tagGroup SexCvsN 18: Business Complications

CvsN 18: Business Complications

byTx Tall Tales©

CvsN 18 -- Business Complications


Amie's Dad shows up and makes a deal. He's a welcome new addition around the house, especially for one of our friends.


The weekend was a hectic one. I'll say one thing about living with a bevy of beauties: it was never hard to find friends to come over, particularly of the male variety, to pitch in when a job needed doing.

Debbie, Beth, Amie, Karen & Robin. Enough eye candy to get any red-blooded man's blood flowing. Add in short-shorts, tied off t-shirts (including Robin's always entertaining tee-proclamations), and tasty snacks and meals, I could understand the allure. I was living the dream.

With anywhere from 8 to 12 people working at anytime over the weekend, including an extended stint by Amie's infatuated Eric, things got done in a hurry. Painting, carpeting and linoleum tiling (in the new day-care center) was moving ahead at a breakneck pace.

The big surprise came Sunday around noon when a man unknown to me showed up at our door. We were just starting introductions when a tall, slender, auburn-haired beauty nearly bowled me over with a squeal of "Daddy!"

Oh crap.

I was ready for a grilling, but Mr. Thomas, 'Ron' he insisted, was there to work. I watched him look over our efforts, with an appraising, and probably appreciative, eye. He might have been in his forties, but the way he was looking around, he seemed to enjoy the eye-candy as much as any. Hell, maybe more.

"So where's this Day-Care project I keep hearing about?" he asked, cutting to the chase.

Amie and I took him out back to project number two, which was really beginning to come together. Making a place suitable for housing kids and infants, and keeping them safe, secure and comfortable was a tricky job.

What had once been a three car garage, with lots of concrete pad front and back, and an attached office, workshop and half-bath had undergone a remarkable transformation. Or about 90% of one.

"See, Daddy? It's huge! Bigger than Day-One, with lots more play area, and plenty of room for parking and picking up." She gestured excitedly, while I got some odd looks from Derek and Mike, buddies from work who were being directed in their efforts by Beth and Robin.

"Looks good," he admitted. "Where can I pitch in?"

Robin piped up, never the shy one. "We're building an island of custom cubbys for the kids to store their stuff on one side, and to hold educational supplies and toys on the other." I saw that the guys were working on that, and it looked like the flooring job was finally finished.

I had to wonder how he was taking Robin's daily chest message: "Slutty McSlutterson". That was a little over the top even for her. But I guess it was better than Saturday afternoon's "ASS: The Other Vagina". Thank God for small blessings.

I left him with Amie and the crowd out back, and headed to the main house. Where I was instantly grilled by Debbie and Karen. I explained as much as I could, and went back to working on the finish around the arches leading from the extension into the main house.

By late afternoon Debbie drafted me into bringing beverages out back, fresh squeezed lemonade. And you wonder why I love her.

Everyone took a break, and Ron asked me to take a walk with him. Shit. Shit, shit, shit. Here it comes.

"Taking on a pretty big responsibility here, aren't you?" he asked, breaking out a fat cigar, a good eight inches long, and offering me one.

"It's a big task, no doubt. But I've made sure they are doing it right, creating a business plan, finding out all the rules and regulations, lining up the licensing. It's been a couple of months in the making." He passed me a cutter and butane lighter, which I put to good use.

"Can't be cheap."

"Not that bad really." I explained, "The property was in shambles when I got it. It cost chicken-feed. After I got it fixed up, appraised and got new loans, I still had over 50% equity, so it's not going to break me. Hell, my mortgage is less than my rent was. And the back building was sitting here unused. The property had already been subdivided, so it made the legal issues that much easier."

"You've got my Amie pretty excited about this. Most excited I've seen her in a long time," he told me.

I wasn't about to go into any details about how excited I'd seen her lately. "I think all the girls are pretty worked up about it. And the truth is, if it makes them happy, then I'm happy."

"I hope you don't mind my asking, but what is the relationship here? You and four women living in that house. And some kids, I hear?"

I thought about dissembling or even outright lying, but to be honest, Ron seemed like a straight shooter. I'd take my chances with the truth.

And that's what he got. The whole truth (or at least a lot of it) from the original relationship, to my deal with Debbie and Beth. I also clued him in on Karen and Jim's relationship, but let him know that Robin was only there for the summer, headed back to school in the fall. I didn't go into any detail about the Robin part of the relationship, not 100% sure what it was myself.

My property's pretty big, nearly two full acres, and we'd managed to amble the full perimeter and smoke about half our stogies before I'd completed the explanation. When we got back to the daycare we hung out on the driveway, enjoying the cigars.

At the end of my story he gave a good chuckle. "Hell, I can see why you'd want to do this. I guess in your shoes I'd do just about anything to keep those two happy. Debbie was the blonde goddess in the kitchen?"

"Yes, sir. Goddess just about describes her. Best damn girl I've ever met, and best looking to boot."

"And Beth is quite a head-turner, isn't she. That little hard-body could get a dead man to sit up and howl. Yep, quite the situation you've landed here."

I wasn't going to argue with him.

"Not to be crass, but what are the business details. How do the earnings get split? Is Amie just an employee, or is she going to be getting a piece of the action?" Ah, it seemed he was finally getting to the point.

"I'm not sure, to be honest. She wasn't part of the original intent, but I guess she'd be getting a share of profits."

"She's a bright girl, my Ames. Straight A's through most of high school. But she dropped out of college after her freshman year, and took that damned job where she's working now. I thought it was a phase, and was ready to pay for her to get back to school, but I don't know where that's going now. We used to talk all the time; it's just the two of us you know. Her mother passed away when she was 12, breast cancer."

"I'm sorry, I didn't know," I told him.

"Yeah. She's all I've got. And if this is what she really wants, I'd like to back her in this. For a third of the business, I'm willing to write a check right now. You tell me what you think is fair, and I'll write out the check and foot the finish."

I was stunned by his offer. Of all the ways I thought this might turn out, this wasn't one of them. "Ron, that's a generous offer, but I don't know how to take it. I can tell you she'll be a partner in this no matter what. She's already earned that much."

He gave me a smile. "Jack, you've been straight with me, and I'll be straight with you. I was ready to pump 100 grand into her education. And I can afford it. You're sitting on a perfect piece of property, great access, lots of room, and have experienced workers. You're only issue may be some business skills, but I think the girls can rise to the occasion, and if need, we can get them any help they'd need. I'd bet this can be a success. I'd say the setup alone is worth a good $150K. Maybe more. I'll bet 50 grand I'm right."

Fifty Thousand. Wow. "What's your involvement?"

That got me a serious look. "Good question. I like that. No surprises. I'll be a silent investor. It's my girl's job to make it pay. I do have an ulterior motive." He waited to see if I'd bite.

"I hope so. She's all you've got. I'd expect no less."

"Damned straight. I'm hoping I can convince her to keep educating herself, at least in this business. And it so happens I only live a few miles from here. She'll be nearby where I can keep an eye on her."

What can I say? I liked the guy. And I had a certain fondness for his daughter. "Let me run it by the girls, and if they're Ok with it, I think we have a deal."

He extended his hand and I shook it. His hand was strong and calloused. "I got work to do. Thanks for the straight talk. I hate a bullshitter. And thanks for what you're doing for Amie. She's absurdly happy right now, and we're talking again. I can't tell you how that makes me feel." And with that he was off getting his hands dirty.

Work started winding down, not long after that. By the time the last of my buddy's had departed, probably going home to work off their frustrations after being around a house full of gorgeous, scantily clad women, I was tired and looking forward to a little relaxation.

Karen and Jim were staying over, and Robin seemed inclined to play along with them, although she flirted with every male present, including Ron, who seemed to enjoy the attention.

Ron stayed for dinner, charming gracious and funny, and Debbie and the sister's seemed to warm to him. Talk revolved around their Day-Care effort, but strayed in a dozen different directions, easily. Before he left for the evening, with the effervescent Amie in tow, I was able to giving him the good news. Both Debbie and Beth were ecstatic by the turn of events. Well, Beth was ecstatic, and Debbie seemed pleased.

After a few dozen beers all around, the last of our guests departed, and we had a quiet house, or about as quiet as it ever got in our zoo. Karen, Jim and Robin retired early, probably feeling just as tired as they looked. I was in a great mood, as were my girls, which translated into a wonderful time in our bedroom.

It was kind of interesting. Our bedroom escapades were anything but consistent. It wasn't always a matter of the girls working together to pleasure me. Quite often we'd concentrate on one girl or the other, applying all of our attentions to the lucky recipient. The girls had been willing enough to play together under my direction when we first started sleeping together. In the last few weeks, they were more and more open to take the lead with each other, which worked me up to no end.

Beth was determined to make it a special night for Debbie. I was figuring it had something to do with the Amie situation and her ready acceptance of Ron. I was happy enough to play along. God knows there's nothing I like better than having Debbie take my cock in one of her three ready openings, and this night I made sure I didn't miss any of them. Naughty Beth was getting in the habit of bringing toys into our bed, and whatever hole I was in, Beth would often tease another, usually Debbie's sweet pussy, if I wasn't buried there. A few times even when I was.

We ended with Debbie laying back on me, my cock balls deep in her tight little ass. Beth was glued to her pussy, getting her off over and over again, with my staff stretching her butt hole deliciously. When I popped out, Beth would patiently guide me back in, before getting back to work. As wonderful as it was, it was hard to come that way, and I had to roll the platinum haired beauty onto her hands and knees to finish. Beth wasn't content to let me have my way, and worked her way under us, toy in hand, and abused Deb's poor pussy, while I pounded her butt. It was a glorious way to end a perfect evening, even if I never got to penetrate young Beth anywhere.

Just one more heavenly night in the house that lust built.


So much for "silent investor".

I got a call from Debbie to come straight home after work. Amie's father was over with a bunch of guys out back.

Things were hectic at the office, with a couple of snafu's on my project, as we tried to work out a few bugs, but I did manage to get out around 5:00. Arriving home I saw a lot of activity at the garage. I checked in with Debbie who was looking confused and a bit worried. I remembered Ron's comment about "footing the finish" and told Debbie I was sure that's what was going on.

Ron was looking over some plans with Robin and what must have been his foreman. He called me straight over and asked me if I was Ok with building a full length covered enclosure out back, so the kids could go outside even when it was raining or the sun was scorching. Looking over the place I counted nearly a dozen men at work.

"No moss growing under you," I commented.

"Not in this lifetime. The Harrison project was stalled, need to get a re-inspection, so I'd be paying the men to sit on their thumbs anyway. A couple of days here and we can knock this out. With your approval of course."

My approval? Hell, it looked nearly complete already. "That sounds great. Save me a bundle in beer and pizza getting my buddies to do half of this."

Ron waved the foreman off, and Robin followed him, still discussing cabinets and the office area. I got a good view of her shirt, and was happy that she'd toned it down a bit: "Stick Around. I'll Do Something Naughty." Ron broke out another big cigar. The man loved his vices. I read the label. "Havana?"

"I've got a friend. And what good is success if you can't indulge your vices." He took me on a quick tour of the work. "God, I love this. Building, rebuilding, making something from nothing. I hope you love what you do half as much as I do."

The man looked in his element, and I was happy for him, if not a little put off by his taking over the work.

"You want I should have them look into your addition? I wouldn't want to intrude, but as long they're here, we can finish that up in a heart beat."

I realized we were headed that way, and I stopped by the house to hunt down Debbie to make sure she knew everything was alright. Ron accepted a Guinness from me, and after he complemented Debbie on the smells arising from the kitchen (hint, hint) we reviewed the addition.

He was a perfectionist, checking out everything, looking into every nook and cranny and asking about a zillion questions. At the end we stood outside looking over the work. "Good work you've done here. Someone knows what they're doing. Makes me feel a little more comfortable."

"I've got good friends in the business."

"If they're ever in need of work, have 'em look me up. Ok, the way I figure it, about $5k for everything, replace that carpet in the dining room with hardwood floors, fix the one window which isn't level, replace the front stoop and build the wrap-around porch. Finish the inside as well but there's not a whole lot to that."

Five thousand seemed stupidly cheap for what he was suggesting. I said as much.

"I'm talking my costs, not retail. I'll split it with you. I'll make that check out for 48 thousand."

"We gotta work on your math, Ron. I figure that's forty-seven five."

"How about you talk your pretty little woman into setting a place for one more for dinner, and we'll call it even?"

I had to laugh. "Debbie's a hell of a cook, but $500 bucks for dinner is still a little high."

"You're looking at it wrong. If I took out my new partners in a business for dinner, it could run twice that, easy, and if last night is any indicator, it wouldn't taste half as good." He heaved a deep sigh. "Please don't tell me she's half as good in the sack as she is in the kitchen. I don't think my heart could take it."

I was a little surprised by the turn of the conversation. "I hate to break it to you, Ron, but she's better." I couldn't help myself. I was proud.

"Damn." He heaved a big sigh. "And you're taking turns with her AND Beth. Is there no justice in the world?"

"About that. We don't take turns. It's a big bed."

The man had a punch like a sledge-hammer. Even in jest. "Damn it! Son, I'm a fan."

I tried hard not to rub the ache in my shoulder.

"Tell me about this Eric guy," he said.

"He's a great guy. One of seven brothers, his brother Joe is my best friend. I've played softball with the Howards for about two years. He and his brother Bill are in carpentry."

"Bill Howard? Howard construction? His old man does plumbing?"

"Right on all accounts."

"Well fuck me with a crowbar. I know Bob. Good man. Does damned good work."

"They undertook the lion's share of making sure we put this place back together right. When I say it was a shambles when I got it, that's an understatement. The house wasn't even counted in the original appraisal; it was that bad."

"I guess you do know good people. That explains a lot. This is getting better and better. I haven't talked to Bob in years. I'll have to remedy that."

"There you are, Daddy! Jerry said you were around here somewhere." Amie jogged up and gave her father a big hug. His smile said more than words ever could. His face lit up like a kid's on Christmas morning.

Beth sidled up next to me for a hug and a kiss. "Hi Mr. Thomas. What are you two up to? No good, I bet."

"Oh fine. Now that you've got a serious boy-friend, no more hugs for the old man?"

Beth giggled and gave him a big hug. "Is there an old man around here? Maybe I should hug him too?" She pulled him down and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "You staying for dinner?"

"If I won't be cramping your style."

"I guess I can handle it if you can," she told him.

"Daddy," Amie interrupted, "You're not going to try and take this over now, are you?" She sounded serious.

"Hey, take it easy! I'll be out of your hair by the end of the week." He held his hands in front of him, proclaiming his innocence. "This is what I do. Once the work is done, I'm out. It's all up to you ladies then."

Amie had her arms crossed and was giving him a hard look. "I'm going to hold you to that. We're doing all right on our own."

"Better than alright. You've got it all under control. I'm just helping a little, I promise."

Robin showed up, looking good. She must be rubbing off on me. The more time she spent with us, the better she was looking. Of course the sexy outfit didn't hurt. She didn't have the best body in the house, but she sure advertised it well. Of course that said more of the house then it did of the cutie joining us. "The last of the men are leaving. Jerry said they'd be back tomorrow at 8:30." Robin came up to me and gave me a full body hug. "I deserve a reward; I did good today."

Ron looked a little surprised by her display, then laughed. "That she did. She has the whole thing planned out pretty well, and is not afraid to get her hands dirty."

Robin turned toward him, without releasing her hold on me. "Hands? Hell, Ron, 'dirty' is my middle name."

"Slutty 'dirty' McSlutterson? That's a mouthful." He teased. Evidently he hadn't missed Sunday's shirt."

"Hey! I'll be the one to judge what a mouthful is or not. And don't you forget it!"

"Robin! That's my dad!" Amie cried out indignantly.

"I won't hold that against him."

"Oh really? And what WILL you hold against me." Ron asked with a salacious grin.

I had to admit it. Ron gave as good as he got.

Robin unwrapped herself from me and gave Ron the treatment she'd been giving me, clinging to him like a kindergartner clings to his mother on the first day of school.

"I guess this is the best I can do in public, what with your baby watching and all," she answered. "Of course we could look for somewhere more private."

"Robin!" Amie squealed, while Beth giggled.

"Don't let the spoiled one stop you," he teased, hugging her back, with what looked like less-than-honorable attentions.

"Ooh, Amie. I like your Dad." Robin sighed, rubbing herself against him. She ground her hips against him, putting her arms around his neck and looking up into his eyes. "Maybe you and I can discuss just what a mouthful is later."

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