tagGroup SexCrystal Clear Ch. 08

Crystal Clear Ch. 08


This story is part of a continuation of my Road Trip series (see the end of 'Road Trip -- California' for a list of the chapters of that series, in order to be read). You need not read that series to enjoy this series. Although real places and celebrity names are used for realism, this story is fiction. Please 'read, enjoy, vote, and comment.'

Synopsis of This Story So Far: After a cross-country road trip laced with grief, love, incest, and sex, Jim moved in with country music star Crystal Lee and her sister in Nashville. Thanks to Crystal, Jim also became a top country music sensation. Crystal posed for Playboy in a sex-filled weekend photo shoot. Jim, his sister, sister-in-law, and friends later enjoyed a New Years holiday orgy on a Caribbean isle. After hiring a sexpot Russian housekeeper, Crystal and Jim head in different directions to make two movies. On the west coast for his movie, Jim (with Ellen) reconnects with Tina a love interest from his road trip, participates in an orgy with his leading lady, and finds a new love interest in Claire. The film crew moved to Nicaragua to film on location, and Jim's movie star Jill Danes was kidnapped. Jim did a bold and risky rescue, using his skills as a Green Beret from decades earlier. Soon after, shooting finished on Jim's movie, and Ellen, Claire, and he headed home to Nashville.

Crystal Clear Ch 08

Homecoming, Nadia, and an awkward moment with the press

Ellen, Claire, and I landed in Nashville a little after nine at night. Instead of alerting Nadia that we were coming, I had a limousine meet us and take us home. We walked into the house about ten o'clock.

Nadia, our housekeeper with the sexiest ass I have ever seen, heard the commotion in the front hallway and cautiously appeared from the family room where she'd been watching television.

Nadia shouted as she ran across the hallway, "OH, MR. JIM ... AND MISS ELLEN ... YOU'RE HERE! YOU'RE HERE!" There was genuine joy in her voice. Nadia careened across the foyer and without hesitation jumped into my arms and wrapped her shapely legs around me. She showered me with kisses and kept saying, "Oh, I love you so. I missed you much. Oh, so glad you here." She turned and gave Ellen an equal welcome.

In a mix of Russian, which I don't understand at all, and English, Nadia started to babble as I set her down -- noticing as I did that she was nude underneath one of my concert tour t-shirts.

As Nadia calmed slightly, she said, "I didn't expect you for another week -- until Miss Crystal came home ... Oh, dear, the house is mess. I must clean right now for you." She started off, but I held her back by holding onto the t-shirt. The back of the shirt rose and exposed her sweet little ass -- verifying again, that she had the nicest tush in the world.

I told her, "It can wait until tomorrow or the next day, Nadia. Stay with us. We want you with us, not off doing housework."

Claire appeared from behind Ellen and smiled at Nadia. We had told Claire about our impish Russian friend. "Nadia, I am so glad to meet you. Jim has told me ALL about you. I'm Claire." She held her arms out for a hug and greeting with kisses on each cheek as Europeans do. Nadia allowed a nice and sexy greeting with our new friend. The two had talked on the telephone several times, but this was their first in-person meeting.

After greeting, Nadia said, "Oh, Miss Claire. I see your pictures that Mr. Jim has sent, and we talked on the telephone -- you have such a pleasant voice, so kind, but you are more beautiful in person. You hair ... so red ... so much more pretty." She leaned in and hugged Claire again. I could see an instantaneous friendship form between the two of them, even as Claire blushed at Nadia's compliments.

I reminded Nadia to drop the Miss and Mister designations, knowing that she would have trouble remembering the instruction. I wanted her to be on a first name basis with us. After all, I expected to be balls-deep in her pussy within the hour, probably as she ate out Claire and Ellen, and I didn't think our relationships deserved the formality she attributed to us with the titles.

After giving Ellen an especially tight hug and sensuous kiss; she came and hopped into my arms again, wrapping her legs around me, her naked pussy pushed tightly against my belt buckle. We kissed hard, our tongues exploring each other's mouth. She tasted especially good, with a hint of popcorn.

Nadia hopped down, "Oh, come, let me help with luggage. You travel all day -- must be tired. You want swim, hot tub, or shower with massage? I prepare all three for you, if you like."

The night was unseasonably warm. Ellen spoke for us, "We want all three, in that order, but only if you'll join us. You don't have to wait on us. Who knows, maybe I'll massage you ... from the inside out."

Nadia's big eyes looked longingly at Ellen after her offer, and then she helped us carry our suitcases to the master bedroom. I noticed the bed looked freshly slept in; I looked at Nadia. She blushed.

Nadia explained as she neatened the sheets: "I miss you and Ellen. Last time we all together is right here, and I love what we did so I sleep here while you away. You say it OK before you leave." She was afraid I'd be unhappy with her, so to put her at ease I gave a smile and kissed her.

"That's so sweet, Nadia."

Ellen joined me in a group hug. Nadia started to have tears in her eyes.

"What's wrong?"

Nadia said, "I read all the stories and watch the television reports about you rescuing the movie star -- Miss Jill Danes. You risked your life, not once but many times to save her. You were almost shot dead. Oh, Mr. Jim, I am so glad you are here." With that she broke into a real sob, and let me hold her tight to my body. Ellen stroked her back. Claire joined us in a group hug and to offer her comfort as well.

A couple of minutes later, Nadia pulled herself together. She pushed us to prepare for the pool.

"Nadia, have you been swimming?" I asked.

"Da. I swim every day for exercise in the morning."

"What do you wear?"

"I wear nothing. The water, it feels sexy on my skin -- between my legs, so I go naked."

I turned to Ellen and Claire, "That style of dress works for me. Come on, let's go skinny dipping." I grinned at them.

We were fortunate that the pool nestled up to the house and other landscaping in a way that provided full privacy from our neighbors, although the house sat on a five-acre lot so no other houses were visible this time of year. Security lights placed in the landscaping automatically came on if anyone trespassed on the property. Crystal and I had taken steps to avoid a repeat of the revealing photographs a member of the paparazzi had taken of Terry, Ellen, and us in an outdoor group sex romp near Branson, Missouri during my road trip. If the lights came on, I didn't mind being caught naked -- everybody sooner or later went skinny dipping, but I did mind if the event turned into some kind of scandal because of whom I was loving.

Five minutes later, I dove into the water at a run followed by Ellen, Claire, and Nadia. We each did a couple of laps, and then floated together in a rough square in the middle of the pool. The sky had a thousand stars and a half moon. Nadia was right; the pool was unusually refreshing after so much time on airplanes.

We talked about what Nadia had been doing at college, a few problems with the house she'd taken care of, the movie I'd made, Nicaragua, Jill's rescue, Crystal's arrival in a week from Europe, and just enjoyed each other's company.

We got into the hot tub, and enjoyed the sensation of the bubbles and jets of water circulating around our bodies. Claire had never been in a hot tub, and she giggled as the air bubbles from the bottom of the tub curled around her legs into her pussy, and then wrapped around her breasts.

"So sensuous, this device," She said as her eyes rolled around in her head. "I may never leave."

With a lascivious leer, Ellen explained about positioning her pussy so one of the spa's jets aimed at her pussy. I moved behind Claire to hold her in front of a jet as Ellen adjusted its aim so it hit squarely on her mons.

Claire jerked, "Oh, God. This ... this ... this is like a big ... wow. A water dildo. Like a giant water tongue focusing right on ... oh, shit, ... right on my clit."

She closed her eyes and gave herself over to the pleasure of the tub. A moment or two later, her body started to squirm and twist; she neared an orgasm. I nodded to Nadia who had come to watch our friend; she reached down with her right hand and added her fingers to the erotic stimulation of Claire's pussy. From the motion of her arm, I suspected Nadia had begun to pump her fingers into Claire's cunt.

Claire crested fifteen seconds later, "OH, FUCK. This is ... fucking ... amazing. Oh, Nadia, don't ... stop ... ever ... kiss me."

As Nadia continued to jam her hand into Claire's pussy, she leaned in and the pair French kissed, their tongues wildly dueling in and around each other's mouth as Claire continued to jerk and squirm in the stimulation. Nadia held Claire's head as Claire fondled Nadia's taut breasts.

I pulled Nadia back slightly and moved Claire slightly so she could enjoy the afterglow of her climax as the bubbles, as the water continued to swirl around her. We all got an embarrassed smile from her.

After a few more minutes, I suggested we adjourn to the bedroom for massages. Nadia looked pleased with the suggestion after I made sure she knew she was included in that invitation. Things were going back to 'normal' for her.

We dried off, and by now I sported an erection that rated a seven on my ten point scale. That meant, my shaft was pretty full and angled out from my body at about a forty-five-degree angle. The continuing sight of the three nude women had my attention, plus I'd helped dry each one of them with our large towels, and I couldn't help sneak a suck or two on each of their breasts to sharpen up their nipples.

As we walked into the house, Ellen slipped up beside me; "Jim, make love to Nadia first. She needs you in a big way. Claire and I can play together or watch, and we'll join you when the time seems right -- but start with Nadia." She nodded her encouragement to me with a smile of love, understanding, and lechery, and then she pushed me in Nadia's direction.

I waited for Nadia to catch up to me, and then I picked her up and started to carry her nude body to the bedroom, following Ellen and Claire. She squealed with delight and put her arms around my neck and her damp head on my shoulder. We kissed as we walked naked through the living room.

I lay Nadia on the bed right where she had been sleeping. I spread her legs, and lowered my head until I could blow on her pussy. She gave off a beautiful aroma and loud moan of pleasure. My tongue searched out the hidden crevasses and folds of her pussy, soon joined by a couple of my fingers.

I teased at the lips of her pussy, pulling them with my lips and teeth, or sucking them into my mouth. Nadia's clitoris emerged from its hiding place, and soon that became the focus of my oral attention as I reached into her pussy with my fingers and stroked the internal area behind her clit -- her G-spot.

"Oh, Jim, ... OH ... OH ... You remember how to please me ... where my special places are. You know ... SIGH ... how to turn me on to mush." I loved the small slips of grammar my Russian 'toy' made.

Ellen and Claire got on each side of Nadia and started to massage her upper body, paying particular attention to her breasts until her nipples could pierce steel. At that stage, the pair started to tongue and suck on Nadia's breasts.

A few minutes of my oral assault on her clitoris and G-spot, and Nadia climaxed; this time ejecting some of her wonderful and aromatic girl juice into the union where my mouth lapped at her cunt. I lapped at her nectar. I didn't worry about the wet spot on the bed; I knew there'd be more before the night was over.

Nadia pleaded, "Come put yourself inside me. I want us to make love. I miss you a lot -- more than you know. I have been so glad you called now and then, and then you, Claire, and Ellen sent me flowers. I cried all day in happiness."

I moved up, and put Nadia's legs over my own as I knelt in front of her open legs. I smeared my saliva and her juice around her pussy with the head of my cock -- now a nine on my ten point scale.

"You want this inside you?" I asked, feigning ignorance of her plea a moment before.

Nadia's eyes begged with me to penetrate her -- to love her as I had months before. She writhed her body trying to capture the head of my cock at the entrance to her vagina. The entry into her body gaped open from where my fingers had just been. I set my cock right on the lip of the opening to her velvet tunnel, and then Nadia hitched her body forward, spearing her body onto mine.

Nadia's eyes rolled back in her head. "Oh, this feels so nice. I miss this joy all the months you away. My toys were not even close to this." She started to rotate and move her body against mine, as I started to seesaw into her body. I wondered if all Russian women were taught to move their hips the way she could.

Nadia's breasts started to vibrate and sway in sync with our thrusts into one another. Ellen and Claire ran their hands running over Nadia's body, taking turns to reach into the junction where my cock met pussy to diddle Nadia's engorged clitoris. Nadia shrieked in a mix of pleasure and pain.

Ellen moved to kiss and tongue Nadia's beautiful lips as Claire continued her frontal assault at the place we joined.

Nadia whispered at a point where Ellen had moved back to her breasts, "Claire, please come and let me kiss your lips -- your mouth lips and your pussy lips. I want to taste you."

Claire hitched up the bed slightly, and as I pumped my cock into Nadia's body the pair French kissed. I could feel Nadia's sexual temperature rising. She was in heat. A minute later, Claire moved to face me and straddle Nadia's head -- slowly lowering her sopping wet pussy to Nadia's mouth and the tongue extended to catch the first drops of Claire's sexual juices.

Claire's eyes closed in enjoyment of the moment contact got made. I could see Nadia's tongue going wildly on the cunt above her face, stroking, lapping, and sucking as fast as she could. As she moved, her pussy would tighten around my cock. I reached up with both hands to smooth and fondle Claire's body and breasts.

Nadia came. Claire and I ignored the squeal of warning and then her climax. I kept pumping into her quim at a steady pace, and Claire kept rubbing her pussy in Nadia's face. Claire and I kissed, but not before I had leaned into her full breasts and sucked her nipples to the same state of erectness as my cock -- a perfect ten.

Ellen kept pawing, licking, and biting at each of Nadia's breasts. One of her hands moved to where my cock drove back and forth into Nadia; she rubbed and teased her erect clitoris, thereby driving Nadia right into another climax ... and another ... and then she was on the step of one continuous climax. The muscles on Nadia's vaginal walls spasmed at irregular intervals around my cock, and she writhed and moaned beneath us.

Even as she climaxed, I watched Nadia reach under Ellen's kneeling body until her hand cupped Ellen's pussy. I could see as she pushed one, then two, and then three fingers into Ellen. Ellen rose up slightly and looked at me, and suddenly her eyes pleaded for release too.

Claire and Ellen kissed passionately, and then Claire moved back so she could lie beside Nadia and suck on her breasts. Ellen remained kneeling; she moved so I could kiss her yet she could remain connected to Nadia's hand. I watched in wonder as Nadia's entire hand started to pump into Ellen's cunt -- slowly first, and then more, and more rapidly until her hand became a blur.

I had to hold Ellen's body up as she came around Nadia's hand. A stream of her girl juice sprayed from her pussy mostly landing on Nadia's body.

As Ellen started to collapse into my arms, I felt my own need to cum. I warned Nadia briefly, sped up my thrusts into her body, felt another of her spasms, and I exploded into her core. A day's worth of horniness and thinking about this moment erupted from the end of my submerged cock. My semen surged through my body, leaving behind my pleasure at every juncture, and burst deep inside Nadia.

"Ooooooooh, Jim, I feel you spouting inside me -- so pleasant, so warm, so loving. I love the feel of you inside me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." I leaned down and passionately kissed my little Russian friend with the sexy ass. I murmured words of affection to her, and could feel her heart swell with love.

As the last of my thrusts jammed into Nadia, I allowed myself to fall into her arms, and lest I crush the small woman; we rolled to one side. Claire nestled behind me, and Ellen spooned behind Nadia. Nadia and I both were panting not only at our exertion, but also at the passion and pleasure we'd created for each other. Nadia's lips found mine again and again as we kissed.

Claire thought better of the situation; I felt her slip down my backside and move between Nadia and my legs. She extracted my softening shaft from Nadia's pussy and started to clean our mixed juices from the rod. A moment later she moved to Nadia's pussy, forcing her legs apart so she had better access.

The three of us watched Claire clean-out Nadia's pussy until she had a mouthful of cum. She then slithered up Nadia's body and dribbled some of the juices mixed with her own saliva into Nadia's mouth. The two women pressed breast to breast in a most erotic way. After recapturing part of the mix from Nadia, Claire then turned to Ellen and repeated the process. Soon after that, she repeated the process bringing to my mouth the mix of juices from all three of them. I savored the mix, trying to separate out the taste of each of us. After her sharing, she allowed the remaining liquid to leak from her mouth onto her breasts and abdomen. She remembered that I liked seeing my lovers cum stained. Ellen and Nadia were on her instantly to finish off the fluids, something I liked to see even better.

Watching Claire's pornographic display had gotten me hard again despite having just cum. Ellen spoke first, "Can I have some of that?" She pointed at my crotch.

"Me too," Claire chimed in.

Nadia smiled and said, "I want to be a voyeur. I'll watch and bring myself off with one of my toys." She reached over to the bedside cabinet, opened the drawer, and pulled out a large dark pink vibrator in the shape of a cock with a huge mushroomed head. She brought the stick to her mouth, licked the end, started the device humming, and ran it down her body -- over her breasts and into her slit. I got a coy smile as she touched her clit with it. Just to get my attention, she slid the device into her gaping vagina and pumped it in and out a few times.

Ellen started to suck on me as Claire and I kissed. I reached a 'ten' in only seconds, a testimony to how horny this whole night had made me. Ellen mounted me, and soon I was full-speed fucking another of my love objects. Claire got right down where we joined, trying to lick Ellen's engorged clit as I pistoned in and out of her body.

After a big sigh of resignation from Claire, I jerked my cock from Ellen and in fewer than two seconds plunged the steel-hard shaft into Claire's pussy.

"Oh, God. I have needed just this all day," Claire moaned as her eyes got as large as saucers. She looked lovingly at me. I continued to pummel her body, even putting her legs over my shoulders to increase her stimulation.

I went back and forth between Ellen and Claire, spending a minute or so in each. Once I surprised Nadia with several thrusts as she held her large vibrator on her twat.

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