tagGroup SexCvsN 28: Robin's Revelation

CvsN 28: Robin's Revelation

byTx Tall Tales©

CvsN 28 - Robin's Revelation


Jack reestablishes his role in the house, openly with Debbie. Robin drops a bomb.


Amie jogged up to Debbie who was starting work on dinner.

"Jack's hard again. Do you mind if Robin and I play with him a while?"

Amie's new beau had left before I made it out of the bedroom. Understandably, it was almost noon. I was determined to relax, and refuel. The last few days had been both strenuous and stressful. I was taking it easy, watching some pre-season football, when Amie showed up with a cold beer. She sat with me, putting her feet in my lap, and I quizzed her on Eric. She was content to fill me in on their rapidly advancing relationship. She was also doing her best to get me worked up. When Robin found us sitting alone, she joined in and they teased and tempted me to no end. I readily admit it, I'm weak. If I were Superman, pretty young girls would be my kryptonite.

No surprise that I was showing more than a little physical interest.

Robin was right behind Amie, "Please, just a little?"

From my seat I could see across the house, where my housemates were trying to butter-up she-who-controlled-the-penis. It was never stated as such, but was common knowledge.

The girls rushed back to me, giggling and dragging me off to our bedroom. "Deb says we can have 30 minutes. She can barely walk as is, and poor Beth is hiding in my bedroom, with a cold compress between her legs. You've practically ruined them both," Robin laughed.

If I wasn't sure of her intentions, her latest t-shirt message made it clear. "You're on my list of things to do today."

"How about me? Don't I have any say in this. My poor cock is almost ready to fall off," I argued.

Amie was already undressing me. "We'll be gentle, I promise. Let's go, the clock is ticking."

Twenty minutes later, I was still taking turns on them, when Beth wandered into the room.

Amie jumped up from where she'd been playing with Robin, while I had my way with the naughtier sister. "Beth! Come play!"

Beth scrambled quickly across the room. "No way! I'm taking a long bath, and relaxing. I've got a lot of recovering to do. You forget that I'm going to have to climb back in that bed tonight."

Amie was not that easy to get rid of. She had run over to Beth and was hugging her. "A little while, that's all."

Beth laughed. "That's what he said this morning." She turned on the water in the tub, then stood in the doorway, undressing, watching me drag Amie back into the bed, and climbing on top of her. "That's the last time you travel alone, buster. Shit, if you'd been gone two weeks, I'd probably be in a wheelchair now, ruined for life."

The truth was I was exhausted, and really needed a break. But after Cathy's morning lecture, I felt the need to re-establish myself as Jack the insatiable, and undeniable.

I pulled out of Amie, and went to my favorite teenager. "The bath will take a couple of minutes to fill. Play with us."

I grabbed her hand and dragged her to the bed, while she resisted lightly.

"Jack, I'm so sore," she whined.

"I'll be gentle. Just a minute, Ok?"

She sighed, and let me draw her down. "Get her ready?" I asked Amie.

"Mmm. Love to. She's so sweet."

I pulled Robin into my lap, where she used her mouth to make sure I was equally ready. That's what I loved about Robin. So willing to play whatever part she was asked to, and always giving it her all.

When Amie moved aside, I pulled her over and kissed her. "Thank you. Keep an eye on the tub, please."

Then I was between Beth's legs, slowly, gently opening her up and sliding back inside of her. She grunted once, from soreness, then relaxed.

I leaned over her, kissing her lips softly, holding steady inside her. "That wasn't so bad, was it?"

"Couldn't you be happy with the wild ones?" she asked, a smile letting me know she wasn't really complaining.

"They're fun." I leaned down and whispered, "But you make my blood boil. I love being inside you."

I started stroking her gently. "I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself. Seeing you standing naked in that doorway, that's just too much. You know that."

She gave me a tender smile. "I know. I guess part of me knew what would happen if I came in here."

I was long-stroking her, enjoying her for the few minutes I had her. "Are you really that sore?"

She nodded, "I don't know how Debbie takes it."

"I'll be gentle tonight. We can use the back door, if the front is out of order."

"Oh great. You're going to destroy both my holes," she complained, with an exaggerated eye roll.

"You don't want Debbie to have to take it all, do you?"

She gave me a smack. "Lube. Lots of lube tonight. Got it?"

"Got it. And I'll try to be gentle."

"Like you were last night?" She turned to Amie who had shut off the water to the bath, and was returning to us. "Ames, take care of this please. And don't let him make you sit in his lap. He almost killed me that way last night." I gave her a soft kiss, and let her retreat to her bath. Amie pushed me onto my back, and climbed onto my hard wet cock.

"It starts like that," Beth said, watching her best friend ride me. "All sweet and loving. Then he fucks you to death, making you come and come until you completely black out. Then I think he sticks a baseball bat up your cunt, so when you wake you're completely ruined down there."

She smiled, and it felt like she was bragging. "I mean, really? When a girl's unconscious, couldn't you give her a break?"

"You know what you do to me," I told her. "And there was no bat. Debbie wouldn't allow that."

"Thank God for Debbie. Could you imagine if I was as hot as her? After he fucked me to death, he'd probably go on fucking my corpse until I was cold."

"Go on. That's crazy talk," I told her, while Amie did her best to tame me. "If you were dead, I couldn't enjoy that mouth of yours. It wouldn't be the same. I'll never let you die."

"God, Jack! You are so bad!"

Amie moaned. "Fuck! If this is bad, I don't want to know good."

That got Robin laughing, and Beth retreated to her bath, but not before looking over her shoulder and wiggling her tight little ass at me.

"Do that again, and I swear I'll drag you back in here and fuck that butt until you pass out again." I called out to her.

She smiled, wiggled her ass again, then quickly ran to her bathtub. The little tease.

Robin leaned in close and whispered in my ear. "We've got a few more minutes. I wouldn't mind a little back-door action."

Damn. The things a man has to do, to keep up appearances.

* * *

Karen had the kids all day, so I could have a, supposedly, quiet day of recuperation, but she brought them by after dinner. We retired to the living room, all of us pretty well worn out. The kids were zonked, and were quickly put to bed.

Jim was retrieving the last of Karen's things, and putting them in his jeep, while we enjoyed our adult milkshakes. They were decadent things, with lots of vodka and Bailey's to give them a kick.

Let's face it. Between Spain, and Deb's cooking, my diet wasn't going all that well. At least I was getting a little exercise.

Beth had retreated to the far side of the couch, letting Amie take her place. When Debbie settled in next to me, she frowned. "What are you doing over there?"

Beth looked at me cautiously. "Trying to stay alive. I know if he gets hard again, it'll be the death of me."

That got a good laugh out of everyone. "Did passing out really bother you that much?" Debbie asked with concern.

"Hell yeah! One minute you're having the best orgasms of your life, and then they won't stop. He won't let them. You're coming and coming, and you can't see, can't breathe, your head is bursting, your entire body is on fire, and then you wake up in bed, with no idea what happened in between."

Debbie went over to her, hugging her. "When you blacked out he picked you up and laid you in your place in bed. He was very gentle. He didn't do anything crazy. He wouldn't, you know that. Even if he would, you have to know I wouldn't let him."

Amie had her hand in my lap, playing. "Come on, Beth. Was it worse than the night he took my ass for the first time? He went on for hours with both of us. I tried to get away twice, but he kept dragging me back for more. I don't even remember how it ended, I was so out of it. I just remember waking up being held. That wasn't so bad."

Beth gave us a small smile. "Jeez. Do I remember? He was bad that night."

It seemed like a night for one-upmanship.

Karen laughed. "You're telling me. When we moved into Jim's, they both took turns on me for hours and hours. They double teamed me a half dozen times, and wore me out, front and back. I remember being on top of Jack, while Jim filled my ass, and then all I knew was that I was lying on Jack, while he pounded into me from below. I completely lost it with both holes filled. I was used up, and Jack still wouldn't take no for an answer, and filled my poor aching butt again. It was insane. I swear, when they finally gave up, neither one of them able to perform, I felt like I'd conquered Everest, even if couldn't remember half of it."

Robin looked over at Debbie, "How about you? I can only imagine what he does to you."

Debbie smiled. "Whatever he wants, however he wants, for as long as he wants. I love the feeling of drifting off while he's inside of me. And waking up to the feeling of him still taking me. You have no idea what that does to me."

Robin pouted, "I feel so left out. Nobody ever fucks me unconscious."

That got another chuckle from the crowd. Jim spoke up, "I think we can take care of that." He turned to Debbie, "With Jack's help of course, if that's Ok with you?"

Debbie flushed. "Why do you guys always say it's up to me? It's not like it's my cock doing the fucking."

She looked around and saw that nobody was going to let her get away with that. She finally giggled. It sounded so cute from her, she wasn't much of a giggler. "Alright. It IS my cock. Happy?"

"As long as you share, now and then," Amie laughed.

"We don't even have to have him to ourselves," Robin said.

Even Karen had to get in on the action. "But that's Ok, too."

Beth came to Debbie's defense. "Come on guys! She shares a lot."

That got a response from the peanut gallery. "Easy for you to say. You don't have to get permission," Amie reminded her. "Yeah, she shares with you every night." Robin added.

I think that the teasing was getting to Debbie. I put my arm around her, and pulled her close. "Alright. Enough teasing. Keep it up, and I won't let her share me with anybody. I'd be perfectly happy to save it all for my two roommates."

Beth piped up. "Oh no you don't! We need a break sometimes."

Debbie gave me a hug. "Speak for yourself, wild child. I will never, ever say no to him."

She turned to me, giving me a kiss. "Look at you. Hard again." She grinned and took off her shirt. "Do you want me now, handsome? Here, now, in front of everybody?"

"God, Debbie. I always want you." My voice cracked like I was going through puberty.

Looking around the room I saw a wide variety of responses. Jim looked excited, Robin looked surprised. Beth was wearing a huge grin. I think Amie's was the best of all. "I love watching you two. Do her, Jack."

She started clapping her hands. "Do. Her. Do. Her."

Robin and Beth joined in, while Debbie undressed, then pulled my shorts off. I was definitely able, and God knows when it came to Debbie I was always willing.

Karen reached over and grabbed her sister's hands. "Quiet, everyone. You'll wake the kids. Then we'd miss the show."

Debbie smiled for me, then climbed on my lap, straddling me. "Let's give them that show."

She lowered herself onto my cock, then rode me for our friends. Amie was still beside us, and couldn't keep her hands off of Debbie. "Jesus, you two are hot," she said. Debbie was exaggerating her movements, grinding against me, arching her back, stroking her own impeccable body. I heard poor Amie moan.

Debbie reached over and stroked her red hair. "Kiss me, Amie, for Jack."

Amie got up on her knees, and kissed my naked Goddess. I held her hips still, and thrust up into her, enjoying my own show.

When Amie backed away, Debbie kissed me. She leaned in and whispered in my ear, "Go crazy on me. Use me hard. Give them the show of a lifetime."

I slowly stood, still fucking her, moving my arms under her legs, then lifting her up and down on my cock. I lifted her high, and dropped her down, letting her own weight impale her.

"See," Beth said to nobody in particular, "That's how it starts. That's what almost killed me." She sounded just the slightest bit jealous.

Debbie's bigger than Beth, and even as small as she was, she was tiring me. "Pillows," I gasped. "Coffee table." I nodded to Jim.

He got up, and I saw his cock was out. Nice to see someone was getting attention, not just me. He put a couple of seat cushions on the coffee table, and I placed Debbie on them. With the weight off my arms, I smiled down at my gorgeous lover, my face lowered until our noses just touched. I gazed into her eyes, trying to communicate all I felt for her. I slid in and out of her, deliciously, letting her feel how much I loved her. She lifted her lips to mine and I kissed her, first softly, then more intensely.

As much as she loved that intimacy, I knew this wasn't the time for that. "Ready?" I whispered.

She nodded.

I hammered her. Full length. Pistoning away like I was trying to fuck right through her. Jim had stayed nearby. I realized that he'd never seen Debbie naked, so it was understandable that he would be enthralled. Amie had followed us over, and her hands were busy again, touching and stroking Debbie. The others soon followed suit, gathering around the coffee table, and touching Debbie. There was a sea of hands caressing her skin, a few of them fondling her breasts.

I lifted her legs into an obscenely wide 'V' and started long-stroking her, plowing her thoroughly. I saw her excitement peaking, whether it was what I was doing to her, or being the center of so much attention. I pushed her legs back further, so I could probe her more deeply, and lowered my hips to make sure I worked her g-spot. We were like a well oiled machine, my familiarity with her body making things easy. I knew what she liked, and where her magical places were. I played her like a virtuoso. Fitting, since she'd put a Stradivarius to shame.

She was squirming under the multitude of hands, and I saw her tense up, feeling her orgasm building like winding a steel-spring. Her breath sped up, the tell-tale gasps and gentle moans, announcing her impending release. When she cried out it was beautiful to watch. Beth moved over her face, kissing her upside down. Damn, as if I wasn't excited enough already.

Debbie squealed cutely when I lifted her bodily, straining to hold her in the air by her heavenly hips, flipping her over and putting her on her knees. I slid back inside of her, and fucked her easily, enjoying the change of pace for a moment, getting my strength back, and taking the edge off of my own need. I noticed that clothing was coming off, and some of our audience was sitting on the coffee table, to get closer. Amie was standing beside me, leaning over and holding Debbie's fine ass for me. She was opening her cheeks, spreading her wide. Her face lowered and rested on Debbie's butt, kissing her softly, then she turned to look up at me, and opened her mouth, practically pleading.

I almost grinned, at her willing presentation. We were making a sexual demon out of her. I hesitated for a moment, then recalled Cathy's admonition. Man-up.

I pulled out of Debbie, and slid my cock between Amie's lips. She sucked Debbie's juices off of me, and I entered Debbie again, fucking her harder. Every so often, I'd pull out and let Amie suck me, before I hammered Debbie some more. I was getting more aggressive, pulling Amie's head firmly onto my cock, pressing into her throat, making her gag. A stream of saliva spilled out of her lips, and ran down the crack of Debbie's ass. As I fucked my dream, it pooled on my cock and slid into her.

I saw that Robin had wedged her head underneath Debbie, and was working on her tits. Things were heating up.

Beth was seated opposite me, and was stroking Debbie's hair. I saw that Jim's hand was underneath Debbie, caressing her breast, and I smiled when Karen grabbed his head, and pushed him underneath the blonde beauty. Jim stretched out on the coffee table, and Karen sucked him, while he butted heads with Robin, each gobbling one of her impeccable tits.

I felt Debbie's trembling, and could sense another big one was coming. I also knew that I wasn't going to be long after her.

Beth could see it coming as well, "She's going to come for you Jack," she said softly.

Debbie was moaning now, one arm clutching Beth. "Close," she gasped, arching her back, pressing her tits down onto her oral admirers.

I gently pushed Amie away, grabbed Debbie's hips, and fucked her like a demon. She cried out, her whole body tensing, and I could feel her pussy squeezing me. It was a huge one, and as she came down from it, I knew how I wanted to finish.

"I'm moving her," I announced, and almost laughed watching all of our playmates scamper out of the way.

I put her on her back again, then laid over her so I could look her in the face. "You drive me crazy," I told her, leaning down for a kiss. I felt a hand guiding me back into her, and looked back to see Amie doing the honors.

I turned my head and Beth was there, inches away. I kissed her deeply, while Debbie wrapped her legs around me, and I took her again. Beth alternated kissing the two of us, then moved back so I could have Debbie for myself. "I'm getting close," I told her.

"Not yet," Debbie pleaded.

Hands were squirming their way between us, grasping Debbie's tits. Another was brushing the top of my cock, moving around Debbie's clit. Somebody was rubbing me from behind where I was entering her, and I felt a naughty finger slide inside her with me, and then another, making the tightness almost unbearable.

I couldn't hold back any longer. "I'm going to come for you, Debbie," I groaned, lifting up and grabbing the back of her thighs. I fucked her hard, as deep as I could, each thrust setting her incredible tits in motion, under the questing hands of our friends.

"Come on her, Jack," Beth urged. "Cover her with your cum."

I hated the idea of pulling out of her. There was nothing I loved as much as emptying myself inside of her, but she had wanted a show.

As I passed the point of no return, I pulled out and leaned over her. For a moment her body was open, untouched, everyone watching. With a mighty groan, I came, my first shot nearly reaching her neck. I leaned over further, shooting on her beautiful pale tits, finishing over her smooth tanned stomach. I moved back between her legs, and pushed up inside of her, the spasms finishing inside of her. No way I was done with her yet.

For a few seconds she lay there on display, my juices branding her. Beth leaned over and licked my cum off of Debbie's upper chest, and that seemed to open the flood gates. Karen and Robin set to work licking and sucking Debbie's chest clean, while Amie laid claim to her soaked belly.

Debbie was staring at me, her eye's opened wide. She gasped and then I saw her coming again. "Jack!" she cried out, her hands reaching for the sisters, pulling their heads down against her tits.

It was one of the most exciting things I'd ever seen, and any chance of my hardness wilting was eradicated.

Amie moved down closer, her head sideway, her mouth open for me again. She was a little minx. I pulled out and gave her a taste, before returning to Debbie's warm nether embrace.

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