tagNonHumanCum Vamp Pt. 04

Cum Vamp Pt. 04


Chapter 10

As soon as Zack and I returned to the club we could smell what was going on inside, before we even opened the door. We both smiled at each other and walked in, the smell of sex hit us hard and we viewed the action before us.

All five of my new friends were engaged in one of the hottest group scenes I've ever seen. Mike, lying on his back, was being ridden by Roxy who was eating Deb's luscious pussy while she sat on a stool. TJ and Sam were doing 69 on top of the bar and Sam had her incredible tits wrapped around TJ's long cock and sucking the head as well. TJ was slowly licking Sam's engorged clit up and down driving her nuts.

I looked at Zack because I started to smell him as well and I could see his cock growing in his pants. I could tell he was feeling the first urges of the thirst and was about to join the fray.

"Looks like Deb could use a cock," I said to him.

He smiled and started undressing. His cock was fully hard before he even made it to the group. I took a seat at a near by table and watched the hot action unfold. I was still plenty full from the two passport guys and decided to just watch.

When Zack got to Deb's stool he spun her away from Roxy and shoved his cock deep into Deb's moist twat causing her to scream in pleasure.

"Well Zack, happy to see me?" Deb laughed.

"You know it," he replied.

"Hey what the hell I was enjoying her juice," Roxy said when Zack spun Deb away.

"Here then I got some more out for you," Zack laughed, pulled out and spun Deb back to Roxy.

Roxy dove in and ate the new juice Zack had forced out with his huge wide cock. Zack watched Roxy eat Deb and knew that her clit was going to be growing larger the more she ate. He was right because Roxy started wigging out on top of Mike's cock as her clit grew larger and rubbed on his body when she thrust down on him.

"Oh shit this girl cum is amazing, I can feel my clit growing and it's going to make me cum!" Roxy screamed.

Zack's cock throbbed and he went behind Roxy to find another place to put it. She knew what he wanted and she stopped rising up and down on Mike's member and leaned forward to give Zack access to her puckered pink hole. She was too low to eat Deb anymore and I could see juice flowing freely from Deb's eaten pussy and decided I could be of some use in collecting the secretions, so it didn't waste.

Before I found a glass I watched Zack slowly slide his hard cock above Mike's into Roxy's ass and she really went nuts after that. It was the first time seeing double penetration live and it was an amazing sight, especially with the two gigantic cocks on these two guys and the exceptional body on Roxy. Her clit must have been huge from all of Debs' cum because she exploded and pussy juice ran down Mike's cock and all over his balls and legs. Roxy shook and shuddered as the two men began to move their cocks inside of her and more and more cum gushed out each time her clit was squeezed.

There was no way I could collect it with all that was going on down there so when I found a glass I worked on collecting Deb's cum running down her chode as she played with her clit and watched Roxy get double fucked by the two hard cocks. I also watched Sam and TJ change positions. Sam just scooted forward and sat down on TJ's shinny hard cock, as he held it straight up for her. Her tiny little body took all of his length and my mouth dropped open watching her. She was the hottest here with the smallest body but her tits were the largest and she looked incredible riding TJ's enormous cock backwards.

He rose up and cupped her splendid jugs from behind and played with both nipples as she continued to rise and fall on him and moan with pleasure. Below me, as I collected Deb's cum Zack and Mike changed places and it amazed me how fast they got their cocks back into Roxy's body. Zack first into her very wet pussy and then Mike slide in from above into her waiting ass like it was nothing. She screamed with pleasure and the boys went to town double fucking the hell out of her. Zack enjoyed her breasts with his mouth and hands and I could tell from Mike's smell and the expression on his face that he was getting ready to release his load soon after they changed.

Deb knew it as well and she really needed it, she was fully engulfed by the thirst and had a steady stream of cum running out of her pussy into my glass as she rubbed her clit and watched. As soon as Mike pulled out she hopped of the stool and dropped to her knees right in front of him for the feast. It still amazed me how much the three of them produced as I watched Mike's cock shoot rope after rope of delicious cum into Deb's open mouth. While she was taking his load Roxy and Zack changed positions and he bent her over a stool and shoved his hard wet cock back into her ass and began his rhythmic thrusts.

Deb sucked the remainder from Mike's oozing cock and he found a chair to sit down in after his incredible orgasm. Deb looked at me with a strange expression on her face and I watched her do something she had been planning, I could tell. She walked over to Zack who was hammering away at Roxy's ass and got his attention. He slowed down and she rose up for a kiss. She must have transferred some of Mike's cum in her mouth to Zack because Zack's eyes opened wide and he started freaking out.

He immediately pulled his cock out of Roxy and we all watched in stunned silence as it engorged almost grotesquely to a size and girth never seen before. The skin was so tight his cock and head were glass like and the veins running all over his cock stood out and pulsed like never before.

"Oh fuck its going to blow and I can't stop it," Zack screamed.

Then his cock did something none of us had ever seen before, instead of spurting one rope after another his cock sprayed like a garden hose and didn't stop. His cum gushed out in a continuous stream of white spunk covering Roxy who had knelt down to receive his load. It filled her open mouth and continued to spray all over her tits, face and legs and continued for a full minute uninterrupted and he wasn't even touching it.

"Fuck someone do something, it won't stop, and it's too intense!!!!!" Zack screamed.

"Shit Deb what did you do?" Sam asked looking down from the bar as Zack's cock continued its geyser.

"I just gave him some man cum is all. I may have given him too much though," she replied.

I remembered the only thing that stopped me from continuously cumming and relaxed my clit was cum from the opposite sex. I looked down at the glass in my hand full of Deb's juice and quickly moved to Zack and gave it to him. His cock was still spraying and he saw what I had and greedily took it and swallowed the entire thing. Slowly his cock stopped and he fell to the ground returning to normal.

"Fuck Deb you could have killed him with that little stunt!" Sam blurted.

"He's fine, and now we know what man juice does to them," Deb laughed.

"Holy fucking shit! That was beyond words, I've never ever had any orgasm close to that. It was fucking phenomenal, but too much for me," Zack said breathing heavy and spread out on his back.

"Well I think you had too much," Roxy said wiping the cum out of her eyes.

She was completely covered from head to foot in Zack's incredible orgasm and Deb and I helped collect it cleaning her off. Sam and TJ were still thirsty and they started fucking each other again while we finished with Roxy. Mike stood up and went to talk to Zack.

"Dude I can't believe that shit, what did that feel like?" Mike asked.

"Like I said I can't describe it....better then anything before. You've got to try it man its crazy intense." Zack replied.

"Well you got off easy by being tricked, not knowing what you were swallowing," Mike said.

"Dude it's worth it....eating semen or not.....it's worth it," Zack explained.

We all heard what they were saying and all eyes went to TJ being ridden by Sam.

"Okay if it's that good I'll give it a shot but I'm not going to eat as much as he did," TJ said.

Deb and I both had a glass of semen from off of Roxy and Deb took hers over to TJ and handed it to him. Sam stopped riding his cock and turned to watch him eat some. He rose the glass to his lips and drank just a small sip and he reacted almost immediately.

"Not to bad.........Oh my hell my cock feels like it's going to explode without me doing a thing!" he exclaimed.

We watched as Sam rose off of him and his cock was huge, glass like and just like Zack's was before he exploded. TJ's didn't shoot though because he hadn't eaten as much and it wasn't until Sam touched it that he freaked out and started to cum all over in her mouth and face in the same fire hose stream as Zack's. TJ moaned and screamed in delight as his cock sprayed and Sam ate as much as she could but was soon over come buy his load.

He didn't cum as long as Zack and his cock actually finally stopped after half a minute but remained hard like he hadn't cum at all. Sam backed away from him to clean up and he put his hand down to his hardened fully engorged member and touched it again.

"Fuck! Get a bowl I'm going to cum again! Now!!!!" he screamed.

Deb quickly found a large ice bowl just as TJ's cock exploded in another continuous stream of cum.

"Oh myyyyyyyyyyyy.........shit its fucking amazing!" TJ screamed as his cock sprayed into the bowl.

He stopped once again but still his cock remained hard.

"I'm going to see how many times I can do this but have some pussy juice ready for me when I need it because it's taking a lot out of me obviously," TJ explained.

We all gathered around and watched him empty his cock into the bowl two more times, both with the same effect and same amount just by stroking it a few time each. It was shocking how much cum was in the bowl. It looked like someone had dumped the whole sperm banks supply into it. He fell down on his back after the last one and struggled for breath but still didn't ask for the girl juice. Sam crawled over him and put her hand around his huge engorged vein covered shaft and the four of us hopped up on bar stools in front of TJ and Sam still on the bar together and TJ's cock was unchanged and oozing all over. Sam put her head in between his legs and started to clean his shaft, head and balls of his and her cum. This of course drove him crazy again and once she had cleaned him up she started sucking and using her tongue under his head to get him to cum one final time. Her technique was so sexy to watch and her cum covered tits bounced as she bobbed up and down on his tool.

He started to moan and shake and we all knew he was going to blow for the fifth time in less then half an hour. She didn't stop or take his head out of her mouth and when he started to spray she kept her mouth tight around his shaft and let him fill her mouth with his enormous load. TJ screamed in ecstasy and cum started oozing out the sides of Sam's mouth and down TJ's shaft as it just kept spewing out. She swallowed and then let the rest drip all over him and the bar.

Licking her lips she looked at him and said, "Shit I'm not going to need to eat again for probably three days after those two loads."

He didn't say anything just sat there and shook and finally asked for some female cum to get his cock to finally relax. Roxy gave him some and his cock started to drop and he ran his hands through his thick sweat covered hair.

"No words can describe that, I mean holy shit, five multiple orgasms each one just as powerful. What can I say, man cum is an awesome thing," TJ said.

"Looks like Mike is the last one to try it now," Deb said.

"Yep but it will have to wait until I'm thirsty again." Mike said.

Time had flown by watching them all get fed and I almost forgot I promised Dan to see him tonight. I had to decide as well if I really wanted to take him to Europe with us and actually change him. I knew all of Bobby's experience was going to come in handy learning from her mistakes and accomplishments. I was the only one still dressed and I told them all I had to run home and that I'd see them tomorrow.

"Okay have fun with Dan, and remember we need to finalize the trip tomorrow so don't forget," TJ said.

I left and headed back home to tell my girlfriends about the trip and then go out with Dan again.

Chapter 11

Driving home I remembered I forgot to get some emergency cum and started trying to figure out when I was going to be thirsty again. Adding up the time in my head I realized it was going to happen sooner than I wanted it to. So instead of heading home I got on the freeway and headed right to Dan's house an hour and a half earlier then he was supposed to pick me up.

When I got to his house there was no place to park, it looked like he was having a big party with cars in his driveway and parked out on the street. I parked further past his house got out and walked back towards his place. I was right about the thirst, it was already manifesting itself, and I kicked myself for being stupid. "I guess Bobby's memories are only good if I actually used them," I said to myself.

When I got closer to the door my ears picked up a lot of noise coming from inside Dan's house. I stopped to listen and what I heard blew me away. I could hear myself getting fucked by Dan and Tim the day before. Besides that there were probably 10 or more men watching it and going nuts. I figured it out the more I listened. Somehow Dan and Tim had filmed what we did yesterday and were showing it off to friends. I was pissed but I was also thirsty and could smell the cocks in the house, all of them were oozing and I was getting hungrier the longer I listened.

I contemplated going home or back to the club but I knew I would never make it and needed cum soon. So I did the only thing I could and opened the unlocked door and snuck inside to give these bastards a real show. I walked into Dan's living room and they were all glued to the big screen TV watching me get hammered by Dan and Tim. There were 7 total guys, Dan and Tim were sharing their thoughts as the action unfolded. I just stood behind all of them for a minute or so breathing in the wonderful smell of oozing cocks and then finally made myself known.

"Enjoying the show boys? I asked

Two or three of them choked on the food or drink in their mouths and Dan shot up off the couch like a bolt of lightning. He fumbled with the remote and the screen went blank.

"Lana! Oh shit what are you doing here? Fuck!" he said looking extremely worried and busted.

All the guys went silent and the tension in the room was crazy. I basked in the uncomfortable silence and decided there and then that Dan wasn't going to cut it and didn't deserve to be changed.

"I just thought I'd come over sooner that's all and look at what I discovered. Hidden cameras huh, well shit I hope you guys like what you see," I said and walked around the couch in front of all of them. "I see from the looks of things you have," I said and walked up to one of the guys sitting on the couch and bent down and grabbed his crotch feeling his hard cock.

"Oh very nice big boy but do you know how to use it?" I said teasing him and moved to the next guy. I grabbed most of their cocks and that's when Dan spoke up.

"Lana? What are you doing?" he asked.

"What Dan? I'm just doing what you want. Obviously you want to share me with all of your friends so let's share," I said and started to undress in front of all seven men.

The looks on their faces was priceless as they watched me strip and throw my clothes at them. Some where totally taken a back others got into it and rooted me on. Dan freaked out and tried to grab my arm and walk me out of the room but I shook him off easily and pushed him back down into his seat. A few seconds later and I was butt naked with my tits fully excited and my pussy juice already running down my leg. I bent over and put my ass right into the guy's faces and rubbed my body all over lifting my tits to my mouth and all sorts of hot things.

Dan just glared at me, and I smiled back at him. He knew I was pissed and had a feeling this was the last time he was going to see me. While I was giving them all a show and bending over so they could see my moist excited pussy one of them finally got up the nerve to touch me and put his hand on my ass and rubbed it.

"Oh that's it baby....You like my ass and pussy? Want to lick up my juices?" I teased him.

I moved further back towards him and had my ass right in his face now. I saw him look around at the other guys and especially Dan not knowing if he should do more.

"What are you waiting for sweetie? Just dive right in, Fuck Dan, don't worry what he thinks," I said waiting, bent over with my hands on my excited tits twisting my nipples.

He turned back to my body and I felt his nose press up against my ass and hesitantly he licked my wet lips and spread them with his tongue. I moaned loud and shoved my ass onto his face. He licked lower and found my excited nub and flicked it with his tongue a few times driving me mad.

"Oh ya, shit baby that's it lick my clit, feels so good!" I screamed.

He kept going and began to get into it, slurping and swallowing my flowing secretions and nibbling on my clit and licking it fast while pinning it between his teeth. I continued to moan and wiggle on his face and play with my tits turning my head to look at the other guys. I bit my lip and gave them all sex looks as I enjoyed the oral treat this man was giving me.

"You know what I could use right now?" I asked, "A big fat cock in my mouth. Now where could I find one of those? Any takers?" I teased.

Finally a large African American guy stood up and walked in front of me and started to undo his pants. When he was directly in front of me I helped him get his big black cock out and his pants hit the floor. His cock was semi hard and long and bent in a gentle arch from his body. What was odd was his cock was crooked as well and bent in the middle towards the right. Pre-cum was oozing out of his hole and made the top of his cock shinny and glass like.

I grabbed it in my hand and stroked it until I had him good and hard. The guy was still eating me hungrily and making plenty of noise in the process. The other guys were mostly silent except Dan who was cursing under his breath and getting really pissed off that this was happening. The black guys cock was in my mouth now and I swallowed him all the way down and I heard him moan and freak out about how deep I took him, he was saying that no bitch had ever been able to swallow his cock before.

I took it back out of my mouth and looked up at him, "Well I'm not a normal bitch," and engulfed it down to his balls again. I played with his nuts with my hands and worked my mouth around his shaft feeling his head rub against my throat. Saliva oozed out around his shaft and dripped off his balls onto the floor as I went to town on his big thick cock. He tasted wonderful and I sucked and played getting thirstier every second. The smell in the room got more intense and I knew that a couple of the guys had pulled their cocks out of their pants and were playing to the action they were watching.

The guy that was eating me suddenly stopped and I heard a zipper go down and another cock was out in the open. Hands grabbed my ass and roughly pulled me backward and then down and I got the hint and sat down on this guy's cock he had just let out. He had a small penis and it slipped into my very wet pussy with no friction to speak of. I was sure it was the same guy that was eating me and now he raised my ass up and down on his small cock while I sucked the big black member.

As soon as the guy had pulled me onto his cock Dan came unglued, stood up and started yelling at the guy that was fucking me now. He threatened to kick the guy's ass and all sorts of language flew out of his mouth. I took the cock out of my mouth and yelled back at him.

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