tagErotic CouplingsCurves & Straightaways Ch. 01

Curves & Straightaways Ch. 01


Kaitlyn stood in her office overlooking the deserted shop below. Glancing around at the numerous lithographs of racing scenes hanging on the walls, she fondly remembered her grandfather who'd started the automotive shop before she was born. An immigrant from Dortmund, Germany, he'd come to the United States with his parents when he was just three years old.

Kaitlyn's grandfather had developed an avid interest in automobiles and racing during his early teen years. With the trivial amount of money he'd saved, her grandfather had started the business and built it up over the past forty years. Kaitlyn remembered visiting the shop on Saturday mornings when he and his crew were readying the cars for various race events. Quite often, her parents had allowed her to accompany her grandfather to the races if they were close by.

When Kaitlyn graduated high school, it was her grandfather who'd encouraged her to continue her education in the automotive field. She'd become a "car nut" just like her grandfather so the studies were something she enjoyed and eagerly worked at. After graduating technical school, Kaitlyn had successful attained her SCCA driver's license, competing in several racing events but never a full season. Other than being an active driver, her interest had been in development and design of racecars.

At twenty-six, it was now up to Kaitlyn to decide what to do with the shop. Her beloved grandfather had passed away suddenly just a few months prior to her annual return visit. Kaitlyn's grandfather, true to his word, had left her the entire business.

With her life in somewhat of a turmoil, it was difficult for Kaitlyn to even think straight. She and her ex-husband, Ryan had just divorced and she was facing an inevitable job reduction at the company she was working for. Kaitlyn felt more scared than alone. With everything that had happened to her during the past year, it seemed bad news was following her.

"At least I've got enough money in the bank to keep me going for a year or so." Kaitlyn thought.

Pulling the large red leather chair back from the desk, Kaitlyn sat down propping her tired feet up on the desk.

"I could probably sell the business and shop equipment." Kaitlyn thought. "That would greatly add to my bank account."

Selling the business and all its equipment wouldn't be what her grandfather would want her to do. He'd want her to keep it going, make it flourish and grow. Working on her own, it would be highly difficult, alot more of an undertaking than she felt prepared for. Still, she felt compelled to retain ownership of the business.

Kaitlyn relaxed in the leather chair, drifting slowly into a light sleep. Waking sometime later, she glanced at her watch, realizing it was early evening. Kaitlyn slowly rose from the comfortable chair, stretching her 5'8" slender body. Running her hands through her short blonde hair, she brushed the sides back over her ears.

Feeling refreshed from her extended nap, Kaitlyn descended the stairs to the shop floor. Two cars, a Corvette and a Camaro sat on jack stands, partially assembled. At the far end of the fifty-thousand square foot building, a transporter sat parked facing one of the large overhead doors. Tools and automotive equipment filled the disorganized complex. Kaitlyn smiled, remembering her grandfather and his crew weren't known for their neatness or their organization skills. Everywhere she looked, Kaitlyn could see her grandfather's past, even his old calendars and posters still hung on the shop's walls.

Kaitlyn made a last check of the premises, making sure all the doors were secured and latched. Stepping through the main doorway, the early evening sun partially blinded her vision. Locking the door behind her, Kaitlyn walked towards her car, a black '96 Corvette, one of the few things she'd salvaged from her recent divorce.

"Hey Kaitlyn!" A male voice shouted. "Kate!"

Shading her eyes from the sun, Kaitlyn saw a young man approaching her riding a motorcycle. As he rode closer, she could see the smile on his face increasing.

"Hey there!" The young man greeted. "I was wondering if you'd ever show up."

"Hi Blaine." Kaitlyn responded. "It's been a long time since I've seen you."

"Yeah, sure has." Blaine replied. "High school graduation."

Blaine had been a classmate of Kaitlyn's. He was considered by most of his school friends as the most handsome guy in their graduating class. Kaitlyn never admitted it openly but she felt the same way. Standing six foot tall, his rugged appearance and great looks could have led to a modeling career. Blaine's dark hair and crystal blue eyes accentuated his handsome face. Even though it had been eight years since he'd actively participated in sports, Blaine still retained his athletic build.

"Come to reminisce or put the shop up for sale?" He asked.

"I'm not sure." Kaitlyn answered, looking down at the pavement.

Her shyness in front of her former classmate was slowing returning. During her senior year in high school, she'd secretly harbored a crush on the handsome guy now sitting on his motorcycle in front of her.

"Be a shame to see it close down or change hands." Blaine stated. "Just wouldn't be the same."

"Yeah, I know." Kaitlyn stammered. "I'm sure my grandfather would want me to try and keep it going. It was his whole life."

"You and your husband could make a go of it." Blaine said. "I'm sure of it. You've got the brains and if I remember correctly, you were always a car fanatic."

"Well, it'd just be me." Kaitlyn murmured. "I'm no longer married."

"Oh, sorry." Blaine apologized. "I didn't know that."

There was a long pause of silence between the two. Kaitlyn felt uncomfortable not knowing what to say. Shuffling her feet, she kept her eyes looking down at the asphalt pavement of the shop's parking lot.

"Well, how about joining me for dinner this evening?" Blaine asked, breaking the silence.

"Oh, I…………I doubt if I'll bother to eat dinner this evening." Kaitlyn replied, knowing it sounded stupid.

"Nonsense!" Blaine exclaimed. "Everyone's got to eat."

"I promise I won't bite." He added, grinning.

"Ok, I guess it'd be alright." Kaitlyn finally agreed, a light blush developing on her face.

"Great!" Blaine responded. "Where are you staying?"

"I'm staying at the Holiday Inn just off the west bypass." Kaitlyn replied.

"Cool! I know where that is." Blaine stated. "How about I pick you up at 7:00?"

"Ok, that sounds good." Kaitlyn responded immediately.

"Great!" Blaine exclaimed. "I'll see you then."

Blaine started his motorcycle and gave Kaitlyn one of his famous smiles before riding off. Kaitlyn stood there motionless, watching him till his handsome figure disappeared into the heavy traffic.

Realizing she just had a little over an hour and a half to get ready for her dinner date, Kaitlyn quickly walked to her car. Arriving back at her hotel, Kaitlyn took a quick shower and prepped for the dinner date with her former classmate. Fretting over her make-up and clothes till she was exhausted, she felt she looked her best. At least, she hoped Blaine would approve.

The phone in her room rang shortly before 7:00. It was the desk clerk notifying Kaitlyn that her dinner date was waiting for her in the main lobby. Grabbing her purse, Kaitlyn hurried down to the lobby. Blaine, dressed in a dark gray Armani suit, looked as handsome as ever. Kaitlyn, dressed in her best dress, a dark blue draped-sash designer original with color-matched high-heels, caught Blaine's eye as soon as she entered the large lobby area.

"Wow!" He exclaimed. "You look fabulous!"

"Thank you." Kaitlyn responded, blushing. "You look as handsome as ever yourself."

Blaine surprised Kaitlyn by giving her a light kiss on the cheek as he slipped his hand around her waist.

"I've got reservations at Antonio's." Blaine stated. "I hope you like Italian food."

"Yes, I certainly do." Kaitlyn replied, smiling.

Kaitlyn slipped her hand onto Blaine's arm as the two exited the hotel. Blaine had parked his car, a late model, silver Jaguar XJ8 sedan close to the entrance. Opening the door for Kaitlyn, she slid into the soft, plush leather seat. Blaine's face displayed a constant smile during the drive to the restaurant.

Sitting in a quiet and cozy corner of the restaurant, Blaine and Kaitlyn ordered drinks before dinner.

"So tell me." Kaitlyn inquired. "What kind of work are you doing now?"

"I'm a sales manager for a Jaguar dealership here in Fort Worth." Blaine replied. "My uncle's the general manager so you can figure how I got the job."

"I always knew you'd make a good life for yourself." Kaitlyn stated. "You always seemed so self-confident and had that air of success about you."

"Well, I don't know about the success part." Blaine said. "I make good money but the job gets a little boring, especially when sales are slow. This economy has really slowed things down at the dealership."

"Yeah, I know what you mean." Kaitlyn agreed. "It's slowed things down everywhere."

"So what kind of work are you doing?" Blaine asked. "I notice you've got California plates on your car."

"I'm working for an investment firm in Long Beach." Kaitlyn replied. "I do investment planning and strategies."

"That sure sounds interesting." Blaine said. "How come you never went into the automotive field? As I recall, you went off to a technical school after graduation."

"I did go to tech school but I couldn't find a job that I really wanted so I got into the investment field. It's just a paycheck, not really something I want to make a career out of."

"What about kids?" Blaine inquired. "Any children?"

"No, not yet." Kaitlyn replied. "I don't think I'm going to plan on having children. What about you?"

"Never married, engaged twice but never made it to the alter." Blaine muttered.

Blaine looked away from Kaitlyn, not wanting to look her in the eye. Kaitlyn felt he was hiding something, maybe disappointment that he'd never married.

"Well, we're both still young." Kaitlyn quipped. "You never can tell what's around the next bend in our lives."

"Yeah, that's true I guess." Blaine mumbled. "I'd like to have kids, maybe two or three."

"As I remember, you had more girlfriends than most guys had socks." Kaitlyn quipped.

Blaine laughed softly at her remark.

"Yeah, but they were just girlfriends." He stated. "None of them ever wanted to get serious about marriage."

During dinner, Blaine and Kaitlyn discussed their old high school memories and some of the classmates they remembered. Although they never had any friends in common, they reminisced about some of the things that had occurred during their high school years.

"How long are you going to be in town?" Blaine asked. "Or are you going to stay here in Fort Worth?"

"I haven't decided what I'm going to do." Kaitlyn replied. "I'll stay at least till Friday."

"If you decide to keep the shop going, I'd be glad to help you whenever I could." Blaine offered.

"Thanks. I'll keep your offer in mind." Kaitlyn responded. "I'm afraid I might not be able to make it as successful as it once was. That's one of my biggest hang-ups."

"People love race cars." Blaine asserted. "With your grandfather's name behind the business, it might help you attain the success you want."

"Yeah, Wurner Automotive was a big name back in the eighties and nineties." Kaitlyn responded. "Don't know if it'd carry much weight now without my grandfather."

"Worth a shot, don't you think?" Blaine said, coaxingly.

"Yeah, maybe." Kaitlyn replied, her voice just above a whisper.

After dinner, the two drove back to Kaitlyn's hotel. Their conversation was almost nonexistent. Entering the lobby of the Holiday Inn, Blaine put his arm around Kaitlyn's waist. Strolling towards the elevators, Kaitlyn wondered if Blaine would kiss her good night. She was sure he would at least try. She hoped so anyway.

Standing at the door to her hotel room, Kaitlyn inserted the door's security card into the slot. The latch released, allowing her to open the door.

"Thank you for the great dinner." Kaitlyn stated. "And the wonderful company. I had a really good time."

"Thank you for accepting my offer." Blaine responded. "I'm glad we got to spend some time together."

"Maybe we could get together again before you leave." He added. "Unless you decide to stay that is."

Blaine leaned towards Kaitlyn to kiss her goodnight. Putting his hands on her waist, he pulled her into him. Kaitlyn's eyes closed as their lips meshed into a soft kiss. Her hands gripped Blaine's shoulders, holding him firmly. Blaine's lips pressed harder against Kaitlyn's, increasing her passion. Their kiss lasted for several moments before their lips slowly parted.

"Hmmmm." Blaine whispered. "I hate to see this night end."

"I know." Kaitlyn muttered. "I hate to see it end too. But I've got to get some sleep."

"I could stay for awhile if you like." Blaine whispered.

"I wouldn't mind if you'd stayed till morning." Kaitlyn boldly muttered.

Not saying a word, Blaine eased Kaitlyn into the hotel room before closing the door behind them. Kaitlyn set her purse down on the dresser. Blaine standing behind her, lightly brushed the hair on the back of her neck to the side. Pulling Kaitlyn back against him, he kissed her neck lightly, working his way towards the back of her ear.

Kaitlyn's tensed body leaned back against Blaine. Tingling sensations covered her body as Blaine nibbled at her earlobes. Her eyes partially closed, Kaitlyn barely heard the distinct sound of the zipper at the back of her dress being eased downward. Brushing the dress from her shoulders, it slid downward to form a pile at her feet. Standing there in her pink bra and thong panties, Kaitlyn felt no embarrassment.

"God, you've got a great ass!" Blaine whispered in her ear. "I can't wait to get you naked!"

Kaitlyn softly smiled at his compliment. Turning around, she kissed Blaine hard, working her lips over his. Blaine's hard tongue parted her lips, sliding into her mouth. Swirling his tongue inside her mouth enflamed Kaitlyn's inner passions. Blaine reached behind Kaitlyn, unhooking the lacy pink bra. Slipping it off, he tossed it next to her purse. Blaine's hands cupped Kaitlyn's firm breasts, gently massaging them. Kaitlyn's hands, slightly shaking, worked at Blaine's tie.

"I need a damn good fucking!" Kaitlyn exclaimed.

"That's just what I'm going to give you!" Blaine responded. "Over and over!"

Stripping quickly out of his designer suit, Blaine picked Kaitlyn up and laid her across the queen size bed, not bothering to pull the covers back. Blaine kneaded Kaitlyn's breasts, teasing the nipples till they became fully erect. Sucking on her nipples, Kaitlyn's mouth uttered loud moans. Trailing kisses down over her tummy, Blaine hooked his fingers in Kaitlyn's thong panties, easing them down her legs. Blaine's lips locked onto Kaitlyn's pussy, sliding his tongue up and down her hot slit. Kaitlyn's body reacted, twisting and turning. Blaine's strong arms held Kaitlyn's sleek legs apart, spreading her wide open. His tongue slid inside Kaitlyn's juicy pussy driving her over the edge. Her sudden orgasm made her cry out.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Goddddddddddddddd Blaine" She cried out. "Stooppppppppp Nooooooooo"

Her outcry only made Blaine work his tongue harder and deeper on Kaitlyn's wanton pussy. Sucking her flowing juices, Kaitlyn's taut ass lifted upwards. Blaine lifted her up till her feet were no longer touching the bed. Her butt fell back against the moist bedding, grinding hard against the soft material.

A second orgasm took control of Kaitlyn's quivering body. Her hands grasped the back of Blaine's head, forcing his face hard against her pussy. With the orgasm finally waning, Kaitlyn managed to partially open her eyes. Blaine's tongue was slowly licking up and down Kaitlyn's pussy, easing her body's tensions.

"Fuck me Blaine." Kaitlyn begged. "Don't make me wait."

Blaine got up from the bed and pushed his tight briefs down his legs. His hard cock protruded from body, aimed at Kaitlyn's pussy. Climbing back on the bed, Blaine grasped Kaitlyn's legs, spreading them apart. Kaitlyn's eyes widened, her eyes stared at the enormous cock about to fuck her. For a brief moment, she felt her pussy tighten in resistance.

Blaine guided the mushroom shaped head of his hard dick between the lips of Kaitlyn's pussy. Pushing hard, he penetrated her slowly, his dick lubricated by Kaitlyn's flowing juices. Working his cock into Kaitlyn's pussy, he managed to penetrate her completely. Kaitlyn's hands gripped Blaine's muscular arms, holding onto him. Her fingernails dug into him as she felt herself building another extraordinary orgasm.

Blaine fucked hard in and out of Kaitlyn's pussy, bringing her up quickly to another incredible orgasm. Kaitlyn cried out as she felt her body being consumed by the orgasm. Blaine's mouth covered hers, muffling her outcry. Kaitlyn's fingernails dug deeper into Blaine's arms, penetrating his flesh. She barely noticed the blood trickling down his arms. Blaine continued pounding his huge cock deep into Kaitlyn's pussy, harder and faster, almost with a vengeance.

Kaitlyn's body, weakened by her orgasms, fell prey to his cock ripping into her. Within minutes, Blaine's cock erupted, spewing his hot cum inside her. Gradually slowing, Blaine collapsed on top of her, pinning her against the bedding. Kaitlyn could feel his heart pounding in his chest and his hard breathing against her face. She put her arms around him, holding him tightly.

After several minutes, Blaine lifted his head, placing his lips on Kaitlyn's. They kissed softly and passionately.

"Damn, that was the best sex I've ever had!" He muttered.

"For me too." Kaitlyn responded. "I've waited eight long years for you to fuck me."

"What do you mean?" Blaine asked.

"I wanted you to fuck me when we were in high school but you never acted like you even noticed me." Kaitlyn explained. "You were always dating one of the cheerleaders."

"Wow!" Blaine replied. "I wished I'd known that. I didn't figure you'd go out with me."

After a brief moment, Blaine slipped his cock out of Kaitlyn's pussy and eased himself off the bed. Heading towards the bathroom, he pulled Kaitlyn with him. The two stepped into the shower together. Blaine adjusted the water flow as they stood under the warm spray. Blaine and Kaitlyn kissed before soaping each other. After rinsing off and stepping out of the shower, they dried each other with thick, soft towels.

Entering the bedroom area of the hotel room, Kaitlyn picked up her dress off the floor and placed it on the dresser. Blaine retrieved his briefs, holding them in his hand.

"Should I put these on?" He quipped, grinning at Kaitlyn.

"It'll only make it harder for me to suck your cock if you do." Kaitlyn responded with an evil grin.

Pushing Blaine down on the bed, Kaitlyn knelt over him. Grasping his cock firmly, it hardened almost immediately. Kaitlyn forced her mouth over the mushroom shaped head, taking as much of his cock in her mouth as she could. Her tongue swirled feverously over the head as her lips sucked on his shaft. Blaine's hands gripped the bedding, pulling on it. Kaitlyn's mouth worked rapidly up and down on his cock, savoring the taste of his flesh. Loud slurping sounds filled the hotel room as Kaitlyn continued sucking on his cock.

Blaine, trying to keep from cumming too soon, couldn't hold back. His cock erupted a hot load into Kaitlyn's mouth. Her head kept bobbing up and down on his cock. Gently kneading his balls, Kaitlyn wanted all of his cum. Her mouth sucked hard on his cock, almost making him lift his butt up off the bed.

"Oh God! Stop!" Blaine yelled out. "You're sucking my balls off!"

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