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CSI: All He'd Ever Wanted


Danny checked round the room one more time before looking at his watch for what must have been the hundredth time in the past hour. The bed was neatly made, the blinds were drawn, and all the things he hoped would be needed were on the nightstand.

Don had called to say he'd been delayed and Danny hadn't been able to prevent a groan of disappointment escaping.

"Don't worry, baby, it's only traffic, I've left the station, no one is calling me back tonight, I promise."

In the past two weeks both men's rest days had been cancelled and even their nights together had been curtailed by one or other of them working longer hours than they'd planned. Now they had put in requests to their supervisors that, just overnight, they not be contacted unless a major emergency occurred. Danny knew Mac would honour that and Don had seemed pretty confident his captain would as well although neither man knew why the request had been made.

The day had crawled by but now it was Monday evening and, until the following morning, Danny had no intention of leaving his home unless Don wanted to. With what he had planned the nervous young man hoped that wouldn't happen.

Their lovemaking had grown in intensity during the time they'd been together. Danny knew, however, six months into the relationship, Don was still taking things easy, letting him dictate the speed they went. Tonight that should all change.

The apartment was neat and tidy, he had been extra careful to keep it that way so nothing would distract the two men from each other and now, as he waited for the buzz of the entry phone, his heart rate increased and he licked his lips in anticipation. To increase his excitement Danny had removed his clothes as soon as he'd arrived home an hour before. He loved the decadence of walking around naked, feeling the warm air on his body and he'd let his fingers play with all his erogenous zones as he'd finished his preparations. Now Danny ran his hand up and down his hardening cock, imagining it was Don's fingers working their magic instead of his own. Glancing at the clock Danny worked out he probably had about five or ten minutes left alone and, with a nervous but excited sigh, he began his final preparations.

Don had turned down the offer of drinks with Mac and Hawkes to get to Danny. He had tried to be as noncommittal as he could about where he was going, not wanting to have to remember falsehoods later. He hoped his excuse of needing all the down time at home he could get had rung true with his colleagues. One day, if things carried on as they were, he and Danny would come clean to their friends, but that was a way off yet even though he would happily shout it from the rooftops. Instead, in deference to Danny and his hesitancy, he tried to convince himself the secrecy was all part of the fun.

The homicide cop wondered what his lover was up to. They usually met for a meal at a downtown restaurant before a shared evening together, retiring to one apartment or the other afterwards to take the relationship a little further, a little deeper. Don smiled as a picture of his lover, naked and lying back wantonly on his bed, came to the forefront of his mind. It was the type of vision he could enjoy all the way home, especially when the traffic was so slow moving. Danny had begun calling him 'sir' in the bedroom almost immediately their relationship had begun and, even when they were apart, the memory of the word, and the way it was said, could start his pulse racing.

Don knew he was Danny's first male lover and everything was new to him. For that reason alone he was prepared to take things slowly for as long as it took for Danny to be accepting of everything they did. He seemed to like the opportunity to relinquish all responsibility over to his partner in the bedroom though, to lie back, quite literally, and let things happen to him. That suited Don just fine; he needed to be in charge, in his public and private life, although he knew not everyone felt as he did. He was aware of quite a few publicly powerful figures that, in private, were very submissive and he could understand their need for things to be separated in that way. All he had ever wanted was to give pleasure, but in his own manner.

The parking garage under Danny's building was almost full but Don found a space in a dark corner and parked up quickly. He was on his way towards the elevator before he remembered the wine still in his trunk. Rushing back to grab it he wondered whether it was excitement or absentmindedness that caused him to forget.

The voice on the other end of the entry phone sounded a little breathless, a little different, but Don didn't really take it in. He listened instead for the sound of the buzzer allowing him access to the building and then made his way up in the elevator, trying to keep the smile off his face and the tightening from his groin so he didn't embarrass himself or the other occupant of the lift. He didn't succeed in either and kept his eyes averted for the entire journey.

Don turned the key in the lock and made his way into the hall. His outdoor coat was quickly hung up on one of the vacant hooks on the wall as he looked around for Danny, expecting him to be waiting nearby. Instead there was a piece of paper on the floor with an arrow on it pointing towards the bedroom and, the smile growing ever bigger, Don followed it. What he saw when he entered the room took his breath away.

Danny was kneeling by the side of the bed, his hands clasped behind his back; head down in a position of submission. He was also totally naked; his cock rock hard and already leaking pre-cum.

"Please, Sir, my body is yours. Take me." Danny's voice was husky; he couldn't believe how aroused he felt at being so open to his partner's gaze.

"Oh, God, Danny." Don dropped to his knees in front of his lover; he began to kiss him, running his hands into the dirty blond hair, pulling at it, massaging it as he fought to gain control of the situation presented to him.

"May I undress you, Sir?" Danny moved away from his lover's insistent lips and spoke quietly.

"Yes, my little one, undress me, I want to join you." Don ran his hand through his own hair. He couldn't believe how aroused he was, how excited by what he was seeing. His shirt, tie, pants, socks and footwear came off and, when Don was only wearing his tight white shorts, he rested his hand on a naked shoulder; Danny stopped touching and looked up.

"Please, Sir?"

"Kiss it, take me through the cloth and suck me." The words were growled out and Danny immediately did as he was told. "Ohhhh, fuck, Danny, yeah." Don sat down on the side of the bed and it was then he noticed the other things Danny had waiting for him.

"Stand up, my pet, show yourself to me."

Danny, shocked at the instruction and reluctant to stop, paused a second, his mouth still sucking on the now hard outline of Don's cock through this shorts.


"What's all this?" Don swept his hand across the nightstand and then reached out to grasp his lover's nipples, pulling one with each hand and moving him closer. "Explain yourself."

"I want to give myself to you, Sir, to do whatever you wish me to, now, tonight, all night." Danny fell to his knees and looked up. "When we're together, like this, you're my master; I want to belong to you, please, Donny, please." The tears in Danny's eyes warmed Don's heart almost as much as the words. He pulled the younger man into his embrace and began to kiss him passionately, their tongues dancing for a moment before he claimed Danny's mouth as his own. Finally, unable to survive without air any longer, Don pulled back, his lips blushed and bruised by his lover's amorousness.

"Very well. I'm going to have a shower, you will wait for me, on the bed, you won't touch yourself, but you will use this." Don indicated for Danny to lie down and then, when he was in a position suitable for his needs, Don chose a silk scarf from the nightstand. He picked up a vibrator also lying there and draped it in the soft material. Once that was done he raised Danny's legs and placed it between them. The tip just missed the now panting younger man's balls; instead it moved back and forth on his thigh, Don ran the loose end of the scarf up and over his cock. The vibrator was stimulating Danny just below where he could get any type of release while the material fluttered across his cock, gently touching something that screamed for relief already. A second scarf was also on the nightstand and Don quickly tied that around Danny's eyes. The loss of vision immediately increased the sensations in his groin and Danny moaned aloud.

"Ohhhh, God, Don, please, I won't cum, I promise, but let me touch, let me play."

"No, my pet, you will not touch yourself." He picked up the free end of a pair of handcuffs, which Danny had attached to the headboard. He fixed them around the right wrist and then did the same with another set. Danny was now his, and he could do what he wanted to him. With a smile unseen by anyone, Don ran a finger across his lover's chest, he purposely missed the rock hard nipples, weaving and dancing around them instead. Danny was squirming enough to dislodge the vibrator and, as it fell, Don slapped him lightly on the thigh causing a cry to go up.

"Did I say you could move?"

"N ... no, Sir. I'm sorry, but you ... your fingers."

"Are you saying this is my fault?" Don placed his hand on Danny's abdomen and began to once again run his fingers across the soft, tanned skin. He let them move down into the pubic pelt, pulling gently on the hair and watching as Danny tried desperately to keep still.

"No, no, Sir, I ... know it's my fault, please, let me ... oh, God, Donny ... I want to try again." The darkness and the sensations on his skin, as well as the chance to be so submissive, were driving Danny insane and, knowing he was already in trouble, he humped the air in desperation.

"Baby, you have gone to so much effort, do you really want me to punish you?" Don, trying desperately to wipe the grin off his face, grasped Danny's weeping cock and then flexed his fingers.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck, Sir, oh, oh. Anything, if you'll let me cum, I'll put up with anything." Danny flexed his hips, gaining just a little momentum and, feeling his master's hand move slightly against his hard sex, moaned with frustration.

"You, my little slut, will not cum until I tell you to. Is that understood?" Again Don tightened his grip until the pleasure was just turning to pain and Danny tried to move away from him. "I said, 'is that understood'?"

"Yes, Sir. I ... I won't cum." Danny, his cock throbbing inside Don's fist, couldn't remember when he had been more aroused. He wanted desperately to feel his lover run his hand up and down the long, hard shaft, but knew he wouldn't. His cum was so close to shooting and he tried desperately to hold it together.

Don watched, enjoying his lover's agony, his helplessness beneath the blindfold, knowing he would have plenty of time to get himself back under control while he had his shower. Finally, before he left, he spoke again.

"Hmmm, What's this? We haven't talked about using this?" Don picked up a cockring and held it to Danny's mouth. His tongue picked up the cool metal texture.

"No, Sir, but I thought ... I thought we might try." Danny couldn't believe how turned on he was. Don hadn't done anything except tease him slightly, and already all he could think about was blowing his load.

"So, after my shower, maybe I need to take some time to think about that as well." Danny groaned at Don's words, unable to see his master pick up the vibrator from where it had fallen and carefully replace it between Danny's legs. This time, knowing how easily it could be dislodged, he pushed Danny's legs up and positioned it between the beautiful creamy globes of Danny's butt so the head just penetrated his tight rosebud, he switched it back on and watched him twitch and squirm before him. Without another word Don left the room, and Danny waited in the semi darkness, restrained, stimulated and desperate for release.

The sound of the shower seemed to go on forever and Danny fought against the needs of his body the entire time he listened to it. He knew he could move away from the vibrator, his legs weren't secured. He could pull himself up the bed and remove the blindfold and, although he couldn't touch his cock, he could stop the torment; he just didn't want to.

"Don't forget we have a safe word, little one." The voice made him jump, he could still hear the water and yet Don was right next to him in the room, smelling wonderful, and he groaned.

"No, I ... I won't ... don't want to use it, Sir, but please. Oh, God, touch me, please." The shower stopped and Danny realized he had spoken to no one. After a moment a hand reached over and removed the scarf from his eyes and he blinked in the light. Don climbed onto the bed next to him skin flushed from the heat of the water and hair still sparkling and wet.

"So, little one, you're mine, huh? Whatever shall I do with you?" Don ran one finger down Danny's chest again, swirling around his left nipple before moving on to the right, still ignoring the almost impossibly tight nubs, much to the dismay of his lover.

"Touch ... please touch them, squeeze them, need it, so bad, Donny." Danny was thrusting his chest up, begging both verbally and physically for more but Don ignore him, shaking his head before removing the vibrator from its warm berth between Danny's butt cheeks.

"Do you like the handcuffs, should we leave them on for a while?" Although he was talking about things at the top of the bed Don was now concentrating on things below the waist. He blew across Danny's cock as he spoke causing it to shudder and increase the torment even more.

"Yes, Sir, leave them, I ... I need," Danny stopped talking not sure if he should continue or not. He wanted to tell Don his fantasies, but didn't know if he could actually follow them through or not.


"Please, sir, make me beg to be freed, for every touch, every sensation. I want to be fucked hard, both ends, and for you to know I'm yours, always."

"Very well." Don's hands were clasped together as he fought to keep his arousal under control. He reached down and stroked his own erection, aware Danny considered that his job. "If you are restrained, little one," He began his torment immediately, "you cannot do this. How do you feel about that?"

The groan was explanation enough but then Danny spoke.

"I could suck you, Sir, or you can fuck me, take me right now. After ... after you're finished with me, I'll hold you, suck you, do anything you want. Please ... Sir, let me be yours." Danny's mind had wandered from the question, so great was his desperation, but Don let it pass.

"Maybe I should do it myself." Don straddled his lover's chest and began to pull on his long, hard tool. He felt Danny's body buck beneath him and saw desperation in the younger man's eye.

"No, Sir. Oh, God, I ... I want so bad to be tied up for you, but I want to touch you, to please you, Sir." Danny didn't know what else to say and so, like a hypnotized rabbit, he stared at the hand stroking and lubricating his master's arousal. He watched as the pre-cum made it shine, saw how Don pleasured himself and tried to remember every movement.

Don felt himself getting closer and closer to cumming and so, with great reluctance, he slowed his hand and finally stopped. Carefully he picked up a pillow from beside Danny and placed it underneath his head. Then, moving closer to him, and getting into a slightly more upright position, he began to stroke himself again.

"Open your mouth, slut, you will suck me."

Danny, his mouth already watering at the sight before him, did as he was told and then gagged as the hard meat was pushed right to the back of his throat.

"So sexy, so submissive and so mine. Take my cum, Danny, take it all, uhhhh, uhhhh." The feelings as Don leant over his lover, one hand resting on the wall as his pubic hair touched Danny's nose, so close was his body to the handsome face, overwhelmed him and, after just a few thrusts, he felt himself tighten and expand. "Gonna cum, baby, gonna cum so much, oh, ohhh ... now. Ohhhhhh, fuck, Danny!" Don felt himself explode, his body jerked and, not wanting to crush his lover he pulled back, letting his cum coat Danny's face and chest before he moved away and collapsed next to him.

After five minutes, where he caught his breath and then let his mind wander over what Danny had done for him, Don slowly sat up.

"Baby, let me take you and wash you off. I want to carry on, if you do."

"Yes, oh yes, Sir, please." Danny, who had watched the man he considered his master in the bedroom as he lay exhausted, was still aroused, still desperate to cum but also to carry on with their games. The first part had gone better than he'd dreamt; Don had been the hardest he could remember, and had shot copious loads of cum over him. He watched as, gently, Don undid the handcuffs with the key he'd left on the nightstand.

Don put his arm around his lover and led him towards the bathroom. He knew there would be more, but wanted to be gentle with Danny for a while, to show him how much he appreciated what had happened so far. He turned the water on and, once the steam began to rise, stepped into the cubicle taking Danny with him.

"Stand still, my precious boy, let me tend to you."

"Yes, Sir." Danny could feel Don's cock, still soft, as it rested against him. He leant back so the warm, powerful heat of his master's upper body would nestle against his spine and then moaned aloud as Don's fingers finally began to play with his nipples.

"Ohhhh, Sir, yes, thank you, Sir." The warmth of the water had relaxed his entire body but, as soon as he felt Don's fingers begin to tease him, the dark brown skin had hardened into pebble-like nubs again and now; finally, he got the release he had craved.

"So beautiful, so sexy. Let me wash you, little one, make you ready." Don leant down and began to nibble at the soft skin beneath Danny's ear. He sucked wantonly leaving a slight redness before moving down to where his chest began. Placing open-mouthed kisses as far as he could reach, Don turned the young man in his arms so they faced each other and then began again. This time his mouth found the hard, crinkled nipples and he laved at one while his fingers rolled and pinched the other. Danny tried desperately to rub his cock against Don's body but he took a step back, leaving the younger man to hump the air in frustration. With one final suck and nip to the left breast Don moved back.

"Turn for me, pet, face the other way." He squeezed some shower gel into his hand and began to lovingly lather up Danny's body. He slowly rubbed foamy circles on his back, letting his hands get lower and lower until they were kneading his cheeks on each circuit. Then he crouched down and began to coat Danny's legs with suds and pressed his face against the now washed clean ass, inhaling the scent before licking at the skin.

"Turn again, baby, let me finish." Carefully, not wanting to slip, and because he was standing on wobbly legs, Danny did as he was told. Don was crouched at just the right height for his mouth to be in line with the head of his hard and unfulfilled member and Danny gasped before grabbing at Don's hair as he felt himself, at last, being sucked.

"Ohhhhhh, Sir, yes, ohhhh, ohhhh ... no, Donny, please, no." Danny was just letting the feelings overwhelm him when Don moved back.

"Shhh, my precious boy, all in good time." Don stood up and squeezed out some more gel. He began to lovingly massage it across Danny's chest, this time playing special attention to the nipples, knowing how sensitive they would be now they had finally got some notice. As he worked across the tanned skin Don made sure his fingers were working lower and lower. He knew that Danny was aware of every movement, every sweep of his hand, and he could hear his breathing becoming more and more ragged the closer he got to the object of his desire, Danny's erection.

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