tagGroup SexCulture School Ch. 01

Culture School Ch. 01


Entrance Exam

It was the day after my eighteenth birthday when father pulled into the school park. As both father and mother got out of our car, two young girls met us. They offered to carry my bags into the school as we preceded them into the main hall.

The hall was large and elegant, dominated by an imposing figure of a woman who introduced herself as Ms. Whipple, the directress of the school. It was no surprise to me as I had frequently overheard my parents discussing my future university schooling and, especially, my training. But I was curious why they chose a private university rather than one of the upper class schools like Oxford or Cambridge.

Ms. Whipple explained that she would show my parents around the campus while I would be busy completing my application papers and having a physical examination. She then asked me to go with a nurse into an office marked Medical Services and I saw her lead my parents off down a hallway.

It quickly went into a question and answer dialog. But it was short on medical and long on sexual.

Have you ever played sex games with other people? "Yes".

With boys or girls? "Both".

Are your parents aware of this? "I suspect so. They act funny after I have my friends over to the house or when I go out on a date. I've also heard some of their discussions and peeked on them as they get turned-on and start to play their own games."

Describe what you have sexually experienced. Girls first. "With two of my best friends, we have parties where we kiss and lick each other's nipples. We play with our kittens. That's all we have done."

"I have one boy friend and we usually play with each other on our dates. He fingers me real well while I wank him off. It's always messy, so one night when we got home; he parked for a little play before I went into the house. I said if I would suck him off we would have on the mess and he would lick me to return the favor. I pulled out his six-inch cock and immediately started to suck him. Like when I used my hand, he kept getting hard and more excited. I knew he was ready to cum and wanted to taste him. I wanted to swallow it all and have no mess to clean off of my clothes. Just as he started to cum in my mouth, the car door opened and Jack jumped back, pulling his dick from my mouth and spurted all over my blouse. It was my mother and she was screaming at us. She told Jack to get the hell out of there and she shooed me into the house. It was a disaster. My mother saw me sucking him off. My father saw me with my blouse soaked in cum. And, I never got to feel his tongue licking me. After that, is when I started overhearing my parents discussing sending me to a school for discipline and training."

The only words from the nurse were "I see why your parents are concerned about your naughtiness and want you to be disciplined". But, her appearance spoke volumes. She had a flush on her cheeks and was breathing deeply. She also had spread her legs slightly and was rubbing her thighs while filling the history forms.

I wondered if my answers had made her as hot as I felt. I thought so. She continued the Q &A for a few more minutes, and then stood up to lead me into an examination room. She told me to strip off all my clothes and get on the examination table. I felt a little afraid that she would she me leaking, but I did as she directed. She proceeded to organize some equipment around the room and when I was ready she came over to lift my legs into the stirrups. I was spread wider than I had ever been, with her standing between my legs looking directly at my flooding fanny. I needed to be touched and fingered and licked, but the only touch she allowed was to my legs. It didn't help that her uniform was a little more open at the top, showing me the deep cleavage of her lush breasts. Yes, she was hot too. Where was this going?

Another door to the room opened and in walked, I presumed, a doctor. He picked-up the history forms that we had completed and pored over them for a few minutes. He didn't even glance at me. I was just another school applicant to be examined. Here I was hot and horny as hell, but not able to get any release. Putting the papers down, he then turned to the table to be gin his examination.

He opened my eyelids wide to peer at each – "No drugs".

He opened my mouth, felt my lips and peered inside before sliding a finger in and probing around. I don't know why, but the probing sparked me to start sucking and I got his finger completely in my mouth "No cankers or lesions. Still have tonsils. Deep gag reflex."

Next he placed his stethoscope on my chest and told me to breath through my nose – "Clear nasal passages."

"Next, Jenny, I need to check your lung capacity. The nurse will help you here." He said. "I see from the history that she likes sucking on girls nipples. Let's see how she is with a woman."

I had so forgotten the nurse was even with us until I looked up and was shocked to see she had removed her uniform. She wore a satiny uplift bustier showing half her large breasts. Her nipples were fully exposed, hard and pierced with dumbbell jewelry. She moved with the speed that was driven by her heat and bent over offering one to me.

"Suck baby, as hard as you can. Just like you once nursed on your mother's tits."

I began feeding on her tits one after the other as she offered them to me. I especially liked her large nipples and their decoration. I began swirling my tongue round and round her large nipples and licking across them feeling her dumbbells. She was enjoying it like I was. I could hear her moan and feel her body rocking to a rhythm. I know she was diddling herself. At the same time, I could feel the stethoscope moving around my breasts and the doctor was pinching and squeezing them into even harder bumps.

"Okay, she's has excellent lung control and breathing capacity. She also has excellent tactile reaction to nipple stimulation. Nurse, you may change and check her nipple reaction to your tongue" said the doctor.

As the nurse nearly swallowed one of my smaller breasts, she positioned herself so I could continue licking and sucking on her nipples. I also felt the doctor's hands moving down my body, caressing my stomach and thighs and finally rubbing over my fanny.

I felt like it was in heaven.

"No cankers or lesions. Maidenhead in tact." I heard. He was now probing so deliciously. After a few more probes with his fingers, he said, "The final suction test is next".

They both pulled away at the same time and I started begging "No, don't stop. It feels so good. Can't you finish me? I want to cum."

"So you shall my dear Jenny, but this examination is very orderly and all of our tests have to be complete", said the doctor. Then to the nurse, he said, "I see she doesn't like a cum mess, so hand me some wipes and I'll clean her juices away while you position the side table."

I had been looking at the nurse's tits wishing I could keep sucking on them, but then turning my head toward the doctor, I saw he had removed his medical blouse and was standing bare-chested at the end of the table between my legs. "Was he going to fuck me? My first time? How big was he?" raced through my mind. Unfortunately, he took the wipes from the nurse and began drying off my fanny and all the juices flowing down my slit to my bum. I still couldn't see if he was naked like me. Jeez, how did he expect to clean me? His touch was so gentle and the feeling of the wipes was like velvet. I was getting ready to flood again.

He lifted my right leg and removed the stirrup, laying my leg partly on the side that the nurse had moved into place. She was boosting herself onto it and lay down so that I was looking at her pounding three fingers in and out her, what? It certainly could be called a kitty, not even a fanny. It had to be a pussy, big, stuffed and bare, as bare as my own pussy.

"You said that you and your friends use to finger yourselves. Did you ever do each other, Jenny?" asked the nurse. Seeing me staring at her hand, she just continued, "Never mind. This is the dexterity test and I'll guide you if necessary." Taking my right hand she placed it over her hand so I could feel all of her movement. Then her other hand slide down to my pussy and began caressing my now open slit. As I started lifting my hips seeking hers fingers, she gradually pulled her fingers from herself and guided me into her hot and very wet pussy. After a few minutes, she had put two fingers in me and using her thumb, she started flicking it across my button. I caught the hint and put my thumb into action too.

"Oh, yes baby." She moaned out, "That's the way. Keep up the pace and pound into my cunt. You'll develop a cunt soon and loved this type of girl play. Oh yes, you're very good. You must have driven your girlfriends crazy."

We were thrashing around and pounding each other so much I could tell her this was the first cunt I had ever touched, not even a kitty, fanny, slit or pussy. And, I didn't realize the doctor had moved around and was standing next to the head of my table. Only when he spoke did I lookup and see that he was standing naked beside me with what looked like a monster hard-on directly in front of me.

He said, "Your history says that you tried giving your boyfriend a blowjob that ended in disaster. Well, you're lucky. The final suction test can be similar, but I promise it will not end in any disaster or mess. You tried with a boy's penis. Now you can enjoy a man's cock. Just do as I tell you."

"Suck him hard and deep, like you did my nipples. And use your tongue" the nurse said.

With a last glance, I saw she was strumming her nipple and twisting her piercing. Not letting up a bit on each other's cunts, I opened my mouth as the doctor slowly slid the plumb like head of his cock into my mouth. "Oh, this is a fabulous cock", I thought. "It deserves so much better than my boyfriend's little six inches." I started laving my tongue around his cock head and bobbing my head to get more of him into me. It was such a contrast feeling the rock hardness of his exposed head and the almost tender softness of his cock skin, somewhat like the nurse's soft breasts and hard nipples. I felt the doctor was being so gentle with me; he didn't grab my head or force himself in too deeply. He just proceeded with slow graduated thrusts, going a little deeper each time. The nurse had me close and I was so anxious to taste the doctor that I grabbed his bum and pulled him deep into my mouth. Big mistake! I started gagging and lost the rhythm.

"Don't hurry, Jenny", said the doctor. "Remember to breath through your nose. I'll take over fucking your mouth and you just concentrate on breathing and sucking. Even if you can't take it all today, there will be other examinations soon." With that, he pushed in slowly until my nose was almost touching his pubic bone. As he pulled back, I noticed for the first time that he had no pubic hair, just like me. Then, he pushed again and my nosed ended up touching his bare skin. He was all the way in and was moaning even loader than the nurse. He held still for about thirty seconds. Pulling back out, he began a steady paced thrusting, in, out, in, out. He was soon matching the pace of my arching pelvis and my approach to a climax.

"Now!" he said and I felt a stinging slap on my pussy. I exploded at the same time he buried his cock fully in my mouth and started blasting down my throat. After feeling his cock throbbing a couple of times, he pulled his cock part way out leaving the head in and still blasting. I could feel the silky ribbons of cum as they filled my mouth. I had to swallow rapidly so I could feel the wonderful ribbons of cum. Finally, he slowed and I got to collect his cum, swirl it around and taste it. I had heard that jism usually tasted salty or musky, but the only taste I had in my mouth was of honey laced with pepper. This was delicious, delicious, and delicious!

I was still in a state of bliss as the doctor pulled his cock from my mouth and the nurse sat up next to me. I don't know when she removed her fingers from my pussy, but I was still pumping her cunt and rubbing what appeared to be a thimble sized clit.

"Nurse help Jenny clean-up and get dressed. When you return her to the hall, tell Mistress Whipple that she is fit to be accepted as a new student" said the doctor as he slipped again into his medical blouse and left through the same door he entered.

"But I thought he was going to lick my pussy. He can't leave now," I wailed.

"Not today" said the nurse. "As the doctor said earlier, our examinations have to be conducted very orderly and we still have another new applicant to examine today. You will be scheduled for a follow-up examination in two weeks. Now let's get you presentable to return to your parents and continue the tour of the facilities."

She led me over to what I thought was going to be shower, but it was very strange with several bars and hooks on the walls and other fixtures that I didn't recognize. Instead of turning on the shower, she filled a bowl with water, adding a light green liquid that bubbled up into thick foam. She told me to put my hair up while she dipped a luffa into the bowl and began laving down my body. The warm foam was so smooth, with a fragrance I couldn't quite place, that I again started to become aroused. I was thinking of honey and spice. I was thinking of silky ribbons of cum. I began caressing by body in synchronization with her bathing strokes and was about to slip my fingers into my pussy when she poured a dipper of cold water over my shoulders. Several more dippers completed the job. She had quenched my rising arousal and rid my body of all the foamy soap. I still couldn't place the fragrance.

She stepped out of the stall for a few seconds and returned with a soft warm chamois that she placed over my shoulders and dragged slowly over every part of my body. It felt like every drop of water was being licked away by little tongues. Drop by drop; I was being raised to the peak again. I thought, "How many times will she take me to the edge before allowing me my release?" Smack, smack, smack rang out from her hand on my pussy. She had read my mind and gave me her answer as I shuttered through a second extreme climax.

"I knew you would enjoy that", she said. "We have to hurry now, so let me put some balm on you to sooth the sting and then you get dressed while I explain some of the rules of the school. Then we will return to Mistress Whipple and your parents."

While I was quickly dressing, the nurse started telling me what she called a few basic rules:

"Once your are fully accepted, you will address all of the elders as Master or Mistress. A few designated juniors will also be so honored. Do not use these forms of address outside of the schools campus. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress", I said.

"That's Mistress Corrine. The doctor is Master Clark. You have already met Mistress Whipple and others will be introduced as you meet them. Now let's go back to the hall."

Walking out of Medical Services, Mistress Corrine led me directly over to my parents who were talking with Mistress Whipple. She told them "Master Clark approves her health and says she should be a most welcome student to the 'Cultural School for Young Ladies'. By my observations, I fully concur."

All three of them beamed large smiles and Father leaned in stiffly and pecked my cheek. Mother embraced me and kissed me full on the lips, a little longer than usual as she ran her tongue along my lips, then deeper as she opened them and slid her tongue into my mouth. I heard a soft moan come from her before see stepped back with a deep blush rising from her neck upwards.

"Well we're very happy to hear that. But, I see she is all flushed and she has a strange fragrance now. Why is that?" asked my Mother.

Without missing a beat, Mistress Corrine spoke up, "Jenny had to take a stress test for her heart. That worked up her flush. And, some sweat, so she washed before coming back here. That's where the scent comes from but I don't know the name of it."

"That's the smell of new mown hay. I'll never forget it from my childhood days on the farm" said my Father. He was still standing off a few feet away and stiffly holding a sheath of papers in front of him.

"That's absolutely right, Mr. Whirly-Brown. We are fully self-sufficient here at the school with livestock, gardens and some riding stock. We even have two University students majoring in animal husbandry. Now, it's time for Jenny to be shown her dormitory and check that she has every thing she brought with her. I'll have Mistress Anna guide her. You, Mr. And Mrs. Brown-Brown can return to the video lounge until she returns. There should be a new show coming on shortly."

I told Mistress Corrine goodbye and said, "Give my thanks to Master Clark for approving my examination." Mother embraced me again and pressed her body full against mine before giving me an open mouth kiss. It was long as she searched every nook of my mouth. She must have found something for she moaned deeply. I'm sure everyone heard her. They certainly saw it all. Father next leaned in stiffly and pecked my cheek. He didn't move the papers but I thought he was sporting a stiffy and trying to hide it.

Then I met Mistress Anna and everyone parted. My parents heading back down the same hall as earlier. Mistress Corrine was talking to another family waiting in the hall. I assumed the girl with them was the other applicant to be examined today. I caught her eye and gave her a big smile before Mistress Corrine led her into Medical Services. Mistress Whipple was leading the parents down the hallway that Mother and Father had just entered.

Mistress Anna led me up the stairs silently. I was glad for the opportunity to recall my feelings and observations of what I happened so far today, and what my still happen. As I thought about Master Clark and Mistress Corrine, I pictured myself as a fly looking down into the room watching them drive me to highs that I had never felt before. I couldn't decide whether it was better to watch or to experience? Yes, experience was better, but I think I would like to watch it once in a while. Maybe it was possible; they had several cameras high on the walls and ceiling. Maybe they were taping the examination. OH MY GOSH! Maybe my parents were in the video room watching. That would explain their actions when we met afterwards. I would have to ask Mistress Corrine at my next examination, if I couldn't find out sooner.

What about my parents? That was the first time my Mother ever kissed me so passionately. And my Father use to let me sit in his lap and cuddle. I even felt the bulge growing in his pants on a few occasions. But now he was acting so stand offish. I certainly wanted to get answers to why they had changed. We had reached the third floor when Mistress Anna stopped me and interrupted my thoughts.

"This is you floor, the third. We have two floors, each with two wings, each wing with six dormitory rooms plus quarters for the Floor Master or Floor Mistress. Each room accommodates eight students and one Junior Mistress. I am going to introduce you to your room Mistress, always address her in that form. She will give you your rooming assignments and introduce you to your roommates. You will have one hour before your Mistress leads you back to the hall. Now let's go to your room."

Was I ready for this new life? Did I really want to spend the next three years in study and training? The door was opened and I walked in thinking "I have to find out what comes next".

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