tagToys & MasturbationCucumber Slumber Ch. 02

Cucumber Slumber Ch. 02


"Thank you, Kevin. You were so good. That was so much better than a carrot or banana." She said with no explanation.

She rose up and forwards, the cuke falling out of her soaking wet pussy. Tiffany kissed Kevin with no tongue, but more than a peck, then repeated, holding her wetly puckered lips to his manly lips, longer and more needy each time, until there was no pause, just two becoming one as they ground their faces together, tongues now touching, then fucking each other's mouths, her hand just starting to stroke his still-hard cock, her flowing reddish blond hair spilling over their faces. Her hand covered his and stroked his cock with him. He had not come and she now wanted to help him as he had helped her.

"You can touch me now. I won't bite, unless you want me too, that is." She teased, kissing him again and giving his firm member a good squeeze.

"That was wonderful to see. I never thought you could get off on a vegetable like that, not as well as you did."

"I've tried a couple of things before, like carrots and other stuff, but this was the best, doing it for you and for me both. But, you know what? There's nothing like a real man and you feel like a real man!" She replied, stroking his cock again for emphasis.

He couldn't wait to touch her smooth skin, to caress her most sensitive areas, to feel her all over. His hands both rose to her bra covered breasts and covered them as much as he could. Her hard nipples pressed into his palms, the spillover skin at the tops and insides molded into his fingers and thumbs. He squeezed and she moaned.

"Ohh, that's nice. I haven't had a boyfriend in a while and I miss a man's hands so much."

"And I enjoy a woman's hands also, especially the one stroking me right now. That feels so good."

He still had his shirt on and she was wearing the lacy yellow bra only, since they had discarded everything else so she could make love to a long, green and yellow cucumber while he watched. That was her rule; that he could come home with her and see how she was to put the cucumber to use, but only if he didn't touch her. But she didn't say anything about him touching himself, and touch he did. How could one not while watching what she did with that cucumber! She noticed, and now she wanted him, all of him. He had been a good boy and hadn't even laid a finger on her. Now she wanted to know if he could be a bad boy and lay all his fingers on her, and more.

"You were so great, just sitting there and not touching me, as I had requested. You really turned me on. You know that? I couldn't have come like that without you. Now you've got this big problem. May I help you with it?"

"Sure! I was afraid you would cum and kick me out with a hardon. How do you intend to help me out?"

Grabbing and massaging his tight balls, she kissed him again and said, "Relax. I know how to fix this problem."

"Do you think I should kiss it and make it better?" She teased, looking up at him with her wide blue eyes.

'Oh, God!' She thought, 'What am I saying? I'm not like that. Hmm, I must be hornier than I thought I was. Oh, well. It's a good time to be horny with Kevin here.'

She kissed him, her hand pumping his cock more firmly now. Cock getting firmer still. It couldn't get any longer than it already was.

She broke off the kiss and started to move to his cock with her mouth.

"Let the nurse help you."

He said, "Wait. Let's get your bra off. I'd love to see the rest of your lovely breasts."

"I've got to see those breasts. Let me help you get that pretty little thing off." He said, reaching around to find the clasp.

She didn't fight him, but instinctively threw up a hand and arm to prevent the cups from falling off. Leaning back, she said nervously, "I hope you're not disappointed. This is a pushup bra. I didn't mean to deceive you, but I didn't even know you when I put this on earlier today."

Kevin laughed out loud. "There's no way I could be disappointed, I'm sure. Now let me see these ugly, sagging boobies you're so worried about."

She laughed now too and gave in as his hands removed hers and the bra cups in one swift move. Her breasts barely moved. The parts that were pressed up merely moved to a different area. They stuck out proud and heaving as she breathed harder from exposing herself to him for the first time.

'You know, women are curious creatures. He had just watched her press a big cucumber all over and inside her wet pussy until she came on it but baring her breasts now gave her concern?' He thought.

"Oh my, oh my" was all he could say, staring at the sight of her freed breasts right in front of his eyes.

"What? Is it that bad?" she asked.

"BAD? What? No, are you kidding? They are beautiful, and just about perfectly shaped." He replied, now caressing each one with his palms cupped under them, thumbs touching her firm nipples. They had been firm since she took off her blouse. He assumed she liked having him watch her strip and masturbate.

"Well, I think they sag too much. My old boyfriend said so too."

"No wonder you dumped him. He must be a jerk. These are beautiful breasts. I could hold them and kiss them all day!"

"Go ahead. Kiss them"

He did as she requested. Enough talk. He bent over and kissed and sucked each nipple into his mouth and licked the hard nubs with his tongue. She moaned even more. Her breasts felt wanted and the tingle went straight down to her vagina.

She bent over and kissed his cock, and licked the head of it, opening her lips wide to allow it to ease into her mouth, all the way back to her throat, her hand still grasping the base of it. She sucked him expertly, head bobbing up and down, using her saliva to wet her stroking hand. His hands caressed and fondled her nice, young-looking breasts while he closed his eyes and moaned in excitement.

"Are you going to cum soon, Kevin? It's throbbing like it's about to explode. Don't worry about cumming in my mouth. I mean, I don't mind if that's what you want to do, OK?"

"Yes I am if you keep sucking like that."

She sucked and pumped his cock harder, wanting to feel and taste his cum in her mouth.

"Ah, ah, mmm," he moaned, feeling his cum rushing up the length of his throbbing cock from his balls, which her other hand was grasping now, coaxing the sticky fluid to come out, to shoot into her hungry mouth..

The first hot wad hit the back of her throat and she almost choked from the volume of it and backed off until only the head of his cock was inside her lips. A second squirt filled her mouth and overflowed past her lips. She quickly moved up and aimed him at her breasts. He held then up from underneath while she hosed each nipple with his blasts of wet cum. She used his cockhead to rub the stuff all around, and tried to insert her nipples into his cock slit, but they were too long and puffy to fit inside him. The feeling was wonderful for them both.

Tiffany flopped onto her back on the couch, breathing deeply and smiling at being able to help Kevin cum, with some cum that she hadn't been able to swallow or lick off her face with her tongue now shining on her nose, mouth, and chin. She saw him smiling while checking out her face and breasts covered with his cum. It gave her pleasure knowing that he liked seeing her this way and a tingle went through her pussy.

His hand moved down her leg raised at the knee, and touched her warm pussy lips. Her hips twitched involuntarily and he knew he could do more. He rubbed his palm up and down her still-wet pussy lips, followed by three fingers on her clit. Two framed the little clit and the middle one diddled it up and down and rubbed it back and forth. His thumb rubbed her inner lips, down to her soft opening where it pressed inside her welcoming pussy. She rotated her hips up, trying to get more inside her, loving the feel of the fingers making her little clit tingle and grow puffier. It had already been swollen some since she came on the cucumber.

He moved closer to her, still sitting upright, putting both of her legs over his waist. Her butt cheeks and pussy were now against his left leg. He leaned over to the left and held her breasts, feeling and rubbing his cum over them with his left hand while he replaced the fucking thumb with two fingers of his right hand. They went right in her wet, expanded pussy with no resistance. But, surprisingly, her pussy firmly gripped the invading fingers snugly. He had half expected her to be as big as the cucumber since he had just seen it opening up to take all of it. She must have good muscles there, he thought. He rubbed her clit with his thumb now, making her hips fuck the thumb and fingers again, this time even more so. She closed her eyes with her head back, and pressed up her breasts with her hands, moaning from the feel of his cum on her fingers, and from his hand massaging her mounds and tweaking her nipples.

"Mmmm, Ohh, Ahh, Mnnnn," She moaned, pressing her hips to get more of his fingers inside her. It felt very good.

He spotted something poking into her hip. Pulling it up, he said, "What's this? Look what I found!"

She looked up and saw him holding up the big green cucumber like he'd found some prize. Never stopping her hips fucking his fingers, all she said was, "Yes!"

"You want this again, you horny girl?"

"Yes, Yes, I do. Fuck me with it, please?" She pleaded.

"I've never done this before, but your wish is my desire, you sexy princess."

Feeling it pressing at her pussy now, she added, "Just make it good and wet and go slowly until I get used to it."

He rubbed the long, thick, and hard veggie over her wet pussy, pressing it at her lips. It went all around, getting wet and opening her up to receive it. He saw her open up and take an inch past her tight lips. Her whole body tightened up with a twitching motion, taking even more of the green thing inside her. She didn't even wait for him to press it in. Again, like the fingers, she pressed her hips down to take another two inches. When she moved her hips back, he pulled on the big knob with his hand, pulling it almost all the way out. When she pressed again, he pressed inward at the same time, sliding another inch inside her. They repeated this motion over and over until it was going in as far as it could go. His thumb and fingers were banging into her clit. Now they were fucking.

There was no going slowly now. She wanted to cum again, he could tell. He was enthralled at seeing her tight pussy lips grasping the cucumber so snuggly. He could see her lips stretch out when he pulled it out, then disappear inside her when he thrust the big thing in. Her hard clit bent down to kiss the rod every time it pressed in. Along with hers, his hands caressed her breasts. He kept up a steady rhythm with the instrument of joy, sometimes pulling it all the way out, rubbing her clit with it, then right in to the hilt again. They were both beginning to glisten with sweat from the big effort their bodies were putting out. Her pussy smelled great and looked delicious, and he hoped to eat it sometime.

She started cumming. Her body tightened and she grabbed her own breasts with her hands, pulling even more feeling into the orgasm as it intensified, wave after wave coursing through her body, then slowly waning until she collapsed in a heap. At the moment, she was thoroughly satisfied.

After catching her breath, she said, "Thank you, Kevin. That was so much better when you did it to me with that thing. Let's go take a shower. We're kinda sticky now."

They warmed the water and jumped in, showering themselves in the cramped quarters. They rubbed hands and soap over each other, being especially careful with their sensitive parts. She asked him to clean her out inside. He fingered her with the bath gel, then sprayed warm water up inside her with the hand-held shower massager, one leg up against the wall behind him, eliciting moans again as it washed her out and tickled her clit. She washed his balls and penis carefully and deliberately, feeling his nice cock stiffening when she stroked it. She pulled him close and they kissed under the warm, falling water.

"I like your cock, Kevin. It feels so good in my hands, and in my mouth earlier. I bet you've made a lot of girls happy with this, haven't you?"

"Not so many. I had a couple of girlfriends and stuff, but not that many women, really."

"I bet! Well, if you walked around like this, they couldn't keep their hands off you. You'd get attacked every day."

"Oh, you mean like you attacked me today?" He teased.

"I didn't attack you!" She defended. "I only invited you over to watch me. But if I'd known you were built like this I would have climbed on you right there in the veggie section of the supermarket."

He laughed, "Now, THAT would have been a sight for all those shoppers. Can you imagine what they would have thought? Have you ever done something like that? I haven't"

"No, I haven't done anything that bad, but I've fantasized about it. I masturbated on a plane one time, under a blanket, but never anything with a man. Didn't you ever think about doing it in a plane restroom, or in your car somewhere, or in the woods or mountains? I've seen kids in high school or college making out on the grass, or at the local hangouts, feeling each other up and more. They get so excited that they can't stop themselves. Wouldn't it feel great to let loose and do it in public somewhere, where the excitement of people possibly nearby would drive you to excitement levels you've never had before?"

"I never thought of that with anyone else, but I could envision possibly doing it with someone like you. It would take a special woman to pull off something like that."

"Speaking of pulling off, can you feel how hard your cock is in my hand? It got bigger when you started thinking about doing it outside somewhere. I didn't know how much I was missing cock until I saw yours. I've wanted it inside me since I first saw it. Would you mind putting it inside me a little, just to see how it feels? Oh, God. Do I sound like a slut? I don't mean to be." She said, handing him a bottle of lube oil that she happened to have in the shower.

"Turn around, you slut." He said smiling, slapping her ass.

She let go of his cock and turned around with her butt toward him, bent over with her arms extended up in front of her and resting of the shower wall. She spread her legs and poked her butt up in invitation to him, her butt, ass, and pussy all open for his view only, feeling his big cock rubbing against her pussy and clit. He held the bottle above her hips and squeezed out some onto her where it ran down the crack of her ass and onto her pussy and over his cock. He held his penis in his hand and rubbed the oil all over her ass and pussy, making her squirm around it. He pressed it to her pretty pussy and it resisted, then relaxed and let him in a little, like she said she wanted. Only the head was inside her.

"Is that how you want it, just a little to see what it feels like? Well, how does it feel?"

"Oh, yes, yes. That feels as good as I thought it might. A little bit more would be OK, I think, if you don't mind."

"I don't mind. Are you kidding? Here, take this. I can't wait any longer. Your pussy feels so good." He said, pressing his cock several more inches up inside her hungry pussy.

"Ohhhh, yes. Good. Cock. Please fuck me hard. Make me cum again, lover."

He pressed his penis all the way inside her, pulled it almost out, then slammed it in again. He leaned over her back and grasped her firmly swinging breasts while fucking her with long strokes now.

The warm water from the pulsating showerhead beat down over their locked-together bodies, jamming them against each other. She took all his cock and grabbed it with her pussy muscles, making it throb and drive him closer to release. But he wasn't ready for that yet after just cumming less than an hour ago, so he thrust and she pushed back, both enjoying the feel of their fucking bodies and the beating down of the warm water on their backs. Both were making guttural moans, using too much energy to bother with trying to talk. Besides, the feelings and moaning were just what was on their minds anyway.

"Oh, baby, I'm about to cum! OK?" He declared.

"Yes, yes, cum in me. Let me feel it. Do it. Squirt it inside me, please?" She moaned in reply.

He stopped in mid stroke, his cock imbedded fully inside Tiffany's sucking pussy, and the first hot wad of cum blasted into her full vagina, filling up all the spaces. He moved out and out and in, blasting her again until her cup runneth over. She came too, squeezing her muscles and mixing her cum with his until it overflowed and dripped from her pussy and coated his cock as he stroked her again and again. She continued cumming until her pulsating pussy muscles pushed out his deflating dick. He bent over her with his chest to her back, arms and hands encircling her breasts and gave her a deep kiss. He then kissed her ear, the nape and the back of her neck. She felt his cock pressing along her ass and pussy, felt the warm cum leaking out and running down her legs to be washed away by the warm shower water. It was a good feeling for both. After a minute or two, they stood and faced each other. She melted into his arms, his chest, his whole body, and he to hers. They kissed deeply, feeling each other's bodies with their hands, grasping cheeks and breasts, savoring the feelings.

"Tiffany, thank you. That was great, and my blue balls thank you too. I think I've been hard since you first pulled up your skirt to feel your pussy while licking the cucumber."

"Oh, no. Thank you! Thanks to you, I've just came for the third time, and I still want more. Believe me, that's never happened to me before. Let's go to bed. My knees are about to buckle." Tiff replied.

They helped each other dry off and hurriedly made their way to her bedroom. She laid back on the queen-sized bed, pulling him down beside her, enjoying the sensations from his manly body touching hers. They rested quietly, enjoying the silence, feeling the gentle heaving when each breathed in and out, liking the sense of calmness in the room overtaking them both. After a while, she looked over and noticed his penis lying up toward his belly, its head and part of the shaft not even touching his skin. It wasn't hard but she could tell he was getting returning blood flow to that area already. 'Good boy' She thought.

Turning to face him, she reached over to hold his penis once again. It felt soft yet strong at the same time. It twitched up when she grasped it tighter in her hand. He snapped back into the present, looking down to see what was making those nice feeling down there. He pumped his hips up to show her he approved. She responded by stroking it up and down. It grew some and she pumped more, not fast, but slowly and deliberately, loving the feel of it in her hand. They kissed while he caressed a breast, tweaking her firm nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

She broke the kiss and moved her head down near his penis. She licked the little slit at the top of its head, then all around the head, down the shaft to his balls. Her hand grasped them as she sucked one into her mouth. The penis rose even more. She raised her head and lowered her lips and mouth over the head of his cock, licking around it with her tongue. Yes, it was a cock now, becoming cucumber-sized with each passing minute.

Kevin reached out for her leg to pull it near him. She complied and let her legs go up past his head, her body on its side, pussy near his face. He rubbed her leg, her hip, and up to her narrow waist, up to her breast, and down over her back and buttocks. His hand found its way between the crack of her ass where he rubbed her tight little puckered ass hole. She responded by throwing her upper leg over his head with her body on top of his, her bare pussy right above his face, inviting more.

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