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Cuckold Humiliation


The following story is fiction only. I do not condone any of the action, nor do I wish to imply anything. The story is just for fun and the one slightly violent scene is necessary for the threat in the plot to be taken seriously.


Where do I begin? Probably with my first meeting with Claudia, just 27 years old, and my gorgeous blond girl friend, with her stunning figure and beautiful light blue eyes, set in a face which seemed constantly smiling and happy. How I was so lucky to have found such a beauty and such sweet innocence. I just couldn't believe my luck, 44 now, and no real thought to settling down and here was this gorgeous young woman, so much my junior and so much in love with me, as I was with her. It just seemed a wonderful dream. I knew the comments of some of my associates who said it wouldn't last or asking what the hell she saw in such an old bastard. Some even asked behind my back if I was earning a lot of money. These were all jealous comments which came to my ears. Indeed I wasn't rolling in money and when I actually plucked up the courage to ask for my Claudia's hand, romantically on one knee with a big bunch of red roses, I was stunned when she readily agreed.

We talked at length about our plans and decided it would be best to get a mortgage as soon as possible and settle down so we would not have two households to fund. I was rather startled to be told that she would readily agree to all this but on one condition, that I had no sex with her until our wedding night. I was rather taken aback but thought there must be some sort of reason for this, and only found out later when I became more insistent about sleeping together. She started to tell me about this young man who had been her boyfriend and had tried to rape her when she was 17. She suddenly burst into tears and I consoled her, feeling really bad for having pressed the point. So that explained why she seemed to like more mature men, as I liked to think of myself, and I did not refer to it again and, of course, although with some reluctance felt I could wait until the big day and we were married.

It had all seemed like one beautiful dream and I just couldn't believe my luck. I had a good job in a growing company which had just been taken over. I had not lost my job in the process and even managed to get a sort of promotion as I was now working directly for my new boss, a big black man aged in his late thirties or early forties. He seemed remote but that is how I preferred it; to be able to get on with my work without interference.

And yet it then all went horribly wrong and ended in me suffering humiliation at the hands of my new boss and his evil young teenage son. My young bride to be, mine suddenly in name only, was to be turned into their slut and whore and I was powerless to stop them. It all happened so quickly and Claudia seemed to be turned into a junkie, needing her fix, a fix my boss was eager and able to give, his cock being bigger than mine. Those carefree days just two weeks ago when I had been looking forward so much to getting married and finally sharing my beautiful Claudia's bed instead of now sleeping in the spare room.

I was relishing the thought of sharing everything with her, caring for her, enjoying her body instead of now kneeling at the end of our big kingsize bed as I was, watching in sheer horror as my boss, Mr Jackson, lay naked on top of her, between her open legs, pounding her tight pussy, as she moaned under him, clutching at his back, her nails raking his black skin, leaving slight whitish streaks as she arched her body and wailed loudly as if in agony, her face screwed up in a mixture of pain and pleasure as she climaxed, her body shuddering as if high voltage were flowing through it. I could hear his voice, calm, intoxicating, telling her what a good girl she was and how she could have this ecstasy regularly, indeed, that she needed it and how only black cock could give her the fulfilment she needed.

He pulled out and lay down beside her. His cock still erect and glistening with their juices. The cover on the bed crumpled and dotted with damp dark spots. Claudia looked at me, or to be more truthful, she looked THROUGH me, her eyes glazed as she sighed and sobbed, seemingly unaware of her surroundings, just feeling the sudden lack of black cock, real withdrawal symptoms!

"C'mon baby!"

Mr Jackson said gently, grinning nastily at me as he held her hips and helped her to straddle his body, guiding her down onto his erection.

"There it is, baby,"

he breathed gently, his voice suggestive, enticing.

"You have my big black cock again, no need to worry, just enjoy, let it enter that pretty pussy of yours. Let yourself down on it now so that it can give you what you so badly need!"

His voice was having the hypnotic effect he wanted as Claudia started humping up and down on it as he grinned at me, winking as he guided her up and down, his magnificent 9 inches glistening as her pussy clamped onto it. He had to do little to encourage her as she was riding him now eagerly, as if drugged, her face void of any expression, her whole body just existing to impale herself on this black meat.

I, too, seemed rooted to the spot, watching as this sexual athlete fucked the young woman I loved, the bed creaking as they rutted like animals before my eyes. The light by the bedside throwing a golden glow on them. His strong black body contrasting so starkly with the whiteness of Claudia's soft femininity. The steady CREAK, CREAK of the bed as he took her. Their bodies moving in unison, his pushing up to meet hers as she almost fell on his.

I jumped as I hear a click and came back to reality. Mr Jackson had clicked his fingers and just pointed to her pussy and snapped


I had no choice, not after what I had been put through that evening in my boss' office when he and his son had made it absolutely crystal clear who was in command and what my place in the sexual hierarchy was. I lent forward with a sob as Mr Jackson held Claudia's hips and started stotting up into her, stabbing her repeatedly with his erection. I placed my tongue on the lower end of the shaft as it entered her pussy, tasting the mixture of his and her juices, smelling the sweatiness and sexual scent.


I heard and I first thought he was just being abusive but when he spoke again, more urgently, more harshly, it was clear what was expected of me.

I licked up and over Claudia's clitoris. I had never done this at all before, as our sex life had been almost non-existent, remaining at the kissing cuddling and fondling stage. Claudia had always been so insistent on remaining untouched as she put it. Sometimes I had wanted to scream and the temptation to try to have my way with her had been almost too much to bear, but I had to keep telling myself she had been through a very difficult time with her ex and I had to earn her trust and love. How long I had waited and how quickly Mr Jackson had succeeded in infiltrating her mind and overwhelming her, breaking down her reluctance so that she had become the sexual animal she was now.

I pulled her cunt lips gently apart and started licking, feeling her body shudder and hearing her moan loudly in delight. Mr Jackson, eager to make sure she was aware that this was all his doing, tongued her ear. I could see from her expression that she was enjoying this, in a sort of half drugged stupor. His voice, soft, convincing, hypnotic, murmuring how good she was and how she needed black cock regularly, had the right to have it and, indeed, had to have it at lest once a day and more. Claudia moaned loudly at this conditioning, her body shivering violently again as her juices started flowing down over his black pole, creamy, and slimy.

I was half expecting to be commanded to lick again, but Mr Jackson suddenly pushed me away and rolled Claudia around to lie on her back again. His cock, stabbing the air angrily, seemed to be protesting at being removed from its warm wet hole. He quickly lay over her, mounting her again, sliding effortlessly between her wide open legs, her pussy now stretched and well lubricated.

Claudia let out a gasp of air as if exhaling at the doctor's when being examined. He grunted like an animal and started humping hard. His silky black skin somewhat wet from sweat as the dimples on either side of his ass cheeks formed deeply and then relaxed as he rutted away. His whole body rippled in waves as he fucked her. It was almost like a dance. I could see that he was nearing a climax, and was amazed how much stamina he had. He had been fucking away for over half an hour already.

He had started by getting down between her open thighs and working on her pussy, expertly tonguing her and preparing her for penetration. Claudia was now clearly exhausted but totally caught up with this big black man giving her the fucking of her life.

She had been subjected to his attentions and his indoctrination since he had arrived for an evening meal with us, to which he had invited himself by making me believe that he always liked to meet future wives of his employees. He had expertly stepped up the psychological pressure on us both during the whole evening, climaxing (excuse the pun) when he started fucking my young bride to be, enjoying humiliating me and his increasing his hold over Claudia.

I heard him give a strangled groan and watched as he screwed down into her, burying his black cock deep into her pussy, pushing as his body tensed and relaxed. I could see his balls, heavy, full resting on her body, twitching and heard, Claudia sobbing in sheer delight as she felt him squirting thickly up into her, filling her, flooding her, his big black balls, hot, with slight spasms as he dumped his load into her. The beauty of black on white, the beauty of black in white!.

He lay in her for a short time before slowly rolling over onto his back, his magnificent cock slipping wetly out of her, with a squish. It was covered in their juices, creamy and wet, his balls sweaty and wet, too with their sexual exertions.

I looked at my Claudia laying there, serene, still, completely relaxed, her beautiful breasts heaving and gradually slowing as she regained her breath as she fell into a deep sleep, not even reacting when Mr Jackson leaned over and pulled her pussy lips aside with his thumb and finger, revealing a wet pinkness. It wasn't long before his sperm started to ooze out and he ran his finger across it and brought it to her lips, smearing it across them.

"You may kiss the bride!"

he sniggered,

" and then clean up here"

He pointed to his manhood. I bent and kissed my Claudia who was sleeping so soundly she didn't stir at all. Her lips soft and gentle to mine but wet with the trace of Mr Jackson's sperm. I then knelt between Mr Jackson's legs. I could smell the strong aroma of sex and sweat. I felt a hand on my head and felt my boss's cock against my face as slowly he wrote his initials on my cheeks.

"Must brand my whores,"

he laughed, and lay back while I slowly lapped at his cock, licking around the head, under the rim into the slit and down the shaft.

"Balls too.!"

He snapped and I gently cleaned around the big black orbs, tasting the sweat and sex juices as I lapped like a cat at cream.

How the hell had I got trapped in this situation, at the mercy of this mean black sex machine and his son?

It all started when I was called to my boss' office late one day after most people had gone home! I felt very uneasy when he called through on my phone and just told me to come.

No pleasantries, no politeness in tone, just a brief command. Mr Jackson liked to be called Sir and I had been working for the company for almost 20 years when he became my boss just a few weeks ago. He was athletic in build and tall, well built and not someone I would like to have against me in a fight. He knew his power as boss and commanded respect and a certain amount of fear in his staff.

I knew he was married and although knew nothing about his wife had heard that he had a son in his late teens, who according to rumours, was rather a tearaway, although I didn't know much apart from the fact that he had been involved in a few fights and was to all accounts a nasty piece of work.

Mr Jackson had been coming into my office regularly of late and often picked up the photo of my charming beautiful blond girl friend which I had on my desk. I couldn't now take it away as it would seem churlish and silly. Yet I felt increasingly uneasy when he gently ran his thumb across the photo as if he were somehow stroking her before me. He asked me about her, first starting with general questions such as her age and where she came from but then becoming more personal.

He took great pleasure in my discomfort when he started asking me about our private life. Holding the photo in his big black hand he looked down at me and asked me if she had had any boyfriends before me.

"Or hasn't she been able to get any experience with real men?"

he suddenly added with a sneer, softly running his thumb over the photo again and again, the contrast of his black thumb over the creamy white skin of my 27 year old Claudia rather sordid and disturbing.

I remained silent and he frowned.


he insisted, his voice slightly louder and demanding.

I looked up at him as he stood before me, swallowing nervously and stammering that she had had at least one boy friend before me but I had not asked her anything about him. He stood silently for a second and a sneer broke out over his face as he slowly put the photo back on my desk.

"I think it appropriate, Andrew, that I get to meet your lovely fiancée sometime, don't you? After all I like to think of my employees as part of a big family. It would be nice to be invited round to dinner with you, meet you away from work."

"Yes. Sir. Thank you, sir"

I mumbled nervously. I recognised this for what it was, not a request but more a command. I looked up at the big man standing slightly to me side as he looked at me, his eyes boring into mine, making my feel uncomfortable.

I opened my mouth and was surprised at the hoarseness of my voice as I nervously replied

"I will speak with Claudia and see about an evening when it is suitable for you."

Mr Jackson said nothing and stood as if pondering a problem.

"Well I need to discuss a few things with you anyway, Andrew. I might have to review your contract..."

He paused and seemed to delight in my worry as I turned to look at him, my face obviously showing fear.

"Well you obviously must have a mortgage and a wedding and wife, nothing is cheap these days!"

he then added slowly, watching my reaction.

I relaxed visibly, the icy hand clutching at my heart melting instantly. He grinned, showing a mouth full of perfect teeth, beautifully white against his handsome black face. I smiled back and watched as he left my office, calling out over his shoulder that I should come to see him when work was over that evening.

I had little time to worry or even think about anything, but work, that afternoon, not even the fact that the photo of my Claudia which had been on my desk had strangely disappeared. Just after my lunch break some important papers arrived on my desk from my boss, with a note that they had to be completed that very day and put on his desk before I left that evening.

I had worked hard on them and was pleased with my work and the fact I had managed to complete them so quickly. I had called Claudia and said I would not be in until later that evening, as I was working on some important work for my boss but was hoping to hand them over shortly and get home as quickly as possible.

I picked up the papers and padded along the empty corridor to his office and tapped at the door. I could see the light was on but I was kept waiting a moment and was about to knock again when I heard an curt


I opened the door and entered carrying his precious papers. At first I thought Mr Jackson was alone. He was sitting behind his desk and watched as I crossed over to him, not saying a word.

"I have completed the task you gave me, Sir"

I said for want of something to say and held out the documents. He looked at me and waved me to put them on his desk. I was a little bit put out at not even being thanked for my efforts and even more surprised when he suddenly said,

"You haven't met my son, Tyrone, have you!"

I turned and found myself looking at a young black thug of a man, dressed in loose blue jeans with a low crutch as so many young men wear these days and a black T shirt and grey baseball cap. He had a tattoo of a black snake on his arm. I couldn't see much as he was turned a little away from me I did not know his age but guessed him to be barely 18. I gave an involuntary shudder. If his father was intimidating, Tyrone was downright scary! I forced a smile and held out my hand.

"Pleased to meet you Tyrone, I am Andrew!"

The young man's face turned into a nasty scowl. Not even looking at me, he directly addressed his father, completely ignoring my extended hand.

"Is this the way your workers address the boss' son?"

he demanded imperiously. I turned back to Mr Jackson, expecting him to calm his son down, but he just nodded.

"My son is perfectly correct!"

he glared at me.

"Apologise and address him with the respect he deserves."

I turned back again to see young Tyrone looking at me with a sneer of triumph. I was so taken aback that I didn't immediately see what he was holding in his hand.

"I am sorry"

I stammered, hastily adding


I swallowed nervously,

"I was out of place being so familiar with you, Sir!"

Then I realised Tyrone was holding the photo of Claudia which had disappeared from my desk that lunchtime. I opened my mouth to speak, but caught Tyrone's eye. I immediately realised he was waiting for me to say something and then pick me up on that, too. I felt angry and humiliated and remained silent, not wishing to give him this pleasure. He stood, legs apart making as if studying the photo.

"Nice slut!"

He grinned.

"She had a real man service her at all?"

He looked at me, contemptuously. Again I fought the desire to tell the arrogant upstart what I thought of him. He seemed to be able to read my mind and was enjoying the situation. He looked across at his father.

"44 years old,"

he said, nodding contemptuously at me,

"and with a bitch like this!"

he added.

"Of course, if he lost his job, it would be very difficult to find another! Wonder if the bitch would stay with him then?"

I froze, now feeling a wave of fear sweep over me. Mr Jackson looked past me at his son.

"Well no worry there, unless, of course, he gets involved in any financial loss, or does not show respect to his betters."

My boss sneered.

"At all times!"

he added. I stood transfixed. The two were talking about me as if I were not there. Tyrone grinned,

"Yeah, showing respect,"

he repeated, looking down at Claudia.

"Fuckin' nice pair o' tits!"

he leered.

"Guess her pussy is tight with your little white dick!"

He looked up at me, expecting a reply. I remained silent, not knowing how to react to this new and awful situation.

"Well, cunt?"

he asked, looking directly at me.

"She had nigga cock before? She had a real man fuck that tight little white pussy?"

He sneered at me.

I swallowed loudly, now scared, as if an ice cold hand was closing around my heart.

"Answer Tyrone!"

my boss snapped angrily. I felt tears welling in my eyes at the sheer humiliation of this and blurted out that we were waiting for the honeymoon until we consummated our marriage.

The two men roared with laughter.

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