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Cub Scout Leader


Our sons have been in Scouts from the day they first heard about them, I’m glad they joined. It is a fine organization, teaching them Honesty, and Wholesome American Values needed in today’s fucked up world! Like most of the fathers, I never took the time to be a Leader, leaving that to the mothers that had the desire to. We became good friends with Miss Marie and her family over the years of scouting.

Miss Marie was the Leader, an extremely bright, very pretty Mexican woman, my wife is the Assistant Leader. Those two are the best, they make a great team, taking extra care with the boy’s that had a hard time and had the patience of Job from the Bible. I would have killed a couple of boys had I been a Leader! They can try your patience!!!!

Our troop # was 698, a great group always on top, all due to the ladies running the show. One evening, Miss Marie’s uniform had one of the #’s missing. It was the # 8 I teased her with out mercy knowing she could take a joke, telling her things like.

“ I’m so happy we are in troop 69, I just love 69, it’s the most fun!”

She gave me a teasing mean look, telling me to behave. Later, Marie asked me if I would help her put everything away after the meeting was over and since the kids hadn’t eaten supper, my wife drove Miss Marie’s boy home and went to start our supper. I stayed and helped clean up the evening’s mess. After a few minutes, I noticed Marie wasn’t in the room and I had to take a leak and went to the restroom. As I opened the door she was standing there with her shirt off changing into her T-shirt.

I couldn’t help but stare at her firm Tit’s, with her pointed nipples standing out in the chilled air. Damn they are fine, with her dark nipples and brown skin. Her tits aren’t huge but about a size 32 b, if I had to guess. I stood there in shock staring for a few seconds, then mumbled and apology and got the hell out of there.

Back in our Troops room, I busied myself cleaning up. Trying to rid myself of the hard on that had popped up, when Marie came back I was still blushing in my embarrassment for my intrusion on her and again apologized to her.

“Don’t worry about it, I don’t remember the last time Manuel has looked at me like that.”

I could only think that he was either blind or going gay if he didn’t enjoy that sight!

We finished our chores, and sat down to rest and talk a bit.

“Do you and Pat uh, still have a good sex life? How long have you two been married? 11 years?”

“It was OK, not as hot and heavy as it used to be. But then I guess that is to be expected after 10 ½ years. What about you Marie?”

She looked down with a sad face,

“Manuel doesn’t seem to want me anymore not after my second Child’s birth, almost 2 years ago!”

Knowing that we could speak freely with each other after a 5-year friendship,

“That’s Fucked Up! You still have a great body, a man would have to be crazy not to want to have sex with you! Or Gay!”

Smiling as I added the last part. Her eyes were tearing up

“He’s not gay, I have caught him more than once, in the bathroom with a nasty magazine jerking off! I ask him why and he said, All men do it!”

“Well, all men do jack off, but mainly when we cant get any from a woman, we would all pretty much rather do it with a woman than by hand!” I replied, “Do you ever take the initiative with him? You know, try to seduce him?”

Her head nodded, yes.

“Hmmm, then I don’t know what to tell you Marie!”

She started sobbing and leaned against me, I put my arm around her telling her it would get better, I was sure of that. I did enjoy the feeling of her breast against my chest as she shook while sobbing. I started getting another erection. SHIT, I thought this is all I need, if she spots it, Damn! How could she miss it if she looked at my lap, it was straining to get free from my jeans. Well, she did look at it!

She looked up in my eyes, her eyes filled with tears asking

“Is that because of me? Did you mean what you said? That my body was still nice?”

I reminded her that I had said a Great body, not just nice. She turned her head up and kissed me,

“That was the nicest thing anyone had told me in years.”

I smiled saying, “Don’t start something we can’t finish!”

Her eyes sparkled as she said,

“Who said we can’t finish anything? I’m a Scout, we always finish our projects to get our badges!”

Then she kissed me deeply running her hand up my leg her hand resting on my hard cock! Giving it a squeeze she asked me to take her.

I moved my hand to her firm breast, amazed at the way her nipple was so hard, tweaking it, she moaned. She unzipped my pants pulling at my cock. I had her stand up, removing her T-Shirt, again staring at her beautiful dark skinned Tits, moved my lips to it sucking it gently, nibbling the hard nipple with my lips. Her hands pressing me closer as I pulled her scout Shorts off, feeling the moisture on her silky panties crotch. Pushing her hips to me. Our tongues wrapped around each other’s in a frantic rush to fulfill what seemed destined to happen.

I had always heard about Hot Blooded Mexican Women, and now was now finding it to be true, as she snatched my jeans and underwear down in one swoop. She looked at my hard cock, marveling at it since I was circumcised and (Manuel wasn’t she told me) that it made it even more exciting to touch and look at, since the only others she had seen were not circumcised.

“Others???” I questioned with a smile.

“I have 4 brothers and we only had one bathroom!” was her reply.

Her small brown hand wrapped around my cock, slowly, as if she was afraid to hurt it, she jacked it off. Her eyes stuck to it, her head moved slowly down until I felt her hot breath on it, she stuck her tongue out licking my pre-cum off, moaning as she did. Her lips nibbling the head, kissing it, then she swallowed as much as she could without gagging, and began sucking me off.

Her black hair shining in the lights of the Troops room, me sitting on the Leaders desk, her now on her knees between my legs, slurping as her head fucked my cock. I know it was wrong but I couldn’t help smiling and thinking to myself

“That’s right Marie, suck my burrito!” I didn’t say it though.

I told her how great it felt as she sucked me. And that if she wasn’t careful I would soon cum, She looked at me saying

“Not Yet!”

Then stood up removing her panties, Her wetness making them stick to her pussy some. Marie has one of the hairiest cunts, I have ever seen. Her wiry hair so black and thick, I couldn’t wait to get my face there where it belonged. I picked her up gently laying her on the desk, spreading her legs open as my tongue speared her thick pussy lips, causing her to gasp and her legs to shake as I fucked her with my face.

“Oh FUCK I never knew it was this good!” she cried out “Oh FUCK Yes eat my pussy Dale, Sweet Jesus, eat me!”

Her orgasm began almost as soon as those words came out of her mouth. Her hips bucking against my mouth so hard I cut my lip on my teeth. But it didn’t slow me down any, loving the feeling of her thick bush along the side of my face on her inner thighs. And wanting to make her continue to cum knowing it had been so long since she had. She was flooding my mouth with her sweet nectar, as I sucked it down like a man dieing of thirst, and only her sweet juices could save me. After she calmed down some, I moved my face to hers kissing her deeply wanting her to enjoy the taste of her orgasm as much as I had.

“No one has ever done that to me before.”

I couldn’t believe that since I love to eat pussy, remembering the old saying,

“Show me a man who won’t eat his woman’s pussy, and I’ll show you a woman I can steal from him!”

She had such a relaxed look on her face, her eyes dreamily looking at me,

“So you like to eat pussy huh?”

I smiled and went to get one of the blankets we kept there for the First Aid Training, laying it open on the floor telling her to come find out. She turned and lowered her honey pot on my face again as she inhaled my cock. I thought she would knock a tooth out of her mouth she was slamming her mouth against me so with such vigor. I licked her slit from her clit to her puckered asshole, slipping my tongue inside it, as her entire weight fell on me in her attempt to stick my whole face inside her ass. Her passion was unreal as she bucked on my face and so was her juices as they covered my face from my nose to my chin and neck. She moaned loudly as she came again.

I turned her over spreading her legs open and slid my hard, spit wet cock into her sloppy wet pussy, the heat of it was incredible. She screamed at me,

“OH SHIT, Fuck me Dale, Fuck me, Oh Fuck, it’s so good, it’s been soooo long!”

I slammed her wet cunt with a vengeance as her eyes rolled back in her head, her back arching as I pinched her thick clit, she came like a woman possessed. My passion overcoming me.

“FUCK ME Marie, use that pussy, work it baby, work that hot cunt on my cock, OH FUCK I’m Cumming, Now Marie fuck me now!”

Her eyes opened wide crying out

“Nooooooo, Not inside me, I’m not on the pill!”

I immediately pulled out as she jumped up throwing her face on my cock. I began to ejaculate my thick load of hot cum, some of it hitting her face, the rest she captured with her mouth as she swallowed what she could, drinking down the thick life giving substance of my spunk. As she jerked my cock milking it of all she could get out, sucking and licking me, as I spasmed not wanting this feeling to end.

As we rested a minute, I looked at the clock,

“OH SHIT!” I cried out, “It’s Fucking 9:45.”

The troop meeting had let out at 8:00! We had to go. Our spouses surely would wonder why we took so long. We both ran to the restroom to wash up, and make sure we looked presentable for our arrival home. As we got to our cars, we kissed one more time, not knowing if this would ever happen again, but hoping it would. We told each other Good Night!

As I opened my car door I called to Marie, stood at attention giving her my best Cub Scout Salute with a huge smile as she drove off laughing!

Authors Note:

This story is Pure Fantasy, it never happened, it was only written for, You the Reader and my own enjoyment only! I do NOT believe in, or participate in Incest, Violence towards Women OR the Sexual Abuse of a Child of any age, consenting or not! If you enjoyed this story, please drop me an email with any suggestions or fantasies you would like to read about. Yes, I am a warped individual, but at least I still have my sense of humor! ;-) Thanks, mustanger7up

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