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Cruise Ship Cruise


I woke up and stretched my arms over my head. Then I twisted a bit to get the kinks out of my back. More than that I couldn't seem to find the room to do. I did sit up just a bit to look around. All in all, a much more satisfactory cabin than the one I was sitting in only a few hours ago. This was a suite, and the other did not come with a black haired head on the pillow on my left nor a light brown one on my right. Sighing, I settled back and thought back to yesterday...

"I can't believe I let you talk me into this," I scolded my friend Robert as we unpacked in the lower deck cabin we were assigned to by the purser's staff.

"Nina, come on...you said you would. Just try to have a good time," Robert replied.

I sighed, "Okay, I'll give it a whirl. But you know, as far as I can tell everyone on this cruise came two by two. Since I'm supposed to be your girlfriend I can hardly go looking for other companionship, can I?"

I can tell that needs explaining. Robert is my friend, a wonderful, good-looking guy who happens to be both gay and employed with one of our more stuffy banking corporations. Hardly a place for him to be out. So when he was invited on this cruise by the senior executives and told to bring the girl he had told them about, he needed to find one. Since I was off work and not doing anything, I became his girl. Well, it was a free cruise, there would be free food and drink and my social calendar wasn't crammed. I went.

The first night of the cruise was scheduled for a get-acquainted party followed by a formal dance in the ballroom later. The bank's officials had decided to hold their dinner separately, but also formal. Since my bank balance was as bare as my social life I had opted for a simple green, floor length dress with a high waist that did accentuate my long legs. Since I am 5'9" I decided to wear strappy sandals with only a one inch heel. With my hair fixed and a light application of makeup I was ready.

Three hours latter I decided I had been overoptimistic. I had not been ready for an evening of good food accompanied by long boring conversations and speeches punctuated by bad jokes. The only saving grace came from the fact that all the elderly executives and their spouses were too worn out from all their self congratulations to go to the ballroom. I was just waking up from a nap, it seemed, as they all rose and left. NOW I was ready.

Any law against a girl having a wrong opinion? Only a few minutes into our time in the ballroom, Robert excused himself. Apparently he had already made a connection with someone on the ship's crew. He told me that with any luck he would not be spending the night at our cabin. Since he is my friend I wished him good luck. Since he was also responsible for leaving me on the high seas all dressed up and alone, I hoped that sometime during the night he would fall overboard. I moodily drank my second cocktail of the evening and looked around. Surely my luck would HAVE to change sometime.

And then it did. A woman came through the door to the ballroom. She stood there for a moment, letting her eyes adjust, then walked to the bar. As she ordered a drink she looked around the ballroom, allowing me to look her over. She was older than my 38 years, probably late forties or early fifties. She had a runners stride and bounce and was dressed to the nines indeed. She had on a long, dark red skirt and matching jacket over a white blouse. From the slit in the side of the skirt I could see dark stockings over some fine looking legs and a pair of black heels. She had very light brown hair over her shoulders. I waited to see if someone else was coming in with her. After all, it was not a singles cruise.

Someone else did. This time it was a woman about my own age. She was much more slender than the older woman. I had already swallowed hard at the first woman's entrance and now I found myself doing it again. Black hair framing a face that was not beautiful, but so striking. Her hair matched her backless black gown held up by a choker collar. Her lipstick was lighter than the deeper red shade the older women wore. As she walked to the bar I looked for someone trailing behind her. She seemed to be alone also.

When the bartender served the younger women she seem to make some off hand remark, almost to the empty air. She turned as the older woman made some reply. The two of the exchanged a few words and a smile. Darn my luck, I thought. Finally someone else alone comes in and she immediately meets the only other woman by herself, other than me. I could not hear the words they were exchanging but their body language seemed to indicate that they were just meeting for the first time. I turned more toward them and strained my ears trying to pick up their conversation.

Then they both turned to look around the room. Of course the older one looked right at me as I was trying to eavesdrop. I flushed, completely embarrassed and turned my head. "Oh great Nina," I thought, "Busted big time." Trying to maintain any semblance at all of self assurance I almost jumped out of my skin when I heard a soft voice. "Excuse me, is anyone sitting here?"

My head snapped around. The older woman was standing with her hand on the chair next to mine. The younger woman in black was right behind her moving to the chair on the left. The older one had a very pleasant smile on her face. I was drawn to its warmth, as well as the green eyes above it.

"Please sit down," I managed to stammer. They both seated themselves immediately. I watched them both, noting to myself that the younger woman's eyes had watched the slit of the older woman's skirt where it was giving a glimpse of her stocking legs a bit above the knees. I had followed her gaze and enjoyed the view myself. I also caught a flash of something familiar in the way the younger woman had quickly appraised both of us.

"I'm Jane," the younger woman offered with a smile.

Although I was sure it was a sad joke that she had heard way too often, I asked anyway, "And Tarzan?"

"No Tarzan," she laughed.

I laughed with her, as did the older woman.

"I'm Samantha, call me Sam," offered the older woman. "My Tarzan, who thinks he's 20 instead of 50 sometimes, wrecked his patrol car last week and is in traction. He insisted I come on this cruise. He said we had paid for it and I deserved it and should just have twice as much fun to make up for him." I enjoyed her soft accent. While Jane was British, Sam was apparently from one of the southern US states. "How about you?" asked Sam further, touching my arm with her fingertips. "Name and Tarzan status, please!"

"I'm Nina," I said. That was the easy part. I mentally shrugged. Well, nothing ventured, "No Tarzan." I paused and took a deep breath. "You see I'm gay." I waited for the reaction.

"I see," said Sam, who smiled and never moved her hand.

"Okay," smiled Jane. "Well I'd like to propose a toast. To the three oddballs out."

I was surprised but very pleased with their relaxed acceptance of my statement. Jane, although I might have been imagining it, seemed to have a bit of a twinkle in her eyes. Sam was simply smiling calmly and squeezed my arm briefly before picking up her drink. I smiled shyly at both of them and then we all laughed and said together "To the three oddballs!"

Over the next hour we had several more drinks and proceeded to become friends. I explained about Robert. We talked all about our jobs and places we had been and would like to go. Sam showed pictures and told stories of her husband and grown children. Jane told about breaking up with her last boyfriend and I, hesitantly at first, mentioned the failure of my last relationship. I was really moved by their sympathy to it. I had already noticed that Jane seemed to be looking with more and more interest at me; and at Sam too. While I had pretty much decided that Sam was the obvious straight woman in our trio, I thought she was very attractive and thought it was nice how open and understanding she was.

During our get acquainted session the ships orchestra had been playing dance music, mostly older songs of course, but nice background for our chat. Couples had been dancing by our table on the edge of the floor. The band had taken one break and had just begun another set when we lapsed into comfortable silence for a moment. The slow song the band had just begun was an old favorite that I began to hum, moving my head a bit to the music. I think that was what gave Jane her idea.

"Nina," she said, with a devilish hint in her eyes "Dance with me."

I was stunned. Not that the idea didn't appeal to me. Jane appealed to me. I looked at Jane, then at Sam and gestured around the room full of people.

"Jane, are you kidding me? Look at this crowd. They'll probably tar and feather us. Tell her Samantha!"

My request for help from Sam got a surprise answer. "Oh, go ahead Nina. They've all been looking at us sideways for the last two hours already. Have some fun. It won't change their opinion, and frankly I'm not worried about it anyway."

With that Jane pushed her chair back, rose and walked over to me. She slid my chair back, offered me her hand and we took the half dozen steps to the polished wood floor. Slipping our arms around each other we began to move to the music. At first we held each other almost at arms length, but then as the soft rhythm of the music took over we moved closer and closer until we were completely engulfed in each other. If there were any comments from the other people I didn't hear them. Jane's body felt so incredibly right against mine. We moved slowly, our hands stroking each others' backs, our bodies becoming as one. As we felt the heat rise between us I stared into Jane's eyes. We were almost at a standstill although our bodies still swayed together as one. Jane slowly brought her face closer, her lips approaching mine, our eyes locked. Then, as suddenly as the breaking of a spell, the music stopped. Startled, we parted.

Almost blushing we returned to the table. Still, we continued to hold hands as we came to our table. I smiled as I saw that Sam had pushed two chairs close together and moved our drinks to those places. We sat down. I saw that she had had our drinks freshened. She had relaxed back in her chair and swung her feet up onto the fourth chair where they rested with her ankles crossed. I noticed once again that she still had very attractive legs.

"Alright you two," Sam asked with mock seriousness, "Why no kiss? Couldn't you hear me urging you on?"

"How about you?," Jane shot back. "Didn't I see a very nice looking guy standing over here before we even got to the dance floor? What was all that about?"

Sam laughed, "I do have to admit it was very flattering to have a good looking Tarzan try to pick me up. But I already have all the guy I'll ever want. So even though it was quite good for my ego, I told him no thanks." With that Sam swung her legs back to the floor and gathered up her purse and her drink. I realized her next remark would probably have to do with being a third wheel and she was getting ready to go. I didn't want her to do that and spoke almost without thinking.

"Sam, tell me something." She looked at me with a questioning smile and waited. I took a deep breath and blurted out the rest of my thought, "Is it only a Tarzan that you find attractive? Or might you find another woman attractive too?"

For a moment there was no reaction, no sound at all at our table, as though all three of us were holding our breath collectively. Then Sam blushed and whispered, "No, its not just Tarzans that I find attractive." She looked quickly at Jane and then right into my eyes "I was attracted to you, to both of you, as soon as I saw you."

I smiled and touched her hand with my free hand. She swallowed and then wrapped her fingers around mine. She shook her hair back and smiled at both of us.

"Well then," I said recklessly. "I think you better dance with me then Sam."

Her face lit up "Lets go then woman," as she began to laugh.

For the next hour the three of us danced. We danced slow dances and fast dances we took turns dancing with each other and all three of us danced at the same time together. Jane bought two bottles of wine and we went through them both. Finally, as the band announced the last set, Jane told us it was time for a nightcap in her cabin.

The three of us moved unsteadily down the hallway to the lift. The more we found each other leaning on and supporting and guiding each other the more we began to laugh and carry on. And the more we needed to help each other down the hall the more a light touch on an arm became a firm hold. Fortunately the lift door was open and we were the only ones using it. As soon as the doors closed Jane put her arm around Sam's waist and kissed her. Returning the kiss, Sam reached out almost blindly and caught me with her hand and drew me in. Then we were holding each other, our lips meeting in a three way kiss, our arms tightly holding us together.

It could have only been a few moments but it seemed we were locked together for an hour before the lift pinged and the doors opened. Jane led the way in a mad dash down the hall. Sam caught her heel in a chink of the decking. Pulling her foot free she scooped up her shoe and hopped down the hall after us trying to take the other one off. When she succeeded, she put on a burst of speed and caught us as Jane opened the door to her cabin and ushered us in.

"Wow," I exclaimed. Cabin was hardly the word. This was a suite.

"Yes, well the company I work for is paying for it," Jane commented. Snagging another bottle of wine from a cooler she turned, winked and crooked her finger as she backed through one of the doors.

Following her in the first thing that caught my eye was the huge bed. I could not resist. I ran and leaped on it, rolling and laughing. Then I sat on the edge, my dress in disarray and started taking off my sandals. Looking at the others, I saw Sam hesitate, then take a deep breath and walk to the dresser. Placing her purse on it she took the rings off her left hand and carefully placed them inside. Turning around she casually dropped her jacket on a chair and walked to Jane.

Jane extended her arms and Sam stepped into them. As their lips met in a deep kiss, Sam reached around Jane's neck and undid the top of her dress. As the choker top opened, it immediately fell between them exposing Jane's lovely breasts. About a 36C, they were just a bit smaller them mine with large brown aureole and stiff nipples. As Sam continued to kiss Jane she slid her hands down over Jane's breasts, pausing for only a moment to stroke the nipples. Then her hands fell further down to Jane's hips. Sam slipped to her knees as she drew Jane's dress all the way off and helped her step out of it. Planting a single kiss directly on the front of Jane's panties, Sam stood up, and when she did her skirt remained on the floor.

Jane reached behind Sam and undid the buttons on her blouse and pulled it down over her arms. As Sam began to cup and finger Jane's breasts again, Jane unhooked the front of Sam's black, lacey bra; letting her breasts free. They were smaller than Jane's, about 34B, with pink nipples that immediately sprang erect as Jane took them in her fingers and began to roll and lightly pinch them. A moan came from Sam and she tightened her own hands on Jane.

As I sat on the bed I looked at the contrast between them. Both about the same height, Jane was more athletic looking, her curves complimented by a tight stomach and long slender legs. Sam was more rounded, with heavier, softer curves. Her smaller breasts sagged just a bit while Jane's stood firmly. Both women wore dark thigh high stockings attached to black garter belts and topped with black panties.

Just as I was beginning to feel like the fifth wheel Samantha turned and walked straight to me. Taking my hands she drew me to my feet. With one long look into my eyes she began to kiss me. I felt her tongue slip from between her dark red lips and trace my lips. My mouth opened to admit her and she began to hungrily explore my mouth. At the same time her hands reached behind me, rubbing my back and then sliding the zipper down on my dress. I felt myself respond immediately to her demanding attentions. My dress was gone, then my bra. Sam plunged her hands inside my pantyhose to cup my cheeks and rubbed her breasts against my larger ones.

"Me too" announced Jane as she suddenly wrapped her arms against both of us, sending us all three crashing to the bed in a lovely tangle of limbs and bodies. Somewhere in the laughter and confusion my pantyhose were stripped off as well as the other two women's panties. By the time things settled down I found myself flat on my back with Sam laying on my left leg. Her right hand had settled onto my breast and her left one had slid under me.

One set of Sam's fingers teased my nipple and the other set gently touched my bottom. I suddenly stiffened and gasped as I saw her head dip between my outspread legs and felt her warm breath blow across me. Her tongue stroked all over my wet puffy lips then slipped into me. Slowly she began to lick me up and down, settling deeper and deeper into me. I was already soaking wet there and her eager ministrations made my hips begin to move in rhythm to her movements.

Then I felt her body tense and a moan escape her lips where they had settled on my pussy. Opening my eyes I realized the cause of that was Jane. She had one of Sam's legs lifted in the air and her face was now buried deep into the older woman's mature slit. Every move by Jane seem to produce a reaction by Sam, to my intense delight.

Jane's body was parallel to mine and farther up the bed. Her free hand reached for mine without looking and brought it to her own needy wetness. Without thought I spread her lips and plunged two fingers deep into her. Her own hand then moved to her left breast where she began to knead and pinch her own nipple.

It was heavenly. Every movement of my fingers into Jane produced not only moans but also a corresponding effort by her mouth to Sam's pussy. And of course that made Sam's licking and touching of me even more intense.

I began to roll my head from side to side as I felt myself began to build towards my release. My thumb found its way to the top of Jane's dripping wet slit and touched her already unhooded clit. The very first caress produced a muffled cry from Jane and her hips began to move against my hand. Faster and faster I moved my fingers in her and rubbed her erect nub. Jane's face seemed to disappear into Sam. Whatever Jane was doing seemed to drive Sam completely over the edge. She moved to my clitoris and began to lick and suck it. Her one hand squeezed my breast and tugged my nipple. The other traced down between my cheeks to my rosebud, already wet with the overflow from where she was eating me. My hips were beginning to buck against the pressure of her tongue. I knew it. I knew what she was about to do.

Then Sam did it. As I felt Jane's internal muscles clamp tight around my fingers. Sam's long slender forefinger slid deep into my ass. Impaled by it at one opening and her tongue at the other I all but screamed as my orgasm crashed over me like a giant wave. Jane arched against me with a wail of her own. Finally I felt Sam's head tip back and a long cry of pleasure escape from her.

I thought my aftershocks would never end. Again and again I spasmed. Oh it felt so incredible. Somehow we all untangled and curled up together. Gentle but firm kisses were exchanged and I thrilled to taste myself on Sam's lips. We settled down, satiated for the moment, and I gave a soft sigh to be cuddled with a lovely woman on each side...

Glancing again at each of the women sleeping beside me I was tempted to start the touching and kissing that I was sure would lead to a repeat of last night. Feeling a delicious tiredness settle back on me, I snuggled under the covers and back to my two lovers. After all, there were still five days left on the cruise. I yawned and drifted back to sleep.

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