tagSci-Fi & FantasyDaddy's Little Succubus Vol. 02

Daddy's Little Succubus Vol. 02


(Many thanks to those who commented so favorably on Volume the first. I'm hard at work on Volume 3. If you want more updates on my work and where I'm at in the creative process, check out my blog or twitter feed! Enjoy Volume 2! ^_^)

Volume 2: Erin's Transformation

I woke up slowly in the middle of my soft queen-sized bed, sheets tucked around my naked body like a cocoon, blinds on the window letting in a small amount of golden morning light. Memories of yesterday afternoon broke against my consciousness like waves crashing against the seashore: my mouth tasting the hardness of a man for the first time, that same hardness being forced between my shapely legs. Having those legs thrown over his shoulders so he could fuck me nice and deep.

The image of a disembodied magical cock disappearing inside my body and my pussy lips closing over it, sealing it inside me.

Did I dream that this cock was attached to my father at one point? And my grandmother? Who happens to be dead by the way?

I remembered waking up in the darkened attic, smelling of sex and sweat. Mom and Dad had been calling my cell for twenty minutes; both of them ready to leave. I answered their calls, voice shaky, and told them where I was and that I'd be down in a minute. I hit the bathroom first thing and spent twenty minutes attempting to re-align my scent away from 'nineteenth century whorehouse' to Irish Spring.

They swallowed my story that I had been napping and chalked up my appearance to the filthiness of the attic. Neither could understand how I actually napped up there.

The memories seemed unimportant now. My fingers were sliding easily into my weeping pussy. I ran my other hand over my thighs, tummy, and breasts; pinching my nipples and trying not to moan too loudly lest my parents hear.

I frigged myself for less than five minutes before climaxing quietly and settling down for another few minutes sleep before I got up and had a shower. You'd think that after having the most athletic, erotic, and pleasurable sexual experience of my adult life I might feel a little sore or just be downright exhausted. Nothing could be further from the truth, I felt good.

Really good.

I checked myself out in our bathrooms full-length mirror after exiting the shower. A dripping wet eighteen-year-old S-L-U-T stared back at me.

I looked so yummy, I wanted to eat myself, or have someone eat me.

Thankfully it was Saturday. My parents had gotten up early for their morning walk, much to my mothers chagrin no doubt. Dad insists on at least one early morning walk for them during the week. Despite loving having that time together, my mom is resistant to the idea of rising before 8AM.

The only way Dad's able to get her out of bed some mornings is by threatening to withhold sex.

A threat of withholding sex from my mother is not a 'stick' per se, merely a cleverly disguised carrot. If she indulges my father's walking habit, he pleases her with his carrot.

Part of me wanted to try and forget about the previous day, the lustful thoughts surrounding my father, and the strange memories of my grandmother's ghost. I decided to drop by and visit my best friend Cory. Cory and I had been friends for most of our teenage lives. Both of our parents followed similar home schooling curricula. So we had hung out in the same small social circles as we were growing up.

The past few years had been good to his body. If it hadn't been for his annoyingly healthy relationship with another girl in our homeschool group, Cindy, I'm sure I would have taken him deep inside of me by now.

Knocking on his front door got me nothing. Walking around to his fenced in backyard found me everything. Cory in a pair of swim trunks. Yard work! I rubbed my thighs together and wondered what his skin tasted like. He had always been cute.

God what a butt!

That butt had been circling my mind like a small moon in the time it had taken me to walk the four blocks to his house, I badly wanted a bite.

"Heya Stud!" he turned, surprised, putting down his shovel and slipping off some work gloves as he walked towards me grinning.

"Hey yourself Error!" I squinted up at him, scrambling to rearrange my lustful gaze into some vague approximation of stink-eye at the lame pun on my name. I failed, grinning up at him and placing one hand on his muscular chest. Yum.

"You wanna go inside for a bit Cor? Cool off, hang out." Fuck your best friend until she claws the skin off your back?

I almost said that last part.


"I really need to finish this yard work-"

"C'mon good lookin, just a quick break, nobody will know, your mom isn't home right?"

"Yeah, she's not home for a few hours, I'm leaving for work before she gets back and-" I place my right hand over my heart, a bit closer to my boob than necessary and proclaim in mock honesty:

"I, Erin, do solemnly swear not to keep you from your oh-so-important work, for more than twenty minutes starting right now!" I look down at my bare wrist pretending to examine a fictitious watch. He still looks unsure. I look him straight in the eye and lick my lips, slowly. My left hand is behind my back.

He grunts as he observes this, his eyes leave mine and unfocus to stare briefly into nothing before reacquiring my face. I look down and observe a more than modest tent in his trunks, with a small dark spot where the tip of his cock should be. I reach out and wrap my hand around my best friend's bulge, a bulge that dwarfs my tiny hand and appears to be at least as sizable as Grandmother's Magically Disappearing Dildo.

"So it's decided then, we're going to go inside for about twenty minutes, and take a break together, won't we Cory?" My voice sounds like honey, Cory has no objections. I lick my lips again and observe him, his eyes are lidded, and his body is tensed in a way that suggests he could spring into action at any moment.

Perhaps using those lovely muscles to rip my clothes from my body and take me on the grass. I want to lick the curve of his neck where I can see a tendon jerk as his jaw clenches and unclenches.

He wants to take me, he WILL take me. He's a force of nature waiting to be unleashed and all it takes is a signal or gesture from me to do so. I motion him to go inside, I don't need words to control him. He's my boy now. His body and mind are instruments, and I am Michael-fucking-Kamen.

I watch his sumptuous ass as we walk. I bring my left hand from behind my back and look at my crossed fingers. I'm going to be such a bad girl tonight.

The moment we're inside I order him to call in sick and he does so, convincingly, and then looks to me for further instruction. I signal for him to wait and climb the stairs to his room, stripping off my shirt and bra as I do, leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for him to follow. I don't look to see if he's watching me. I can feel him in my mind: he's focused completely on me. I round the corner at the top of the stairs and enter his room.

The bed is big and comfy like mine. We had bonded on this bed over the years, platonically. Eaten junk food, watched bad movies, all the normal teenage stuff.

Now we're going to bond even further.

I peeled off my last few layers and got comfortable before calling for him. Within seconds he had pounded up the stairs and was standing in the doorway. I crook a finger and he pads (his steps are eerily silent) to my feet and climbs on the bed, cock still noticeably tenting his trunks.

I make a gesture and he whips them off to expose himself to me. A thick trunk of young flesh sprouts from a curly-haired bush. His balls look full.

I moan and open my legs for him. I've barely gotten the mental command for "cunningulus" formed in my head before his mouth has made aggressive contact with my clit. I desperately grip the sheets as he begins to devour me.

"Oh Cory, I love you so much! I've wanted you for so long! I never thought I'd have you like this- OH!"

His fingers start working my g-spot with intensity; it's not long before I'm pulled over the edge.


I scream as my thighs lock his head in place and I hump my cunt against it. I can see his face turning red. I feel the muscles in his neck, the ones I wanted to lick, tense as he tries to prevent me from snapping his neck or suffocating him with my thighs.

I calm down enough that neither of these things happens. I push him away from me and breathe deeply for a minute, watching him. His face is wet from me and the sheets are damp.

I purr for a moment and bask in the afterglow of the pleasure he just gave me. I had secretly wanted this moment for years, and I had suppressed my obvious attraction to Cory until this moment. Now that my fantasies were coming true, I felt unsatisfied. His mind was in my thrall, he hadn't come to me willingly, I had just used some fancy mental voodoo.

This was a bother.

I maneuvered him onto his back until his delicious cock was sticking straight up. I gripped it in one hand, just as big as my first "man", and squeezed him. His body reacted beautifully. He groaned, muscles flexed, and his juices made my hand wet. I spit on the head and spread it around with my thumb. I used the lubrication to slide my hand up and down his meaty phallus, jerking my best friend's big cock.

A couple of minutes of this has him close enough to the brink of ejaculation that I felt comfortable "releasing" his thoughts from the track I had locked them into and giving up a portion of my control. I watched his eyes as his conscious mind caught up to the situation.

"Oh god Erin! What are we doing? I have a girlfriend! How can I tell her about this?"

I laughed at his feeble protests.

"Shall I answer you chronologically? First: we're fucking, or at least fulfilling all the proper pretexts before a good and proper fucking can take place. Second: who better than your best friend to deflower you. I know you're still a virgin Cor. Third: I can tell her for you, I do have a talented tongue".

I swirled that tongue around the head of his fat penis, and he trembled for me like a tree in a high wind.

"I had my cherry taken yesterday Cory, at my grandmothers house after the funeral. I found a dildo in her attic, in a box that was hidden away where nobody could find it. I fucked myself for hours, and I've felt different ever since. I can't stop thinking about sex! I want it. I want you, and you are going to give me what I want."

I took him in my mouth suddenly, sliding my lips along his length until I could press my nose against his pubes. I feel triumphant when the screams start and his cum splashes against my throat and backs up into my mouth. I pull myself upwards until only the head remains.

I suck on it. Hard.

Another salvo of creamy seed plays epilogue to more screams. I swallow it easily and my arousal spikes when his spunk hits my tummy. I feel his life bursting out of my pores. Cory looks drained. Like he just ran twenty miles in the hot sun.

I don't care though.

I climb up his muscular body and press my lips to his. We share our first kiss together and I whimper when his tongue meets mine. I've straddled him, my pussy lips are pressed against his limp shaft, and I desperately want him to take me. I coo in his ear:

"MORE, Cory, I need more of you baby, can you spare another load of cream for Erin's pussy?"

I wiggle my hips enthusiastically.

His voice is hoarse when he answers me: "Anything you want baby, I'll do. I want to please you. My only wish is to please you."

"I have only one wish," I lick that little curve in his neck I've been eyeing for the past hour, "I want you to fuck me like the nasty whore I am. I want you to split your best friends cunt open with that big rod, can you do that for me?"

His reaction is violent and immediate. It makes me wonder if my new sexual superpowers are more potent than I thought. His eyes snap open from their lidded and sleepy repose; a growl emanates from his throat. The term of endearment that followed the growl is infused with a kind of fire that Cory had never possessed before:


If Time could be brought to testify upon her* observations of the moments previous, she would have likened his muscles to limp noodles. My newly minted mental powers performed a kind of alchemy on his physiology. I turned my carnally inexperienced best friend into a Wonder Stud (the capitol letters are important) in less time than it took you to read this sentence.

*Because Time is female.

Those limp noodles became iron.

My perspective violently shifts and I'm bent over across his lap with his renewed cock poking my tummy before I have time to think any further.


The force of his hand impacting my ass propels me into a sexual frenzy. I scream my orgasm into a pillow when his hand finds my tush again.

"You dirty fucking whore!"


More screams from me.

"My whore!"


I'm practically and functionally incoherent by this point. He pushes me off him and steps away for a moment. I'm still discombobulated when I feel myself being bent over the bed, with my feet on the floor and pert ass in the air. I hear a "thwip" noise and my arms are forced behind my back at an angle that is painfully erotic. Cool leather is wrapped around my wrists, and I suddenly realize he's using his belt to tie me up! I open my mouth to express an excessive amount of approval (just like a good little slut should) when an article of clothing is rudely stuffed inside it. My panties!

This bodes well.

I'm distracted from these observations as my best friend Cory grabs my hips with his oh-so-lovely hands and penetrates me even more viciously than the phantom cock did yesterday. My pussy is ecstatic. Tears are streaming down my face as he begins to pound me. Filling me with his hardness, withdrawing, and filling me up again.

I'm screaming into my panties, begging for him not to stop. Like a gentleman, he obliges.


"Mmmmffff!" I scream, to let him know he's doing a good job.

"You like that, don't you whore?" Yes, I certainly do.

His hands slide up and over my ass, touching my trapped arms briefly before reaching around to cup my tits. He's leaned over so he can whisper dirty things in my ears as he pounds me and I love it.

I can feel his balls slapping against my clit, it's pushing me over the edge. I reach out with my mind and give him a little push over the edge too.

"YOU BBBIIITTCCHHH!" he screams when we climax together, my cunt tightening around his member like a vise; holding him deep inside me as he ejaculates. It's more voluminous than before and my cunny doesn't waste an ounce. Some new inner part of my anatomy has wrapped itself around his head like a pair of really plush lips and sucks his jizz deeper inside me. When he finally stops thrashing, my pussy relaxes and lets him pull out.

I'm soaked in our sweat, exhausted, and more sore than I was yesterday. I'm basking in yummy delicious sexy afterglow when I feel something warm splash against my ass. It startles me enough that I jump and attempt to roll over before a firm hand on my neck stops me. I feel my ass being spread apart and more lube administered. I squeal as a finger is inserted to test elasticity and then withdrawn.

I'm whimpering into my panties when they're pulled from my mouth and the demonic sound of my best friend turned-lover-turned-fucktoy-turned-Dom addresses me:

"I've wanted your pretty little ass for a long time. Do you want to please me Slave?"

A SLAP! Is administered to my oiled cheeks.

"Yes S-Sir!" I stutter. "Please Sir, I want you to have my ass, all of me belongs to you forever if you'll just FUCK ME IN THE ASS RIGHT NOW!"

The pain and intensity of surrendering my ass to my best friends cock is exquisite. It breaks me in two and shatters those two into four into eight, sixteen, thirty-two. I scream myself hoarse with proclamations of love, hate, lust and promises of painful reciprocation if he ever dares untie me.

"I'm going to fill that pretty little ass of yours up with my fucking cum!" He finishes by pumping another load of goo into my butt, and a similar pair of inner lips is there to squeeze every last drop from his penis.

He withdraws his beautiful tool from me with a plop and collapses. A minute of patient struggling on my part frees me from his belt. I look over at him, expecting to see the triumphant face of my best friend cum lover.

He looks awful. His skin is pale and the muscle of his arms and chest have deteriorated.

His cock still looks so juicy though...

I shake myself out of yet another lustful fantasy and bring him some fluids. I get a washcloth and some hot water so I can bathe him. I shove a few multivitamins down his throat and I make sure that any lustful alterations I might have made to his consciousness are reverted.

On an impulse I shove one of my nipples into his mouth let him suck for a few minutes. His lips siphon off a syrupy honey-like substance from my boobs and I let him swallow several mouthfuls before I pull them away. The lights are off, the blinds are closed, I've shut his door and I'm standing outside. I pad down the hallway to the bathroom and lock it behind me.

Did I do that? I did, didn't I? That was I. It all has something to-do with that stupid dildo!

I smack the bathroom counter with my fist and look in the mirror. My skin looks clearer than it did a few hours ago. My breasts...are bigger. I cup them with my hands; my hands haven't gotten any smaller so yes, boobs grew a little bit. I can spot different muscle groups in my legs and abs that appear to be more toned than I remember.

All-in-all, I look quite fetching. Well, more fetching. Before I have time to connect the prurient mental dots, my world tilts sideways. I lurch forward and grasp the counter, feet firmly astride planet earth, and my head somewhere else entirely. Closing my eyes I take several deep breaths and wait for everything to right itself. I feel a drop of sweat leave the jungle of my lovely dark hair and follow the path of my jaw line before dripping off my chin.

A fire is burning inside my belly. Snaking out to infect every nerve, touch every muscle. No part of my anatomy is safe, it's a heat that spreads and spreads until I'm afraid I might burst into flame if I open my eyes. My heart thumps furiously, each pulse making the heat spike just a little higher than before. I can't feel the counter. I can't feel the floor. Nothing but the heat. I feel like I'm breathing steam, I'm not sure how long it lasts.

I find a breath of cool air and it slams into my stomach like a cannonball. Tears pierce the barrier of my tightly closed eyes and I fearfully exhale that preciously cool cloud, afraid I might never feel another.

My cheek is pressed to something soft, the bathroom rug? I've fallen and not noticed. I begin to coo as the uncomfortable sensations recede and are replaced by a gentle concentrated heat in my groin area. I begin to massage my tummy gently, and many minutes pass before I realize I'm not alone in the room. Hot breath on my thighs makes me quiver, and the talented application of a mouth to my pussy makes me moan.

"Mmmm. Ooohhhh!"

I yowl like a cat on a fence, pushing myself against the sweet mouth that's pulling me towards a well-deserved release. I feel like I'm about to be thrown off a cliff above a lush Amazonian rain forest and float to the bottom as the world's happiest floating thing. Matters improve greatly as two feminine fingers slip inside me and start searching for my g-spot.

"Yes, yes, yes! Please don't stop, I love what your mouth is doing to me!"

The mouth hums in response making my back arch as my oversensitive clitoris absorbs the good vibes. Finally, I open my eyes, eager to meet my carnal benefactor. Part of me expected a resurrected Cory, unable to keep away from me. I'm met instead with a face black as midnight; black as to be almost purple. The face is familiar, the curves of her body sublime, her eyes and hair a pure albino white. I try to speak, and my dry mouth manages a weak "Who-?"

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