tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Little Lesson

Daddy's Little Lesson


All my friends had gone and moved to the big city, but I was just a shy country girl. Even though I was twenty, I still relied on my daddy to handle all my business. He just knew the world better than me.

I always did what my daddy told me and daddy told me I shouldn't go outside in my little white nightie. He was pretty mad when he saw me the first time, out at the clothes line hanging up the wash. When I raised my arms up over my head to fasten the sheets to the line, my nightie came up over my little ass. He didn't say anything at first, he just stood there on the porch rubbing his crotch. I figured he must have some big itch. I let out a big gasp when I felt daddy's big hands on my ass, teaching me a lesson for showing my hiney.

Daddy pulled me back up to the house, scolding me all the way. "Mari, you ain't a little girl no more," he said. "You got what these boys around here are hungry for, and you don't need to be advertising it." I just didn't know what my daddy meant and said, "Daddy, I don't understand. The boys are hungry for what I was showing? " I giggled and then added, "Daddy, I was showing my hiney...why would the boys want that???" Daddy began breathing a little more strongly at that point.

Daddy took me by my arms and looked me in the eye. "Mari, I want you to lay over my lap, you and I we need to have us a little talk about life." Daddy went on to say he was so concerned about the boys in these parts getting me alone and having their way with me. Daddy knew I was shy and still a virgin, he told me it was his job to look out for his little princess. "Daddy, " I teased, "I ain't you're little princess no more. You called me that when I was a little child."

"Oh, Mari, " Daddy said, "I do know for a fact you ain't little no more. I do believe you are a full grown woman."

Daddy had his hand resting on my plump ass. I was so afraid he was going to spank me again, but this time he did not. "Mari, as your daddy, I do believe it is my duty to educate you about boys," Daddy said as he began rubbing my ass softly. "What do you mean, daddy?" I asked innocently. "Mari, the boys like your ass. They've been looking at it for quite a few years now. I know those boys want to stick their dicks in your pretty little ass. I don't think they would be gentle on your first time."

"Oh daddy," I gasped, "I didn't know my ass could be used for making babies."

"Mari, " Daddy said gently, "You don't make babies that way, you make fuck that way."

"Make fuck? Daddy what's that mean?" I asked. "Well, baby girl, " Daddy said as his hands began to grab and massage my ass cheeks. "It's more fun . Would you like to have some fun, Mari?" Daddy asked. "Oh daddy, yes I would love to have fun, especially with you. Are you going to make fuck to me?" I asked with eager anticipation.

With that, daddy slipped his finger into my tight rectum and I let out a squeal. He slowly slipped his finger in as deep as it would go and then just as slowly pulled it back out. "Oh daddy, you're right. It is fun. Make your finger go in and out fast.." I arched my little ass up toward his finger. When I said that, daddy pushed me off his lap and onto the floor. "Get on your knees baby girl. No more finger for my baby, you get the real thing. Yeeeeeehawwwww mama, " Daddy squealed as he slipped his cock into my twitching rectum.

My clitoris was throbbing and aching for attention also, I slipped me finger down to oblige it's request and held myself up with one hand. My hips rocked to the pleasure of my first ass fuck. Daddy grabbed my hips and rammed his cock in to the hilt. I gasped from pleasure and pain. I could hear daddy's breathing becoming more labored. I pulled my ass of his cock and turned around, "Daddy, are you okay?" I asked.

He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me down roughly toward his swollen cock. "Finish me, baby girl, NOW," Daddy ordered.

"Yes, daddy, " I said before my mouth was full., 'cause daddy always told me never to talk when my mouth is full.

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