Cynthia Ch. 2

byMark Singer©

Cynthia looked at me with true understanding as she moved to lay down beside me. Her eyes were blazing with as much lust as I was feeling. I'm sure my eyes held one big question and she put her fingers to my lips.

"I'm sorry, lover." she whispered. "There's nothing I'd like better than to feel you come in my mouth right now...." I groaned.

"But what....why...." I stammered. She smiled at me.

"Shhhh..." she said softly. "Let's get in the shower. I'll explain...I promise..."

With that she bounced out of bed and turned for the bathroom. I lay there disbelief on my face and a hard-on the size of a Sequoia jutting up from my hips. I shook my head as I heard the water in the shower. Numbly, I got up from the bed and stumbled to the bath, my hard-on bobbing painfully in front of me. Cynthia was already under the hot spray and the sight of her glistening body only made the pain in my balls that much greater.

"This better be good..." I said, only half kidding as I got under the spray with her.

She turned to me with a sweet, innocent smile on her face. She looked at my hard cock, then back to my face.

"I'll take care of this later...I promise." she said. "First I want to shower. Then I want to go to my place so I can get some things. Then I want to buy you breakfast. " I still wasn't getting what she was talking about and expressed this to her.

"Patience, big guy...." she laughed, moving close and wrapping her hand around my cock. I groaned and began to fuck her hand. Even a hand job would be heaven at this point! Cynthia chuckled and backed under the spray. She looked gorgeous as the water cascaded over her nakedness.

"And the whole time, I want you to be going crazy with lust for me..." she whispered. Her hands came up to cup her breasts, making me groan again. "I want you to be thinking that maybe I'll suck you off at any time...maybe jerk you off under the table in the restaurant...maybe in the car...." She moved close again. She stopped when she felt my cockhead push against her belly, and stayed there, swaying back and forth, teasing me further with her soft skin.

"But I want you to be thinking about coming and coming...'Cause I'm gonna make you do that... Mmmm...I can almost taste it...feel it..." She leaned back into the spray, cupping both of her tits with her hands. "Last night you wanted to fuck my tits...maybe we'll do that would be so hot to feel your big cock fucking my tits...coming all over my tits and face..."

Cynthia was driving me nuts and she knew it very well. Her eyes held an evil glint that made me want to fuck her and strangle her at the same time. Well, maybe not strangle her, but I was more than agreeable to making her choke a little bit...

I stepped closer, holding my hard cock out to her and grinning as I pressed it against her belly. Cynthia smiled and reached down between us, curling her fingers around my cock and bending it down until it slipped between her legs.

"And I want your balls to be so full of your wonderful cum that you drown me. I want it to build inside you until you can't hold any more..." Her hand on my cock was making me crazy as she continued to grin.

"Then I want to either drink it or drown in it...." she whispered erotically. "I want you to fill me up with your cum...." She released me again, and rinsed herself off. She slid the door open and was gone before I could protest, although I don't think my protest would have done me any good.

I was still standing in the same position, when she slid the door open and stuck her head in.

"Then I want you to fuck me again...." She smiled and slid the door closed. I groaned and almost dropped to my knees. This girl was making me crazy!! I dropped a hand to my balls, trying to convince them that relief was on its way.

"You know, they're pretty full right now!!" I yelled to her.

"I want MORE!!" she replied with a laugh. I sighed my resignation as I heard the door shut behind her.

I quickly washed and shampooed my hair, suddenly very anxious to get this day started. The sooner we ran all our "errands", the sooner I could be relieved of the dull ache that had formed in my scrotum.

By the end of my shower, I was actually grinning with anticipation for what lay ahead. Bottom line was that I loved to be teased. And teased some more. Cynthia was definitely very adept at teasing, and she was getting to know all the right buttons to push. My heart began to beat wildly, wondering what might be next in her little game.

I was sure it would be worth the wait!

Copyright 2001 by Mark Singer and Singertales, Inc.

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