tagIncest/TabooCuming Home

Cuming Home


It was good to be home. After three years in the military and two tours in Viet Nam it felt almost surreal to back in my home town. As I walked down the concourse to the baggage claim I was unaware of the people around me as my mind wondered to thoughts of seeing my family again, especially my mother. It had been two years since we had seen each other and she had been angry because I had volunteered to go to Viet Nam. So when I had signed up for another tour over there I hadn’t gone home on leave. I wrote her and told her what I had done and spent my leave time in Australia lying on the beach and getting drunk. When I returned from leave there was a letter waiting for me from her. She wasn’t angry, just disappointed that it would be another year before she would see me and how much she missed me and worried about me.

So here I was, sitting in the back of a taxi on my way home. I hadn’t called, I wanted to surprise her. As the taxi make it’s way through traffic my mind wondered to thoughts of growing up, how close we had been, how disappointed she had been when I had gotten into trouble as a teen. I had to spend some time in jail and when I got out I decided going into the military was the best thing to do. She agreed but I could sense how unhappy so was that I would be gone for so long.

Mother and I had always been very close, especially after my father had died when I was ten. I had become the man of the house and grew up fast, maybe to fast. I remembered right after my father had died and we had comforted each other, sleeping together. She would hold me close and I could feel her warm body next to mine and feel safe and all my worries would disappear. This continued for quite a long time until I started maturing and would get embarrassed when my cock would get hard as she held me. I would slip out of bed and go masturbate and go to my bed and feel guilty that my mother turn me on. She never said anything but I felt she was disappointed when I made excuses to sleep in my room. All through my teen years I would go to bed and masturbate while thinking about making love to my mother, oh how I loved her no matter how wrong it was. While in the military I had slept with many women and had a few regular girl friends but I never felt the same about them.

While all these thoughts and feelings were running through my mind the taxi pulled up in front of my mother’s house. I paid the driver and got out and started towards the house, my mother must have seen the taxi pull up because she was waiting by the door as I walked up the stairs. There she was, as beautiful as I remembered, standing there in her robe, which I thought a little unusual but I was so happy to see her I didn’t dwell on it. As I stepped through the door she grabbed me and gave me a big hug. I could feel her breasts press against my chest and I held her I could tell she wasn’t wearing anything under her robe.

Now at this time my mother was in her early forties, she had put on a few pounds, but still had a body I and most men would desire. Her breasts weren’t huge but a nice hand full and still firm. Her waist curved nicely down to her hips, which she said where wider than she would like but to me she was a real turn on. I could still remember her curves from when she would hold me close as she slept and how it turned me on, forcing me to stop sleeping with her out of guilt. Guilt that there was something wrong with me because my cock would get hard and I would masturbate thinking about her lovely body.

As she released me from her hug she kissed me on the lips for a long time and then said how glad she was that I was home. The kiss on the lips had been a big surprise, I couldn’t remember my mother ever kissing me on the lips, but as she did my cock had started to get hard and I was afraid she might notice. As she ended the kiss she put her arm around my waist and held me close as we walked to the kitchen. I looked over at her could see the tops of her firm breasts as her robe opened as we walked. My cock was getting harder and for a moment my mind flashed to my teenage fantasies. We entered the kitchen and I sat down at table as soon as I could trying to hide my growing cock. I hoped she hadn’t noticed, she asked if I was hungry, and I said sure, thinking more about my growing embarrassment than food.

As she moved around the kitchen I was keenly aware of how turned on I was, and how beautiful she looked. Embarrassed that my cock was getting harder watching her, I told her I was going to take a quick shower while she was cooking. She said that was a good idea and told me to take my time. I went to my room, it was just as I had left it, and got undressed. I walked down the hall to the bathroom and got in the shower, the hot water felt so good as it hit my body I started to relax and enjoy the feeling. As I stood there with my eyes closed letting the hot water flow over my body I didn’t notice my mother enter the bathroom. She pulled back the shower curtain and said, “I brought you a clean towel,” I was surprised but did nothing to cover myself as I noticed her checking out my cock which was still hard. She just stood there looking at my cock as I felt embarrassed and turned on at the same time. I finally broke the silence and said, “thanks” and she quickly turned and left. We both had clearly enjoy the short interlude, but as I dried myself and wrapped the towel around my waist my mind was swimming. I walked down the hall to my room and could hear my mother in the kitchen. I quickly put on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt and headed for the kitchen. I sat down and tried to act like nothing had happened, although the bulge in my shorts would clearly give me away. She brought over a plate of eggs and potatoes, and as she bent over to set it on the table I could clearly see down the front of her robe. There before me were both of her lovely breasts, I could see all of them including her nipples which seemed to be hard. She sat down in the chair next to me and put her hand on my leg, the sexual tension flowing between us was so intense I thought my cock would bust out of my shorts.

As I sat there trying to eat my mother finally broke the silence, “I hope I didn’t embarrass you in the shower, my little boy is all grown up,”. All I could manage was a weak, “no not at all,” mean while my mind was racing! Did my mother really what to fuck me, or was I just getting carried away in my own horny dilutions? I tried to make small talk as I ate, and all the while her hand stayed on my leg, she asked if there was anything I wanted to do today, like look up some of my old friends. I told her no, I just wanted to spend some time with her, it had been so long. She very pleased with that answer and said, “I glad, that’s what I was hoping for,” and her had moved further up my leg and she gave me a squeeze that nearly sent me over the top. I managed to finish eating my eggs and she picked up my plate and took it to the sink, all I could do was check out her beautiful ass as she cleaned up the dishes.

I was going crazy! I had to do something, but what? I got up from the table and walked up behind her and put my arms around her waist, and kissed her on the cheek. She couldn’t help but feel my hard cock up against her ass. I felt her move her ass back against my cock so I slowly moved one of my hands from her waist up towards her tits. As my hand reached her tit she pressed her ass harder against my cock. I could feel her hard nipple through the material of her robe, I slipped my other hand up and into the top of her robe and could feel the warm softness of her skin. I cupped her breast in my hand and ran my finger around her hard nipple, she let out a low moan as she braced herself against the sink. My other hand now moved down to her waist and I opened her robe and continued down until I reached her pussy. She was on fire! As my fingers explored the lips of her now dripping pussy she moaned and said, “I know this is wrong, but I have to have you!” I wanted you for so long! With that I slipped a finger into her pussy while massaging her clit with my thumb. She turned to face me and unbuttoned my shorts and freed my hard cock, her hand stroking my cock and balls. It was more than we both could stand. She kissed me hard on the lips and said, “please take me to my room.” I picked her up and carried her down the hall, her head on my shoulder.

I set her on the edge of the bed and she let her robe drop from her shoulders, she was beautiful! I quickly stripped off my shorts and T-shirt and stood before her, my cock standing straight out dripping pre cum. She leaned forward and licked the pre cum from my cock and then slowly her mouth engulfed the whole head, I thought I was going to explode as I felt her tongue work around the head of my cock and her hand massaged my balls. My hand moved to the back of her head as she took me deeper into her mouth, I could feel my ball tighten and knew I was about to cum. I tried to pull back but her other hand grabbed my ass and held me from pulling out. My knees trembled as my balls tighten and shot load after load into my mother’s mouth. She just continued to hold me and swallow my load. I had never cum like that before and couldn’t believe my mother had managed to take it all. She continued to suck me as my cock soften and seemed to savor every drop of cum. When she finally released me I sat down next to her on the bed and kissed her deeply, our tongues playing, and the taste of my cum in her mouth. My moved down her body to her pussy and it was dripping, she had cum too. We both fell back on to the bed and held each other for a few moments enjoying each others warmth.

As we lay there holding each other close I could hardly believe what had just happened. I had dreamed of this for so many years. My mother now turned to me and said, “now it’s mommy’s turn,” and I knew I wanted to bury my face in my mother’s pussy! We repositioned ourselves on the bed and she spread her legs, I could still see her cum as I positioned myself but I had to suck on those beautiful tits. I moved up and took one of her nipples into my mouth while working the other with my hand. I ran my tongue around her hard nipple and slowly and softly biting. My mother moaned in pleasure and I continued working on both nipples, she arched her back and said, “I’m going to cum again, suck mommy’s tits!” I continued sucking, licking, and biting as she trembled with another powerful organism. I couldn’t get enough of those lovely dark nipples as I bit harder, my mother almost begged, “please honey eat my pussy.” I started working my way down with my mouth and tongue. Down her stomach, her belly button, to the top of her neatly trimmed patch. I switched positions so that I was kneeling between her spread legs and placed my hands beneath her ass and started to lick her swollen lips. Her pussy was drenched in her juices, and I eagerly lapped them up, savoring the smell and taste. My mothers hands where now on the back of my head as she urged me on. My tongue worked every fold of her cunt. My tongue found her clit, swollen and hard, she screamed, “yes, eat my cunt, please eat mommy’s cunt!” I sucked it between my lips and teeth, and she pushed harder while her hips bucked and she continued to moan and scream, “yes eat me, eat mommy’s cunt!” She stiffened and her cum was flowing, her climax so intense that I thought that she might smother me. She finally relaxed and released my head, I moved to her side and we lay there kissing, my mother eagerly savoring the taste of her juices on my tongue and lips.

I have always enjoyed eating pussy but eating my mother’s was the best ever and my cock was now hard as rock again. My mother hadn’t missed this fact as her hand moved to my balls, slowly caressing them. She was now stroking my eight inch cock while I was playing with her hard nipples. “I want this in my pussy,” she whispered in my ear and I teasingly said, “what do you want,” she giggled like a school girl and held my cock in her hand and sat up and said, “I want your big cock in my pussy!” Hearing my mother use those words made my dick throb, I had never even heard my mother swear. I again said teasingly, “what are you willing to do to get this cock!” I’ll do anything my little boy wants,” she said giggling. I said, “Ok fuck me!” I rolled onto my back and she quickly positioned herself over me, rubbing her pussy on my hard cock. She was still wet and she had no problem sliding my entire cock into her pussy. She started slowly riding my cock and moaning, I reached up and cupped her tits in my hands, I started pinching her nipples and she started pumping me faster. She was moaning and biting her lower lip, my balls were already tingling and I could tell it wasn’t going to take either one of us to cum. I pinched her nipples real hard and said, “what does mommy want?” She moaned and said, “mommy wants her little boy to fuck her every day!” Her juices were flowing and dripping down my balls, her cunt suddenly tightened around my cock as she climaxed, she bit her lip to keep herself from screaming. I felt my balls tighten as I shot my load, once, twice, three times, my cock continued to pump cum into my mother’s pussy. I had never cum this much before. We collapsed in each other’s arms, exhausted.

I don’t know how long we laid there, my soft cock still in my mother pussy, my mother broke the silence and said, “I think we need a shower!” We got up and headed for the bathroom. We both stepped into the shower the hot water flowing over our bodies, relaxing our muscles, as we soaped each other’s bodies I knew our lives had changed forever. Wrong or not, I loved my mother as no other woman. She was no longer just my mother, she was my lover. We finished washing each other, getting excited all over again. As we both grabbed towels and dried off I could see the hair on my mother’s pussy was wet again, and I told her, “I want you to shave your pussy,” she looked at me a little funny at first, but then remembering her promise to do what ever I wanted, she said, “Ok, what ever my little boy wants.” She turned and opened the drawer on the vanity and took out a pair of scissors and started cutting the hair on her pussy as close as she could. When she finished with the scissors she grabbed some shaving cream and squirt some in her hand. She slowly spread it over the short hair that remained, I sat on the edge of the tub watching her, getting more excited by the moment, first because I would soon see my mother’s beautiful cunt hairless, secondly because she agreed so readily to my request. She had grabbed her razor and was slowly shaving her cunt, I could now see her protruding pussy lips, I could also see that she was as turned on as I was, her juices were again flowing.

As I sat there watching my mother shave her pussy I really checked out her body. Her beautiful dark auburn hair that flowed to her shoulders, her clear smooth skin, her ample breasts with their dark nipples, her waist that curved nicely down to her hips, and her long slim legs. She was hot! My cock was rock hard again and I could see her large protruding pussy lips glistening with her juices as she finished shaving and cleaned herself with a wash cloth. She dried herself with a towel and I immediately drop to my knees in front of her and started to lick her pussy as she leaned against the vanity. She was already flowing and I lapped up her juices like honey.

I was a man processed, I couldn’t get enough of her sweet cunt. She was becoming weak in the knees and through her moans suggested we get more comfortable. I stood up and picked her up and carried her down the hall to her bedroom. I laid her on the bed and went to her dresser and took out some stockings, I tied her ankles and wrists to the bed posts which seemed to turn her on even more, I then went back to eating her pussy. She was going wild as I sucked her clit between my lips while fingering her ass. Her hips were bucking as she begged me to fuck her. As much as I wanted my cock in her pussy I continued teasing her with my finger and tongue. She must have cum at least three times and the sheet was soaked with her juices. She was pleading with me to fuck her, “please baby fuck mommy now!” As much as I was enjoying teasing her I couldn’t hold out any longer either and quickly moved into position. I placed the head of my cock on the lips of her pussy and slowly moved it up and down, teasing her. She begged me again, “pleassse fuck mommy now!” I relented and slowly pushed my throbbing cock into her hole. She screamed with pleasure as I pumped even faster. We were both so turned on by my total control, I wasn’t going to last long as she climaxed again. I could feel the tingling in my balls and was ready to cum. I pulled out just as I started to cum and shot streams of cum on her belly, tits, and face. I couldn’t believe how much I had cum, and collapsed on top of her exhausted. After a few moments I untied my mother and she immediately wrapped her legs and arm around me. She kissed me and I could taste my own cum and I’m sure she could taste her cum on my tongue. Our tongues entwined, we could both feel the passion that flowed between us. She broke the kiss and in a subdued voice told me she had never cum so many times or had better sex. She said she was mine for as long as I wanted and would do what ever I wanted. I loved her and she loved me, not as mother and son, but as lovers.

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