tagNovels and NovellasCruise Ship Cuckold Ch. 06

Cruise Ship Cuckold Ch. 06


I sat in the chair, handcuffed, gagged, tears rolling down my cheeks. What have I done! What a fool I was! By revealing my fantasies, I had convinced my bride that I truly wanted to be cuckolded and she had set this whole night up to comply with my wishes. She was willing to go along with my sick needs and let another man seduce and fuck her just to please me. She had also arranged it so I would be helpless to stop it, knowing the guilt I would feel by actively permitting it. She had thought of everything, just to please me.

I could not blame her. This was all my doing. And now I had just watched my lovely wife get the fucking of her life! God was she hot! I have never seen her so responsive or cum so hard! Now what? How could I ever follow that? She will never be satisfied with my puny penis again. I had just committed marital suicide!

After their initial encounter, the TV screen had gone blank. I figured after giving me my little show, they wanted some privacy. I wondered how long I would be cuffed to the chair. I hoped the maid service wouldn't find me this way. How embarrassing! Well, if they did, I deserved it. At least they could uncuff me so I could use the toilet. Boy would they have a good story to tell the rest of the staff about the couple in #701.

After a few minutes, I heard the door unlock. It was Angel! "Oh darling, are you ok?" She asked as she undid my gag and started to unlock the handcuffs, "I got back as soon as I could. Adam wanted me to spend the night with him but I told him I needed to get back to you. I hope you liked my little surprise. Isn't this what you always wanted, to see me fucked by a black man while you were helpless to stop it?"

"Yes honey," I blubbered, "but I was wrong! I should have never told you about my fantasy, now I have ruined everything, our love, our marriage, everything!"

"Don't be silly! Nothing's changed. I still love you more than any man in the whole world! You think just because a man has big rippling muscles and twelve inch cock, he can steel me away? I'm disappointed in you! You should give me and our love a little more credit than that!" She scolded.

I was both astounded and relieved. She still wanted me! My tears of sorrow turned to tears of joy.

"Darling, let's spend the rest of the cruise together, just you and me. No captain, no steward, no other men, just us." Angel said while snuggling up in my arms.

"Oh yes baby, let's....oh shit!" I suddenly said.

"What is it?" My wife replied.

"The bet, the damn bet I made with the captain's wife, Eve! " I answered.

"What kind of bet?" Angel asked.

I explained the terms of the bet and how her fucking the captain had lost us a free cruise and how I would now have to be Eve's slave for two days.

"Oh, my poor baby," Angel said, with a slight smile on her face. "I guess we got fucked more ways than one, last night!" Well, a deal a deal and I expect you to be a good slave. I hope she lets me watch. This could be fun!"

"Well," I replied, "You sure are taking this slave thing quite lightly! God knows what she has in mind for me or what I will have to do!"

"Come on now darling," She laughed, "You will just have to man-up, or woman-up to this, depending on what she has in mind. Adam says she can be a real castrating bitch when she wants to be! Whatever she has in mind, I'm sure you will make me proud! Well I think we both had better get some sleep. I'm exhausted and you know why!" She teased, "And you are going to need all the rest you can get."

We fell into bed and Angel was soon fast asleep. I lay awake, reliving the evening's events. I was so relieved that I still had her love, and so turned on remembering her magnificent performance! I soon found myself, cock swollen, between her legs, licking her red, ravished cunt. I could taste their love as I listened to the sweet moans of her approaching orgasms. In my excitement, I shot my own cum all over the sheets. She was still mine. I cuddled up to her and fell fast asleep. It must have been about noon when the phone rang in the cabin, it was like being splashed with ice water, pulling me out of my sweet dreams and back to reality. I let it go to voicemail and listened the Eve at the other end.

"Good morning slave, or should I say, good afternoon. I really enjoyed your wife's performance last night. Of course it was recorded on videotape for legal purposes, and our friend's amusement. Listen slave, your servitude will begin at 10:00pm tonight after dinner. You will come to my private cabin. Just ask your steward, Daniel where it is, and oh yes, bring that pretty wife or yours along. She won't want to miss this! Your attire should be informal, let's say, a pair of panties, under a robe should do nicely. Well, have a nice day slave, and oh yes, one more thing. Except for the hair on your head and eyebrows, I want all body hair removed. Your bride can help you with this. Ta, ta."

I shuddered as I listened to her message. This was going to be a long two days, I thought to myself.

Angel, who had apparently heard the recording, whispered in my ear, "My, she means business. Don't worry, you can always grow you beard back again. It's going to be fun to witness your feminization darling! And did you hear what she said, they taped Adam fucking me! I wonder what I will have to do to get that tape back. Hungry darling? Well, I'm famished, let's go eat. We must keep our strength up, looks like we are heading into some rough waters.

After a buffet breakfast, I went to the Jacuzzi to relax my sore muscles from being cuffed to the chair for three hours last night. Angel said she needed to go shopping and to meet her back at the cabin later.

When I got back to the cabin, Angel was waiting for me. She told me to undress and then proceeded to remove my beard with a pair of electric clippers. She then soaked it with a warm moist towel, lathered me up and shaved the remaining stubble from my face. She preformed the same procedure on my pubic region.

I couldn't believe how I looked. I had not seen my cheeks, chin or upper neck in fifteen years. It took at least twenty years off my appearance and gave me a rather soft, feminine look. My shaved pubes made me look like a little boy with my smaller than average penis. She then put a smelly pink lotion on the rest of my body and after ten minutes, I could feel my body tingling all over. She instructed me to shower the cream off my body.

I was amazed at how effectively the lotion removed my body hair! She then took off the remaining hair with a razor and rubbed a sweet smelling lotion on me, which soothed my itching, burning skin. She led me over to the mirror. I was shocked at how much younger my body looked completely denuded of hair. I felt very naked and exposed.

"There," Angel stated, "That should satisfy your new mistress's wishes! My,but you do look sweet and cuddly!" She started rubbing her hands over my sensitive skin. My cock immediately became hard which prompted her to say, "Hmmm, you do seem to be enjoying this. Maybe I will keep you this way and make my maid!"

"Angel," I replied in an annoyed tone. "You know the only reason I am doing this is because you fucked the captain and made me lose my bet with Eve! Let's don't forget who the man is, and who the woman is in this marriage!"

"Sorry baby" She cooed, "It's just that you look so cute and feminine, compared to your usual macho image, I couldn't resist. Now what color panties did you say you wanted to wear tonight, Mr. He-man?"

We both laughed and I lisped, "Well, blue would be nisth but I think I would prefer some frilly, pink ones pleasth."

We both laughed again and she proceeded to produce some pretty pink lace panties from a paper bag she had brought from the ships store. "I got them for you today," She explained. "The woman in the store asked me if I was sure they weren't a bit large for me. I told her they were for a close friend."

We laughed some more and Angel suggested I put them on under my dinner cloths to get use to them seeing I may be wearing them for a couple of days.

I slipped them on. They really felt sexy against my smooth skin. I thought to myself, "Careful, you are starting to enjoy this a little too much."

We then finished dressing and went to dinner. After dining we went to the Wheelhouse Bar to enjoy some drinking and dancing. While we were dancing cheek to cheek Angel said, "I have never felt your bare face against mine before. It's kind of nice, but I do prefer your snowy white beard. I prefer your rugged, distinguished look!"

I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. "Mind if I cut in?" It was the captain's voice. It was more of an order than a request. "I like the new, beardless look, very sweet; it seems to fit you better." He added with a smirk on his face.

My face turned red with anger as I reluctantly handed my Angel over to Adam and went back to sulk at our table. Waiting for me there was Eve. "Well, deja vu," She chided, as we sat there looking at my wife and the captain, pressed closely together as they glided across the dance floor. "I must say you look quite pretty without your beard. I can hardly wait to make you my bitch tonight!" Eve, continued.

I ignored her comment watching Angel press her hips tightly against Adams. "Oh crap, I though. This is going to be a long night!"

To be continued...

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