tagErotic CouplingsCyndie at the Lake

Cyndie at the Lake


Cyndie was looking at the window constantly waiting for Joe to arrive. He said he was going to arrive at 4 am, some ungodly hour, and it was 3:55 am but Cyndie could not sleep being so excited. Cyndie kept looking out the window waiting for a sound of a car and finally she was rewarded with the sound of a car driving up. Yes, yes Cyndie thought it was Joe. Cyndie ran from the window grabbing a bag she packed the night before and headed out the door. Cyndie ran down the stairs and right up to Joe's car.

"Hey There," Cyndie happily said running up to Joe to kiss him as he got out of the car.

"Hey," Joe replied as he was cut off from saying any more by Cyndie's kiss.

Cyndie wrapped her arms around Joe and hugged him tight. "Thank you for taking me."

"You're welcome. Are we all set to go?"

"Yes I have my bag right here." Cyndie lifted her bag to show she was ready.

"Well let's go then."

Joe took Cyndie's bag and threw it into the back seat and then got into the driver's seat as Cyndie climbed into the passenger side. Joe pulled the car out onto the dark and quiet road and headed off to Tahoe. The drive was long but the company was great. Joe and Cyndie each played songs they liked on the CD, singing some and laughing at more. As they continued on the drive the sun rose in the east till the sun was above the mountain as they crested the hill and drove down into the valley. Cyndie was so happy practically bouncing in the seat.

Joe and Cyndie continued on the highway driving thru some small towns as they made their way over to the east side and the boat docks. Joe pulled into a parking lot and parked the car. Joe got out grabbing a small duffel bag loaded with some items and looked over at Cyndie. "Hey you coming?"

Cyndie looked around a big grin on her face. "Sure!"

Joe took Cyndie's hand and walked out to the beach heading to the pier to rent the boat. It was still early so the air was cool and still and Cyndie was glad she had on a sweatshirt. Joe walked over to the booth and started filling out the paperwork while Cyndie watched the bags and looked around at the area. Cyndie could see it was still early and no one was on the beach yet except some workers who were actually out on the yellow sand combing and cleaning it. The cool air was nice and fresh and Cyndie could smell the pine air and noticed the trees all around. It sure is beautiful here Cyndie thought.

Joe came over to Cyndie putting his arm around her and saying, "Ready to go sunshine?"

"Ready as you are," Cyndie replied.

"Your boat awaits my lady."

Cyndie shivered at those special words. Cyndie was again amazed at some simple words and what they would do to her when said by Joe. Joe and Cyndie walked out hand in hand along the pier out to their boat. It was mostly white with green strips along the side and a nice shade cover over the back end. Joe handed his paper work to the young man at the dock and he went thru the checklist with Joe. Cyndie just stood on the dock waiting to when everything was ready to go. Cyndie even thought the young man gave her a few looks. Cyndie wondered about this since she was completely covered trying to stay warm. Finally the checklist was complete and it was time to get on the boat. Both the young man and Joe held out their hands to her to help her on the slightly bobbing boat. Cyndie stepped lightly into the boat and leaned but did not stumble as she got settled in the passenger seat. Joe hopped in next to her and dropped the bag behind his seat. Cyndie sat down in the passenger seat and Joe took the driver seat. Joe smiled at Cyndie as he cranked on the engine and put it into gear.

Cyndie was just bubbling with happiness as the boat began to putter out of the marina at a seemingly slow pace. "We have to go the speed limit in the Marina," Joe said. "You looked like you were wondering?"

"No I wasn't but that seems reasonable." Cyndie just smiled at Joe so very happy. Joe smiled back as the boat continued to make slow progress. Suddenly Cyndie just could not contain herself and kneeled down and crawled over to Joe putting her arms around him saying, "Thank you so much Joe for taking me out here today."

Joe was a bit startled. "Your very welcome Cyndie but we have lots more to do today." Joe kissed Cyndie a peck on the lips. "Now sit back and let's get started."

Cyndie smiled back and got back into her seat, a big grin still on her face, but as soon as she sat down Joe hit the gas and the engine roared and the boat leaped off. "Weeeeeeee," Cyndie exclaimed at the sudden acceleration out onto the lake. Joe kept the power on as the boat zoomed out into the middle of the lake. As the boat got away from the shore some very light waves hit slightly rocking the boat. The boat ran for a few minutes and Cyndie looked around not seeing any other boat out on the lake. The cool air now biting cold as the wind whipped over Cyndie and she understood why no one else was out here.

Joe looked around and seeing there were in the middle of the lake, he cut the power and let the boat come to a stop. The boat rocked some as the wave behind them caught up pushing them around a bit but it settled down quickly. Joe turned to Cyndie. "Now it's time to say thank you properly. I want you over here in my lap." Joe turned the seat so that it was facing Cyndie directly and patted his lap. Cyndie got up and walked over to Joe her legs still not totally adjusting to even the light rocking. Joe grabbed Cyndie's hips and helped her sit down in his lap. "This is much better." Joe leaned in and started to kiss at Cyndie.

Joe and Cyndie were in a boat out in the middle of Lake Tahoe early in the morning and were making out. No one was around for miles and the boat slightly rocked and no sound reached them but the two were totally engrossed in their kissing. Their lips had met and parted already allowing their tongues to play in each other's mouth. Joe's hands were all over Cyndie's back and front rubbing all over even grasping at her breasts thru the sweatshirt. Cyndie moaned and wiggled her butt hoping she was feeling Joe getting harder under her. Cyndie moaned again and yes she was sure she was feeling Joe now and this only encouraged her to kiss back harder. The passion on the lake between Cyndie and Joe would have se the forest on fire so it was good they were in the middle of the lake.

Joe broke the kiss leaning back saying, "Suck me Cyndie suck me good."

Cyndie looked at Joe. "Are you sure, you really want this?"

"Yes Cyndie I am sure."

Cyndie slide off Joe's lap, turned around and kneeled down facing Joe. Cyndie worked at Joe's belt and found that he was not wearing one. He only had on some sweatpants. Joe lifted his butt of the seat and Cyndie easily slid them off Joe. Joe's hard cock bounced straight up as it was released from his pants. Cyndie looked at Joe's cock enjoying its look and how it moved slightly from the rocking boat. Cyndie only looked for a short time and she grabbed the base of Joe's cock and squeezed slightly as her mouth took in the head of Joe's cock.

"Oh God yes," Joe moaned as he grabbed Cyndie's head stroking her hair. "Suck it good."

Cyndie did not need any encouragement but she liked it anyway. She opened her mouth wider and took Joe's cock all the way in. Joe humped into Cyndie's mouth and Cyndie sucked for all she was worth. Cyndie also played with Joe's tightening balls and she could tell it would not be long now. Cyndie kept up the sucking and bobbing on Joe's cock and she felt Joe tighten up. Cyndie held onto Joe's hips as he began to buck and pump his cum erupting from his cock and going right into Cyndie's mouth.

"Oh yeah shit Cyndie," Joe moaned collapsing back into the chair. "That was great."

Cyndie still kneeling looked up at Joe. "Glad you liked it Joe."

"It was everything you said and more babe."

Cyndie smiled. "I am the best."

"That you are my pet." Joe patted Cyndie's head gently. "Such a good girl."

"I am all yours Joe." Cyndie smiled licking her lips still tasting Joe's cock and cum in her mouth.

Joe pulled Cyndie up to him and kissed her on the lips licking his tongue across her lips. Joe pulled back and said. "And there is more to come after that."

"Great!" Cyndie smiled back.

"Back in the seat," Joe said as he pulled on his sweatpants and turned on the engine. "Time for some site seeing."

Cyndie got back into her seat as Joe powered up the boat and headed over to Emerald Bay. The boat climbed onto plane and quickly arrived to the opening of the bay. Joe cut the power and slowed the boat down to the mandated no wake speed. Joe and Cyndie were both still wearing their sweatshirts from the cold wind out on the middle of the lake but now at the slower speed in the bay the temp got warm quickly. Joe pulled his sweat shirt off over his head revealing a light brown t shirt and turned and smiled at Cyndie. Cyndie knew right away what Joe wanted. Cyndie winked back and pulled off her sweatshirt revealing the yellow string bikini.

"WOW!" Joe exclaimed licking his lips. "Those... I mean you are amazing."

Cyndie shook her shoulders causing her breasts to swing. "Glad you like Joe, I wore this just for you."

"I more than like. I lust!" Joe laughed. "I sure hope it stays warm."

"I am warm for you already." Cyndie lustfully replied.

"Prove it," Joe commanded.

"Yes sir." Cyndie slide her sweatpants off revealing the very sexy yellow bikini bottoms. Cyndie turned in her seat to face Joe slowly spreading her legs. Joe's eyes were glued onto Cyndie's crotch as she slide a finger into the leg band and pulled the crotch area over to expose her pussy. Cyndie's clit was already swollen and sticking out while her pussy lips were showing signs of pussy juices.

Joe rubbed his swelling crotch staring at Cyndie. "Oh my god Cyndie you are making me so hungry."

"See told you I was warmed up."

Joe gulped visibly trying to control himself from jumping on Cyndie right then and there but he had to steer the boat and they were heading into a very public area. "Yes you are, you win that bet."

"Goody what do I win?" Cyndie asked.

"Oh just you wait and see."

"I can't wait."

"But first you need to cover up or we will have an accident since I am not watching where I am going." Joe pleaded.

"Oh I thought you liked my pussy." Cyndie snickered taking a finger and running it over her pussy lips.

"Dang, Cyndie I love your pussy now please."

Cyndie laughed, "Ok." Cyndie then pulled her bikini bottom back over her pussy and patted it making sure Joe was still watching, which he was.

Joe shook his head trying to get his mind back on driving the boat and good thing too as they were coming by the island. Even this early there were people on the island around climbing around the stone tea house. Joe had just enough time to slide off his sweatpants leaving him in just his t shirt and stretch shorts as he corrected to steer clear of the boats around the island. Joe then reached back and pulled out his bag near to him.

"Here Cyndie, please open this up and pull out the paper bags." Joe asked.

Cyndie pulled open the zipper and pulled out two brown paper bags. In one was two already made turkey sandwiches and the other contained cooled ice teas drinks. "Hey Lunch!" Cyndie exclaimed.

"Yes all prepared just for us."

"Great," Cyndie replied opening up the bag and pulling out the sandwiches.

Joe steered the boat to circle the island as the both ate their sandwiches and drank the tea. Joe and Cyndie talked, ate and drank as they circled the island with the day getting warmer. Joe kept stealing glances at Cyndie's exposed body in the hot bikini as they went thru lunch but did not go without notice. Cyndie just smiled and felt the tingle thru her body every time Joe looked.

Joe and Cyndie finally completed lunch only going around the island 3 times putting the trash back into one of the paper bags. Joe smiled and said, "Time to get back out on the lake." Joe turned the boat to head back out the inlet still going slow. The boat putted out toward the lake and Joe had to steer around some other boats coming into the lake. One boat coming in on the wrong side had a few young men, all acting quite crazy. They all saw Cyndie and made wild remarks swinging their hips and waving their hands. Cyndie blushed at the attention but Joe told her to wave back. Cyndie didn't really want to but Joe told her to so she waved and smiled. The young men kept going into the bay while Joe and Cyndie headed out. Joe added more speed as they left the inlet going to only half power. The water was still smooth with only light waves even as the afternoon warmed up. Joe put the boat into auto pilot – basically holding the same course and speed.

Joe got up from the driver's seat and took Cyndie's hand. "Come on let's get more comfortable back here."

"But, but who's driving?" Cyndie asked.

"The boat is going in a straight line and the lake is pretty empty right now. We can just enjoy the ride."

"Ok," Cyndie replied still sounding a bit nervous but moved to the back long bench seat. Joe sat down and pulled Cyndie next to him.

"See this is better."

"Oh yes much better."

Joe turned to Cyndie and pulling her close began to kiss her. Joe pressed in and the passion quickly turned on for both Cyndie and Joe. Joe's hand began to slide over all of Cyndie's exposed flesh rubbing her thighs and her back. Cyndie's hands were doing the same on Joe's thigh and sliding under his shirt. Joe and Cyndie kept kissing and Cyndie pulled of Joe's t shirt only stopping for that brief moment as it went off over Joe's head. Their bodies pressed together more now as the kissing became more frantic and more pressured. Joe pulled at Cyndie's top and got it off over her head exposing her big tits and hard nipples. Joe leaned down and kissed and sucked at them as the boat continued across the lake. Joe and Cyndie were totally occupied with each other.

The boat continued on in a fairly straight line the seat vibrating with the power as Joe and Cyndie continued to kiss and fondle. Now they both stopped and slide of their bottoms till both of them were totally naked. They again turned to press their bodies together kissing. Joe pulled Cyndie on top of him so she was sitting on his lap. Joe and Cyndie kept on kissing while Joe's hard cock bounced and slapped against Cyndie's very wet pussy. Both Joe and Cyndie were moaning and kissing as Joe's cock just slide up inside Cyndie. Cyndie moaned out loud throwing her head back as she felt her pussy impaled on Joe's throbbing cock. Joe took that opportunity to lean in and suck and bite at Cyndie's nipples. Cyndie continued to ride Joe bouncing up and down, her wet pussy dripping over his balls. The two continued to fuck then Joe stood up and pushed Cyndie onto the floor of the boat.

Joe turned Cyndie over till she was on all fours and grabbing Cyndie's hips he thrust forward sliding us cock easily up inside of her again. Joe yelled out how good Cyndie's pussy was as he kept on fucking madly away slapping his hips into her butt. Cyndies butt wiggled with Joe's hard thrust and this view only made Joe hotter till he could take no more. Joe yelled out, "I'm cumming." Joe then thrust in extra hard and his cock started to spurt and fill Cyndie's pussy.

"Yes yes yes," Cyndie moaned back feeling Joe's cock exploding in her as she had her own orgasm.

The two collapsed on the floor of the boat when they heard clapping. Both of them looked up and saw the boat with the young wild men earlier driving right next to them. Seems they have been watching for a time and neither Joe or Cyndie had noticed. Cyndie reached for her sweats to try and cover up but this only got more cat calls and hoots from the boys. Joe stood up and confronted the boys looking at the boat and noting the horsepower and size of the boat. "What do you boys want?" Joe asked.

They responded by droping their shorts showing their hard cocks and saying how they wanted to use Cyndie like she had never been used before. Joe still naked and his cock dropping his cum and Cyndie's juices looked at them and said, "I have an offer for you, if you can catch us you can have her all you want."

The boys all hooted and hollered and agreed to the bet as well as say a few things they would do to Cyndie when they caught her. Cyndie looked at Joe like he was crazy Joe just winked back. Cyndie had been able to get her sweats back on and was still sitting on the floor as Joe got into the driver's seat and yelled out, "The race is on boys!"

Joe gunned the boat and it lept from cruising to full speed quickly. Luckiliy Cyndie was still on the floor so she was just pressed back into the rear seat where just a few minutes ago she and Joe had been fucking. Cyndie could still smell the sex on the vinyl. Cyndie looked up to see Joe smiling and looking back so Cyndie turned around too to see the boys falling more and more behind. Joe looked down at Cyndie, "I saw their boat was underpowered and we had no way to lose this. I would never give you up to them." Joe leaned down and kissed Cyndie still keeping the throttle fully down. The boat continued to race pulling more away from the boys as Joe pulled away from the kiss. "Now I need some help getting my clothes back on. I can't go back in naked."

Cyndie slide over and grabbed Joe's shorts and t shirt and helped him put them back on. As Cyndie helped slide on Joe's shorts she took a quick moment to move in and lick and kiss at Joe's cock. Joe moaned at the sensation of Cyndie's mouth on his cock and grabbed Cyndie's head and told her in a very authoritative voice, "Suck me." Cyndie happily agreed and started sucking Joe's cock taking him in deep. Joe had one hand on the throttle and one hand on Cyndie's head as he grabbed her hair pulling her onto his cock more and using it to fuck her mouth with his cock. Joe did not take his time but used Cyndie's mouth fucking her hard and fast. "Yeah take it all Cyndie." Joe yelled out cumming one more time in Cyndie's mouth.

Joe pulled Cyndie off his cock looking down into her eyes. "You are the best you know that."

Cyndie smiled back at Joe and pulled up Joe's shorts finally covering his cock. Cyndie just smiled and nodded. Joe finally saw the bay to return the boat and pulled back on the throttle to slow down to the bay speed. Cyndie turned and watched the boys boat finally catch up but they did not want to enter the bay so they started to turn and speed off. Cyndie feeling safe and sexy lifted her sweat shirt to show her hot tits to the boys as they drove off shaking them to emphasis her hotness. The boys waved back knowing they were beat. Cyndie turned back around and kneeled by Joe leaning in and kissing him. Cyndie broke the kiss and looked into Joe's eyes. "Thank you for taking me here and having so much fun." Cyndie kissed Joe again.

Joe pulled the boat into the harbor and told Cyndie to start to gather their things. Joe parked the boat and the man helped tie the boat to the dock. Cyndie stepped out of the boat caring the bags and Joe jumped out next to her. Joe took one of the bags and walked down the dock with Cyndie. They were almost to the end of the dock when the man that had helped tie up the boat came running up calling out for them. Joe and Cyndie stopped and turned around. The man ran up holding Cyndie's bikini top.

"Here you forgot this one item." He said with an sideways grin on his face.

"Thanks." Joe took the bikini top and stuffed into his bag and started to walk away. Cyndie meanwhile had blushed something fierce and the man just smiled and watch them walk away.

Joe and Cyndie got back to the car and drove home thinking about more adventures they could be having.

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