.

"God damn you're tight Missy. But I'll fix that," he growled. With a powerful thrust he fully impaled her.

With the searing agony of the mammouth cock filling her pussy, Judy sank into a semiconscious state. The pain stopped just as abruptly as it began. He was ravishing her and she was quickly adjusting, the incredible friction on her G and her clit sending a new rush of sexual electricity through her ravished body.

"Fuck me," she hissed. "Fuck me!" Her poor cunt spasmodically contracted as he pummeled her.

The slaves completed rotating her while Bruno fucked her. The audience stood silently shocked that any pussy could take a dick that large. Bruno pulled his cock out with a smacking sound that reverberated off the walls.

"Don't stop," she pleaded. "Please, fuck me. That felt so good. Pleeeaseee!"

The post lowered the crosspiece to the floor. Bruno lifted her by the hips and spread her legs. Relieved of pressure, her traumatized labia swelled to an enormous size, pushing upward and outward, red and raw, as if her vagina had inverted and was protruding from her body.

Bruno gazed down into the raw meat between her legs. He plunged his face into the hot mass of pussy flesh. Judy gasped as the coolness of his face soothed her burning cunt. Waves of pleasure began flowing over again as he wallowed his ugly face in her swollen sex.

Bruno extracted his face and lowered her legs. Moving on to the next part of the act, Bruno fucked her in a wheelbarrow position. While Bruno sawed in and out of her cunt, the assistant lifted her head by the hair. As her neck extended, her mouth opened and was filled with a cock. For the next few minutes she was fucked from both ends at once while they rotated around insuring that everyone had a good view of the action.

Bruno once again lowered her to the floor. He straddled her torso as he faced the audience. Then he spread open her ass checks for everyone's inspection. The bare breasted slave girls alternated licking her asshole. The assistant stepped forward, lubing up his cock. The boisterous crowd shouted their encouragement to debase her. He positioned himself between her legs and pushed easily into her already stretched anus and sodomized her for the howling crowd's entertainment.

The assistant pulled out of her ass after several minutes of buggering her. Bruno swung around and dog-fucked her, fucking her hard. The slap of his groin into her ass cheeks filled the room. Judy grunted with each brutal thrust, his massive cock head pounding against her now bruised cervix.

The assistant and the two slave girls waited for him to pull off and move to the next event. They waited and they waited. Bruno continued to pound her from behind. Rivers of sweat ran down his back as he labored. The room grew quiet. The only sound to be heard was the sound of fucking. The audience grew uneasy with the punishing spectacle; the other cast members looked at each other and shrugged. Even if they wanted to or needed to, no one could have pulled Bruno from her, so they all watched.

Bruno suddenly bellowed like a wounded beast, jamming his cock head against her battered cervix. His entire body shook as he squirted directly into her fertile womb. He slumped forward releasing her hips and she fell to ground still tied to the crosspiece.

Large rubescent handprints formed on her hips where he had gripped her. Bruno staggered back, his massive organ rapidly becoming flaccid. A murmur rose from the crowd, then vulgar approvals rang out.

A petite slave girl, now completely nude, went down on Bruno's dripping cock. Even semi-flaccid he was a mouthful and the startled audience gasped as she sucked in his entire cock.

On queue, the post and crosspiece rose from the floor dragging Judy up with it. The assistant grabbed the naked slave by the hair and pulled her from Bruno's semi-soft dick, dragging her away on all fours for a fucking.

The other slave girl stood in front of Bruno whispering, "C'mon. What's wrong with you? Let's go!"

Bruno lifted her across his shoulders. He pulled her skirt off and walked the perimeter of the stage so that the spectators could grope her. The perimeter march took longer than usual. From the beginning, Bruno paused to long. A man ran his fingers into the girl's snatch while his female companion stroked and fondled Bruno's genitals. After that all the women boldly stepped forward to feel his cock, while fingers plunged into the snatch and ass of the slave girl over his shoulder. This turned out to be a good thing for the show, as Bruno's dick was hard again when he finished the circuit.

Bruno took the girl upstage and put her across the crosspiece. His assistant positioned the other slave over the opposite end.

Judy looked up as a black man threw dollars between her knees. Unzipping his pants, he extracted his long dark dong. Another man came up beside him, dropping his pants to the floor, he threw down his money and joined the black man in beating off. Judy stared in dismay at the cocks, just inches from her face, the heads deforming as the men masturbated. The first shot took her somewhat by surprise, as the black man's cock erupted, hitting her square on her slack lips, then the other man ejaculated, covering her cheek and her tits.

The two men stepped away, to be replaced by three others, followed by a single man, then a duo. After the eight men had all relieved themselves, she was soaked in cum, the excess dripping in long tendrils from her skin to the floor.

Once the audience participation time was over, Bruno screwed the slave girl for the hundredth time, while his assistant pummeled the petite girl. Bruno gazed down at Judy while he labored away fucking the slave girl. Judy was looking up at him, eyes glassy, mouthing 'I love you, I love you.'

No one but his mamma had ever said 'I love you' to Bruno. He lost interest in the slave he was fucking and pulled out. That was the queue for the assistant to cum and a few moments later the assistant was hosing down the back of the petite girl. The post lowered into the floor, with the three naked women sprawled out on the floor.

Judy didn't remember the lights going out or the stage screams for the slaves as they were 'slain'. She only vaguely remembered Bruno carrying her backstage and the soothing shower where her bathed her.


The next morning, Judy woke in a strange room in a strange bed, lying on top of Bruno with his soft, but still substantial, cock stuffed in her snatch. He was sound asleep, yet he held her firmly as she snuggled into his muscular frame.

She smiled contentedly as the incredible cock once again began to swell, filling her pussy as his nocturnal erection continued to grow. This had been going on all night. After showering her, he had put her in bed, mounted her and pushed into her. Then he rolled over with her impaled and went to sleep. All through the night, his cock repeatedly waxed and waned as he slept. Once hard, he would gently hump her, gently fucking her, but never did he seem to be awake. Not even when she jerked about with a climax. Usually he would simply stop humping and his organ would deflate. Other times he grunted as his cock spewed semen into her again. Then later, his cock would swell again.

Judy ground her crotch into his, fucking herself on him as he slept. A big grin spread across Bruno's brutish face as he opened his eyes. "Yeah, you like my big ole cock, don't you Ma'am?" he muttered softly.

"Oh god yes," she murmured.

Bruno relaxed the firm grip he had held her in all night. Pushing herself upright, Judy began to rise and fall on his cock, his hands finding her tits and nipples. She shuddered as the pleasure she so craved once again flooded over her. Over and over the orgasms peaked and receded like the hills and valleys of a sexual roller coaster.

She felt his cock swell even larger and then felt it throb. Bruno groaned as once again he pumped his seed into her, triggering her final orgasmic crescendo.

Once she coasted down from her sexual high, she rolled off. Accompanied by a juicy smacking sound, Bruno's cock slithered from her followed by a gush of semen flowing from her pussy. Slipping out of bed, a river of cum streamed down her legs. She found it difficult to walk. She was sore, incredibly sore. But most of all, she felt a sudden emptiness.

"Morning, Ma'am."

Judy looked back at the ugly man she had slept with. She grimaced as she looked into his small dark eyes, set deep into his fleshy face. Then she remembered the hours and hours of pleasure he had given her, fucking her again and again throughout the night. He really didn't look so ugly any more.

"Good morning Bruno," she murmured with a grimace.


"Yeah, that's an understatement."

"Don't worry, in a few days you won't be sore at all. In a few weeks, your pussy will tighten up and you'll be back to your old self."

Judy gingerly fingered her low hanging lips. "I don't know if I'll ever be back to my old self. You mind if I get a shower?"

"Tell you what Ma'am. Why don't we go down to the spa? We'll get a nice soak, fuck for another hour or so and then I'll give you rubdown. All on the house of course."

Judy bent over the hulking beast and kissed him on his fleshy jowl answering, "I'd like that."


Emerging refreshed from the spa, Judy looked and felt great. Her hair was perfect, her nails were perfect and her skin was silky soft and fragrant. She felt wonderfully whole, all except for the aching void between her legs. Sandy was right; Bruno was something to remember.

Walking into the lobby she saw John standing around in obvious irritation. "It's almost two o'clock! Where have you been? Never mind, don't tell me. Let's just get the hell out of here!"

"Where's our stuff?"

"In the car. C'mon, we've got to get going."

"You have my necklace?"

"The topaz? Yeah, sure." John reached in his pocket and withdrew her cherished heirloom.

"You get everything out of the room safe?"

"Uh, yeah, I did," not revealing that her diamonds were across the street at Honest Abe's.

"Judy!" called the now familiar of Nick Calmetti from behind the front desk. Judy fastening the blue topaz around her slender neck, turned towards Nick with mixed emotions. "May I see you for a moment? In my office? I have something for you."

John started to protest but quickly withered under Nick's practiced glare. Impotent, he seethed as his wife disappeared behind closed doors with the man she'd been with all evening and morning.

Judy leaned against the desk. Cocking her head to one side, she watched as Nick approached her, placing his hands on her hips.

"I didn't get to spend as much time with you last night as I would have wished."


"I never get much more than a hour at a time to myself, unless I'm sleeping. I do hope you had a good time. You certainly seemed to have had a good time."

As much as she wanted to be angry with him, she couldn't. She did have a good time, the best in her life, an evening and morning of total wanton abandonment and debauchery, something she would have never, ever, allowed herself otherwise.

Nick ever so gently stroked her face with the back of his hand as he looked her in the eye, reading her easily. Tenderly her kissed her.

Judy's knees felt weak and she found herself longing for this man who had so used her. Resisting the temptation to reach out and stroke his cock, she breathlessly asked, "You said you had something for me?"

Nick stepped back, unbuckling his belt. "That's right Doll."

"You bastard!"

"Yes, I am a bastard, but you're irresistibly beautiful."

As his pants and boxers fell to the floor, Judy sank to her knees muttering, "You bastard. You beautiful, wonderful bastard."

Nick sucked in his breath through his teeth as she lovingly pulled back his foreskin and engulfed his glans with her warm wet mouth. "Oh yeah Baby. That's it. You do it so well." His semi-flaccid cock gained extra rigidity as she lovingly caressed it, her tongue dancing across the head. "Oh fuck yeah," he hissed as she slid her supple lips down his stiffening stalk while gently cupping his balls with one hand and lightly running her manicured nails across the skin of his inner thighs with her other hand. "Damn," he muttered as her tongue lovingly flicked across the underside of his manhood, teasing his now bulging cock-tube. While slowly rolling his testicles in their sack, Judy sucked and laved his jutting penis for several minutes. Nick felt his balls beginning to boil and gently pushed her off before he was too near his point of no return.

Nick helped her to her feet and laid her across the desk on her stomach, her feet touching the floor. "I didn't get any of this last night," he said as he lifted her skirt and rubbed her panty-clad buttocks.

Judy tensed as she felt the cold steel of a pair of scissors slip up one leg of her panties. Then she felt the tension of the elastic give way as the scissors sliced through the thin fabric. Moments later, the other leg was cut and the ruined garment drifted to floor.

"You have a gorgeous ass Doll," he said as his hand glided over her bare buns, "absolutely gorgeous."

Next she felt a cool wetness as Nick's fingers spread lubricant over her puckered anus. As a finger began pressing into her, Judy thrust back her hips in eager approval.

"No, no, don't stop," she moaned as the finger was pulled from her willing ass. Then she felt the broad head of Nick's lube coated cock pressing into the cleft of her buttocks seeking its intended target. With both hands, Judy reached back to spread her ass cheeks open to aid in her debasement. The cock head nestled against her anus and Nick began to push. Judy relaxed.

"Oh!" she grunted as Nick's cock slid deep into her rectum. She was expecting some discomfort, perhaps even some momentary pain, but found only the pleasurable sensation of a hard cock invading her ass.

Nick took his time, fucking her slow, as much for her pleasure as his own. With long full strokes he sodomized the moaning, groaning beautiful woman. She began to tremble, and then shake.

"You like this, don't you Doll?" he muttered as he fucked her through her first orgasm. The squeezing of her smooth rectal walls around his cock nearly brought him over the edge and he paused, deeply buried in her clutching ass, until the urge to ejaculate receded. He began thrusting again with Judy thrusting her hips back, stroke for stroke.

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